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Encas a delicious and healthy way to deliciousness

A few weeks ago Buzzingtales got to review ENCAS, vegan friendly gourmet products. Encas offers a wide range of gourmet The post Encas a delicious and healthy way to deliciousness appeared first on BUZZINGTALES . read more »

Smooth and Shiny Solid Hair Oil is Where it's a...

Do you ever wake up and know your hair is clean but it looks something like a wad cotton candy? This happens to me more than I care to admit. Here are my (hair) issues; •I am not a natural blonde (more like a natural taupe) and have been bleaching my hair white blonde (or as close as humanly possible for 10 years). •My hair is fine but abundant. read more »

LUSH Páscoa - A todos os chocaólicos...

Sinceramente não sabemos, mas por vias das dúvidas resolvemos juntar os dois na nossa deliciosa colecção de edição limitada para esta Páscoa. GOLDEN EGGÉ possível que tenha sido o ovo.Nesse caso esperamos que tenha sido estegrande e brilhante repleto de mimos suavizantes para a tua pele. FLOPSY Se chocolate não for muito a tua onda, então esta gelatina para lavar o rosto de limão e bergamota, vem mesmo a calhar. BUNCH OF CARROTS Se estás farto destas questões existenciais então o melhor é relaxar... read more »

How Ascension happened for other civilizations ...

I am very much into learning and doing things by myself, especially anything spiritually related so I bought a book about soul retrieval as I have many traumas and was stuck and it didn't deliver its promise. Then I took a look online against my better judgment to find how much shamanism is costing these days and was very disappointed by it. I've been a Native in my previous life and what I've seen is a complete appropriation of their culture and I can't really feel the will to help people heal from trau... read more »

Tip to go back to inspiration. The Spiritual He...

WebSometimes I lose the flow. Does that happens to you?One thing that helps me a lot is to learn something new. It could be just reading about a term I never heard about before. So for a spiritual person like me I am in a phase of going for practical stuff, especially money. So when I lost my mojo I decided to learn how credit cards works. And recently I bought my first business book ever - I must confess that I still haven't burned the bridge, it was because it was cheap. I read Napoleon Hill and couldn... read more »

Tip to go back to inspiration, Spiritual Heart ...

WebSometimes I lose the flow. Does that happens to you?One thing that helps me a lot is to learn something new. It could be just reading about a term I never heard about before. So for a spiritual person like me I am in a phase of going for practical stuff, especially money. So when I lost my mojo I decided to learn how credit cards works. And recently I bought my first business book ever - I must confess that I still haven't burned the bridge, it was because it was cheap. I read Napoleon Hill and couldn... read more »

Spiritual secrets of Veganism revealed

Blake and Sixer were rescued together as calves and have grown up together (along with Phoebus, the third member of their trio) at our Northern California Shelter. These boys are inseparable; for them, every day is #FriendshipFriday! 🐮❤️🐮 Look back a few posts in our feed to see their sweet baby picture, and read their story (plus see more photos) at Uma foto publicada por Farm Sanctuary (@farmsanctuary) em Jul 15, 2016 às 7:42 PDTI went Vegan overnight when I learned about i... read more »

Vegetarische Würste

Bitte keine Extrawurst. Ich esse einfach, was da ist. Es wird aber nichts da sein, wenn wir nicht eben noch dran gedacht hätten, dass was da sein sollte, um tatsächlich alle Gäste auf ihre Kosten kommen zu lassen. Natürlich, Brot pur, das ginge, und einen Dip hätten wir auch dazu, aber was wären wir für [] read more »

Fuelled by nature

I was recently given the opportunity to try: which is described as real food nutrition for exercise, recovery, health and weight loss. The suggested times to drink this meal in a glass are: Breakfast its fast and filling Lunch as a natural alternative to meal replacement products Pre exercise fuel your workout [] read more »

Review: Mamma Chia Organic Chia Granola Cluster...

