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[31DC15] the Daddy's princess and the yellow ties

Good evening, ladies!The purpose of challenges like this should be pushing a nail polish addicted out of hers comfort zone. Or, at least, this is my opinion about this adventure. So, because today's claim is yellow, and because my brain persist with the black'n'yellow combo (because my BFF keep calling me "bee") , I've said my self it was a time to make a change. Maybe a little bit slow, but a change.I love ties. I think a man outfit is not complete without a tie. My dad has a gazillion of ties, I've cho... read more »

NYC Fancy Dotty NY Lady + Born Pretty Store BP67

Hi ladies,in this hot hot Summer I'm discovering I like finishes and colours I usually don't. See the picture above? I'm thinking I was nightly abducted by aliens, because I do not wear crelly with sesquins, but I was looking for sometingh nice and I stumbled upon this lovely nail polish collection from NYC, called Fancy Dotty. I picked up a nude, called NY Lady and I wear it for few days. Buongiorno, Signore e Signorine,in questa estate rovente sto scoprendo che mi piacciono finish e colori inusuali pe... read more »

China Glaze Celtic Sun

Happy August!Last night the Blue Moon has shone up in the sky. Did you have had a beautiful Midsummer Night's Dream? I hope so!Today I want to share with you a summer shade, a bright neon yellow that reminds me a swimsuit I had when I was a teenager (AGES ago). Yup, I loved very very very shocking shades! Siamo già ad Agosto, e l'estate è arrivata a metà in un battito di ciglia. Avete fatto bei sogni, stanotte, magari illuminati dalla Tredicesima Luna?Oggi vorrei mostrarvi un colore che più estivo non s... read more »

Navy & yellow

Este es el look 10.000.... que hago con este tipo de combinación navy + amarillo. Es que no puedo evitarlo , es ver una prenda con este print y automáticamente busco algo en color amarillo para combinarlo. Me encanta en papel que juegan ambos juntos, y más aun si esta prenda esta rebajada a 9 euros!! Omg!! se me hicieron los ojos chiribitas cuando la ví. Bueno chicos, ánimos que ya estmaos a mitad de semana y de nuevo fin de semana, y parece que viene un poco de lluvia!! Si os digo la verdad, por mi ge... read more »

[Birthflowers] July - Larkspur

Happy Moon Day, mates!Do you remember that 45 years ago mankind landed on the Moon? Yup, of course I believe we reached the moon on July 20th, I don't have any evidence against it. Do you believe it? Yes or no?Whatever you think about it, let's start talking about our Birthflowers. July is the month of Larkspur, a lovely flower I never had the chance to see before. Also called delphinium, Larkspur is a steam toxic for humans and livestock. His colors shift to white to purple and I've thought to replicate... read more »

Kiko Power Pro n. 31 Giallo + Minions nails

Hi everyone! Today I have swatches of yet another shade from the new Kiko Power Pro collection. This is n. 31 Giallo (yellow in Italian). Colour is nothing original as you might see, it’s just a bright yellow creme. I needed 3 coats to even it out as it was a little patchy. Ciao a tutti! Oggi vi faccio vedere le foto di un altro dei nuovi smalti Kiko Power Pro, si tratta del n. 31 Giallo. Il colore non è niente di speciale, la solita lacca gialla accesa. Ho dovuto stendere 3 passate per avere una s... read more »


I'm in love with Sweden.I would like visit Stock-holm. I love nordic mythology and literature. I'm charmed by this far far away land and his culture so poles apart from Mediterranean culture.They celebrate Midosommar, the Summer Solstice, having fun with family and friends, wearing beautiful flowers garland and dancing around decorated polesticks. It's the most important holiday in Sweden, after Christmas.So, I decided to celebrate Midsommar too creating this flashy nail art. I hope you like it! Il mio ... read more »

[Zōdiakos] Gemini

Alphonse Mucha, La Plume, 1899 Hello there!This is a scheduled post because I'm on vacancy! Today is a bank holiday because tomorrow is our National Day, so I'll be away from the key-bord (and from the internet too) just for a couple of day. I'll scheduled a pair of posts, so you'll never be alone.First Monday in a month, it's time to look at the stars and descovering my idea for the Gemini constellation. Are you ready? Ciao a tutti!Post programmato perché me ne starò bel bella lontana dalla tastiera (... read more »

[Zōdiakos] Taurus

Alphonse Mucha, La Primevère, 1899 Hi there, mates!It seems that Summer come out of the blue. Today has been a very hot Monday. Are you ready for a trip among the stars? Don't forget your favorite scarf, 'cause it's pretty cold in the open space! Ciao a tutti e buon lunedì!Oggi abbiamo assaggiato un preludio d'estate (sperando non faccia le bizze come lo scorso anno!!), che ne direste di un viaggetto tra le stelle per ritemprarci un po'? Non dimenticate la sciarpa. Pare faccia freddo, lassù... This ... read more »

Resenha: Yellow Bloom Argan Shampoo e Condition...

