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Winter Proofing Your Garage

Lukas Neasi Your garage may be one of the most important rooms in your house. Besides being used for lawn supplies, tools and storage it’s also home to one of your most important investments: your car. With the weather getting colder and winter approaching fast it is important that you prepare your car’s home forRead more The post Winter Proofing Your Garage appeared first on A Rear Facing Family. read more »

We have sunshine! Grab it while it lasts

The North East of England isn't noted for its fine weather. The weather isn't as bad as people make out, but there certainly isn't enough sunshine on average. Like much of the country, the North East is bathed in sunshine today. The fact that we have a lot of sun, almost nothing in the way of clouds and no cold breeze off the North Sea makes a pleasant change. The world is a much better place when it is like this. But the forecast is for thunderstorms tomorrow and then drizzle over the rest of the weeken... read more »

The language in the North East is loud and cons...

The language in the North East of England is as colourful and vibrant of the different dialects of the United Kingdom. Certain phrases can be inpenitrable when you first arrive but they grow on you and many have a certain charm. I'll take at individual phrases in another later blog as it's the communication that interests me in this edition. It may seem strange to split the two but there are two distinct things happening here. Language itself has many different facets and the part of language that uses n... read more »

Forecast Calling For Snow

The weather in my area (NW OH) has been crazy. We have had rain all week. Now we have a leak above the front door. I do have a bucket and towels catching the rain. If the front door is closed and it rains. The rain will leak in under the front door. Taken by and © belongs to Sandy KS aka rusty2rusty The landlord is aware of the leak. He did ask my boyfriend to see if there is a hole, missing shingles or if he could see any damage. He says he has to let it dry out before fixing it. My boyfriend clim... read more »

OSG Mississauga 2016

I recently had the pleasure to be the coach once again for the Ontario Summer Games (OSGs), this year was held in Mississauga Ontario. This year was special for the athletes because it was the largest Ontario Summer games in Continue reading read more »

Watching TS ERIKA

Watching TS ERIKA Tropical Storm Erika continues to move toward the Leeward Islands. A Tropical Storm Warning is in effect for Anguilla, Saba, St. Eustatius, St. Maarten, Montserrat, Antigua, Barbuda, St. Kitts, Nevis, St. Martin, St. Barthelemy, Puerto Rico, Vieques, Culebra, and the U.S. and British Virgin Islands. A Tropical Storm Watch is in effect for Guadeloupe. Interests in the Dominican Republic should monitor the progress of Erika. A Tropical Storm Watch may be required for a portion of the Do... read more »

Beachcams and Daily Safety Report

Click here to check the Beachcams and daily safety reportfor Daytona Beach and New Smyrna Beach. read more »

Glamping vs. Beach Camping

What is Glamping?from Wiki-Glampingis aportmanteauofglamourandcampingand describes a style of camping withamenitiesand, in some cases,resort-style services not usually associated with "traditional" camping. Glamping has become particularly popular with 21st century tourists seeking the luxuries ofhotelaccommodation alongside theescapismandadventure recreationof camping.[1][2][3][4]Check out this HuffPost article on Have you ever been 'Glamping'?This resort looks amazing.The Tree House ResortThis 4-star r... read more »

Once in a Blue Moon...

Once in a blue moon? Look up in the sky between tonight and sunrise tomorrow morning to see the first blue moon in...Posted by Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex onThursday, July 30, 2015Celebrate the Blue Moon with these fine products from:Moon Phase Bracelet With 7 ImagesLunar Meteorite Dust PendantSad Moon Women's Dark T-Shirtalso see >>Sad Moon Men's Dark Pajamas read more »

Daytona Beach Weather Forecast

Not sure of the weather in Daytona Beach?Are you traveling in or out of town?Taking the dog for a walk or planning a family outing at the beach?Click here before you go out!Local Daytona Beach Weather Forecast. Tuesday June 9, 2015 Daytona Beach, FloridaTake 10% off Travelocity Summer Sale Hotels (Min. Stay 3 Nights), use PROMO CODE: TEN2015. Ends 6/30. read more »

Bracing for dry season in drought-struck Brazil...

The rainy season is now officially over in Brazil. And now drought-stricken Sao Paulo enters the dry season with no certainty depleted The post Bracing for dry season in drought-struck Brazil YouTube appeared first on The News Channel. read more »

Getting Live Environment Canada Weather Using PHP

The other day a little project I had running at home required some live weather data... Nothing fancy, just the current temptation, condition and a quick blurb for the forecast.I had a number of ways I could've done this, but I chose to do this in PHP (for me, it was just a process that would run and put these three items somewhere else, so nothing major necessary).The PHP code is here, just in case anyone else needs to do more »

▶ Melting Polar Ice Caps A “Ticking Timebomb” F...