Let me introduce you to my new favorite snack foods. Mamma Chia Organic Vitality Bars and Organic Chia Granola Clusters are so deliciously fantastic. They're both packed with heart healthy chia seeds, healthy fats, and plant-based protein. They're also all organic, gluten-free, and made with 100% whole grains in the case of the granola (the bars aren't grain-based). Want omega-3 fatty acids (a whopping 1000mg of them) in a sweet, chocolatey, delicious and portable snack?Mamma ChiaVitality Bars have ... read more »

Súper bowl de Quinoa y Hummus.

Hola de nuevo, hoy vengo aquí para compartir con vosotros la receta de este Súper bowl de Quinoa que está espectacular, ¡ya veis qué pinta tiene! Es un bowl muy completo, lleno de Sigue leyendo read more »

Recipe: Chococonut Shake

While you would expect the cravings for ice cream and milkshakes to be greatest in the peak of summer, when its crazy hot, thats not always the case!  I used to work at an ice cream shop and on the really scorching days, we saw just as little business as on the cold, rainy days. When its too hot, something super sweet and rich isnt that appealing! Its those warm, but not hot, late spring or early fall days (like now) when were in the mood for a cold and creamy treat.  Yum! Still, we all want to look o... read more »

Natürlich heilen durch Entgiftung

Wie eine ganzheitliche Betrachtung es ermöglicht, chronische und schwerwiegende Erkrankungen zu heilen und mit mehr Gesundheit und Lebensenergie belohnt. read more »

318: Chicago Haul

Good afternoon-as it's about four minutes to noon right now. I was all ready to get up at nine, and to be fair, I did open my eyes at 9:15am-but the blankets were oh so cosy and I was still feeling quite exhausted from yesterday."What was yesterday?" you might ask:C H I C A G O !I was invited by a friend to join him and a group heading down to Chi-town to sort of celebrate the last days of summer-so naturally we went shopping.As you can tell by the photo-I didn't exactly hit up every store we stopped at.... read more »

Review Profumo per armadio e Pediluvio naturale...

Oggi vi parlo diNatura AmicaaziendaMade In Italy che realizza prodotti cosmetici per la cura della persona, della casa e anche degli animali senza sostanze chimiche e sostituendole con principi attivi naturali, altrettanto efficienti ma incapaci di provocare allergie, disturbi epiteliali o qualsiasi forma dannosa con le nostre abitudini fisiologiche naturali. Le formulazioni dei prodotti Natura Amica sono il miglior compromesso tra efficienza, sicurezza e rispetto della natura umana. I Prodotti sono Nic... read more »

Latest Finds: A Purely Elizabeth Granola Review!

Granola is my favorite sweet cereal, hands down.   Despite its healthy reputation, however, some commercial granolas can be unhealthier than even the worst of your childhood sugar cereal favorites!  Granola is very dense and can pack a lot of sugar and fat into a very small portion (who eats a measly quarter cup?) and Ive seen boxes of granola where the ingredients list was longer than a Faulkner sentence and featured more chemicals than an orgo exam. No thanks! Luckily, not all granolas are candy in ... read more »

La mozzarella nazista

Latticini vicini e lontani. Giorni di battaglia si avvicinano. E' in atto un tentativo d'assalto in grande stile, sferrato a tenaglia dalle lobby vegane ed europee contro l'ultimo baluardo di libertà alimentare di qualità, rappresentato dai nostri formaggi dop, giovani e stagionati. Io rivolgo un saluto pieno di ammirazione alle fontine, ai Bra e agli Asiago che hanno in questo momento il privilegio di difendere il patrio suolo dall'invasione di “formaggi senza latte” che l'Europa vuole imporci con la vi... read more »

Veganes Buchprojekt: Jetzt unterstützen!

Hallo liebe Leute, es geht los! Seit gestern könnt ihr das vegane Buchprojekt von Monika Kerner auf unterstützen. Zur Erinnerung: Das Buch ist der Erlebnisbericht einer Veganerin und handelt von ihrer Arbeit mit Kühen auf der Alm. Als Dankeschön für eure Unterstützung könnt ihr euch ein Exemplar des Buches mit oder ohne Widmung sichern. [] read more »

[Buchtipp] Die Wahrheit über Weidemilch – Erleb...

