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Gamiss my wishlist

Normal 0 14 false false false IT X-NONE X-NONE What do you think? You know GAMISS I wait for your opinion, what do you choose? Soon with Gamiss and the next outfit, here the fashion is home read more »


Hello, I like to be fashionable with trendy and fashion clothing. I like to change for every occasion, fabrics and colors, patterns and style, but with a single goal, do not spend a lot, change the wardrobe, but with an eye on the wallet, I find it all about YOINS a young and very tiny site to satisfy the desire to change. You are ready to find out what has attracted me to the section Fashion Tops Online Sale Dark Grey Classic Design Loose Plunge Sweater Sexy Camouflage Pattern V-neck Lac... read more » it's Wonderful

Normal 0 14 false false false IT X-NONE X-NONE Ciao torniamo a parlare di fashion, e lo facciamo con uno store di moda che ho da poco scoperto e che mi ha molto entusiasmata, sto parlando di DRESSHEAD.COM un sito giovane e molto glamour, ha moltissimi capi e accessori fashion da perdersi. La qualità degli abiti è ottima, tutto ... read more »

Fashion wishlist with TwinkleDeals

Normal 0 14 false false false IT X-NONE X-NONE La mia voglia di arricchire il mio guardaroba e la mia passione per gli accessori, elementi indispensabili per tutti gli outfit, mi spingono a cercare siti che abbiano primo cose sfiziose e secondo che abbiano prezzi low cost, ed è così che ho conosciuto TWINKLEDEALS TwinkleDeals è un si... read more »

Con #supereva sei sempre sul pezzo!

Sui mezzi di trasporto, in ufficio, in spiaggia o anche nella tranquillità della mia casa, il miglior compagno di viaggio è sempre il mio smartphone, la mia finestra sul mondo che mi aggiorna in tempo reale su tutto ciò che è mi interessa, mi incuriosisce, mi affascina.Una delle mie fonti preferite di intrattenimento online è SuperEva, il lifestyle destination site per eccellenza che mi sa intrattenere e stupire con contenuti di tendenza, adatti alla mia fame di relax, divertimento e leggerezza. SuperEv... read more »

#INOVASI ~ Jom Kenali Teknologi Hebat Masa Hadapan

RAMAI teruja untuk mengetahui: Apakah perkara, idea atau inovasi yang bakal membentuk dan mempengaruhi gaya hidup baru di masa hadapan?Lantaran itu, mereka mula berminat untuk mengetahui dan berbicara mengenai Mencipta Masa Hadapan (Reshaping the Future). Antara kata kunci yang menjadi tarikan dan rujukan utama ialah kereta hybrid, rumah solar, perniagaan online, transaksi tanpa wang tunai dan pesawat letrik bagi mengatasi kesesakan lalu lintas.Idea ini bukan lagi angan-angan Mat Jenin. Sebaliknya, inova... read more »

Why Bother, after all THE GOLDEN MEAN COVERS JN...

The why behind SLIPPERY SLOPES was logical, for I was looking for specific qualities I needed in my tracking measures. Reasonably smooth trackable trajectories make it possible to use tracking to determine the relative position of that trajectory. As to telling the qualitative value of the positions, recursive measures come into play. When a quantity such as in a given sector of markets, say Auto’s or Computer Hardware. Rather than deal with a sector that gives constantly erratic or jumbled results, I se... read more »

WHAT just happened in JNUG, JDST, etc, etc and ...

Most of the time you feel something in your gut, you want to act, but of course without hard evidence you can't let your intuition guide your actions because your intellect blocks it.You see it all the time in your own life and as we review, let say our week or month, we find times and places we should have acted on gut instinct but did not, to our disavantage. Such occurred this week in the JNUG, JDST area. Given the speed with which the Leveraged ETF's move, I am moving into a xxxxxxxx position today, ... read more »

When the going gets tough........JNUG, JDST, NU...

I have to go back to my "roots" as is said of someone grounding themselves. The formations here in the PM sector are giving many GoldBugz serious heartburn. And I understand that. However, indecision paralysis can cause you some grief. So I went thru my most seriious charts, and tried to assess what might be pro and con. I have made money both ways, so if this Uptrend craps out, I will get out. If it reverses to become a downtrend, I will jump into something like JDST in a NY minute. A good half of my... read more »

JNUG up, Stalled ? Sell now or get JDST ? What ...

