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Argentina honeymoon: best experiences

Planning a honeymoon can be something fun, entertaining, and challenging at the same time, particularly if the chosen destination is a remote place, on the other side of the world. read more »

Brief Healthcare Rant

This will be brief. Promise.This year will mark the first year we've had to face "modern day" insurance (much has changes over the last 13+ years).And this is the first year since the ACA that we have moved from the Marketplace (Affordable Health Care system) to employer-based insurance. And just in time. Or so it seemed?For those who are unfamiliar with having to use insurance for something other than a yearly physical (generally covered at no cost, in the case of many insurance plans), a deductible is ... read more »

March Break

Photo credit: C.W. McCain Newcomers to Tampa Bay may be unaware 'tis a pirate's haven, but what could be more beguiling to kids than a town that revolves around these legendary time travellers? From January through May, the city is invaded by buccaneers duringthe Pirate Fest Stage Street Festival, the Gasparilla Parade (tons of elaborate floats and marching bands), theOutbound VoyagewithYe Mystic Krewe of Gasparill [...] read more »

Shower with vitamin C, the last trend in hotels...

Hoteliers do not know what to do to attract more customers. That is, newer facilities such as showers occurred with vitamin C, aromatherapy, air purification and hypoallergenic beds. 1000 images about Luxury Aromatherapy Shower Heads on Immerse yourself in our premier technology that revolutionizes your shower with vitamin C and captivating aromas. [] read more »

What can you buy with £ 100 in major tourist ci...

If Mexico tourists can buy 100 pounds no less than 102 liters of beer in London, the same amount will buy only 22 liters. Top Tourist Cities of the World, Reviews Deals Find the list of popular tourist cities in the world on the basis of traveler reviews recommendations, hotel deals, vacation packages [] read more »

Cheapest holiday destinations according to each...

No need to break your bank account to get the holiday of your dreams in the coming year. If you know when prices fall, you can organize your holiday wanted a reasonable budget. 12 of the worlds cheapest holiday destinations for 2017 Jul 6, 2016 From Hungary to Honduras, you could spend as little as £10 a day in these bargain holiday destinations. Here are 12 of the cheapest countries portal has made the list of holiday destinations that can be visited during certain months of the year at low p... read more »

12 Tricks that can make one comfortable flight

The flights can be a nightmare for people who do not feel comfortable in air travel. I do not know whether to choose the right place or feel discomfort and numbness specific state aircraft seats, they should know that there is always room for improvement. Nine tips for a more comfortable flight Nov 19, 2015 Cramped seats, dry air, cabins that go from hot to cold in a matter of minutes — were all acquainted with the discomforts of flying. We asked 10  Travel are downright uncomfortable. Whether you drea... read more »

17 cheapest holiday destinations outside Europe

The latest series of recommendations of a financial planning site reveals popular tourist destinations outside Europe where tourists pay the least for a day of vacation. Top comprises the idyllic beaches of Southeast Asia, the big names of cities in North America. 12 of [...] read more »

Seven cities in the world where people are paye...

Few people know that there are places in the world where, for some reason, people are paying to dwell. In these places there is a shortage in the number of inhabitants and try to attract them with money. Detroit, Michigan, USA Paris of the West [...] read more »


Besides the fact theres more available information many Americans still do not know that grilling can be unhealthy. The cancer risk from grilling, however, is real, but it changes dramatically with what you grill and how you do it. The problem with traditional grilling comes from the combination of meat with intense heat. Whether you [] read more »

How to Grill Organic? Well…

How to Grill Organic? Well, for sure not using any of the traditional concepts and who tries to justify and explain it doesnt know what is talking about. Today while researching for some interesting information related to food, grilling and carcinogens I found a specific article under a blog with the follow tittle: An Organic Guide to Grilling You can [] read more »

The flying hotel : the new concept makes possib...

One of the projects submitted in the contest Radical Innovation Award 2016 in the US, a hotel flying shaped pods, which offers a view of 360 degrees and can land in inaccessible places can offer accommodation in the price of hiring a luxury car . [...] read more »

Best disclosures hotel porter in the world

A backup job which always surprises, so the man describes his work this year named the best hotel porter in the world of hotel, in a competition organized by British Airways. Among the strangest things that had to make Michael Wigman, who currently works for a [...] read more »

Adventure explorer who camped out overnight in ...