Oi meninas! Tudo bem com vocês ? Eu estava vendo que essa duplinha estava indo ao fim quando estava tomando banho e lembrei que estava procrastinando a resenha doYellow Bloom Argan Oil Shampoo e Conditioner by Alfaparf Milano, que recebi na Beauty Fair do ano passado e aproveitei o finzinho desses produtos para fazer a resenha de hoje. Para quem não sabe a linha Yellow foi criada pela Alfaparf aqui no Brasil para atender as necessidades das mulheres que usam alisamentos, que atualmente conta com 7 l... read more »

Happy Birthday 'Yellow Daisy' 6 x 7.25 Inches H...

Happy Birthday 'Yellow Daisy' Handmade Card by BearyAmazing #BLuvBHugz read more »

屬於BluerayK的2013 叱吒十大

最近假期小弟都有點懶,無去寫Blog。今晚睇完903叱吒頒獎禮,又見到老友分享了他最喜愛的2013 金曲,小弟都決定要分享一下我今年張Playlist。 何韻詩 彼此 最愛的不是它的旋律,而是背後大愛的訊息 這個世界的美好,就是可以客納到不同的人和事。如果HOCC要找一首歌做他們的大愛同盟會歌,這一首彼此比光明會更適合。 還有它的MV,最後一段用大家兒時的遊樂場砌成「共存」兩個字。今年其中一個睇得最感動的MV。 Supper Continue reading read more »


1月1日睇叱吒,雖然自從節目調動後對903興趣大減,但叱吒,還是有興趣看的。就趁今日叱吒頒獎禮,回顧一下今年覺得不錯的作品。現在主要的新歌資訊其實還是來自903,或是大家在facebook的share和推介;以下的主要是今年覺得不錯,或是聽完會主動找相關資料,或是不斷loop的歌。為免有漏網之魚,我還特意翻看了整年(!)的facebook,看看我share了什麼歌,又為那首歌寫過什麼。 14. 一起去阿拉斯加.藍奕邦 看著歌詞,竟然聽到眼濕濕。我們也許都很堅強,但還是希望找到,也希望相信自己值得找到,最好的愛人吧。 13. 世界劇團.馮允謙 馮允謙許多作品我都頗喜歡,這首很搶耳很舒服,很舒爽的一首歌。 Continue reading? read more »

double ducky…

THIS.  IS.  HUGE.  The Rubber Ducky art installation by Dutch artist Florentijn Hofman left Hong Kong and landed inPITTSBURGH!!!!!!!!!!!  Yeah, Pittsburgh!  Needless to say, numerous U.S. cities are quite jealous that we are the first American city to get the Duck, but I like to think that we are just that awesome.  Check out this [] read more »

oh! #hello there! :) just in! 5 #new #colorful ...

oh! #hello there! :) just in! 5 #new #colorful #sunnies from #romwe wooot! #black #blue #white #yellow #red huge #thanky from #missjhenz ^_^ read more »

Album foto handmade decorat cu flori galbene si...

Albumul contine 20 de coli cartonate negre, despartite de coli de calc stampilate manual intr-un colt. Decoratiunea de pe coperta fata este realizata prin tehnica quilling. In imaginea de mai jos se poate obsreva modelul stampilat manual pe coala de calc, precum si bordura dantelata de pe coala de carton negru... In urmatoarele doua imagini se poate observa si modelul stantat pe coala cartonata neagra. Albumele se pot realiza in orice nuanta doriti. Mentionez ca fiecare album postat pe blog este... read more »


雖然說近年樂壇內憂外患,連全城最期待的叱吒頒獎,今年都惡評如潮,個個都話十大有九首都未聽過,鬼咩! 上年機乎都無咩廣東歌plug。 感覺上自從TWINS 的K歌年代開始過去之後,近年Local Bandsound愈做愈好,上年都留意到有不少local band festival 開始做出樣子來~ 其實長期聽住悲慘情歌,自己個人都會愈聽愈灰。反而 bandsound的題材多數是關於理想、青春、社會等等,對於我這些位於青春臨界點,而又剛剛學習面對現實生活的殘酷的80後, bandsound的題材往往最易勾引我的共鳴和情感。 上年年尾聽Supper Moment 唱著「現實裡裝英勇難避免 成為了 不懂哭也不想笑的一個漢子」;今日再聽到 Yellow 「理想再見」 緊張的肩膊如何享受 緊束的衣領與衣袖 霓虹燈光下 是繁忙與等候 想拋開工作誠實追夢 想攀登天際總給指控 怎麼妥協上進 這些我聽不懂 時間瞬間掠過 無法冒險更多 你放棄理想不算錯 留下熱血任性的我 就錯在留守美夢太貴 熱愛但情感卻未發揮 入世後無須刻意繼續著迷 拋棄美夢不提 只仰望天際 學會話離開也是智慧 但以後誰肯歇力捍衛 大雨下重新出發也是修為 工... read more »

