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Gays Not Welcome in World Cup 2022

Finally, a World Cup that is free from any gay influence and twisted agenda. That's the 2022 World Cup to be held in Qatar.If you are a straight person and doesn't want to see any gut-wrenching display of gayism in public places, then watching the World Cup live would be highly recommended in 2022. Qatar has long since criminalizes gay sex and the public do not want anything to do with those with mental disorders who thought that all places are like the U.S.Asked how gay people will be welcomed in 2022, ... read more »

World Cup 2022 Still in Qatar?

There is a slim chance that World Cup 2022 will not push through in Qatar. According to Theo Zwanziger, the German member on the executive committee of world football's governing body FIFA, rising temperatures could be one of the major reasons."I think that at the end of the day the 2022 World Cup will not take place in Qatar," Zwanziger said in an interview with Sport Bild Plus.The former head of the German football federation (DFB) cited high summer temperatures as the reason Qatar would lose the right... read more »

Look at Russia's Anti-Gay World Cup Stadium

So far, the 2014 World Cup has been one heck of a tournament. Despite construction concerns and protests, Brazil hosted a generally seamless event.In four years, the nations will gather in Russia for the 2018 World Cup. Known for its anti-gay laws and policies, Russia is also keen to show the western world how they have developed as a society in recent years and how their people has evolved progressively in 2018 by shunning the gay agenda.Take a look at one of the renderings of the stadiums that will be ... read more »

German Confidence Evident in World Cup Stamps

Just how confident Germany was in winning the 2014 FIFA World Cup against Argentina? Well, they are so full with confidence that they even printed five million issues of a World Cup victory postage stamp before the final was held."This year I dared to hope very early on that our team would take the title," said Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble."It's wonderful that the team turned this dream into a reality. IThe 60-cent stamp, marked "Germany Football World Champion 2014", will go on sale after the fir... read more »

World Cup Hero's Straight GF in the Spotlight

You know why there are no gays among the teams in World Cup?It is because all the players there have gorgeous pure female wives and girlfriends (WAGs). One such epitome of female beauty is best captured by the girlfriend of German hero midfielder Mario Goetze. He may have scored the winning goal against Argentine and got a well=deserved kiss from model/singer Ann-Kathrin Brommel, but she became an overnight sensation in her own right.Brommel, 23, is one year older than Goetze. According to reports, the p... read more »

Germany Invades World Cup!

As expected, it was a tight contest that had to be settled in extra time.However, it was the individual skills of Mario Goetze who ended Germany's 24-year wait for another World Cup title. With two quick and sublimely deft touches, Goetze gave Germany a 1-0 victory over Argentina on 13 July 2014, the fourth World Cup title for the country.Goetze, who wasn't born when West Germany beat Argentina in the 1990 final, controlled a cross with his chest in the 113th minute and in one fluid motion volleyed the b... read more »

Zuñiga's Life Could Be Threatened

Despite asking for forgiveness and vowing support to the Brazilian campaign in the 2014 World Cup, Colombia’s Camilo Zuñiga is still being demonized in the wake of the injury he inflicted on soccer’s star, Neymar.While many commentators have depicted Zúñiga as a sore loser who purposely injured Neymar, and while some fans have taken to social media to harass Zúñiga's family, there are those whose threat may be considered close to being criminal.Online social media has seen a lot of curses and warnings wi... read more »

Argentina Joins Germany to Humiliate Brazil

After Brazil failed to stop the German blitzkrieg that led to a 7-1 devastation in the 2014 World Cup semi-finals, they have to endure another week of humiliation after their fierce neighbor, Argentina, managed to defeat Netherlands in the penalty shootout 4-2.While the goals flowed like Caipirinhas in the Brazil-Germany match, the Argentina-Netherlands game provided a far more sober affair.It was a tight, tense and turgid the whole time and both sides struggled to create a chance of note with space at a... read more »

Brazil's "Shame of Shames"

After Brazil' humiliating semifinal loss to Germany in the 2014 World Cup, the national media quickly dubbed the 7-1 defeat to Germany on 9 July 2014 the "Shame of Shames" and the most humiliating defeat in the squad's history.Newspapers and TV commentators also called the defeat the "Mineirazo," an allusion to the Mineirao Stadium in Belo Horizonte and Brazil's traumatic Word Cup defeat at home in 1950 known as the "Maracanazo."The sport's daily Lance called the crushing loss "The Biggest Shame in Histo... read more »

Tim Howard's Anti-Gay Defensive Move

Americans are going crazy right now at their new sports hero, Tim Howard, that they are even willing to name an airport in his name. He is the goalkeeper of the U.S. Men's National Team that manged to fend off several attempts by the opponents to score a goal.He might be over-hyped to some extent, no thanks to the pathetic defense put up by the team's back line, but at least he managed to teach everyone how to avoid being abused by possible gay sexual predators.As seen in the video below, Howard carefull... read more »

Our Vacation Week So Far!

