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GUIUtility.RotateAroundPivot(180f, new Vector2(Screen.width / 2, Screen.height / 2)); read more »


APP執行要另外處理上下左右顛倒問題usingUnityEngine;usingSystem.Collections;usingSystem;usingZXing;usingSystem.Threading;usingUnityEngine.UI;usingZXing.QrCode;usingZXing.Multi;usingZXing.Common;publicclasshandleQRCodes:MonoBehaviour{privateWebCamTexturecamTexture;privateRectscreenRect;publicQuaternionbaseRotation;privateStringold_index="none";privateWWWwww;privateboolsmartManualService=false;publicMagicViewerUIuiController;IEnumeratorStart(){screenRect=newRect(0,0,Screen.width,Screen.height);camTexture=newWebCamTexture()... read more »


APP執行要另外處理上下左右顛倒問題usingUnityEngine;usingSystem.Collections;usingSystem;usingZXing;usingSystem.Threading;usingUnityEngine.UI;usingZXing.QrCode;usingZXing.Multi;usingZXing.Common;publicclasshandleQRCodes:MonoBehaviour{privateWebCamTexturecamTexture;privateRectscreenRect;publicQuaternionbaseRotation;privateStringold_index="none";privateWWWwww;privateboolsmartManualService=false;publicMagicViewerUIuiController;IEnumeratorStart(){screenRect=newRect(0,0,Screen.width,Screen.height);camTexture=newWebCamTexture()... read more »


Howdy folks!♥Humanity's greatest weakness is the human ego. At the root of our problems is the human ego. The greatest hindrance with solving our problems is the human ego. We're divided because of human ego. We attack and violate others, we infringe on others, we demean, harass and bully others, we steal from others, we impose on others, we lie to and cheat others, we blame others, we hate others, etc., etc., because we elect to please and appeal to our ego, because denying our ego power requires streng... read more »


Greetings everyone, from Artsieladie! ♥"We are all of one human race; united we should be,For our divisions will destroy us all, eventually."~ Artsieladie Quote♥"Branches" Full Size PNG: tree grows strong and tallBecause its Branches do not fight,With one another squabble,Though differing in sight.There's not a single branchIdentical to another one,But y... read more »

Made In His Image

Lots of people are familiar with my story about the sock monkey as a child and how I believed that was God. Many of you have seen my videos I have done about a sock monkey or even seen the one that a dear friend of mine gave me after hearing my story about the Continue reading Made In His Image read more »

You Are Welcome In This Place

The other morning I wrote about what makes our community viable, authentic and loving. I posted 4 points or traits. I realized that perhaps I needed to expound on them. Why? Because I think we get inundated with “bullet” points and tainted with language and its usage. The over use of words has dumbed down Continue reading You Are Welcome In This Place read more »

What Makes Us Different?

Today I get to be with friends and family. I have had a powerful weekend with many. Having our friend Randall share on the topics of authenticity, legacy and generations definitely touched my heart strings. And gave me a greater appreciation than I had for him only moments before. Often people ask what makes what Continue reading What Makes Us Different? read more »

Delayed Fruit Tastes Sweeter by Julie Arduini

Happy New Year! I missed my last December post not remembering what day it was thanks to the holiday schedule. I was also basking in what had to be one of our best Christmas celebrations to date. After we had our first ever Christmas with the four of us in our new house, we traveled [] read more »

Only Power : free Unity game

"There is Only Power" è un gioco di strategia in stile roguelike. Bisogna costruire un piccolo esercito, imparare incantesimi e trovare manufatti per conquistare il regno prima che i suoi cittadini si ribellino. I mondi sono generato in modo casuale e ogni game che richiede un approccio diverso per vincere.Per PC, Mac e Web (Unity)link : read more »

Releases bis Ende November

Unsere Herbst-Highlights liegen nun ein wenig zurück. In der Zwischenzeit sind einige geile Spiele wie Fifa 15, Alien: Isolation und Mittelerde: Mordors Schatten auf den Markt gekommen, doch einiges haben wir noch zu erwarten, besonders im November können wir uns auf einige Hammer Titel freuen. © 2014 Electronic Arts Inc. Trademarks belong to their respective owners. All rights reserved.Alle Spiele bis Ende November in unserer Release-Liste The Evil Within (14.Oktober 2014)The Evil Within ist ein Ac... read more »

Help! I Need Somebody!