Sweet Memories - Barcelona. Part 2

Here is the last post about my trip to my favourite city - Barcelona. There are not so many touristic places or monuments on these pictures, but still these pictures are my favourites. They had been made during the last 3 days of my trip, when my (at that time) "future-boyfiriend" came to visit me. You know... It was really fantastic to spend some days together in Barcelona, to walk hand in hand down La Rambla street, to stay in cosy little bars and to be so happy!) BARCELONA It was cold) La Rambla ... read more »

Some shopping (and a doppleganger)

Happy Sunday everyone! This post is a bit late in coming to you, Ive actually had it lined up for the last week and kept forgetting to put it up so apologies. Anyway, when we went shopping for paint testers there were a few lovely bits and pieces that I spotted whilst I was out and about and I wanted to share them with you guys. First up was our trip to BQ to get the paint. Naturally enough I cant resist a trip around the entire store when Im there (though the Big Guy was relieved that he managed to kee... read more »

La Coldplay totul a fost galbăn.

Călătoria mea pentru Coldplay mi-a demonstrat încă o dată că totul e în călătorie și nu în scopul anume. Știu că eram cu vreo oră înaintea concertului și îmi era tot una dacă mai ajung sau nu și în momentul acela aș fi simțit zero regrete dacă totuși nu aș fi ajuns. Pentru mine concertul [...] read more »

Popping The Colors This Summer,Let ur Lips Do T...

Hey sweeties, summer is here and colors are popping in and out much like candy sweets, so much loving the colors of  makeups these season, i do not really blog about makeups but i find the color pops very interesting and fun, the neon, yellow,lemon green, oranges are great fun to party. My friends are rocking it now and i quite like them, although am finding some colors a bit carnival like to read more »

Feminine Fancy

1. Target 2. Blue Poppy Design (Etsy) 3. West Elm 4. West Elm 5. Ikea 6. White Nest (Etsy) 7. Studio Tullia (Etsy) 8. Ikea 9. Urban Outfitters 10. Ikea... Read The Rest read more »

Fun Place Setting Ideas

I dont have a formal dining room as of right now, and there are no big parties coming ups soon, but that doesnt keep me from drooling over some of... Read The Rest read more »

Yellow Purse

I finally got a cross body bag! I have been wanting one for a long time, but I just havent found the right one for the right price. I went... Read The Rest read more »

Piano Love

Being the music person that I am, I couldnt pass up these beautiful inspiring ideas for decoration with a piano in your home. I have a keyboard (which doesnt make... Read The Rest read more »

Feeling like a Rainbow (playlist colorat)

Sunt unele zile când simți culori. Le simți ca Aurora Boreală sau ca pe un Curcubeu. Sunt unele zile când ești pe unda culorilor. Azi eu mă simt colorat atât în suflet cât și în inimă și acesta e playlist-ul meu colorat. De asemenea puteți completa curcubeul cu cântecele culorilor voastre. Mie îmi place să [...] read more »

Home Office Love

One of these days I will actually do something with MY home office. but until then, I guess Ill just drool over all the amazing  home offices I see one Pinterest, blogs, and so on {via} {via} {via} read more »

Lamp and Chair

I absolutely love this lamp and chair from Urban Outfitters! read more »

Yellow Self-portrait

Just want to share a progress of the Yellow Self-portrait. Apr. 22 May 09 2011, 70 x 70 cm. read more »

Boxer Purple and Mustard Polymer Clay Pandora D...

One hand-sculpted Boxer dog Pandora bead. I have started to make my beads in colors that can match your bracelet bead colors. This bead is done in purple, mustard yellow and green. There is a silver and rhinestone charm at the neck. The Boxer sits on a mustard base with purple dots outlined in green. The bead is hand sculpted from polymer clay, tinted with color, varnish sealed and has a silver metal core insert.Size is approximate:15mm (5/8") side to side20mm (3/4") nose to back of beadThe hole is 5mm w... read more »

Branching Out Into VINTAGE!

Just finished listing our first two vintage pieces on Etsy! I just love vintage jewelry.Carnation earrings in pearly light blue enamel and a brooch in orange and goldenrod yellow! read more »

Patriotic Donation

Patriotic booties and hat for newborn. This last set fills my box, and completes this donation to Marine Corp. Kids (link on sidebar). I sent 5 newborn sets, plus one extra pair of booties, and 3 preemie sets with 2 additional hats. They are all knitted, and vary in colors. Blue variegated, light pink, yellow, brown variegated, rose etc. Think most have been pictured here earlier as they read more »

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