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10,000 hotel rooms and no tourists

On the island of Rugen Germanic, Baltic, is the largest hotel in the world, but the time was not occupied any room. The hotel is so grandiose that spans almost 5 kilometers, with 10,000 bedrooms, all overlooking the sea. Surprisingly, this beachfront resort was built 70 years ago, but had no room yet. Prora Wikipedia Prora is a beach resort on the island of Rügen, Germany, known especially for its colossal Nazi-planned tourist structures. The enormous building complex was  As the hotel called Prora wa... read more »

Danube legends: the mystery of ancient tunnels ...

Most legends say that the Moldavian boyars had dug a tunnel under the Danube in order to protect the wealth of Turkish and Tatar invasions. Entering the tunnel they are in a sacred place inaccessible "civilians" under the altar of the Virgin historic church on the Danube. Experts reject the idea that there is such [] read more »

Fascinating records about cars

Regardless of the decade, the machines remain as fascinating to people. Carmakers are trying to keep up with fashion and cars evolves from one year to another. Here are 10 records about cars.   . The car with the highest mileage of 4,890,993 km run. It is a 1800s Volvo manufactured in 1966. 2. Kate Lawer is record [] read more »

The most beautiful caves in Romania

Shrouded in mystery, peppered with elements unique in Europe or even the world, which attracts researchers, or with endless mazes and winding. So we expect most beautiful caves in Romania, not to be missed this summer. Some of the most beautiful and interesting caves in Romania, which necessarily have to visit this summer, especially since [] read more »

The most beautiful abandoned building in the world

The most beautiful abandoned building in the world. Places or buildings that once were admired for their beauty could not pass the test of time, being gradually abandoned or destroyed. The most beautiful abandoned building in the world. Castelul Bannerman Bannerman Castle There is now abandoned armory, built by Francis Bannerman VI businessman in 1901. [] read more »

Rise and fall of the most luxurious hotel of Co...

The Palace is one of the few remaining representative building standing in the Peninsular Area. Art critic Doina Păuleanu speaks volumes Constance 1878-1928. The show late modernity about bright era, with luxurious spaces and receptions given on different occasions. The land was then designed and built the Palace in 1912 is owned by Mrs. mound. It was built under [] read more »

Things you can do for free in Berlin

The German capital was highlighted in recent years by promoting freedom that attracts investors and artists alike. Recently become one of the most interesting European destinations, Berlin offers many activities for tourists extremely cheap or free. Daily Secret site presents nine options for travelers who want to enjoy a holiday here without having to pay [] read more »

The most beautiful cities to visit in Russia

The most beautiful cities to visit in Russia Sankt Petersburg The city, built by Tsar Peter the Great on a swampy ground proved a successful project became the new capital of Russia. It is now considered one of the most beautiful cities, is a paradise for lovers of architecture. The buildings are a combination of [] read more »

“I Will Love You Forever: Part One” by Yvonne Ray

Can Love Conquer All in WWII Japanese Internment Camp? Find out, in "I Will Love You Forever: Part One" by Yvonne Ray read more »

Star Maker, by Olaf Stapledon, Reviewed.

Is this the precursor of much of today’s science fiction? The themes, ideas, stories he covers in this long work are multitude. I’ve read developments of these ideas in so many other works. First published in 1937, it is definitely a work of its time. The style, a narrative without dialogue, is dated and I suspect many new readers would find it difficult. But it is well worth the effort of reading the whole work. The voyage, unexplained in terms of the ‘how?’, is more concerned with the ‘why?’ and deal... read more »

“The C Enigma” by Spiros Gratsias

"The C Enigma" by Spiros Gratsias is a new Historical Fiction Novel Is Based On Actual Heroes Who Gave Their Lives To Fight Hitler And The Nazis. read more »

The Day “Hell” visited Fort Zverev, Russia

If Hell is a physical place on Earth If Hell is a physical place on Earth, Fort Zverev, Russia would be a good candidate. In researching this article I had to dig deep to find information that wasnt just a cut and paste. It seems that Fort Zverev is one of nine forts that were [] read more »

Five books I want to read. Hashtag booklover.

Hi!!! I went on my Goodreads account (click here to go to my profile) and scrolled through those endless book lists, looking for novels that would interest me enough to add the to my to-read list. Here are five of them. Ice dogs by Terry Lynn Johnson Made of stars by Kelley York That time [] read more »

Excellent Women, by Barbara Pym, Reviewed.

I read the Folio Society edition of this novel, illustrated rather charmingly and with considerable insight, by Debra McFarlane. There’s something essentially apt about reading a book from the early 50s in the form of a hardback with appropriate plates. Set in the period just following World War II, and written in the first person by one of the ‘excellent women’ of the title, it should really be entirely of its time. The simple brilliance of the writing, the wonderful characterisation and the gently comi... read more »

November 2012 Writers’ Group Speaker – Joe Hurk...

November 17th I attended the Monadnock Writers Group meeting at the Peterborough, NH library. We meet every third Saturday and we are visited by a guest speaker, except the December and June meetings. These two meetings are set aside for the Members Read Around. This is where the members read a ten minute excerpt from [...] read more »

A short guide to Rotterdam

After much of the city was levelled during World War 2, Rotterdam underwent a period of reconstruction which has given the city and its architecture a modern feel when compared to many similar European cities. This rebuilding process has caused something of an architectural renaissance in the city, and many of Europes finest architects have [...] read more »

The Secret Life of Bletchley Park, Reviewed.

Image via Wikipedia AChristmas present, this was a book I was unlikely to pick up for myself. However,I'm very pleased I was given the gift. WWII is long gone, of course, and formany of the younger generation probably holds little interest. I was born someyears after its end and my parents were involved, of course, so it has somepersonal resonance for me. Ihad, of course, heard of Bletchley Park; the place has shed its cloak ofsecrecy over the past few years. Several books, TV documentaries and other... read more »

Continuing the #NaNoWriMo Challenge.

Image via WikipediaThis week has seen much activity outside of writing, a lot of it to do with my daughter, who I've just returned to her place at university, hence the lateness of this post. However, I'm well on with the current read, The Secret Life of Bletchley Park, and I've read another of my writing magazines. As far as the current WIP is concerned, I'm now up to chapter 15 on the first read-through and still finding little that needs amending. Mind you, once I do the reading aloud from a typescrip... read more »

Major Changes and a Big-Ass Book

So I  know my last few posts have not necessarily concerned writing per se, and the reason for that being, I have not written much in the past week. Im working on that, but Ive been stuck in a bit of a dry spell which is ironic since New York decided to honor all its [...] read more »

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