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Weightlifting for Winter

The overarching goal now is to combine, to the extent possible, strength and speed, to increase power. In doing this, we will use a few core compound exercises. A compound exercise is defined as one that uses more than one set of joints to complete the exercise. For instance, the squat engages the hips, knees, and ankles to perform. The muscles involved include the glutes, quads, hamstrings, and calves. For those who are not so clear on the anatomy of our legs, that translates to our butt, thighs, the ... read more »

STUDIU: 1 din 4 tineri isi doreste ASTA de la a...

Un studiu efectuat recent, privitor la aşteptările tinerilor de la locul de muncă, a arătat că 1 din 4 persoane îşi doreşte, în mod expres, bonusuri de performanţă. Absolvenţii de studii superioare... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]] read more »

7 Ways To Keep Your Salespeople Happy

Sales have always been one of the key concerns for any type of business. Commonly, sales are directly proportional to the success of the business i.e. if the sales increase [] [Click on the link to continue reading!] read more »

2017 January Tabata Challenge Final Tally

As this is now February 1st and I have finally pulled myself from the wreckage of the last week, and quite a bit of wreckage there was, it is time to go over the results of the 2017 January Tabata Challenge. This has not been a scientific study, mind you. My part in all this has been anecdotal. Yours has been anecdotal as well. Any input that you have to add is important in that it adds to the sum of knowledge as applied. When I set out on this challenge there were some questions that were in mind. Tho... read more »

Exercise Naked???

Helen Smith,photo is from The Sun. Here at Family, Fitness, Fun we are always looking for something new and interesting to try. In this writer's lifetime a lot has been seen on domestic (that is to say American) and foreign shores. From the oddly satisfying yet deeply twisted Sugar Cookie of Coronado (not that I am or ever was SEAL, because I have NEVER been to BUD/S, I've just been put through these, what's the right word? Things) to nude beaches and private clubs. Rest assured that most people at th... read more »

Get the Picture: Mental Imaging

Normal 0 false false false EN-US X-NONE X-NONE What the mind of man can conceive and believe, he can a... read more »

Frischer Blick auf Afrika – Seminar für Politik...

München, 18. Oktober 2016 - Das Seminar mit interkulturellen Trainingselementen vermittelt tiefes Hintergrundwissen zu Afrika. Individuelle und kulturelle Selbstreflexionen der Teilnehmer inklusive. read more »

Trusting Our Coach in Times of Stretching

I havent gone full-on fan-girl since my teens, but lately, certain television programs had me leaning dangerously close to that response: America Ninja Warriors and the Olympics. Womens gymnastics was both rolled in to one. If you watched even a smidgeon Continue reading read more »

Friday Five – Five ways to deal with illness wh...

No-one wants to be ill or injured, but it can be especially frustrating to spend several months training hard for an event and then find that you fall ill. Injuries happen and how you return to training after an injury will depend on its severity and how close to your event you are. A week [] read more »

#SwoleMates: Why working out with your partner ...

I recently answered some questions for the fantastic Laura Farman-Williams, founder of Girls Gone Sporty, and was really excited to end up in her finished article about the benefits of training with your partner. Id strongly recommend that you check out the article: #SwoleMates: Why working out with your partner is the best thing ever [] read more »

New TEAM members in our global modelun challenge

We are happy to announce that our Organizing TEAM has new members on board and we are working together to meet you all at Rotaract MUN @ Change the World New York simulating the UNHCR and the issues that could be solved with the global youth innovation and dedication. Meet Zineb Touzani Rotary Youth Representative... Read More read more »

Can you change your triathlon performance in 8 ...

