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Recent blog posts on Unemployment

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Dark Place

Alberta is currently undergoing a massive economic collapse as oil prices decline. Recent research shows that suicides increase in middle-aged adults when economies collapse. Austerity measures could lead to limited healthcare resources for this at risk population in Alberta. read more »

Between Jobs

When I say, "I'm between jobs" it's predicated on the expectation that I'll find gainful employment again at some point. I have no doubt I will. But...It's not just jobs I'm between, it's realities. My last one ended and my new one hasn't started yet. I'm groping my way through the dark space between them with my feet sinking in quicksand. This is no time for aimless flailing. That's the surest way to get sucked under.I started in my current line of work a long time ago and have hated every minute of it.... read more »

The Great Recession

Friends, The Great Recession will haunt US for decades. I found a site that tracks the unemployment numbers: Mollys Mid America Let me warn you about those statistics, they are from the Golfer in Chief. Molly thinks those of US Continue reading read more »

Unemployment benefits increased unemployment

Friends, A recent study showed that long term unemployment benefits increased unemployment rates. Unemployment Studies. Ironic. Unemployment benefits makes up a large part of the welfare costs in the Federal Budget. Should we change the way we look at unemployment Continue reading read more »

Breaking Up Is Not Hard To Do | Thankful Thursday

Hello Friends and Happy Thankful Thursday. Today I can say that I am thankfully blessed for being steadily employed in Corporate America since 1984, and even though I was laid off in 2005, I am now a contractor for that same company.  A job loss can be devastating in so many ways but todays post Continue reading The post Breaking Up Is Not Hard To Do | Thankful Thursday appeared first on Fashion and Fun after Fifty. read more »

Dignity? What's Dignified About Your Behavior?

There is a lot of hardship in this country right now. People are struggling, and I don't deny that. But some of these people who are struggling, they could be doing just a little bit better if they would just put their pride away and find some work, any work. You know, minimum wage might not pay the bills, but you know what also doesn't pay the bills? No wage at all. I lived, once upon a time when I was young and stupid, with someone who refused to work at places like grocery stores or fast food chains b... read more »


Starting on January, I would be no longer working full time. Instead, I will focus on my blogs and my family. I earn a little bit from blogging, so maybe I’ll be able to sustain my needs and pay off debt from that. Perhaps I truly need to focus on my blogs to be able [...] The post Unemployment appeared first on Life According to Me. read more »

Where in the Heck is Juliannah?

Right here actually. I needed a bloggie break because I did not have much to say for awhile. A lot has happened in the past few weeks. A lot has happened over the past year. Just to recap, I lost my job last August. I moved out of my own place and back into a [...] read more »


If you have been reading this blog, know I have been without a job for quite awhile. I am so happy to say I am now employed again and looking forward to starting my life again. I spent quite a few months searching for employment. I was very maddening and frustrating. Years ago, it was [...] read more »

On The Move Again.

I moved for the third time in a month last weekend. Not that I wanted to, but it was best for all concerned. The well-being of my family is utmost in my mind and nothing comes before that ever. Lucie my big, red dog has suffered stress along with me during this time. I know she [...] read more »

Hanging In.

Still no job for juliannah. Just a few writing gigs here and there. I am hoping for something soon because you can only watch so much mindless TV and take so many walks. At least the weather is conducive to walking. I can take Lucie my big, red dog in the morning and the afternoon. [...] read more »

Connected Again.

I finally got my laptop back. It had 3 count them 3 virues. What can I say, I do things in a big way. Thank goodness my files are intact and I will start backing them up today and on a weekly basis. I need to get more proactive with backing up my blogs too. [...] read more »

This Music is Moving the [email protected]#$ Out of Me – Pink

I am just a little bit bitter about losing my job. So I am going to vent here and then get on with things. I heard this song, So What by Pink as I was driving to pick up my virus infected computer today. It is still not fixed and it looks like I will [...] read more »

Education and Unemployment

Filed under: Community, Graphics, Life Tagged: degrees, economy, education, graphic, Graphics, Life, money, unemployment read more »

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