Journalist Dahr Jamail Professor Peter Wadhams say the resulting release of methane will lead to massive climate disruption, and that we The post ▶ Melting Polar Ice Caps A Ticking Timebomb For Earths Climate System YouTube appeared first on The News Channel. read more »


FEBRUARY SKYPUNCH Just before the start of the 2014 holiday season, during my free time when I’m not planning for the final The post FEBRUARY SKYPUNCH appeared first on The News Channel. read more »

QWFF 2015 Day 4: And then it snowed

It snowed. On the first day of spring, it snowed. Actually, it wasn't as terrible as it sounds; it's more the timing, I think, that has bothered everybody. And can you blame us?This winter wasn't as brutal as last winter, but it felt almost as bad, and for a brief moment, it looked as if we had finally put it behind us. It's like the killers in horror movies - never count 'em out until you're absolutely sure they're out! (Sometimes not even then.)I came to P.S. 69, the third venue for the Queens World Fi... read more »


Last Thursday night, I was doing my typical night photography. It was a partly cloudy night. Everything was going normal until I The post FALLSTREAK OR WHAT??? appeared first on The News Channel. read more »

Uncertainty in weather and life – In defense of...

The pitchforks and torches are out again, and I’m sick of it. Social media is saturated with people excoriating our weather forecasters for errors associated with the first major winter storm of 2015. Weather, like life, is full of uncertainty. The only conditions that are certain are present conditions- which our meteorologists can show us [] read more »

Mackerel Scales & Mares’ Tails

Ive just finished walking the terrier. Oh how this little clown loves snow. How fun to sniff out mouse trails below the surface. The sun isnt fully up yet so I got to see something magical. Here in the upper Continue reading read more »

Screamers, Maulers, & Pineapples

The word Storm comes from a Proto-Germanic  word that means a violent and noisy commotion sturmaz. Have you ever wondered how names stick? What inspired the first person to attach a name to something? More curious, how was it Continue reading read more »

What’s in a name?

A while back, I blogged about the winds and how the ancients connected weather to the whim of the gods. Before my health scare last Thursday, I had written about the Alberta Clipper weather system that was blowing through my Continue reading read more »

Capturing Snowflakes

Last night it started snowing! And this morning it was still snowing!I was a little perturbed about the snow. It doesn't usually snow until December, and right now it is still fall, and there should not be any snow in fall. Anyone who has ever been to kindergarten knows that! The picture for "Fall" on the season chart is always a tree with colorful leaves, and the picture for "Winter" is a snowman. WHY CAN'T NATURE FOLLOW IT'S OWN RULES?But anyways... I went outside to take my tiny little Lily for her mo... read more »

Environmental Concerns

The last few days since the rioting in our community on Saturday, I began a series of what changes a child to cause them to go do wrongful things. I want to know why things happen. I want to examine cause and effect. One of the things I run into on a regular basis is [] read more »

इस बार फिर नासा हैरान है

हुदहुद की तबाही को मौसम विभाग ने हैरानीजनक हद तक कम किया हुदहुद की तबाही को हमारे मौसम विभाग ने हैरानीजनक हद तक कम कर दिया। इस बार फिर नासा हैरान है और साथ ही पूरा विश्व भी। इस करिश्मे को कर दिखाया हमारे वैज्ञानिकों और अन्य सबंधित कर्मचारियों ने लेकिनइस चमत्कार का श्रेय प्रधानमंत्री श्री नरेन्द्र मोदी को भी जाता है जिन्होंने समय रहते इस मुद्दे पर विशेष बैठक बुलाई और विभाग की पीठ थपथपाने के साथ साथ उन्हें उत्साह भी दिया और कार्य की खुली छूट भी। जब हुदहुद की सुनामी आई तो प्रधानमंत्री नरेंद्र मोदी खुद14... read more »

october fluff

Topshop fuzzy sweater, oversized shirt (vintage), Wanderland booties.To make light of the grim onslaught of rain and chill which October has brought in it's wing, I've been combatting the darkness with this light fluffy, pink sweater and oversized vintage shirt combo. With the additional summer-memoir rosary-esque necklace, cuteness is the only way to beat winter!(Although, litres of tea also work.)Good luck braving the cold. My advice; think pink.xo, S read more »

Ontario Spring Classic

This past weekend, I attended the Ontario Spring Classic, one of Canada’s premiere archery events usually held in Toronto. This year’s event attracted over 110 archers from Nova Scotia to British Colombia and several international archers including France, Netherlands and Continue reading read more »

We've got the wrong weather... again.