Hallo liebe Leute, eine Veganerin die Kühe melkt? Wie passt das zusammen? Monika Kerner schreibt, sie sei einfach dem Ruf ihres Herzens gefolgt als sie ihre Arbeit als Therapeutin in einer Klinik aufgab und auf die Alm zog. Einen Sommer lang lebte sie bei einer Bauernfamilie. Nun hat sie ihre Erlebnisse auf der Alm zu [] read more »

A Healthier Chocolate Choice with Plamil!

It turns out that the UK has more to offer than great tea and awesome accents. Im half-German, so Im bound by loyalty to maintain that German chocolate is The Best (and because it is) but Plamil Chocolates from England offer some stiff competition! Beyond taste (excellent) and mouth feel (creamy-licious), Plamil Chocolates offer options that fit a lot more ways of eating than the candy traditionally does! Whether youre vegan, dairy-free, nut-free, low-sugar, or even sugar-free, their no sugar added b... read more »

Recipe: Kitchen Sink Salad

To me, summer has always started on June 1 and will always start on June 1.  I used to consider summer to be June and July, with August leading into fall (thanks to the start of school) but now that Im out of school and base my judgments more on weather than an arbitrary academic calendar, most of August is firmly part of summer, with a transitory week or two at the very end.  Anyway, this year its already feeling like summer in NYC and its only mid-May! Im quite happy that Ill have reprieve in the (ho... read more »

Recipe: Spiced Mango Jam

Breakfast foods are, hands-down, my favorite kinds of foods. Breakfast for dinner is de rigueur for me and I love it! With summer just around the bend, and the hot, sunny days in NYC making it feel like summer is already here, heres a spiced mango jam recipe that summery and fun!  Im going on a Eurotrip this July (whoot) and even though Im not going to Finland, I decided to make this snack/breakfast Finland-inspired.Read more » read more »

Travel Blog: Wie Du als Vegetarier in China übe...

Hallo liebe Leute, wenn ich einem Chinesen erzähle, dass ich kein Fleisch esse, ist die erste Frage grundsätzlich: „Isst du Hühnchen?“ oder „Isst du Fisch/Meeresfrüchte?“. Wenn ich dann antworte, dass ich garkeine Tiere – ob zu Land, zu Wasser oder in der Luft – esse, ist die Reaktion meisten ein überrascht-mitleidiges „Oh.“. In etwa so, [] read more »

Travel Blog: China – Schönheit vs Tierleid

Hallo liebe Leute, heute habe ich eine schwerwiegende Entscheidung getroffen. Ich habe in China Kosmetik gekauft. Manche von euch werden sich vielleicht fragen, was daran so schlimm ist? Nun, jede Art von Kosmetika, die man in China kauft ist potentiell an Tieren getestet worden. Das gilt auch für Naturkosmetik. Die genaue Gesetzeslage dazu ist für [] read more »

Healthy Hacks in NYC

The Big Apple is a must-see on any European travelers US travel list and most American travelers travel lists, too. Ive been lucky enough to live in this amazing city since last June, as well as for various month to three month chunks over the past few years, and the longer I live here, the more I fall in love! This can actually happen in NYC and it does, regularly. How could you not love this city?As a New Yorker (Im not going to lie, thats still fun to say) Ive picked up a lot of tricks about how to... read more »

The Best Acai Bowls in Hawaii!

Summer, and summer break for those on an academic calendar, is rapidly approaching. Its the perfect time for a cyber getaway - to Hawaii! I had the most amazing vacation of my life this past fall. I went to Hawaii (a split stay between Oahu and Kauai) for ten days with my (then) boyfriend! It was expensive, but so worth it. Hawaii is the frickin BEST. Hawaii is stunning, fun, peaceful, relaxing, multicultural, rich in biodiversity, and also incredibly delicious! I highly recommend saving up and going s... read more »

My (Food Processor) To-Do List!

