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WW On A Tuesday – Tip Of The Week 2

bethere2day - WW On A Tuesday - Post an image and link up, this weeks post is - Tip Of The Week 2 WW On A Tuesday Tip Of The Week 2 read more »

Silly Sunday – Look After Your Wine

bethere2day - Silly Sunday - Look After Your Wine - Sunday is the place to come for weekly laughs. The rules are simple, just have fun Silly Sunday Look After Your Wine read more »

WW On A Tuesday – Bigger The Better

bethere2day - WW On A Tuesday - Post an image and link up, this weeks post is - Bigger The Better WW On A Tuesday Bigger The Better read more »

Alvarinho Wine Fest em Lisboa

Nos dias 2 e 3 de Junho o Alvarinho Wine Fest regressa a Lisboa! O Pavilhão Carlos Lopes é o palco da 3.ª edição do evento, que celebra a Origem do Alvarinho da Sub-região de Monção e Melgaço. É a oportunidade para se deixar seduzir pelos encantos do vinho Alvarinho, do inimitável terroir que lhe confere uma identidade que só encontrará nos Alvarinhos com origem nesta Sub-região.   Aproveite o convite do município de Melgaço para provar outros produtos da região, que podem ser bem harmonizados com o ... read more »

WW On A Tuesday – The Connoissuers

bethere2day - WW On A Tuesday - Post an image and link up, this weeks post is - The Connoissuers WW On A Tuesday The Connoissuers read more »

WW On A Tuesday – Wine Facts

bethere2day - WW On A Tuesday - Post an image and link up, this weeks post is - Wine Facts WW On A Tuesday Wine Facts read more »

Palmela Wine Jazz | Desfrute do lado mais desco...

Palmela Wine Jazz é já este fim de semana Desfrute do lado mais descontraído do verão no Castelo de Palmela   Nos dias 30 e 31 de julho, o Castelo de Palmela vive a terceira edição do Palmela Wine Jazz, uma proposta da Câmara Municipal de Palmela e da Rota de Vinhos da Península de Setúbal, com entrada livre. Um fim de semana descontraído, onde os melhores vinhos da Península de Setúbal e as paisagens fantásticas da Arrábida, candidata a Reserva da Biosfera, estão em destaque, sempre ao som da melh... read more »

Silly Sunday – Wine

bethere2day - Silly Sunday - Wine - Sunday is the place to come for weekly laughs. The rules are simple, just have fun. Silly Sunday Wine read more »

Saturday Giggle – The Wine Taster

bethere2day - At a winery, the regular taster died and the director started looking for a new one to hire. A drunkard with a ragged, dirty look came in to apply for the position. Saturday Giggle The Wine Taster read more »

Da venerdì 30 ottobre a Villa Erba (Cernobbio) ...

WineFood Style fa il bis Da venerdì 30 ottobre vino e cibi di qualità si mettono in mostra a Villa Erba, sulle rive del Lago di ComoFino a domenica 1 novembre gli spazi espositivi della storica villa di Cernobbio ospitano la seconda edizione dell'evento fieristico all'insegna dell'eccellenza enogastronomica che lo scorso anno ha fatto registrare un grande successo di pubblico. Tre giorni di incontri alla scoperta di accostamenti tra vini e cibi d'eccellenza all'insegna del made in Italy, tra percorsi di... read more »

A Bottle Of Wine

bethere2day - Sally was driving home from one of her business trips in Northern Arizona when she saw an elderly Navajo woman walking on the side of the road. A Bottle Of Wine read more »

Arrogant Frog Wines

Arrogant Frog is a wine that proudly embraces its Mediterranean origins yet leaps out of the glass with a friendly and inviting New World attitude. To obtain the fruit-driven style that defines Arrogant Frog, its creator Jean-Claude Mas (the Humble Winemaker) selects the grapes from the hillsides of the five main valleys of the Languedoc [] The post Arrogant Frog Wines appeared first on The Lifestyle Avenue. read more »

Transformation Changes Everything

The last week has been interesting in the fact that it is so foreign to me. Things that are occurring and happening are not things I am used to encountering. So hearing a variety of view points is interesting. One of the topics this week had to do with responsibility. When something occurs who is Continue reading Transformation Changes Everything read more »

Timing – The Beginning Of Process

Lately, like many my mind has been on what we call process. The time, the steps and ingredients or things necessary to accomplish a finished product. In people, process not only includes time, but may include revelation about God or oneself. It may in fact seem to take f-o-r-e-v-e-r! It may or may not include Continue reading Timing The Beginning Of Process read more »