Chances are youve carefully planned your training schedule to help you reach peak performance for your A race, whenever it comes in the season. You may also be working on a nutrition plan, so that you are at your optimum weight and all whilst working and juggling family commitments (and possibly study). For many people [] read more »

Tiring training weekend

On Thursday evening, I was excited about trying out my new wetsuit at Lakeside. However, a series of minor disasters (including leaving my phone at work and finding that the building code wouldnt let me in) meant that I almost didnt make it. By the time I arrived at the lake at 7pm, it was [] read more »

Optic Television Training

I survived a day shift that was from 8am to 5pm in view of our optic television training. For several years I have been on night shift or early morning shift at work. Day shift to me is a bit of challenge. My place of work is not far from where I live but the traffic jam and the wait to get a ride is not easy. I take public transportation going to work, a jeep and a sixteen seater van. I cannot afford a car which is good. I do not have to worry paying for a parking space where I live. I do not have to... read more »

Trainieren wann & wo du willst: HappyAndFit

Hallo liebe Leute, wenn ihr beruflich oder privat viel auf Reisen seid, habt ihr euch vielleicht schon mal gefragt, wie ihr euch unterwegs fit halten könnt. Seid ihr nur wenige Wochen oder Monate an einem Ort, lohnt sich eine Mitgliedschaft im Fitnessstudio nicht. Auch Sportvereine sind nicht die ideale Lösung, vor allem wenn man der Landessprache nicht mächtig [] read more »

Fitnessgerät für Rücken Training zu Hause

Jeder dritte Arbeitnehmer in Deutschland leidet unter Rückenschmerzen und anderen Erkrankungen des Muskel- und Skelettsystems. read more »

A Call to Remember

We enjoyed pizza, break time from the training.. Our classroom training for ADSL (asymmetric digital subscriber line) is done. ADSL training in layman’s lingo is simply internet training. My team mates and I underwent two weeks classroom training for us to be able to handle calls from customers having trouble with their internet. Before the training we support residential home phones and satellite televisions. We make sure to trouble shoot with customers before dispatching a tech. This is to avoid poss... read more »

FitX – Ein weiterer Fitnessdicounter

Gerade in der heutigen Zeit wird noch mehr Wert auf seine Gesundheit gelegt. Neben der richtigen Ernährung ist Sport ein wichtiger Aspekt. Hierzu hat man gerade in Berlin eine Vielzahl von Möglichkeiten. Von den kostenlosen Freeletics- Gruppen in deiner Nähe, bis hin zu Premium Fitnessstudios. Ich werde euch heute ein relativ neues Studio aus dem [] The post FitX Ein weiterer Fitnessdicounter appeared first on read more »

15 Jurus Memengaruhi Orang

Jika kamu bermimpi sebagai politikus, yang mampu mobilisasi massa hingga hati rakyat. Kamu harus pandai berbicara di depan umum dengan gesture yang menyakinkan dan sungguh-sungguh! Tapi tahukan politikus saat ini? Maka, ketika kamu bergerak menjadi pegiat lingkungan, sosialpreneur, hingga sosial budaya yang memberikan dampak riil bagi masyarakat. Kamu wajib berlatih dan menjadi orator ulung! Siapapun [] read more »

Excellence is not for the chosen few

Weve been doing a lot of sneak previews for Jims upcoming book, THE SENSEI LEADER. Lets not forget his powerful book on personal and professional Mastery- THINK Like a BLACK BELTheres a sample: Too many people think excellence is for the chosen few. That’s just dead wrong. You might think that you’re average and that [] O read more »

Running and Writing for ME/CFS #19

Running: And, again, at last! My first run since the move that I’ve managed to complete outside. Running around the house is okay for those days when the weather is too cold to bear outside, and the stairs make the whole exercise a little more ‘real’ than it would otherwise be. But there’s no substitute for running outdoors. This morning, I ran from the front door, down part of the road that slopes toward the main road and then branched off up a narrow and fairly steep public footpath and into the fore... read more »

Annual Kindle eBook Gift List! Last minute shop...

