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Die Lausitz in ihrem Wandel begleiten

IT-Unternehmer Daniel Kurzke ist dabei und wirbt für seine Region read more »

The TTC, Wi-Fi and Impression Fraud

For those that don't live in Toronto, here's a quick primer: We have a transit system known as The TTC (Toronto Transit Commission) and for the longest time, us subway users have been screaming that we want data when underground. So, the TTC met us half-way and started installing Wi-Fi in the stations only. Right, as you are aware by now, we have a new Wi-Fi system called TConnect being rolled out on the subway system. It's plenty quick, and I do use it to refresh my twitter feed before jumping on the... read more »

10 Months later...

Eh, hi everyone *waves* So...its been a while...sorry about that. Life, you know? I just read over my last post and I guess the best place to start back here is to compare my plans for 2013 to the reality of 2013, right? Read more » read more »

Unnecessary Delays On The TTC Subway

Today there was a subway delay due to "an unauthorized at track level". Quite what this means is anyone's guess - but then clarity isn't a strong #TTC trait. All we do know for sure was something is on the track that shouldn't have been - whether it was a suicidal person, a piece of junk on fire, or some random animal that escaped from the zoo.The thing that irks me is this is usually a totally avoidable situation - just put barriers up. Given the rate of suicides is not really tapering off, I still thin... read more »

A Subway Safety Issue That Remains Unaddressed

For two days now, I've had my TTC Subway commute hampered by two things "at track level" that should not have been there. Yesterday was an "injury at track level" (someone jumped at College Station), and today it was "smoke at track level" - so we had to stop and wait for the fire service to turn up with a fire extinguisher and put out the burning newspaper or whatever the junk was that had blown onto the track and ignited. Both are, unfortunately, fairly regular occurrances. The astute will realise ... read more »

Subway Suicides and News Restrictions

This morning, there was more pandemonium on the Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) subway lines after someone had an "injury at track level". It used to be that in order to not inspire more people to jump in front of subway trains, the media didn't broadcast "jumper" events when they happen. Everyone at the scene still understood approximately what was happening when you heard an announcement that there was an injury at track level and the power was being shut off, but the news was largely self-contained. ... read more »

TTC Track Madness

This morning, this tweet caught my eye. $104,727,250.54 for 800 metres of track? Let's do some math: $104,727,250.54 / 800 = $130,909.06 per metre. A 2013 Rolls Royce Phantom in Canada costs $470,000. At 5.834 metres long, it only costs 80,562.22 per metre. At that price, you could build an 800 metre line of nose-to-bumper Rolls Royce Phantoms (totalling 137 cars), and it would only cost $64,390,000. That leaves you enough money ($40,337,250.54), to put a 1 ounce gold bar on each of four seats ... read more »

Cellular Service On The TTC

When it comes to cellular service, I'm a bit more connected than the average guy or gal. I pay a lot for my service, and I really notice when it's missing… like on the subway trains in Toronto. How about we get it into Toronto's two and bit lines? Putting cellular service into tunnels isn't hard. Q.E.D, this isn't a technical hurdle as it's already been done in many of the most complicated subway systems in the world, including Seoul and BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit). Also, it's not a money problem... read more »

Long time coming

Ive been putting off writing this post since forever. Im all on for the sharing of anonymous information with strangers that come across the blog but its much harder to write something personal when I know that theres people in our real lives who read what I put up here. Its even harder when its information that not all of them will have been privy to (until now). This is not a post that will come easily to me, and Id imagine its not going to always be easy to read either. Also, if youre anyway squeamish... read more »

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