Regular readers know I follow the weather, and I do a little more than the average person, and I even have acopy of the bulk of the country's weather history, so I can pull out answers to questions. Today however, I just had a thought: The usual "W" pattern for the air pressure in Toronto at 10pm might be different for this month as we just had a bank holiday. I quickly ran the numbers off manually from Environment Canada and highlighted the bank holiday in green. Sure enough, the value for Monday w... read more »

Weather Map Thoughts

This post whilst public, is actually a response to the Weather Network Roundtable discussion on map products this week, and previously I didn't have an example of what irks me and now that I have, it was too large to put in a simple tweet. Above is a map that went out on Social Media on the morning of May 13 2014. I'll quickly run through the three things that leap out at me:The first problem with any time sensitive image on Social Media is you need to be specific about dates and times. A map titled "To... read more »


What Do You See Chemtrails? Spotting a pair of twin contrails, I ponder the reality of chemtrails. read more »


Art Joan Manel Zamora © read more »

Dark when noon time, North Point

Scenery of front of Sunbeam Theatre was dark when rainy noon as 12:45 as like midnight, North Point District, Hong Kong. read more »

The Great State of Denial

Last Thursday was the first day of spring. That should mean that the world should be filled with blooming flowers, sunshine warming the previously frozen world with its golden rays, with growth and the rebirth of nature. Instead, today it was near freezing temperatures. Snow was coming down so hard it looked like we were [] read more »

Cherry Blossoms and Mist Monsters

I walked my daughter to the bus stop this morning, and I actually got to do this in daylight. For almost the entire school year, we have been trooping out to the bus stop in the dark of night. Let me tell you something about these dark early mornings in Washington: rain or fog. Those are your choices for early morning, predawn walking to the bus. Rain. Fog. Rain is wet, and for the majority of the school year, it's freezing. I walked my daughter to the bus one morning, with slush rain falling on us becau... read more »

Avene Masks set giveaway

Do you like to try the Avene masks? I tried them and I love it, so I have a set to giveaway, check the link to find out how to win. Mm.. something wrong I can't put link so check out namesherry.comThe Spring Water is very nice, I kept a bottle in bag for travel purpose, sometimes hot weather I need to spray on face. read more »


MUSHING ANDORRA - EL TARTERArt Joan Manel Zamora © read more »

Field of Dreams

Field of Dreamsseen on TV @ TCM2.15.14All this snow is slowly driving me insane. And I don't think I'm the only one who feels this way. I mean, living in the northeast, we expect heavy winters, but when you see people tweeting about snow in places like Alabama, something is seriously wrong with the universe. I wanted to go out last Saturday, but it was snowing, and I was in a glum mood to begin with. I needed some kind of reminder of spring - y'know, that it still exists, and that it will actually come s... read more »


MUSHING ANDORRA - EL TARTERArt Joan Manel Zamora © read more »

After the Snow

We had a slightly late start this morning, waiting for the roads to dry and the snow to melt before we ventured out to work. Since we were planning to keep it a short day today too, Zakir and I drove in together. I could really get used to this! Our neighborhood looked very pretty this morning, in the early sun. The sky was a gorgeous clear blue, after grey skies for so many days. Our drive to work was lovely too, the pictures taken from my phone, from inside the minivan really don't do it justice. An... read more »

The meteorologists got it right!

First, we had two 'non-event' days. Alabama and many other parts were expecting to get a wintry mix of sleet, snow and ice. As predicted, some areas did get snow, and a lot of it. Schools were closed on Tuesday in anticipation of icy conditions, but in Birmingham we had nothing but rain, and temperatures that never dropped below freezing. Due to the expectation of the weather being worse to the north-east of us (i.e., close to where we work), we also closed the office on Wednesday. That turned out to be ... read more »

old house

Art panoramic landscape!lanscape/c1r9g Joan Manel Zamora © read more »


Art Joan Manel Zamora © read more »


MUSHING ANDORRA - EL TARTERArt Joan Manel Zamora © read more »

ATA Trade Show to Record-Breaking Numbers

Posted by Amy Hatfield on January 16, 2014 in Trade ShowA record-setting total of 1,047 retail and distribution buying companies represented by a near-record 3,193 individual dealers, distributors and buyers attended the show, which is good news for the business value of the event. Photo: Continue reading read more »

What a difference a few days makes!

We already got a glimpse of what Tuesday of this past week looked like. Wednesday was a bit of an ice over too. In fact, there was probably an inch thick layer of ice on the road in our neighborhood. The schools were closed and there was no way that Zakir and I would be able to get out to go to work. So we called and rescheduled all our patients and decided to stay in. Except for venturing out in the snow for a little while, of course. Bilal stayed out long enough to watch some of the neighborhood kid... read more »


MUSHING ANDORRA - EL TARTERArt Joan Manel Zamora © read more »

Do-over, anyone?

It's crazy! How can merely an inch of snow wreak so much havoc on our day? It started out well enough, but went downhill fast. First of all, since this is what the post should have been about, happy eighteenth birthday to my baby girl! I had the day all planned out; after sending the kids to school I had some clean up to do in the house, then a trip to the bakery to pick up Safa's favorite caramel cake. Then meet a dear friend for lunch at 11:30, before the kids came home. The couple of flurries predict... read more »


MUSHING ANDORRA - EL TARTERArt Joan Manel Zamora © read more »


MUSHING ANDORRA - EL TARTERArt Joan Manel Zamora © read more »

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