UK explorer lived during an expedition in Africa adventure of his life. The man camped in an active volcano, cooking on hot rocks in the crater that housed. List of active volcanos Simple English Wikipedia, the free List of active volcanoes includes the volcanoes which are currently erupting. There are about [] read more »

Cheap guide to visit Venice, enigmatic city of ...

Most people who visited Venice say they want to return. Irresistible attraction can be resolved relatively quickly and cheaply nowadays: the time of booking a flight to Italy, spending prioritized and wrapped luggage. It would be better to avoid holiday period July-August for a trip to Venice, and February, when the famous carnival takes place locally. And expensive are the busiest times of the year. Tourists complain about the unbearable smell of water in summer. May-June and September-October are reaso... read more »

Rules that you should follow when you travel ar...

Once an American student was convicted of justice in North Korea 15 years of forced labor for crimes against the state, just for stealing a poster of Kim Jong-il of the hotel where he was staying, a counselor specialized tourism issues certainly made an overview of the countries where tourists can be sentenced to death or take many years of imprisonment if they violate certain laws. Heres how to travel around the world cheaply The typical retirement plan consists of shacking up at some Del Boca Vista-lik... read more »

Prince William and Kate Middleton, refused at a...

The announcement of the presence of three members of the British royal family to the celebration of 100 years since the beginning of the Battle of the Somme causing great inconvenience to the French Foreign Ministry, after the owner of a five-star hotel, the only area where you big event, refused to make available beds, according Welcome to the official website of the British Monarchy The official website of the British Monarchy. Information on the history of the Monarchy, todays royal family a... read more »

Couple who retired at 30 years and now travels ...

Jeremy Jacobson and Winnie Tseng lived frugally for ten years to retire early and have time and financial opportunities to explore the world. How to Travel Around the World: 14 Steps (with Pictures) How to Travel Around the World. Traveling around the world at once is often a cheaper option than breaking it down into segments. The secret is to plan carefully Jeremy Jacobson and his partner Winnie Tseng life with their older son Julian eight years, traveling around the world, having lived frugally for ten... read more »

Youngest world traveler: the girl who accompani...

Esme tiny traveled in its first year more than others in life. From the age of two months, the youngest world traveler accompanied his parents hiking along and across several countries. 27 Multicultural Books For Kids No Time For Flash Cards Jul 17, 2013 The rhyming text will enchant even the youngest world traveler , this is a must for any jet setting family! Greenapple One Green Apple by Eve When nurse Karen Edwards, aged 31, and her partner, Shaun Bayes, have announced theyll take little Esme, aged... read more »

Bryan Adams guitar ruined by Egyptian airport c...

A keep running in with traditions at Cairo airplane terminal has left shake artist Bryan Adams raging, after an outskirt operators scribbled a number on his guitar. Bryan Adams says guitar defaced by Egyptian customs officials (CNN) Its hard to say whether Bryan Adams guitar gently weeps. But the rocker is none too happy with Egyptian customs officials whom he accused of scribbling on his vintage six-string this week. A Facebook post shows the green marker they used. The Grammy grant winning performer, w... read more »

The most expensive and powerful passports in th...

Following the terrorist attacks in Paris, several European countries are considering reintroducing a strict border control. Therefore, passports back to being a necessity. Unfortunately, in many countries the cost of such a document is very high. 10 Most Powerful Passports In The World You Might Want Recent posts. Iranian Female Bodybuilding Champion [] read more »

Billion contract for 30 airliners. Aircraft man...

European Which brings us to Canada-based Bombardier (BDRBF) , a mid-sized aircraft manufacturer thats going toe-to-toe with its larger rivals Boeing and Airbus Group. Airline passenger growth in emerging markets, combined with the need for fuel-efficient Germany and China signed during the visit of Chancellor Angela Merkel in Beijing, an agreement whereby Chinese [] read more »

Great Repost – Vets Eat Free Today!

Several area restaurants are offering something free for veterans and active duty military personnel to thank them for their military service for Veterans Day, Nov. 11. This is cool to know Oldest World War II vet Richard Overton, 109, honored by President Obama (November 10, 2013). Oldest living WWII vet to meet with Obama. Born: [] read more »

What happened to a passenger plane after the ma...

The incident took place on board an aircraft Airbus A320 flying American Airlines Phoenix-Boston route carrying on board 147 passengers and five crew members, reports CBS News. During the flight, the co-pilot radioed that the emergency landing is required as captain of the aircraft is "unable" to operate. Passenger Plane Catches Fire at Las Vegas [] read more »

Transfăgărăşan sad story, one of the most beaut...