I got a food processor for Christmas from my parents! Its red, mini, and adorable. Dawwwwwww. Now that Im thoroughly versed in the art of food processing nuts into plain nut butters and frozen bananas into creamilicious nice cream, its time to branch out with some more involved recipes! Aka things that can actually be called recipes. Heres my food processor to-do list! Read more » read more »

Review: Greenlite Vegan Meal Delivery Service!

I recently got to try a new-to-me vegan frozen meal delivery service called Greenlite Meals! The meals arrive in an insulated box inside a cardboard shipping box, with cooler packets inside and the meals all packaged in space-conserving freeze-wrap packages. As you can see, the sides and the entrees are packaged separately. Im actually quite a fan of that style of packaging, because you can mix and match the sides and entrees to create the meals that youre in the mood for! Read more » read more »

Ostern ohne Eier? 10 Alternativen

Hallo liebe Leute, Ostern ganz ohne Eier? Geht das überhaupt? In der Tat: Der Vegetarierbund Deutschland (VEBU) stellt auf seiner Website 10 vegane Alternativen zum Kochen mit Eier vor. Diese praktische Liste wollte ich euch nicht vorenthalten: . . . Die 10 besten Ei-Alternativen Eier vom Speiseplan zu streichen ist also nicht nur gesund, sondern [] read more »

Recipe: No-Fail New York Bagels

Ive lived in NYC for almost a year now (and over a year collectively, if you add all the random months of temporary residence over previous years together) so Ive decided that the proper way to honor the fact that Im somewhat a New Yorker now is with a New York bagels recipe! These have the bagel crust, the bagel chewiness, and the bagel flavor - theyre all around the real deal! Whether you bake them in New York with NY water or in North Carolina (or wherever else you are) theyll turn out great. The NY ... read more »

Gesunde Ernährung ohne Tierprodukte: Vegane Küc...

Immer mehr Menschen setzen auf eine fleisch- oder sogar gänzlich tierproduktfreie Ernährung. Doch was ist wirklich gesund - und woher weiß ich, was für mich das Beste ist? COSS-MOSS klärt auf! read more »

Vegan Cuts Snack Box Review | Shanda G.

Hi everyone! I hope you all are doing well. I received the Vegan Cuts Snack box in the mail a little while ago and I'm excited to tell you about the snacks I received and tried. Keep reading if you find food interesting!:-)The Vegan Cuts Snack Box in brief:● 7­10 vegan snacks● Sweet and savory: Chips, cookies, bars, chocolate, crackers, tea, and more!● Mostly gluten­free snacks● Mix of full and sample size products● $19.95 a month● Cancel anytime● Free shipping to the U.S.● The Vegan Cuts Snack Box ships... read more »

Amazing Curry Cauliflower & Channa

You say Chick Peas or Garbanzo I say Channa. You say Chick Peas or Garbanzo I say Channa. Curry Cauliflower and Channa, Amazing Curry Cauliflower Channa, This recipe has long been in the making, I have always been a lover of cauliflower , or should I say a cauliflower lover. I know...Read More read more »

Review: Chinoa Bites

I love breakfast - its my favorite meal of the day! So much so that I even eat breakfast for lunch and/or dinner often.  But sometimes, no matter how much you love breakfast, its tough to get up early enough for a leisurely sit-down breakfast.  Chinoa Bites have all the goodness of a healthy granola in convenient on-the-go bites that are easy to eat at your desk at work, in class, on the train, or wherever you are.  With this breakfast, you get that extra bit of sleep and you get to start your day on ... read more »

Fond de ten Yves-Rocher

Bine v-am gasit , prieteni ! Astazi imi doresc sa va vorbesc despre unul din produsele Yves-Rocher de care sunt multumita , dupa o perioada de timp in care mi-am dat seama daca face ceea ce promite ! In general , produsele YR pe mine ma incanta , noutatile lor sunt mereu placute si diverse [] read more »

Tali-O Bites Review

Dates can be a lot of things. They can be fun or awkward, good or bad, exciting or duller than a dollar store can opener. But you know what dates you can always count on? The sticky kind, especially with nuts. Bahahahahahaha I know, Im so funny (why isnt anyone laughing?). Moving on... As a self-proclaimed date-lover, I was excited to try Tali-O Bites! Theyre date and nut bites (also available in bar form for those who dont find all miniature finger food snacks adorable) and they are vegan, certified ... read more »

My Thai Sesame Noodles Recipe!