My friend was only allowed 14 items in the container he was being allotted on the train. He was thinking this would not be a “big” deal and did not ask for help from anyone. The items were varied. Some large pieces of furniture, boxes and crates. People had helped him get the items to [] read more »

Die GamesCom 2014

Ihr habt Tickets bekommen und möchtet wissen, welche Spiele und Veröffentlichungen der einzelnen Publisher ihr zu erwarten habt, dann seid ihr hier genau richtig. Wie jedes Jahr findet im August die GamesCom in Köln statt. Dieses Jahr startet die GamesCom am Mittwoch den 13.08. für die Presse und ab Donnerstag den 14. bis Sonntag den 17. sind die Tore für alle weiteren Besucher geöffnetDieses Jahr waren die Tickets für die meistens Tage besonders schnell ausverkauft noch bevor das Programm und die Spiel... read more »

Where Does My Hope Come From?

Too often in our lives we are confronted with the idea that we don’t count. That what we do does not matter. The last week I watched yet one more crazy incident affect the lives of neighbors, school children and a community. The issue is not the incident itself but the feeling of hopelessness that [] read more »

Assassin's Creed Unity E3-Trailer

Ubisoft hat auf der E3 einen offiziellen Trailer zu Assassin's Creed Unity herausgebracht. © 2007–2014 Ubisoft Entertainment. All Rights Reserved.Kurzinfo:In dem Open-World-Action-Adventure ist es möglich auch kooperativ zu spielen und sich zu "vereinigen". Auch die Vorstellung von Arno Dorain könnte für einige Fans intressant sein.Das Spiel erscheint am 28. Oktober.Aber überzeugt euch selbst mit unserem Trailer: read more »

Captain Phillips (2013)

These are not the “Disneyfied” movie pirates of the Caribbean. Captain Phillips tells the true and harrowing tale of a cargo ship captain taken hostage by Somali pirates looking for a multi-million dollar payday. Director Paul Greengrass wastes no time Continue reading The post Captain Phillips (2013) appeared first on Movie Parables. read more »

[NEW #Mixtape] @DjAkuaa presents AfroDiaspora H...

My personal person and  fave female Dj Akuaa just released a new mixtape, if you have listened to Gidilounge, Maskjams, or been to any party with Akua on the 1s and 2s, you already know. this girl can mix! Check out her press release for this MC Hilly hosted mix below and download the mix(...) read more »

Unity 3D開啟時出現Eorror loading page couldn’t read ...

有些朋友在安裝Unity時一切正常,但打開時卻遇到「Eorror loading 繼續閱讀 read more »

2 Guns (2013)

There are a lot more than 2 guns on display in the movie 2 Guns. Pyrotechnics, explosions, and gunplay rule the day… or at least the 1 ¾ hours of the film’s running time. Denzel Washington stars as DEA agent Continue reading The post 2 Guns (2013) appeared first on Movie Parables. read more »

I The Magician

Normal 0 0 1 244 1394 The Hierophant 11 2 1711 11.1539 0 0 0 Most importantly it is essential to delve into numerology, as One represents unity, the number of our Creator. The magician is not some person with a funny hat, waving a wand around, shouting 'abracadabra'! No, the magician is you, you as part of this universe, you as part of this creation, and you with the ability to utilize that, which God has created in order to recreate your own circumstances. Your unison with your Creator. A... read more »


Nowadays, more games are being created every hour, every minute and every second perhaps. Gaming has been becoming a trend because of the trending users of smart phones and tablets that have this feature. But what are games without the best game developers? And it might look fun and all but creating a game [...] read more »

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