Well after making my daily tour of the conspiracy, complaint and panic (doom - gloom ) sites, and four cups of very strong coffee, I guess I am ready to write a blog post.? Whilst I expect this should be quite informative, no doubt only a few will glean the benefit, because as members of this “society of experts” we are taught to distrust what we see with our own eyes and feel with our hearts. That concept is ALL WRONG for you alway go with your gut instinct !! This is what we see when we look at a p... read more »

#Trend Blogging 2017: Kombinasi Teks, Gambar, d...

BAGAIMANA trend atau kecenderungan ngeblog (blogging) tahun 2017 agar sukses? Menyertakan konten multimedia (plus gambar video) lebih disukai. Kualitas konten tetap yang utama!Blog yang akan banyak pengunjung adalah blog dengan konten berkualitas dan memadukan teks, gambar, dan video dalam postingnya.Jika Anda suka membuat video, buat saja Vlog, yaitu video blogging, yakni blog dengan konten utamanya berupa video. Videonya disimpan di Youtube lalu posting juga di blog Anda. Jangan lupa, gunakan Template... read more »

Is a Pop-Up Shop For You and Your Business?

Pop-Up Stores Become More Than Just A Trend: The pop-up store has become a go-to marketing strategy for retailers looking to extend the brand and introduce new products. The pop-up industry has grown to approximately $10 billion in sales, according to PopUp Republic. read more »

~ it’s tee time! ~

Hello guys! After a really looooooooooong time of absence, here I am again to share with you all my thoughts, my interests, my likes and all that stuff that make me feel creative and eventually happy! So, still addicted with street fashion, today I think I want to share with you some ways of making [] read more »

Rainbow Highlighter

Youve had to have seen it online, this new rainbow highlighter. Basically its a highlighter but instead of being subtle, its a rainbow. Its pretty neat. Its from an Etsy website, BitterLaceBeauty (click on the name to visit the site). Dont get me wrong its pretty neat, but Im not trying to pay 22 bucks [] read more »

FIVE (5) BULL MARKET RULES (in gold & PM stocks...

GOLD BULL HEAD BRACELET 2,000 BCE Lets look at some observations, often called RULES, that apply to Bull Markets. 1. No Doubt this will leave everyone LMAOROF. Once Bull Markets are underway, fundamentals will no longer matter. How true I say. 2. Acquiring Companies tend to overpay when under pressure to acquire. 3. Companies using The Commodity, tend rise ahead of the Commodity. 4. Large Companies tend to trade at a 2-3X premium to Asset Value, whereas smaller companies often trade at ha... read more »

Is it time for DUST off, Lieutenant ? Where is ...

Wow, nothing your gladder to see that a "DUSTOFF Huey". No guys with more guts than those pilots and aircrew to med-evac you shell fragged body, half dead and bleeding under a hail of enemy fire you can here hitting the aircraft. Will it take as much guts as it took to fly an unarmed bird, into the vortex of hell, to get DUST ? If you got in early, your no doubt feeling "DUSTED" or "BUSTED". So far this Gold Rally has been a DUST Buster. I wonder if we will find BEAR DUST here ? I like this chart. I... read more »

~ so tiny, so precious ~

Despite the fact that I, more or less, dont follow the trends, this one I would dare to say that I adore! Maybe its because the trend found me, since I used to wear tiny rings, known as middle rings, doing this stacking thing, long time ago. I think it matches perfectly with boho style [] read more »

ALEX macht Burger gesellschaftsfähig

Ess-Trend: Gourmet-Burger / ALEX Burger-Aktion vom 24. Februar bis 8. April read more »

Do not Judge Challenge, make everyone more resp...

You know the trends of today's latest video? yeah that is, #DontJudgeChallenge! Despite its name challenge, but in fact this video does not intend to compete with each other anyway, even challenge what is meant here is to challenge myself to not be embarrassed look ugly.Starting from a Beauty Blogger from London, Em Ford, which is in-bully by the haters when they know Em skin condition with acne. Aware that not only Em who receive this bully, this 27 years old Em was also made through the campaign vide... read more »


Hey :)Tenho de pedir-vos desculpa por esta ausência repentina mas aos poucos volta tudo ao normal e os post's por aqui também ! Hoje trouxe-vos uma nova rubrica aqui do blog, inspirada na melhor época do ano, o Verão ! É um genero de update do Sunday Inspiration mas ligado a tudo o que de bom o verão nos trás. Espero que gostem♡ read more »

La mia wishlist con Romwe

Cambio di stagione, voglia di nuovo, fresco e sopratutto di questi tempi che sia economico! E quando questi tre elementi si incrociano ecco che la voglia di shopping ci assale.Change of season, wants new, fresh and especially these days that it is cheap! And when these three elements intersect here is that the shopping desires assails us. E si sa, specie noi donne quando facciamo shopping siamo più gioviali e ci sentiamo senza dubbio più belle. E per questa voglia di nuovo che girovagando nel fanta... read more »