I'm a bit of a Plain Jane sometimes when it comes to food, but a lot of my friends prefer more complex, spicy dishes. Here's a dish that even my it's-never-spicy-enough Thai food-loving ex enjoyed! The best part? It's really quick, really easy, and is best served cold - making it a great choice for a work lunch! My Thai Sesame Noodles Serves Four * 8 oz spaghetti * 0.25 c peanut butter * 0.25 c. honey * 0.25 c soy sauce * 2 Tbsp seasoned rice wine vinegar * 1 Tbsp sesame oil * 2 tsp sambal ... read more »

(Better) Brownies - Raw Vegan Style!

We're heading into the second week of the shiny New Year and resolutions - like eating healthy, being nice, and texting less than 50100 times per day - are threatening to break, if they aren't broken yet. I can't do much about the slow walkers who tempt you to let out your inner snark or the fact that you're battling a severe iPhone addiction (hang in there, we'll fight it together), but I can help prevent fits of hanger and feelings of deprivation! How? By encouraging you to partake in the above fu... read more »

Luna Bars for a Healthy New Year!

A surprisingly small percentage of the popular protein and snack bars out there are vegan. Luckily for all the vegans of the world, or even those who are just trying to be a bit more plant based, Luna Bar is so awesome that you don't need anyone else! I recently had the pleasure of trying their full line of bars and protein bars, specially formulated by women for women and all vegan! Luna Bars have long been some of my favorite bars. They're the perfect size for a snack, filling, sweet enough that ... read more »

Recipe: Chocolate Chip Protein Pancakes

I'm bummed that Christmas is over, but consoling myself with a Christmas morning-worthy breakfast definitely doesn't hurt!Since pure indulgence can't be an all-the-time thing without making you feel sluggish and sick, here's a breakfast recipe featuring Vega One, a vegan protein powder that's a veritable nutrition powerhouse with antioxidants, probiotics, fiber, vitamins, minerals, and maca all in one. These pancakes only taste indulgent! Banana Chocolate Chip Protein Pancakes Serves 2 * 2 scoops Ve... read more »

Homemade Vegan Quest Bars - A Recipe!

I love Quest bars. But guess what I don't love? $2.99 per bar. Really? Are you sure? Is that whey powder or gold powder in there? 'Cause I'm cool with just the whey, thanks. But Quest bars are sweet, healthy, chewy, and great at room temperature, frozen, or (my personal favorite) baked. So how is a girl to fuel her Quest bar addiction without growing a money tree or convincing Donald Trump to be her honorary dad (can that be a thing)? Make your own! And it's easier than you think - and you can e... read more »

Life Kitchen Presents Healthy, Artisan Granola!

I love, love, love, love granola! It's perfect on everything and with everything! Well, maybe not sauerkraut... But yogurt and granola? It's a beautiful (food) love story. Unfortunately, granola can be a poorly disguised bag of crumbled oatmeal cookies and eating that for breakfast is unlikely to provide a busy girl (or really, anyone) with the long lasting energy we want and need to accomplish everything that we want to! Here is a new granola that I've discovered that lives up to the nutritiona... read more »

Vegan Stocking Stuffer - Help Santa Out!

Need some chocolate to stuff in a vegan loved one's stocking?Let's be real, with all the various special diets and restrictions that people have these days, it can get to be a bit much for Santa. So don't be afraid to help out! And to help you help Santa out, I'm here to suggest a delicious vegan chocolateline- it's artisan, handmade, vegan, and amazing! Luna Vida is a brand of handmade vegan chocolates crafted by artisan chocolatier Lisa Tenney and available for shipping anywhere through Etsy.Raw, vega... read more »

Recipe: Low Sugar, Low Fat Vegan Brownies - Wit...

