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Japanese railway company called for “sincere ap...

A Japanese railway company apologized after one of its trains left the station 20 seconds earlier than scheduled. Rail transport in Japan Wikipedia Rail transport in Japan is read more »

Japan wants to introduce the “sayonara” tax for...

In the face of a public debt equivalent to 250 percent of GDP, the Japanese government is desperately looking for new funding sources for its programs. There is read more »

A unique reason for emergency landing

A Qatar Airways passenger plane on the Doha-Bali route had to land emergencyly in Chennai because of a scandal broke out on board. A woman took her husband sleeping on her read more »

The first underwater restaurant in Europe will ...

Europe will soon have its first underwater restaurant. The construction will include a 12 meter wide panoramic window and is designed to become part of the marine environment. The read more »

Top of the safest cities in the world

London The Economist has made a top of the worlds safest 11 cities, taking into account factors such as personal safety, digital security, health and infrastructure. The 20 Safest read more »

Smoking on the most famous beaches in Thailand,...

Smoking will be banned as part of a clean-up program that has collected 140,000 cigarette butts from a distance of 2.5 kilometers on Patong Beach in Phuket. The 50 read more »

What is happening aboard a plane without the kn...

Several pilots and flight attendants have uncovered some of the less well-known things that can happen during an airplane flight, including why we have to stop all mobile devices and read more »

Wizz Air introduces the Fare Lock service

Wizz Air launches a new service for its customers called Fare Lock, which will allow passengers to block the price and package for the selected flight for 48 hours. read more »

Wizz Air no longer charges for large hand luggage

Wizz Air, the largest low-cost airline in Central and Eastern Europe, today announces that it will no longer charge an additional fare on its aircrafts on any of its aircrafts read more »

HEAT waves will keep a third of aircrafts from ...

Frequent heat waves and rising temperatures due to global warming could keep the ground up to one third of the planes around the world in the coming decades, and some read more »

The most dangerous tourist countries in the world

The World Economic Forum recently launched the report on tourism competitiveness in 136 countries. It includes a safety ranking based on the prevalence of violence and terrorism. Planning A read more »

Suspicious conversation led to an emergency lan...

A low-cost EasyJet company landed an emergency on Saturday afternoon at Cologne-Bonn, after the aircrafts pilots received information about a suspicious conversation with a terrorist content. The aircraft took off read more »

Cities with no car traffic

There are urban settlements where the movement of cars is strictly forbidden by law. These are unique cities through their lifestyle, but also historical dignity, which attract millions of read more »

How to make money while traveling:

Passion makes good money to travel a couple of young adventurers, who gave up comfort and do around the world. How To Make Money While Traveling The World read more »

One of the most popular attractions in Europe c...

One of the most popular natural sights of Europe, Azure Window in Malta, crashed into the sea following a severe storm. A heartbreaking event, said Wednesday, March 8, 2017, Prime read more »

Most expensive holiday destinations on the planet

Hoppa online ticket agency conducted ranking of the most expensive holiday destinations in the world. After taking into account the cost for a nopate accommodation, meal for two, a bottle of wine and a race of three kilometers by taxi, the average cost per [...] read more »

Top 10 most visited cities in the world

Market research company Euromonitor International has published the annual report of the most visited cities in the world in 2015. The worlds 20 most visited cities where does London rank? 4 days ago The worlds most visited cities, according to a new report [...] read more »

Secret to the flight by plane, that travelers h...

Although the flight by plane has become quite common for everyone, yet well-kept secrets. Whether protecting luggage, safety pilots or the best day to buy tickets, they were all contained in the Flight Attendant confidences. U.S. Hurls Man 115 Miles Into Space; Shepard Works [...] read more »

12 Tricks that can make one comfortable flight

The flights can be a nightmare for people who do not feel comfortable in air travel. I do not know whether to choose the right place or feel discomfort and numbness specific state aircraft seats, they should know that there is always room for improvement. Nine tips for a more comfortable flight Nov 19, 2015 Cramped seats, dry air, cabins that go from hot to cold in a matter of minutes — were all acquainted with the discomforts of flying. We asked 10  Travel are downright uncomfortable. Whether you drea... read more »

How social is revealing a brand new internation...

In case you’re beginning to see fewer and less holiday pix on your social streams, you’re not by myself. Due to the fact the summer winds down, so does the busiest time of the year for vacationers, airlines and accommodations. Exchange Tour (Exchange Biz) [...] read more »

A new ship for space tourism was launched

Virgin Galactic, the company British billionaire Richard Branson wants to hold the orbital flights for tourism. Its owner has announced that it will present the new version of the spacecraft Spaceship Two, which collapsed in 2014, informs Orbital spaceflight Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia An [...] read more »

Top 10 best airports in Europe

Every year, the consultancy firm Skytrax, specializing in air transport, given the most prestigious awards in the aviation industry, including the categories Best Airport in the World and Best Airport in Europe. The Honest Guide to Europes Best and Worst Airports wait for your flight and the helpfulness of staff. Being one of the [] read more »

Air France-imposed flight attendants to cover t...

