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Hola, hola, primero feliz año nuevo a [email protected] Mi ausencia en la blogsfera por una j.d.d. gripe que no me ha dejado vivir en estas fiestas, creo que nunca he estado tan dolorida en todas partes y desganada.Pero 4 días en Almuñecar me han ayudado a resucitar, y aquí estoy. Es la primera vez que hago un roscón, con tienda y en plena epoca de vender regalos, solo habia tiempo para encargar una. Le he dado mil vueltas a todas vuestras recetas, y la elección ha sido muy complicada, pero la de Roberto del blogw... read more »

Feline Friday – The Day After Xmas

bethere2day - Feline Friday This weeks Feline Friday is "The Day After Xmas" post yours and link up. Feline Friday The Day After Xmas read more »


Buenas tardes chicas!!! espero que estéis disfrutando de las navidades,hoy os traigo un look para la siguiente fecha que se acerca..FIN DE AÑO!!El look es muy comodo y versátil,también tiene un punto rockero pero a la vez elegante según como lo combines.Es un vestido-camiseta de MANGO,inicialmente en la pagina web se presenta como una camiseta pero es muy largo así que lo vi y pensé,esto de vestido puede quedar bien.Es de una tela como plastificada en negro y con brillo metalico,de manga corta y muy lige... read more »

Dog Xmas Dinner

bethere2day - Dog XMas Dinner ..It's a riot Dog Xmas Dinner read more »


Con esta receta partcipo en el Reto de Cocneros del Mundo Cristmas time en el apartado de dulces. Oslo Gospel, el coro que canta gospel en noruego e ingles, a mi cada navidad me emociona igual. Mi musica de navidad. Hola , hola, mas feliz que una perdiz, mi hija Andrea con su caballo Comte de Maquis, ganaron ayer un concurso hípico, los dos entrenan duro... read more »

Looking for an Ugly Christmas Sweater in Charlo...

Look no more! Kitsch-y-Cool Vintage has just brought in HUNDREDS of the kitsch-est and cool-est crazy sweaters for your next holiday party! All shapes and sizes - Prices are all UNDER $18.That's low enough to buy a different one for every party this year!Only at Kitsch-y-Cool Vintage in Charlotte - 4450 South Blvd, Charlotte NC 704-529-6369Open everyday until Christmas!Website: www.kitschycoolvintage.comFor all the latest arrivals, check us out on Facebook! read more »


Toymaker's Scrooge (2014 Year Of Fairytales) TOYMAKER'S SCROOGE XMAS SPECIALΙ"JACOB MARLEY"Παραμονή Χριστουγέννων...Σκυμμένος πάνω απ' το γραφείο του ο Ebenezer Scrooge μετρούσε ξανά και ξανά τα χρυσά νομίσματα που είχε λάβει από τις τελευταίες δουλειές της επιχείρησης. "Λίγα, πολύ λίγα..." μουρμούριζε συνεχώς.Το γραφείο ήταν κρύο και στη σόμπα που υπήρχε εκεί για να ζεσταίνει τα δύο δωμάτια της επιχείρησης, σιγόκαιγαν μόλις μερικά κάρβουνα. 'Έξω χιόνιζε αδιάκοπα.Κοίταξε για λίγο τη σόμπα... "Σπατάλε... read more »

Music: Natural Vibes – “Bad Mind” – @vibesnatur...

Born on December 29, 1980, in a little village called Catadupa St. James in Jamaica. Natural Vibes began singing in the church choir at the age of six. His passion for music grew as he got older. He began writing at age fourteen and with his brothers formed a group called Gideon House Family. The [] read more »

A nod of the christmas cap to you hard working ...

After the weekend I've added another job to the 'list of careers' that I would be miserable at. Being a hardworking department store Santa.Buggered if I know how you gents do it but I tip my Chrstmas cap to you all (and you helper elves)..Yep, my wife suggested over the weekend that she'd love to get some more photos of our son with Santa if we could find some time in amongst stocking our cuppboards with biscuits and cheese and battling xmas hordes for the last carpark space. And so we found ourselves f... read more »

Ugly Christmas Sweaters Have Invaded

It's the 5th Annual Crazy Christmas Sweater Invasion at Kitsch-y-Cool Vintage in Charlotte! You'd think we'd have learned, but they keep coming back! Hundreds of Sweaters, Vests, Ties, and Shirts for Gals Guys - but hurry, they don't stay around long! Only at Kitsch-y-Cool Vintage in Charlottelocated inside Sleepy Poet Antique Mall 4450 South Blvd, Charlotteopen everyday until Christmas!704-529-6369 read more »

Congratulations, someone in your family truly h...

When unwrapping the gifts under theXmastree this year, rejoice if you score any of the following:SocksJocksLottery ticketsSandCoalNothing Huzah!Because it means that even though the gift giver has put as much thought into Christmas as their last trip to the toilet, it's still light years ahead of the duller than dull dishwater gift I saw yesterday for sale at a Supermarket near is....wait for it....A Facebook gift card! Yep, consider yourselfpermanentlymoved into official nemesis territory i... read more »

The Republic, by Plato, Reviewed.

Image via Wikipedia Thisclassic, in the true sense of the word, was written by Plato some time afterthe execution of his admired narrator, Socrates, in 399BC. The supposeddramatic setting for the narrative is around 420BC. Takingthe form of a discussion between Socrates and friends, the work is aphilosophical treatise founded on the theme of justice. It touches, along theway, many other aspects of life and thought and can be seen to be a foundationstone in the building of Western thought, politics and ... read more »

Planning For Fourth Quarter (4th QTR) Holiday R...

Don't wait for the last minute to take advantage of the increase in customer volume during the fourth quarter Holiday sales.Plan for fourth quarter sales now. Clean up your store. Add extra register lanes. Hire seasonal employees. Now is the time to increase seasonal selling merchandise displays. You don't want to miss out on any extra sales. With the increase in customer flow, now is the time to clear out slow selling merchandise. Here are some tips to keep in mind. Clearance discontinued merchandise. M... read more »

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