On 20 septembrie1974 Transfăgărăşan highway was inaugurated, comprising the longest road tunnel in Romania (887 m), located at the highest altitude in the country: 2,045 m. Transfăgărăşanul is the most famous road in Romania. Built between 1970 and 1974 as a means of communication between Wallachia and Transylvania, it is called "the way of clouds". To [] read more »

Dirty Secrets of the hotel owners

When it comes to accommodation in a hotel, cleanliness is very important, especially to use objects intimately, such as sheets and towels and in many cases is precisely those "forgotten" by those in charge of cleaning. Sharon Zeev Michael Forrest and Jones are the owners of brand new hotels in the United States. In addition, [] read more »

Airlines should pay compensation if flights are...

The case was brought before the Court of Justice of the European Union by a couple from Holland, whose flight from Quito, Ecuador, to Amsterdam, suffered a delay of 29 hours. The airline refused to pay compensation on the ground that unforeseen technical problems that have imposed this delay constitutes exceptional circumstances. According to EU [] read more »

What is the dirtiest place on an airplane?

A recent study published by Travelmath shows that the toilet is actually the most hygienic place out of a plane. Passengers must take account of this new information, not get sick during the trip. Researchers took samples of bacteria in several places in four aircraft and five airports, and then analyzed the results to determine [] read more »

Danube legends: the mystery of ancient tunnels ...

Most legends say that the Moldavian boyars had dug a tunnel under the Danube in order to protect the wealth of Turkish and Tatar invasions. Entering the tunnel they are in a sacred place inaccessible "civilians" under the altar of the Virgin historic church on the Danube. Experts reject the idea that there is such [] read more »

Secret language of pilots and flight attendants

Pilots and flight attendants in the UK use a coded language to indicate various objects or actions on the plane. Although normal words, they have no meaning when you hear them used by the crew of the plane. The Things You Should Never Say To A Flight Attendant ... Our flight attendant says he's been asked [] read more »

The most beautiful rivers in the world

Beauties of nature are sometimes neglected by people who seek to go on holiday to relax by the prolonged rest or fun resort where the party starts in the first days of June and ends just fall. And amateur travel in nature can visit some of the most beautiful rivers in the world. The most [] read more »

Adventure Hitchbot robot smiling and hitchhikin...

Adventure hitchBOT robot hitchhiker who tried to see if he could trust the people, ended Philadeplhia sad, eastern US, on a street where he was found dismembered and beheaded by vandals, according to AFP and CNN. HitchBOT Finds Its Way Into Our Cars and Our Hearts HitchBOT Finds Its Way Into Our Cars and Our [] read more »

A young man discovered how to travel for free a...

A couple of 25-year US discovered '' secret '' almost free trips around the world: hunt for the best deals, accumulate loyalty points which turns into thousands of miles you can fly free, first class. At 13, Ben Schlappig discovered a forum dedicated to those who are looking for a hobby. Most talked about travel, but [] read more »

How not to pay more luggage when you fly

A Scottish singer became famous worldwide after order not to pay more to checked baggage, dressed in 12 layers of clothes, and then got sick on the plane.   If you put clothes on hold, James McElvar, member of the band Rewind, had to pay 64 euros more, send . An airline employee told me that one [] read more »

Top 10 airlines in the world

Singapore Airlines is considered for 20 years in a row, the best airline in the world   The publication Fortune presented a ranking of the 10 best airlines in the world. Singapore Airlines, No. 1 Singapore Airlines was the first airline benefited in its fleet of Airbus 380, the largest passenger plane in the world. Monitors class to [] read more »

A corporate director gives employees 7,500 doll...

In 2012, Bart Lorang, co-founder and CEO fullcontact technology has reinvented the concept of rest leave pay. Beyond the 15 days paid leave, the company gives employees $ 7,500 each to enjoy the holiday properly, writes Business Insider. And that beyond salary. Head generous, however, has three conditions for its employees: do not check their work [] read more »

Three journalists who went on a trip to Cuba an...

Careful questioning at the airport, but an exotic atmosphere, as you will not find elsewhere. That trip is limited to three American journalists in Havana. How much was that bumpy trip and passed them, are the following material. While political system affect international relations, Cuba still draw many tourists curious to discover the beauty of exotic island [] read more »

Cristiano Ronaldo has found a phone on vacation...