Airline Air France unions wall is made after that included a requirement that female staff to wear pants and to cover his head during races in Iran or during the plane stationed in Tehran. Air France–KLM Air France–KLM is a Franco-Dutch airline holding company incorporated under French law with its headquarters at Charles de Gaulle [] read more »

What you can do and what is not allowed when yo...

As in any situation, there are rules of etiquette which is good to keep in mind during plane flights not only to get a more comfortable ride, but also to not disrupt or disturb others. Be careful how you use the airplane toilet Do not spend a lot of time and do not leave a [] read more »

The 15 most expensive holiday destinations

To make ITS ranking, Hoppa added up the total of six travel expenses Including a 3-kilometer taxi journey, a nights stay at the hotel per person, and the meal to find the average cost per person for a day trip in each destination . The cost of a pint of beer, a cup [] read more »

The most unfriendly city in the world

Moscow is the most unfriendly city in the world in May in a poll by website , who asked travelers where they met the most hospitable and willing to help people. So theoretically we could say that in the Russian capital just go if you do not like people in general and travel alone or you get [] read more »

Locals about the most important tourist attract...

Niagara Falls from the US to the statue Manneken Pis in Brussels, Belgium, some of the most famous landmarks in the world have been criticized even by locals during a survey conducted by the Reddit social networking platform. Tourist attractions in the United Kingdom lists of tourist attractions in the countries of the United Kingdom [] read more »

It cost over 1 billion and is the largest cruis...

The biggest cruise ship in the world, built in shipyards in Saint Nazaire French town, was launched on water and started shipping samples. Harmony of the Seas can accommodate 5,500 passengers and weighs 230 tons.Its actually a true floating resort. List of the worlds largest cruise ships The following is a list of the worlds largest cruise ships over 100,000 gross tonnes, including ships that are in service, under construction, and out The ship with a length of 360 meters will sail in two months.For star... read more »

6 myths about flying

Fed up with seeing that people believe all sorts of wonders related of flying, the pilot decided to dismantle at least some of these myths that continue to scare many and fueling fear of traveling by air. Confessions of a Pilot: Debunking the Biggest Air Travel Myths Commercial air travel has long been a breeding ground for myths, urban legends, and plain old misunderstandings. Most of what people think they know about flying is wrong, and certain notions just never seem to die. Below are just a few of t... read more »

In the future, we could travel to Mars in just ...

The idea belongs to NASA specialist Philip Lubin. The main problem facing researchers in aerospace, when it comes to exploring new areas of the universe, is the slow speed that can move cosmic shuttles.NASA claims that specialist Philip Lubin can solve this problem because it has already started to work on designing a vehicle that will carry astronauts to Mars in just 3 days. How Long Does it Take to Get to Mars? YouTube May 8, 2013 Have you ever wondered how long it takes for spacecraft to travel from... read more »

Iron Maiden plane gets damaged in Chile

Iron Maidens well known Boeing 747 has been harmed at an Airport in Santiago, Chile. Iron Maidens Boeing 747 Damaged in Collision With Truck at Chile Airport On moving, the steering pin that is part of the mechanism that connects the ground tug to the aircraft seemingly fell out, Iron Maiden wrote on its website. On making a turn the aircraft had no steering and collided with the ground tug, badly On their site the band clarified that they trust their gigs in Argentina one week from now will proceed as ... read more »

Secret language of stewardesses

Attendants and flight attendants have a language secret, ie a series of phrases they use to describe situations that arise in their field. A busy schedule, last minute flights received, incidents with passengers many of these situations stewardesses have a secret language so as to remain discrete even when deplore incidents, writes Business Insider . [] read more »

Billion contract for 30 airliners. Aircraft man...

European Which brings us to Canada-based Bombardier (BDRBF) , a mid-sized aircraft manufacturer thats going toe-to-toe with its larger rivals Boeing and Airbus Group. Airline passenger growth in emerging markets, combined with the need for fuel-efficient Germany and China signed during the visit of Chancellor Angela Merkel in Beijing, an agreement whereby Chinese [] read more »

Paris, capital of European tourism in tears (is...

I find out the news about Paris latest events second day from a friend. I was absolutely shocked like everyone else to see what happened in one of the touristic hot spots of Europe. To avoid any stupid comments I would like to make one thing clear from the start, I am not writing this [] read more »

The first large airliner Chinese design

China introduced the first large airliner own conception, after several years of delays, making another step towards the objective of developing an aircraft to compete with Boeing and Airbus, reported CNN. China arrives in 'big jet club' with homegrown passenger plane ... unveiling of the 158-seat C919. Xinhua, China's official news agency, posted a celebratory [] read more »

Turda Salt Mine was visited by more then 500000...

