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Invitada Cecilia Domeyko a la Mesa Redonda Pana...

La Mesa Redonda Panamericana con sede en Virginia, tuvo este jueves como invitada especial a la destacada periodista, cineasta, empresario y autora de ficción chilena Cecilia Domeyko. El tema de la migración saltó a la palestra y la creadora habló de su primera y nueva novela “Sacrificio en la frontera”, una dramática obra de ficción, [] read more »

Vienna, the city that you fall in love in less ...

Stay a few days before Christmas in Vienna is an opportunity to infuse your soul and mind the spirit of the winter holidays in a beautiful city, full of charm and special places. Weekend Truth shows you how the atmosphere of holidays in the Austrian capital and what goals are worth visiting.  Before being able to live the dream of seeing Vienna, the city truly magical holiday of Austria, However, fatigue road nearly a thousand kilometers suddenly disappears as soon as you go to Vienna to watch the evenin... read more »

132 years since the inauguration of one of the ...

On October 7, 2015 marks 132 years since the inauguration of Peles Castle, one of the most beautiful and important monuments in Europe, unique in its historical and artistic value. Peles Castle was built at the initiative of Carol I, end of ceasing vast architectural project truly sovereign until his death in 1914. Looking for [] read more »

Spanish in Vienna

Friends, I think I may be the only person to do this. But, I stumbled into a Spanish meeting in the middle of Vienna. After wandering around, speaking Japanese, Russian, and English. I stumbled into a restaurants non-smoking section. As Continue reading read more »

Christmas Market-ing around Europe

No matter what anyone says, winter is a wonderful time to go travelling around Europe. No, you will not get a tan, but that does not mean Europe has nothing to offer those of us wishing to escape the regular day-to-day Christmas and New Years preparations, and go on a December mini-break. And, of course, [] read more »

Vienna (Celestial Season)

De pe vremea când ieşeam din copilărie şi abia dădeam cu nasul de metal-ul mai greu sau mai obscur, când internetul era o noţiune vagă şi nedesluşită, iar universul meu muzical se lipea tot mai mult de „Întâlnirea de la Continue reading read more »

Beautiful Cemeteries to Visit in Europe

Although cemeteries arent a traditional tourist attraction, they can nevertheless be a fascinating place to visit. In honor of the traditional day assigned to visiting the graves of loved ones, All Saints Day which is celebrated in many countries around the world on November 1st, here is a list of the most interesting final resting [] read more »

Cat Cafes Are Now a Thing in Europe

Cat cafes, cafes that are home to several cats that customers pay extra to hang out with, have been popular in Japan since the mid-oughties. In urban Japan a land of small apartments, long working hours, and strict landlords that do not allow pets having a cat of your own is not always [] read more »

Some Of The Best Christmas Markets in Europe

With the Christmas season upon us, the cities of Europe are lit up with decorations. The scent of mulled wine is the in the air and the early nights and sudden chill make for warm and cozy indoors. Like much of the world, Christmas is an important tradition on the continent, but the traditions here [...] read more »


Vienna, or Wien as it is rendered in the German language, is the centuries old capital city of Austria. Renowned internationally as a mecca for classical music and stunning architecture the city has much to offer the cultured traveler. With a population of nearly 2 million living in and around Vienna it is also worth [...] read more »

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