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Recent blog posts on Transgender

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Imaginary Garden With Real ToadsNo tracks within a goodten miles of herebut on a misty mornthat hornis ridin' the breezecutting through my brain fogit echoeslike the call of the wildfrom back in the dayI shouldn't have switched onthe TVcuz some Trumpster shillis telling Martha Radditzwho the "normal" Americans arepretty sure Caitlyn isn't on his listI traveled all this waydoin' the transcontinental zigzagjust to end up in a world wheretransgender crapperswould be the hot button of the dayyou can bewhatev... read more »


As a straight, British, middle-class, white girl I can't refute the fact that I'm pretty privileged. Of course the whole concept of my sex is a hindrance and my admittance that I'm a forthright feminist often paves the way towards even more stereotyping and misogynistic comments than I would have previously experienced... you can either attribute this to a limp form of banter or to feminism's negative connotations.The movement has always had an element of negative characterisation, in true Marxist style,... read more »

Albert Kennedy Trust Merge with The Outpost Hou...

As Patron of The Outpost Housing ProjectNewcastle-upon-Tyne I am delighted to announce their merger with The Albert Kennedy Trust LGBT youth homeless charities AKT and Outpost merge to sustain and improve services for young people Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Trans (LGBT) youth homeless charities the Albert Kennedy Trust (AKT) and Outpost Housing are to merge from 8 May 2013 to help meet rising demand and sustain vital services for young people. Outpost will continue to operate in the north east a... read more »

Wanita Tercantik dan Terseksi Ini Dulunya Pria

Banyak orang tidak menyadari bahwa model transeksual bermunculan di majalah dan di berbagai media di mana-mana.Model-model cantik terlihat dan terasa seperti perempuan tetapi sesungguhnya terlahir dengan organ reproduksi laki-laki.Jika kita tidak tahu, kita pasti tidak akan mampu untuk mengatakan bahwa mereka tidak lahir perempuan!Bisakah Anda? Andrej Pejic Chamila Asanka Lea T Claudia Charriez Caroline "Tula" Cossey Roberta Close read more »

An Honest Opinion (Transgenders Issue)

It's been awhile that I have lost that passion to write. One reason was that-I AM SICK. Yeah, my allergic bronchitis nailed me down once again. Anyway, what's new? I failed to write about that rocket failure thing of North Korea. Well, their effort was in vain and we have nothing to do with that LOL! And there's no need for me to write about that because it's already around the global news) How about the amended regulation set by the Miss U organizers to allow transgenders to compete with the REAL wo... read more »

Поменяй свою жизнь, между ног

Для повышения продаж игрушек, применяются даже такие нестандартные пути, как применение злободневных тем как перемена пола.Вспоминаю анекдот:Надпись на надгробной плите:"Петров Олег Павлович 1970-1990Петрова Ольга Павловна 1990-2005Этот человек прожил две короткие, но очень насыщенные жизни".c read more »

MP Stephen Gilbert visits Outpost Housing Proje...

It was a pleasure and a privilege for me to meet Stephen Gilbert on Saturday 22nd October 2011 when he visited Outpost Housing Projectthe charity of which I am Patron. Stephen Gilbert MP and Ellen Dean - PatronStephen was impressed to learn that Outpost (established in 1995) helps and supports young people aged between 16 and 25 who identify as LGBT (lesbian/gay/bisexual/trans) and who are either homeless, have a housing need, or are facing discrimination.Stephen met and talked with some of the young ... read more »

National Coming Out Day

National Coming Out Day. October 11, 2011 is National Coming Out Day Today is National Coming Out Day! Observed every year on October 11, National Coming Out Day promotes civil awareness about gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender issues and lifestyles. October 11 is the anniversary of the second March on Washington for Lesbian and Gay [...] read more »

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