Salina Turda recorded on Sunday, the tourist number 500,000 this year, he was awarded with cake, souvenirs and a lifetime subscription for two, transmits Mediafax. This enormous underground salt mine in Romania has been converted into an ... Salina Turda, located in Turda, Romania, is home to an underground theme park that's nestled inside one [] read more »

British tourists stranded in the Egyptian resor...

At least 20,000 British tourists are stranded in the Egyptian resort of Sharm el-Sheikh and British air forces sent military planes to repatriate them, given that civilian flights were suspended after the collapse of the Russian aircraft that were shot down by terrorists. Flights resume for British travelers in Sharm el-Sheikh, but uncertainty remains But [] read more »

Greeks want to put higher entrance fees to the ...

The Greek government's attempts to cover the huge debt of the country will be felt next year in the pockets of tourists eager to visit historical and cultural interest objectives in Greece. The price of tickets may be 2016, and four times higher than they are today. Mainland Greece's top stops Mycenae is the ruined [] read more »

Romania ranked first in the list of recommendat...

The following countries from the list of 12 destinations worth visiting are: Madagascar, Iceland, Vietnam, Kyrgyztan, Kiribati, New Zealand, Nicaragua, Sierra Leone Dominican Republic, Norway, Uruguay. Norwegian Gunnar Garfors, which is new media consultant, officially became the youngest passenger who managed to visit during free all the 198 countries by the age of 37 years. [] read more »

What happened to a passenger plane after the ma...

The incident took place on board an aircraft Airbus A320 flying American Airlines Phoenix-Boston route carrying on board 147 passengers and five crew members, reports CBS News. During the flight, the co-pilot radioed that the emergency landing is required as captain of the aircraft is "unable" to operate. Passenger Plane Catches Fire at Las Vegas [] read more »

Seaside tourists profile: 20% squabbling, 80% s...

Hoteliers classifies them on our shore resorts on the Romanian Black Sea in categories from "miserable" or "fussy" to "relax" and "enthusiastic". Driving Tourism Employers Federation (FPTR) announced Thursday the opening of Seaside Tourism Exchange 2015 that tried to identify the types of tourists coming to the Romanian coast to be offered services which it [] read more »

Winners in tourism “World Travel Awards”

The 22nd edition of the annual World Travel Awards prizes, some of the most prestigious awards in the tourism industry, held recently in Sardinia, Italy. The winners were selected by thousands of passengers and hundreds of professionals working in the tourism industry. This year St. Petersburg, Russia, was chosen best tourist destination in Europe, but [] read more »

What is the dirtiest place on an airplane?

A recent study published by Travelmath shows that the toilet is actually the most hygienic place out of a plane. Passengers must take account of this new information, not get sick during the trip. Researchers took samples of bacteria in several places in four aircraft and five airports, and then analyzed the results to determine [] read more »

Secret language of pilots and flight attendants

Pilots and flight attendants in the UK use a coded language to indicate various objects or actions on the plane. Although normal words, they have no meaning when you hear them used by the crew of the plane. The Things You Should Never Say To A Flight Attendant ... Our flight attendant says he's been asked [] read more »

Immigrants attacked tourist near Calais

Calais migrant crisis: Over half of Brits put off from bank holiday trip to France More than half the number of Britons who were planning to travel to France via Calais over the bank holiday weekend have been put off from making the trip because of migrant activity, according to a new study. A [] read more »

Johnny Depp has bought an island in Greece

US actor Johnny Depp bought the uninhabited Greek island Stroggilo. The artist has paid 4.3 million euros for a land area of ​​about 0.2 square kilometers. Greek island holiday guide: the Argo-Saronic islands and Kythira Greek island holiday guide: the Argo-Saronic islands and Kythira. These Greek islands south of Athens make a great holiday on their [] read more »

Fascinating records about cars

Regardless of the decade, the machines remain as fascinating to people. Carmakers are trying to keep up with fashion and cars evolves from one year to another. Here are 10 records about cars.   . The car with the highest mileage of 4,890,993 km run. It is a 1800s Volvo manufactured in 1966. 2. Kate Lawer is record [] read more »

A car operated only with mind power, performed ...

A car is handled only with mind power was tested Wednesday China news agency Xinhua, stating that this kind of vehicle will target especially people with motor disabilities and that will occur when the market is still distant. Conducted by researchers at Nankai University in Tianjin (Northeast China) in collaboration with car manufacturer Great Wall [] read more »

Number of tourists to Canary Islands and the Ba...

President of the Canary Islands and the Balearic Islands Government announced that taking into account the limitation of the number of tourists to protect natural resources, according site. President of the Spanish autonomous community of the Canary Islands, Fernando Clavijo, said in an interview with the newspaper El Pais that the archipelago should protect [] read more »

What are the cheapest islands on sale in Greece

Greece has around 6,000 islands, both private and public, and some of them are available on the market, priced from 3 million, emerges from an analysis of British real estate consulting agency Knight Frank, quoted by Business Insider. Here are the cheapest Greek islands: 11. Omfori Island is in the Ionian Sea, has 4 and [] read more »

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