First of all, I must comment on the USA-Belgium match on Tues: Although I was extremely irritated with the lack of time of possession of the ball, they all played their hearts out and it showed. US seems to be growing as a team and Im sure they will just get better and better. And [] The post Our Vacation Week So Far! appeared first on kristenione. read more »

World Cup Fever: GO USA!!!!!

I love it when the Mens World Cup comes around. I get massive World Cup Fever! And I love it even more when my favorite team wins it all, like four years ago. source Spain is the team I pull for, and boy have they had me in tears this year. I still love you [] The post World Cup Fever: GO USA!!!!! appeared first on kristenione. read more »

Spanish in Vienna

Friends, I think I may be the only person to do this. But, I stumbled into a Spanish meeting in the middle of Vienna. After wandering around, speaking Japanese, Russian, and English. I stumbled into a restaurants non-smoking section. As Continue reading read more »

Mick Jagger's "Pe Frio"

In the World Soccer universe, every team and all the players are trying to find a lucky charm that will hopefully help carry them to the last match and probably even give them the top crown. However, mixing luck with stones will you get you nowhere.This is what happened with some people who listened to the advise and predictions of The Rolling Stones' Mick Jagger. And nobody knows this better than the Brazilians who re closely following every team the 70-year-old rock star supports with an eye at mocking... read more »

FIFA: Alleged Anti-Gay Chant Not Discriminatory

It is clear that gay people is not welcome in soccer. This was evident when FIFA has ruled that there is nothing wrong with the anti-gay chant from fans during the Mexico-Cameroon World Cup match.A monitoring group initially challenged FIFA to make unnecessary action against Mexico fans that chanted an alleged gay slur. Online viewers were unanimous in saying that there is nothing wrong with it and it was chant that they have heard from Mexico fans ever since they joined the Word Cup.FIFA's disciplinary ... read more »

World Cup Ref In Deep trouble

When, Bosnia-Herzegovina fell to Nigeria in a controversial match dotted with two separate referee incidents: an offsides call that negated a clear Bosnia-Herzegovina goal, and a no-call that allowed Nigeria to score, everyone could have moved on. The miscue could have easily been written off as terrible officiating and unfortunate timing.However. the emergence of the above photo changed it all.The photo, which comes directly from Getty Images and is not Photoshopped, shows New Zealand referee Peter O'Le... read more »

Marvelous Monday: Girl Time & USA World Cup

Happy Marvelous Monday! How was the weekend?  Hope you are refreshed and ready for the week ahead!  My Monday was hectic and Im glad its over! But we had a pretty marvelous weekend so Im linking up with Katies blog over at Healthy Diva Life for Marvelous in My Monday for a recap. Stop in and join the fun! [] The post Marvelous Monday: Girl Time USA World Cup appeared first on kristenione. read more »

2014 World Cup Betting?!

World Cup seems to be the hot topic since last week, other than the chatter about the HOT WEATHER. Its no different for this family of 4. In fact, Allan and Kitkit decided to have a 2014 World Cup Betting Guessing competition. Its the first time, I see Kitkit and Binbin so serious about [] read more »

What Are Those Refs Using to Spray?

Some of those watching the 2014 FIFA World Cup might be wondering what the referee is taking out during free kicks to draw a line on the grass in front of the players.One thing is certain, it is not a hair mousse or a shaving cream. It's a "vanishing spray."The aerosolized substance has been around for some time and provides a temporary visual aid to ensure that, during a free kick, the defenders and the kicker don't encroach on the 10-yard (9.1 meters) separation mandated by game regulations.The foaming... read more »

[What's #NOT] Underage Prostitution in Brazil D...

As foreign soccer fans flood to the host city of Recife, a number of children’s rights organizations are working double time to spread awareness about child prostitutes — some of whom are charging as little as $2 for sex. In the video below, British charity Happy Child International take a camera around the city of Recife (also the(...) read more »

2014 World Cup Promotion

2014 World Cup is finally here and we are excited to announce our World Cup Promotion. The promotion starts Today (June 18th 2014) and will run until Sunday (July 13th 2014). Don’t miss out these great discounts on your favorite software. Receive a 20% Discount on all Xpress Software applications. To receive your 20% instant refund on your purchase. 1. Find the Products you [] read more »