Не смотря на мою маниакальную любовь к головным уборам, это первая шляпа в моем гардеробе. Когда я все же решилась на такую покупку передо мной стал очень тяжелый выбор, какая шляпа мне все таки нужна. И из всего изобилия цветов и форм я выбрала черную классику, решив, что первая шляпа должна быть именно такой. Она удачно комбинируется практически со всеми моими образами. И теперь, сроднившись с этой шляпой, я уже начинаю поглядывать на другие цвета и понимать, что они мне просто жизненно необходимы. Так... read more »

~ my fav fashion pieces ~

As we prepare ourselves in order to say goodbye to winter, I think its an opportunity to share with you some fashion trend key pieces that I really enjoyed wearing this season. More, after the jump. ..! And last but, of course, not leastFiled under: inspirations Tagged: inspiration, items, key piece, ootd, street fashion, [] read more »


No fim do verão já começava a ver algumas movimentações sobre esta tendência e desde logo agradou-me bastante. Adoro o facto de ser uma tendência quentinha, ideal para esta estação. O inverno veiu para ficar e os cachecóis xxl também. Normalmente são cachecóis com padrão quadrado e para além disso também podemos encontrar cachecóis xxl reversíveis (alguns deles podemos adquirir na Primark por um preço bastante acessível) Gosto particularmente do último modelo de cachecol que vos mostro neste post, compre... read more »

Nie wieder UGG Boots!

Seit Neustem weiß ich, dass diese komischen Winterstiefel, die in den letzten Jahren alle getragen haben, UGG Boots heißen. Warum erst seit Neustem? Leb ich hinterm Mond? Nein, einfach weil ich die Dinger schon immer hässlich fand. Jetzt scheint ihre Ära endlich zu Ende zu sein. In allen Zeitschriften liest man Artikel, die mit einigem [] read more »

~ meet the new slanket trend ~

(Images via all over the net)Filed under: inspirations Tagged: Burberry, slanket, sleeved blanket, street fashion, street look, street stlye, trend read more »

~ season’s must-have pants ~

Skinny jeans no more! After trending on the streets during the Spring ’15 fashion shows, wide-leg pants have come to stay So, the roomier, the better! You can pair them with something simple, like a button-down or t-shirt or even more with statement-making hats, biker jackets, and daring crop tops. (Images via here and all over [] read more »

For honor and conscience

We like proverb 'Preaper the sled in summer, and cart in winter' in Russia very much,because Russian always prepare for the worst as well as to a good much earlier.That is why I invite you to take care about your winter look right now.Although we will not analyze the whole look, we just look at the winter footwear's chic trend.I've already wrote about the winter collection of Dolce Gabbana, but only about men. However, it should also pay attention to the female part. The girl in the armor - it's very in... read more »

Pajama Style

В продолжение темы об отдыхе мой пижамный лук чеснок в полном составе. Для меня этот костюм стал просто незаменимой вещью в жаркой стане. Я практически не вылезала из него.В нем не жарко и очень удобно совершать долгие променады по уютным улочкам.Носила то с биркенштоками, то с босоножками на каблуке, то с кедами. Во всех вариантах выглядит ну очень стильно.? read more »

Moda | Maleficent Fashion Collection

Oi oi ooooi, galerinha do maaal!!Vocês sabiam que a Disney, juntamente com a famosíssima loja americana Hot Topic, criou e lançou uma coleção de roupas inspiradas no filme Maleficent (Malévola)???Aí vocês devem estar pensando: "Ah, fala sério, quem vai querer andar com a cara da Angelina Jolie estampada nas roupas por aí?"... ou pior: "Estampa de filme? Hmm, nada a ver"...Rá, mas é aí que você se engana, querida amiga, porque essa coleção foi inspirada não só no filme, mas sim, nos figurinos do filme!!! ... read more »

Pajama Pants

В продолжение дискуссий о бельевом стиле, сегодня хочу обсудить костюмы-пижамы. Я просто влюблена в бельевой стиль и в моем гардеробе наконец то появился долгожданный костюм. Сегодня я решила ненадолго разлучить брюки и жакет, так как мне показалось, что для дневной прогулки это будет как то слишком. Как оказалось эти брючки очень дружелюбны и удачно сложились в комплект с просторной футболкой в спортивном стиле. Так что смело берите на вооружение такие брючки. Меняя топы можно создать огромное количеств... read more »