Behind Closed Doors

The other day a friend made a post about process. His analogy used the old Polaroid picture. When they first came out there was gels and jellies. But essentially it was as “instant” as it could get. The difficulty was that these photos did not necessarily have lasting effect or good quality. It caused me Continue reading Behind Closed Doors read more »

2nd Annual CT Winter Wine Trail

2nd Annual CT Winter Wine Trail If youre like us, you enjoy a nice glass of wine. And, youve probably made your way around the state to many of Connecticuts vineyards and sampled their offerings. You might even have participated in the passport program of the CT Wine Trail, trying (like us) to win that [...] 2nd Annual CT Winter Wine Trail is a post from: Wallingford Wired 2nd Annual CT Winter Wine Trail is a post from: Wallingford Wired read more »

Christmas Wrecks

There was the sign “Christmas Wrecks”. It looked quiet enough, but as I walked onto the lot, I realized it was far from quiet. But as far as the word “wrecks” clearly it was appropriate. The dream was 5 dreams deep. Each dream only brought me one dream closer to awaking. (I never had that Continue reading Christmas Wrecks read more »

Chicken Thighs with Honey

And just when you thought you have done it all when it comes to cooking chicken, along comes another GREAT recipe to try, and this is no exception! This is not your typical sweet and sour recipe that offers death-by-sour and tastes like a sauce out of a bottle from your local supermarket. It is well balanced with low acidity and sweetness, allowing the natural flavours of the chicken to come out, so I don't even call it a sweet and sour chicken, which it is in essence. I love to cook with chicken thigh... read more »

The Pocket Sous Chef

Hello friends, today is the first official day of Autumn but by now you’ve noticed that the blogs are filled with great recipes and awesome looking foods for Fall.  Autumn is the season for hibernating indoors and cooking meals in anticipation of the cold winter winds and upcoming holidays.  I am always looking for quick Continue reading The post The Pocket Sous Chef appeared first on Fashion and Fun after Fifty. read more »

Castle of Brolio - Castello di Brolio

The Castle of Brolio, nestled in a charming hill of the Chianti area, still retains a medieval atmosphere with its old mold and the vast park. The town's name, which derives from the Lombard word "Brolo" means a green space closed. The castle stands between Gaiole and Castelnuovo Berardenga, inthe middle of endless vineyards, from which since 1141 the Ricasoli preparetheir famous wine cellars in place to grow old within the mighty walls.You can have the most charming view from the south side, where a lar... read more »

Wines of the World At “The Buzz”

The wines tonight came from around the world, Italy, Spain, New Zealand, Tuscany and France. The food came from different cruise lines and indeed was Cruise Food. And if you have ever been on a cruise and have eaten onboard, you know what a dedicated support team the kitchen Exec Chef has. When Cristi prepares [] read more »

How to Throw The Perfect End of Summer Party

It's been a great summer and we still have a month left of summer as we head into August. I'm already looking forward to fall with the crisp, cool fall weather, apple picking, Halloween parties, and gradual approach of Christmas. But before we can welcome fall, we must bid a great adieu to summer. How?END OF SUMMER PARTY!Enjoy the last weekend evenings of summer with friends, but without the stress of throwing a big to-do. A summer evening party should be fun and relaxed from prep to party to clean up!H... read more »

Wordless Wednesday (On A Tuesday Ready For Wedn...

bethere2day - Wordless Wednesday - Post an image and link up, this weeks post is - The Secret To A Good Wine Wordless Wednesday (On A Tuesday Ready For Wednesday) The Secret To A Good Wine read more »

Wine Cookery

We've gone through what all the sloshing, swirling and spitting wine is all about now I'm going to give you the information I found on Cooking with wine. These tips are just generalizations about cooking with wine to help you get into the swing of it.1. When cooking with wine, bring the dish to the boiling point, and do not cover - this allows the spirits to evaporate, leaving the essential flavor behind, but do not boil.2. When you marinate meat in wine (for flavor and/or as a tenderizer), dry the meat ... read more »

Taste Wine Like a Pro

I found this information in a copy of Food and Wine and thought I just had to share it with my readers. I've seen people on TV swirling and sniffing their wine before being served but never really knew exactly what this told them. Now I do, I think. According to the article - wine tasting has its own code of conduct. Here's what you need to know about all that swirling, swishing and spitting. Swirl Sniff - unleash aromas by exercising your wrist: Set the glass on a table and with your hand on the ba... read more »

Self Explanatary

bethere2day - A woman ran a red traffic light and crashed into a man's car. Both of their cars are demolished but... Self Explanatary read more »

Judging at A Tavola con Il Nobile in Montepulci...