2014 World Cup Results Update

Thursday June 12 Group A: Brazil 3-1 Croatia in Sao PauloFriday June 13 Group A: Mexico 1-0 Cameroon in Natal Group B: Spain 1-5 Netherlands in Salvador Group B: Chile 3-1 Australia in CuiabaSaturday June 14 Group C: Colombia 3-0 Greece in Belo Horizonte Group D: Uruguay 1-3 Costa Rica in Fortaleza Group D: England 1-2 Italy in Manaus Group C: Ivory Coast 2-1 Japan in RecifeSunday June 15 Group E: Switzerland 2-1 Ecuador in Brasilia Group E: France 3-0 Honduras in Porto Alegre Group F: Argentina 2-1 Bosn... read more »

High Demand for Anti-Gay World Cup Shirt

Anti-gay T-shirts and items are running out of stock because of high demand among tourists and World Cup fans arriving in Brazil. Despite the rough landing encountered by new arrivals at the airport, most of them still took some time to check out the latest fad popular in 5th largest country in the world.The World Cup has already started, but airports are bracing for more international travelers flying in for soccer's premier event. Brazilian authorities insist they're ready to welcome and support the re... read more »

The Lady in Blue is Not JLo

A few minutes after they performed in the opening FIFA World Cup, netizens were flooding the web with questions and queries if they were really seeing double.Well, football fans, you are not. JLo and Pitbull performed the World Cup song, "We Are One," with the Brazilian pop star Claudia Leitte. She is not JLo's twin, but I agree with you that the beautiful blond could easily rival her.Nobody is also blaming fans worldwide for flocking social networking sites, Facebook and Twitter, because Leitte is reall... read more »

2014 World Cup Remains Pure and Straight As Ever

When the 2014 FIFA World Cup kicks off in 12 June 2014 in Sao Paulo, Brazil, one thing is clear at this time. There are no gay players among the 22 players competing in the field at any given time from 32 nations.The month-long soccer extravaganza has been authenticated, justified and signed to be a competition exclusively among straight male players with no biologically questionable specimen among participating squads.Soccer’s face is heterosexual and heteronormative since it was conceived and will rema... read more »

An Emotional Encounter for Brazil's WC Team

They say that professional soccer players are hard as a rock and can withstand the most extreme adversity in the field.However, the Brazilian national team who are gearing up for another World Cup title appear to wither in the face of an emotional encounter that moved everyone to tears.When Brazilian TV personality Luciano Huck brought a guest to the national team's training session on 29 May — 17-year-old Leonardo Marques Tome, who suffers from arthrogryposis, those emotion came into play. As the team g... read more »

The Emotional Stages of Graduation

Congratulations to all 2014 grads! The 2014 World Cup might be pretty darn exciting, but it has nothing on the fact that ****WE'RE DONE******!1) DisbeliefLike wait, what? Wasn't freshman initiation yesterday? Don't I have some paper that I have to turn in or some exam that I need to take or some something that I have to do? It can't just be over, just like that, can it?2) Sheer BlissIt'strueit'strueit'strue NO. MORE. STUDYING.Semester notes, meet recycling bin.YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! Th... read more »

MP3: Layne Vuitton – “Rep My City” (@LayneVuitton)

Money Layne has been crafting his gift in the rap game since his adolescence years. Layne was writing lyrics in grammar school and recorded his first song when he was sixteen. Laynes talent for writing grew as he did and his influences were U.G.K., 8 Ball MJG, Ghetto Boys, 2Pac, Outkast to name read more »

Bronze for Canadian Archer at 2013 World Cup

Canadian compound bow archer Dietmar Trillus (King City, ON) brought home the bronze medal from this season’s 3rd World Cup of Archery event which wrapped-up Sunday in Medellin, Colombia. The World Cup of Archery series began in 2006. The 4th Continue reading read more »

South Korea Photodiary 2

The start of the year has been very challenging for me. Transferred to another territory, and my schedule made a 360 degrees turn and I usually end up very late. I subscribe to gym classes, which added to not so flexible schedule anymore (well I have to get fit for my wedding!). Anyways, before I rant more about my still-adjusting-to-work phase, let me share with you another set of photos from our incentive trip at Seoul South Korea. Everytime I feel tired from work, I look back at these photos and feel ... read more »

LadyUmbrella Supports Spain Sale!

Wait til you hear this! We have just kicked off a fun 25% off sale to support los Rojos in the World Cup...Elena hails from Spain and just arrived back to Dublin from a short trip there today..Whilst there she got caught up in the World Cup mania that has besieged the Spanish nation and so we now have 25% off all our ladies t-shirts and free shipping world wide with code fiesta25...But, like all good things there has to be a catch..This code is valid as long as Spain are in the World Cup so cross your fi... read more »

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