Onion Print

Недавно у меня появилось новое хобби - шитье. И теперь когда я хожу по магазинам тканей, у меня прямо ноги подкашиваются при виде необычных принтов. Когда я увидела эти луковички, я сразу поняла, что они должны быть моими! Я долго думала что это будет, платье, юбка, костюм... и тп. Но в один миг было решено, что может быть красивее и женственее летящей юбки миди. И вуаля! Два часа старания и завистливые взгляды модниц на десерт) /юбка Made by Me/куртка Boohoo/босоножки и аксессуары Centro/ read more »

In blue shades

Как же долго я была в разлуке со своим блогом. Меня поглатила волна летнего ничегонеделанья, валяния у бассейна и отключения от реальности. Но всему приходит конец. Как же трудно было возвращаться в реальность, в повседневные хлопоты и дела. Катя, нужно брать себя в руки, говорю я себе, и бегу по делам. Нельзя упустить не одного дня этого прекрасного лета. Нужно быть открытой новым людям, новым событиям. Нести доброту этому миру, что бы он ответил взаимностью. Я сегодня в чистых небесных оттенках, как ... read more »

Sleep Dress

Что вы делаете когда на улице холодно и идет дождь? Мы с мужем прыгаем в машину и часами катаемся по городу. Это так романтично вдвоем промокнуть под проливным дождем, то и дело прячась в укромных уголках от ледяных капель. Держась за руки бежать по лужам, не обращая внимания на то, что на ногах любимые босоножки. Вдохновившись романтикой дождливого дня и стилем Кэри Брэдшоу, я в нежном платье-комбинации, дополненном денимом, дефилирую по мокрому асфальту. И хочу, что бы этот дождливый день не заканчива... read more »

MOM'S Jeans

Сегодня, девочки, хочу поделиться больюопытом по поводу mom's jeans. Мне безумно нравилась эта модель джинс на моделях с asos и знаменитых блогерах. Я обошла наверное все магазины масс-маркета в поисках "своих" джинс, но как бы горько не было, мне не подошло абсолютно ничего. Так как к сожалению или к счастью я не обладаю модельными параметрами, джинсы смотрелись на мне просто ужасно и выдавали все недостатки фигуры. Я уже совсем оставила эту затею, как вдруг, зайдя в гости к маме обнаружила у нее в шкаф... read more »

Let's Rock

Наверное каждый из нас хоть раз посещал рок клубы или концерты и представлял себя крутым рокером на шикарном байке. И хотя у большинства эти мысли не переросли в стиль жизни, можно хотя бы поиграть в рокера, примеряв кожаную куртку, немного железа и расставив красные акценты. So everybody let's rock. /куртка Zara/топ Bershka/джинсы Aliexpress/кепкаAliexpress/туфли Centro/ read more »

Boho Chic

Привет всем! Вот пролетели все праздники, все шашлыки сьедены, все костры потушены. Эти размеренные, романтические выходные наедине с мужем закончились. Я наконец смогла почувствовать себя по настоящему расслабленной. В честь этого я примеряла на себя один из моих любимых в этом сезоне стилей - boho chiс. За городом так хочется одевать летящие, воздушные вещи. Чувствовать каждое дуновение ветерка на коже, мне кажется, что свободные брюки палаццо с актуальным цветочным принтом и нежная шифоновая блуза вып... read more »

Lace dress and dark lipstick

Всем привет! Сегодня я режила побыть в образе такой себе современной женщины-вамп. Платье-комбинация с кружевной отделкой, кожаная куртка, грубая обувь, темная помада, волосы убраны. И вот я под косые взгляды прохожих и возгласы : "она в ботинках и без колгот!!!" марширую по городу. Мне безумно нравятся платья-комбинации, мне кажется, что они как нельзя лучше подчеркивают женственность и придают какой то внутренней уверенности. Теперь хочу подискать себе летний вариант такого платья. /куртка ZARA/плат... read more »

Summer head

The holiday season are coming soon, it's time to think what kind of clothes we can choose to walk on the sunny streets of the city and wear at the resort.Of course, the choice of clothes is a very important process, but today we will talk about the upcoming summer accessories, namely about what we can decorate our bright female head.Fashion brands offer a huge selection, so let's really understand what exactly new and unusual we can hang on ourselves. So decorations in form of chains deserve special m... read more »

I’m back! Wella Trend Event; hair

(versão portuguesa aqui) Hey guys! Like i told you last post, i went in a little trip to attend the Wella Trend Event in Albufeira, Algarve and got to know [] read more »

The hottest art

I have already mentioned trend to wear sweatshirts, which are conquer a catwalks not for a first time. Celebrities, bloggers, and fashion addicts consider them as glam as they are comfortable.However i suppose that the new black is painterly clothes. Fragments of the triptych "The Garden of Earthly Delights" by Hieronymus Bosch were used on dresses in 2012 (Carven) and now we can see echoes of the past on sweatshirts.Classics is actual again - paintings of Raphael, Caravaggio and Perugino prove it, the... read more »

Too many boyfriends?