Judges taste food wine at a ContradaWe were honored with an invitation to be judges at A Tavola con Il Nobile in Montepulciano, Tuscany. Our “job” would be to taste foods created by chefs at eight different contradas (divisions) of Montepulciano with select Vino Nobile wines over two days. To top it off, we were thrilled to learn that this year’s main ingredient would be duck (locally called Nano), one of our favorites. The trek from Denver to Rome via Detroit was smoother than one could imagine. Consid... read more »

June Events at “the Buzz” in Boise

This month at the Buzz really sounds interesting.This is probably the best and most affordable complete 5 course dinner and 5 or six wines that you will find in Boise. Just a mere $20 per person! But do make reservations (208) 344-4321. Here is the latest from Cristi. Just a quick reminder of some [] read more »

Houston Vineyards Coming Events

I received this yesterday from Houston Vineyards about their event schedule. A good time to join in on the wines. Cheers! On behalf of Gregg and I, thank you for allowing Huston Vineyards to share our wines at your May Treasure Valley Wine Society Meeting. We truly enjoyed your group and the evening. A special [] read more »

Herbs and Spices Wine Dinner at the Buzz

I would be remiss if I did not send our condolences to Tommy and his family for his loss over the weekend. We had a very quiet and intimate wine tasting at the Buzz last night Herbs and Wine was the topic. Great topic and job, Cristi! Your choices of topics is what makes [] read more »

Groupon New York Deals - Posted May 7, 2014!

Three-Course Pre-Fixe Dinner for Two or Four at Korchma Taras Bulba - Up to 50% Off - $35 for Japanese Brunch for Two at Family Recipe - Up to $80 Value - Contemporary American Brunch and Beverages for Two or Four at Village Lantern - Up to 60% Off - Two Dozen Mini-Cupcakes, or 6 or 12 Red Velvet Cupcakes from Piece of Velvet - 50% Off - $71.50for a Brazilian Dinner for Two with Appetizer, Desserts, and Wine - U... read more »

“W” Is For Wine

ShareTweet The post W Is For Wine appeared first on Darkness Beckons. read more »

Brooklyn, New York

This is not the first time I have walked over Brooklyn Bridge, however this is the first time that I actually spent a whole day in Brooklyn. We are walkers, that's for sure, so we do use a lot of time just walking around. Going to Brooklyn was no different. We just had to start our Brooklyn day by walking over the bridge. That I think is a must do in New York, it is an absolutely beautiful walk and to get to the underground stop where you start the walk is very easy if you are on the Manhattan side. ... read more »

Orangutan Protection Foundation Raffle

Thanks to the generous support of Dave Heron, proprietor of No 12 Greengrocers in Masham, North Yorkshire, UK, the Orang-utan Protection Foundation are £130.00 richer. Dave and his staff have sold raffle tickets from No 12 during January and February 2014. The draw took place on the afternoon of Friday 28th 2014 and the winners were drawn by OPF Ambassador Ellen Dean. Originally there were three prizes but this increased to four on the draw day:a gorgeous cuddly orang-utan; a box of fresh fruit and veg... read more »

Groupon Live Your Weekend! (Posted February 14,...

"Million Dollar Quartet" at the Apollo Theater on February 20–March 6 (Up to 49% Off)********** "Sesame Street Live 'Can't Stop Singing'" at Rialto Square Theatre on April 2 at 10:30 a.m. or 6:30 p.m. (Up to 50% Off)********** Rooftop View of a Chicago Cubs Game at Wrigley Field Rooftop Club (Up to 65% Off). 12 April Games Available.********** "Sesame Street Live 'Can't Stop Singing'" at Star Plaza Theatre on April 11–13 (Up to 41% Off)********** Travel into the weird and wonderful world of the body ... read more »

Save Those Wine Corks For Our Cruise Boat

As a young boy, John Pollack built boats from scrap wood that eventually sank.  He dreamed of building a boat from something that couldnt sink.corks. Over the next 25 years, he never stopped saving corks.  His book, Cork Boat, is a memorable account of making his dream a reality.  His 27 foot boat is made [] The post Save Those Wine Corks For Our Cruise Boat appeared first on Retire for the Fun of it. read more »

#POPProductions presents our 1st event of 2014 ...

So this weekend I held my first event of the year as the official POP Productions and it was a success! I introduced the brand to a room full of industry people. We offered complimentary wine. I discussed my vision on what I want to do with POP Productions and opened up to partnerships for(...) read more »


Há mais de 25 anos, a Wine Spectator publica a lista dos 100 melhores vinhos do mundo dos 12 meses anteriores. Da lista deste ano, fazem parte cinco vinhos portugueses: Porto Croft Vintage 2011 (13), Quinta do Passadouro 2010 (37), Quinta do Crasto Douro Reserva 2010 (81) e Porto Graham Tawny 20 anos (87). read more »

Baltimore Groupon Deals - Part One (Posted Octo...

