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Gamiss my wishlist

Normal 0 14 false false false IT X-NONE X-NONE What do you think? You know GAMISS I wait for your opinion, what do you choose? Soon with Gamiss and the next outfit, here the fashion is home read more »

WEITZMANN-Watches. Alta orologeria al polso con...

Normal 0 14 false false false IT X-NONE X-NONE L’orologio nato come strumento per segnare il tempo, che da sempre condiziona il nostro vivere quotidiano, un must che nel tempo si è adattato agli stili , alle epoche, all’esigenza di misurare il trascorrere del tempo è sempre stata sentita, è innegabile che ad esso sono legati stili, m... read more »

TAG Heuer , Connected Modular 45 mm unvieled in...

On ocassion of Nikki Beauch 1st Anniversay TAG Heuer, the kigs of luxury Swiss watches unveiled the Connected Modular 45 for The post TAG Heuer , Connected Modular 45 mm unvieled in UAE at Nikki Beach appeared first on BUZZINGTALES . read more »

Petit Pois

Le Calzature " Titanitos " sono sviluppate con innovative tecnologie e i migliori materiali presenti sul mercato - testati per soddisfare gli standard di qualità - Una collezione piena di immaginazione e comfort per il piede dei migliori clienti: i bambini. Questa filosofia di qualità e di progettazione è studiata per offrire al cliente più giovane ed esigente, comfort, qualità e stile!!!! Ci sono capi in grado di rassicurarci e farci sentire a nostro agio. Per grandi e piccini, uno degli indume... read more »

Christie’s Dubai Celebrated It’s 10th Birthday ...

This March Christie’s celebrated its 10th anniversary and its 20th sale season at the Jumeirah Emirates Towers Hotel in the The post Christies Dubai Celebrated Its 10th Birthday With New Sale Category appeared first on Buzzingtales. read more »


Can you imagine the first half part of the year has come to a close.... The year is going by too fast and am yet to achieve all of the resolutions that I had put down on paper in the beginning of the year but so far so good. So Happy July to all of you :)!!I have been obsessed with prints practically for the longest time now. I think am a print freak if you want to call it that. Although not everything in my closet is filled with prints but a bigger percentage is. When I dress for any occasion, I look fo... read more »

Elysee Watches - Classico e Eleganza

I prodotti Elysee sono contraddistinti da un design accattivante e moderno che tiene conto di specifiche tecniche affascinanti e di prestigio mantenendo i costi al minimo. L'obiettivo del marchio è la somma di design, qualità e ottimo rapporto qualità prezzo, ovviamente, collegato con i desideri degli appassionati di orologi Qualche volta è bello riuscire a gongolarsi nello stato assolutamente personale di avere al polso un orologio che non nasconde segreti e che è esattamente quello che sembra. Nè un p... read more »


Building a career in something you trust and believe takes time and that's the same case in ones closet ( ask any fashion lover, they will testify to this terrible but yet delicious habit). I have learnt to properly buy basic stable pieces that I need and also striking pieces that will make anyone envy with green and want to also get themselves a pair of it.Am listening to Luther Vandross songs while writing this article, don't we all love classic music :).Few things make me feel more naked and exposed t... read more »

BYSIMON - enjoy luxury

Novità, grandi conferme e una firma inconfondibile Sensazioni urban metropolitane nel mood delle collezioni Autunno Inverno 2014-2015 firmate By Simon che spazia fino a suggestioni esotiche proponendo anche quest’anno accessori originali e facili da indossare. Come vuole la tradizione anche questa collezione vanta un’ampia gamma di proposte in grado di soddisfare i trend del momento e le personali preferenze di chi ama e sceglie gli accessori Bys Bijoux. Grande risalto è dato alle pietre sempre più colo... read more »

Typically Chic.....

TIFFO Co. è un nuovo brand italiano ispirato da due conigli molto speciali: Tiffo Chany. Due veri e propri ARISTO-RABBIT, il designer "Laura Chiara Gramigna"utilizza le immagini divertenti e simpatiche di Tiffo Chany per creare delle carinissime stampe, Due conigli reali divennero i progettisti di questo nuovo e originale marchio di moda e propongono una collezione mai vista prima. Le loro code pompon sono irresistibili!!!Tiffo Co. uno stile Rabbit, leggete le loro storie divertenti e lasciate che... read more »

Launch of Casio G-Factory Ladies Concept @ Some...

My earliest memories of the brand revolved around the time when I was a teenager about to take my end of year exams. My cheapo 5 dollar watch had died on me at the best time possible, and my mother quietly got me my very first green Baby-G watch as a good luck present to accompany onto the exam battlefield. Nothing close to the dynamic designs of these days, it's still a fond, sentimental memory that gives me a warm fuzzy feeling whenever I saw one after. The G-factory Ladies Concept opens in bustlin... read more »

Shopping Alone

I seldom went to the mall alone because it is boring to shop all by myself. I am use to go shopping with my Vegas friends but this time I think all of them are busy. I just wanted some fresh air at the time looking for a watch shop to buy new strap. However, [] read more »

Grab the Cameos from Rolex Replica Watches

You are generously welcomed to come to the stores and check the latest collection of Rolex replica watches which went exclusive a week back. Did you know that this could possibly be the only collection of timepieces offering you professionally designed items in cheapest of rates? Furthermore, there is no need to rush to the stores now as the online marketplace does the job for many customers. You are welcomed at this marketplace too with arms wide open and it has been aroller coasterride for the collecti... read more »

Last Minute Mother's Day Gift Guide

Check out my my last minute Mothers Day gift guide: read more »

Sporty Accessories

If you’ve been following my blog or if you know me personally, then you know that I am not sporty. At all. The only sport I know how to play is… Well, I can’t think of one right now. However, that doesn’t mean I can’t dress like one. I don’t mean dressing up in uniform [...] read more »

Fine watches

My birthday is getting near, and I'm not very excited, First, I still don't have any single idea what to do on my birthday, second, My birthday falls on a working day, and i really don't like to celebrate in the middle of the week, And lastly my mother's birthday is just a week away, and I know how much she would like a new watch for her birthday. SO i did my research and found some great interesting watches, Like this Patek Philippe. The site is called finest watches and they got watches for men and wom... read more »

Hubby's going to receive a new watch from me.

Ok so the "ber" months has now officially started and yes, I loved it when it's starting to get cold, I love the ber months for so many reasons and of course the most reason is that my birthday is coming near! LOL! ( do I really have to broadcast it? hell yeah, Hey brothers, sisters are you all reading this?!!!) LOL!) Ok. so I just noticed that most of the important dates in my life are falling in those months. like September 29th is my birthday, (hey sis, read between the lines LOL!) My husband's birthd... read more »

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