You can call it obsession, but I'm ok with it ;) Always girls feel they don't have enough shoes, but there are times when girls like me feel they don't have enough boyfriends...and I am talking about jeans. Don't rush to judge them and call this superficiality. When you are passionate about something, do it more and keep doing it better. As Mr. Yves Saint Laurent used to say, „dressing is a way of life”, I feel that this collection of boyfriend jeans help me deal with everyday outfits and stand out fro... read more »

Say 'No' to dresses with me

I am tired to celebrate every New Year in dress, something should be changed. Every year i see a lot of girls in uncomfortable dresses and shoes. What is the stereotype to wear dresses, false lashes and heels-killers? In Russia we also have traditions to eat salad Olivier, drink a lot of alcohol, listen congratulations from the president and sleep under the Christmas tree. Just try to combine these two trends and imagine how blue and gloomy is it. My thoughts and sadness about these patterns bring me up ... read more »

The Working Doll

For someone who is employed, it is noticeable that I rarely post corporate outfitson my blog. Well I have a couple of reasons -- (1) Paolo (my photographer / fiance) is not with me at work and I don't have anyone else to take my photos; (2) I'm always dressed downat work cause I always have to move around the field. Thus, I only have a day or two where I'm in that "dressy" mood. Just like the day where Paolo took this set of outfit photos. Honestly, I like wearing casual pieces to work. Aside from alway... read more »


While I'm doing this blogpost, I'm also typing and collating important details for our wedding. Yep. I am multitasking. For a bride whose wedding is in (less than) 3 months time, I am already feeling the pressure of actually finalizing the little details. In fact, Paolo and I took these sets of outfit photos earlier at Fernbrook Gardens (Muntinlupa) where we just had our final detailing with Juan Carlo for our food and event set up. I wanted to look comfortable yet very stylish so I went for the basic... read more »


I'm not usually a fan of flash photography but due circumstances like this, Paolo have no choice but take my outfit shots with flash. I wore this last Sunday when his family and I went to Trinoma and check Mezza Norte. So being a not-so professional photoshop user, I decided to make a little image edit. (I'm really sorry if the photos don't look too artsy).I don't usually edit my photos that much because (1) I'm a little stupid on Photoshop tricks (2) I don't have that much time (3) I'm just really stubb... read more »

Nur wir – Schatten XII

An dich gebunden haben mich vermutlich weniger die Abende, an denen mal du mich, mal ich dich abwies oder an denen wir unsere Lippen und Zungen spielen ließen, sondern die Abende, an denen es nur uns beide gab, auch wenn wir meistens von den anderen umgeben gewesen sind. Einer dieser Abende war Anfang April, als [...] read more »

What i'm loving this moment...

hellosassaparilla'sI have been trying to come up with a name for all you sassy folks that read my blog and I do believesassaparilla'shas won! (yes I realize that's a soda, so be bubbly while enjoying my blog if your the type that needs things to make sense) So I thought I'd do a lil blog about things/products that I'm currently loving at the moment so buckle up peeps and enjoy the ride :) 1. This current fave of mine is a product I have used before but only recently rediscovered it in my hair supplies a... read more »

Il Napoli e il suo segreto

Come ogni grande club, sono i dettagli a fare la differenza di Marcello Longarzo E' lo staff medico la carta vincente del Napoli di Aurelio De Laurentiis, i pochi infortuni sono il frutto di una straordinaria opera preventiva che il patron azzurro ha preteso ed ottenuto negli anni affidandosi ai migliori specialisti in materia. L’infermeria del Napoli è sempre affollata, il team sanitario diretto dal prof. Alfonso De Nicola studia ogni singolo calciatore e ne previene i possibili infortuni. A c... read more »

How long ?

we know tops take, at times, a maddeningly long time to complete, probably doubly so when the ruling authorities do not want it to materialize. Truthfully, I do NOT know how long they can keep up this charade, but I offer the previous chart with a GREAT illustration, demo and analysis by STOCK CHARTS, for you here.First the current WEDGIE. Now for what I consider SPOT on ANALYSIS from the CHART SCHOOL at, while on a differing time scale ( days vs weeks) we see the results being very... read more »

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