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Love: Teal

I really do love the colour teal, so much so that its our main wedding colour! Theres just something so...calm about it. It reminds me of the deepest parts of the ocean, the great below. I also love, love, love Etsy so I thought Id put together a collection of gorgeous teal pieces sourced only from Etsy sellers*. The best part? Everything here is under €50, so if youre looking for a lovely Christmas gift, look no further! Read more » read more »

The journey of a thousand...

...t-shirts, starts with the first few..You might have heard the old Chinese saying "The journey of a thousand miles starts with the first step" well, for us and our new collection of womens clothing the journey is all about the t-shirts, not the distance...Each new collection is a "struggle" to design, produce and sell but it is quite rewarding so worth all the effort...Today, as we ship out the first of our new collection, I want to chronicle the moment that we got the ball rolling for this particular ... read more »

Our Number One Fan?

Here is a short video we made during our recent photo shoot for our new collection of womens clothing which we have finally just released...Big thanks to Darren, Madonna and Alison for taking part in the photo shoot...This behind the scenes video features typically terrible jokes from yours truly but perhaps answers the question about our biggest fan...Or, are you our number one fan? Let us know :) Ole.. read more »

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