Considered by many the best player in the world, Cristiano Ronaldo repeatedly demonstrated its capacity to amaze and off the field of play. The last case that it is centered on Real Madrids Portuguese star has turned into a young US star overnight. Austin Milan known celebrity after Instagram account posted a picture of her [] read more »

Most expensive cities in the world

European Cities, African and Asian cities dominate the most expensive for expats, according to a study by Mercer. In 2015, Bucharest ranks 178, compared to 169 last year. In Bucharest, currency fluctuations caused by political and economic turmoil adds to the cost of employee mobility programs from organizations that are in the process of globalization to become [] read more »

Les Stroud, the hero of the documentary “Surviv...

Adventure Canadian Les Stroud in Fagaras ended well. Bold famous producer of the documentary Survivorman is ready to show others how to survive the wilds massif, without any supplies. The episode filmed in Fagaras Mountains will air on Discovery Channel in December this year. Les Stroud, the hero of the documentary Survivorman aired on the [] read more »

Dino Park Râşnov, one of the largest dinosaur p...

Dino Park Râşnov, one of the largest dinosaur parks in southeastern Europe which will cover a total area of ​​1.4 hectares and will accommodate 45 life-size dinosaurs, scientifically attested just opened its gates. Houses in trees, a cinema, and many other surprises Tyrolean fill spectacular trail follows the historical evolution of dinosaurs, according to a [] read more »

Medieval towns, fairytale castles and spectacul...

The most beautiful places in Germany. Even if it does not occupy one of the first places in the top tourist destinations, Germany is a country with numerous scenic and many things that can attract tourists. It has dream castles, medieval towns, enchanting Christmas markets and a world-famous beer. travel site published a top [] read more »

What is new in Baku

The first edition of the European Games, conceived as a major race on the type Olympics, but only with athletes on the Old Continent. The competition starts on June 12 in Baku, capital of Azerbaijan, and will end on 28. There are 253 events in 20 sports, will attend more than 6,000 athletes. The new [] read more »

The most beautiful and dangerous vulcanoes in t...

The most beautiful and dangerous volcanoes in the world are those who are near some settlements. Volcanoes are landforms that frightens and fascinates people simultaneously. Their eruptions can cause problems for aircraft, but can destroy including cities and villages. The most beautiful and dangerous volcanoes in the world Mount Vesuvius Italy The proximity [] read more »

The longest bridge of glass in the world will b...

The longest and highest bridge of glass in the world will be inaugurated in July in China, Zhangjiajie National Forest Park, which is said to have been the inspiration for the planet Pandora in the movie Avatar, directed by James Cameron, inform CNN. Glass bridge will connect two peaks in the area known as Zhangjiajie [] read more »

Uk listed as second most expensive countries to...

Ireland according to the report, Ireland is ranked 20th among the most expensive countries to visit, and the main attraction is the capital, Dublin. One night accommodation in a 4 star hotel costs on average $ 126 and taxes added services is 10% higher than in the United States. Seychelles Island favorite of Prince [] read more »

The most beautiful roads in Austria

A drive through Austria will not be pleasant only because many roads but also landscapes of incredible beauty. The most beautiful roads in Austria may be subject to a four-wheel holidays with stops at scenic locations. The most beautiful roads in Austria: Grossglockner-Hochalpenstrasse No wonder this alpine route of 48 kilometers is called Heaven Cyclists [] read more »

Writing and Running for ME/CFS No.13 Title: Coronary artery bypass surgery Image ID: 657 B Photographer: Jerry Hecht Restrictions: Public Domain Image Date: 10/1/1981 Slovenščina: Kardiovaskularna kirurgija: koronarni bypass arterije. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)Running:Managed three runs, but one was truncated due to time constraints and travel. Still, managed to fit the regulation 3 in. Read below for the reasons for the shorter effort. Still on track with this. Believe it or not, I'm down to do a 10 minute run on ... read more »

I found where Sarah Palin stood to see Russia.

Cape Fligely, Russia Did you know that Cape Fligely, Franz Josef Land, of Russia is the most Northerly part of the country? This is only about a little over 500 miles south of the north pole. Dont worry no Russians live there only walruses and whales. During the Cold War this was the closest Russia [] read more »

The Playing Ground Part One

I love playgrounds. There is nothing like finding a well-built playground that can accommodate the needs of both adults and children: monkey bars, slides, swings, and a nearby field. My basic playground workout consists of pull-ups and laps on the monkey bars; dips on the handrails at the top of some slides; knee-tuck push-ups on [] read more »

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