These superfood brownies will blow your tastebuds awaywhile astounding you with their healthiness.They're low carb, low sugar, low fat, whole grain, and vegan - plus the fats that they do have are heart healthy and come loaded with fiber and minerals! Oh yeeeeeah, chia seeds. And dark chocolate. And, um, there's...zucchini.No, no, NO, don't run away! Don't close your browser! I swear these are every bit as delicious as they are healthy. Vegan Superfood Brownies Serves 12 * 2 Tbsp. Nutiva White Chia... read more »

A Healthier Alternative to Childhood Cookie Fav...

Growing up, I loved Fig Newtons - loved. I also was a huge fan of Nutrigrain bars. While either of those is fine as a now and then treat, they aren't really a daily indulgence. Both are full of refined flour of and overly processed ingredients.I was delighted to discover a snack that was every bit as delicious as the fig and jam-filled bars of my childhood, but whole grain, all-natural, vegan, non-GMO, and kosher.Not only do Nature's Bakery Fig Bars have all those health benefits over the fig bars I grew... read more »


Merhabalar, bu yazdan beri kendime yeni hobi ve hatta yaşam stili edindim.. ÇİĞ BESLENMEK bu konudaki araştırmalarım devam ederken, her gün yediklerimi ve içtiklerimi not ediyor kendimi gözlemliyorum desem yeridir. deli diyenler var, 'kafayı iyicene kırdı' da dediler, 'boşlukta, o yüzden artık saracak başka bir şey bulamadı' falan.. :) bense gülüp geçiyorum, çünkü kendimi hiç bu kadar enerjik, canlı ve mutlu hissetmemiştim. şimdilik fazla konuşmak istemiyorum, kısaca özetlerim: 1. Ki... read more »

Best Thanksgiving Desserts of 2014

Potluck style Thanksgiving dinners are the best for a number of reasons.It's fair division of labor, so everyone has some fun cooking, but no one's completely exhausted by dinner time.It's fair division of costs, since everyone ends up buying some ingredients, but no one is saddled with the cost of creating an entire multi-course Thanksgiving dinner for X number of people.It's a fair division of effort, so everyone has time to sleep in and take it easy on Thanksgiving morning, and no one is forced to get... read more »

SquareBars Review

I love protein bars - they're convenient, often tasty (I have a total weakness for chocolate flavored ones), and provide muscle-fueling vegetarian protein! For vegans, howver, there are far fewer good protein bar options. Most bars use whey protein, have milk in their chocolate coating, or both. Luckily for vegans, there's a new all vegan protein bar that's been blowing up in popularity lately. The icing on the cake (coating on the protein bar?) is that part of the profits from the purchase of Squ... read more »

NEU! bei Rossmann: Konjac Gesichts-Reinigungssc...

Was viele nicht wissen oder nicht wahrhaben wollen: Badeschwämme werden aus Tieren gemacht. Genauer handelt es sich bei sog. Naturschwämmen um die Skelette der Art Spongia officinalis. Zur Herstellung werden die Tiere aus dem Wasser gezogen und geknetet, mit Lösungsmitteln bearbeitet und an feuchter Luft liegen gelassen, um den Weichkörper vom Skelett zu lösen. [] read more »

Recipe: High Protein Noodle Bake

Pumpkin is the golden child of the blogosphere. Up there with overnight oats and nut butter, it's really hard to find anyone who doesn't love pumpkin. And it's understandable! Even the hipster bloggers (is that a thing?) probably secretly love pumpkin for it's harvest flavors and the fall memories that spiced pumpkin anything calls to mind. So how about a healthy high protein noodle bake as we approach Thanksgiving? Yum! It's delicious, easy, made to serve one (perfect for all the single ladies!... read more »

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