Two 30- or 60-Minute Personal-Training Sessions at Towson Fitness Concepts (Up to 51% Off)from $35 Mexican Food at Sierra's Grill Taqueria (Half Off). Three Options Available.from $10 Contemporary American Dinner with Wine, Entrees, and Dessert for Two or Four at Bistro $15 for $30 Worth of Greek Food at Ikaros Restaurant #pd - Barbecue and Drinks at Midtown BBQ Brew (Half Off). Two Options Available. read more »

An evening.

They loved theatre, And went for many too. The thrill, and yet the reality, All spun together with glue. They laughed at the humour, And sometimes cried too. They enjoyed it every bit, The merry, the slow, and now and Continue reading read more »

a toast of #glam for tonight :) #red #lipstick ...

a toast of #glam for tonight :) #red #lipstick #wine #elegant #missjhenz read more »


WHERE AM I? It's so quiet. I haven't heard THAT WORD which sends chills up my spine for hours now.YOU know the word. "MAAA-AAMMM?" THIS song is followed by either a "can you do this for me" or "can you get this for me" or "he did THIS to me" or "she wont give me" or "he took from me" or some form of SOMETHING that will need my supposed immediate attention.Well, none of that today. I'm actually HOME ALONE. And everyone islegitimately accounted for- GONE. Somewhere else. No kids locked in the closet or ban... read more »

Provence by Mobile Phone. Post Update

Rediscover this post with the addition of Provençal Roaming, an app by Paul Shawcross to add to the collection of useful travel applications for your mobile phone. read more »

Festival of the thrush - la sagra del tordo

Montalcino, the 28th October 2012.The insignia of the districts wave along the streets of the city, the procession of the set is about sharpening the streets, the fort becomes a construction site where they prepare the lavish banquet.It is the festival of thrush, folk and food even, on this occasion,on the last Sunday of October, Montalcino is back to the ancient origins,this tradition follows costumes courteous when knights and ladies were the historical ancient village. Today there are four quarters of... read more »

Wedding update (and some really Ugly Christmas ...

Today we finally met with the photographer for our wedding (hooray!). The lovely Philip Bourke of Philip Bourke Photography met us in Cork City to talk through what we wanted for the day. So excited about seeing what sort of shots he comes up with on the day now! Read more » read more »

The Witches Brew

Normal 0 false false false EN-US X-NONE X-NONE MicrosoftInternetExplorer4 Sorry for the hiatus folks. I actually decided to discontinue this blog. I just never let anybody know. Whoops. My life got crazy. I moved to the frozen tundra known as Michigan and my ability to focus long enough to write a blog fully diminished. But I have been... read more »

Bacco Artigiano

Rufina, near Florence, on 30thSeptember.Thirty-seventh edition of this great event which opens this fall. Tradition and culture combine to evoke the ancient bond between Rufina and Florence. On 29th September in Piazza Signoria the traditional parade for the delivery of wine to remember whenthe caravan of wagons starded from Rufina(the wagon is called "Carro Matto") with over 2000 bottles. Wine's arrival was celebrated with a ceremony and, in Piazza della Signoria, the Gonfalonier toasted with the Priors... read more »

GROUPON 'Let's Get Together Deals' - Part One (...

Click me SugarToad – Naperville American Dinner or "So Not Suburban" Brunch (Half Off) FROM $15 (A $30 Value). Online Deal through September 26, 2012. Click me I Wish Lessons – Multiple Locations Just Roll It Sushi-Making Class and Glass of Wine for One, Two, or Four (Up to 62% Off) FROM $29 (A $65 Value). Online Deal through September 26, 2012. Click me Wine – Online Deal $69 for $160 Worth of Wine, Shipping Included A 57% Discount. Online Deal through September 26, 2012. Click me Blue Crab Trad... read more »

The Harvest Festival- Festa della Vendemmia

In Mercatale Val di Pesa, the town of San Casciano, near Florence, from 20 to 23 September 2012Among the sweet rolling hills Casciano the ancient agricultural practice of harvest back to engage and fascinate, and with it one of the most beloved of the territory: theharvest Festival. The guest of honor is the wine, celebrated by a wide range of events organized with the involvement of the community. All are invited to celebrate the harvest season and to participate in the many events, in various forms, wi... read more »

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