If you need a last minute gift, dont just run to the local 24 hour pharmacy and waste your money on some cheap tchotchke that will either end up in the trash or re-gifted! Give something that will really make a difference in someones life! Here are my favorite Kindle downloads for this year- all [] read more »

Never mistake my kindness for weakness…

From THINK Like a BLACK BELT “Never mistake my kindness for weakness, nor my silence for ignorance.” Quite a few years ago, a friend of mine paid me a tremendous compliment by giving me this wonderful quotation. He had noticed that in several business negotiations I was polite with adversaries, kind even when I was [] read more »

The Power of Recognition

Today’s post takes me back to the first section of THINK Like a BLACK BELT… There has been a lot of discussion lately in business social media about the power of recognition. Research shows that recognition is one of our most powerful motivations. That was certainly my experience… Something happens when you tie on your [] read more »

It’s Thanksgiving, Baby! So what is there to be...

If you know my work, you know I’m not the lollipops and puppy dogs guy. My message is Life is tough- but you’re tougher. This is not one of those mushy holiday “attitude of gratitude” platitudes. You need to give thanks- because gratitude is the best way to do a year end inventory. Success is [] read more »

Writing and Running for ME/CFS #8

Washing machine- without front (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Writing: Well; could have been better. I’ve been continuing with the curating of the diary entries, as I need to have them copied to a single file, so I can highlight and extract the relevant sections. But, in their weird wisdom, Microsoft seem to think that a date in a document should automatically change to the date the document is edited. Why they think that, I can’t imagine. In fact, I’m finding it hard to think of any circumstances in which i... read more »


I recently read about TriHabitat online. It describes itself as the world’s first and only self-contained endurance sports racing and training venue. According to the blurb: TriHabitat will contain a specially designed 25 acre spring-fed lake for swimming, a 14 mile paved bike loop, a 6.5 mile paved run loop, and a state-of-the-art permanent transition [] read more »

A Run For Life

This week my brother completed his 3rd marathon (26.2 miles), running the Chicago Marathon. Number 3 in a year. This one allowed him to gain his best personal time. (5:0:25)And I, of course am proud of him. How does one run a marathon? I am sure there are multitudes of great books, web sites and [] read more »

13 Things Not To Say During Your Job Interview

Aside from submitting a resume full of typos, there will be a chance you get turned down for a job offer when you accidentally say things that was not acceptable during your interview session. These so-called sayings are the easiest way to get you quickly eliminated from a job offer consideration. Basically it feels like putting your foot into your mouth technically. You might have aced your resume validation check and gave your hiring managers a great impression for the first time just by reading throug... read more »

Writing and Running for ME/CFS

After the first run. Generally, I cover writing topics on this blog. But some things in the life of this author are only indirectly associated with writing, and the following is one of these. For 10 years, from November 2002, when I caught an odd viral infection, I suffered from ME/CFS until just after I retired from employment in April 2013. Leaving work, an environment I found stressful for reasons I’ll discuss later, relieved me of the pressures that were most responsible for the continuation of th... read more »

The Sensei Leader – 8 Steps to Effective Mentoring

A teacher concerned only with his own accomplishments teaches to a class of one. You become the Sensei by focusing mentoring and training others- by developing the talent and potential of the people under your responsibility. This is how the Sensei becomes an effective coach and mentor- in the dojo or in the C-Suite: #1- [] read more »

3 Simple Keys to Become a More Effective Leader

3 Keys to Become a More Effective Leader Listen more… How many studies and reports do we need before we finally acknowledge what already exists? People want leaders who are connected, understand what’s happening on the front lines and who truly care about the people under their responsibility. They want leaders who listen! One of [] read more »

The High Cost of Disengagement and Ineffective ...

The blog recently published a very useful infographic that’s making the rounds. They aggregated much of the data associated with workplace engagement- and disengagement. In one neat package, they sum up the actual cost of ignoring the growing disengagement problem… What to do?! Well, it starts at the top. If you want engaged employees, [] read more »

The Future of Leadership – Lessons from Junior ...

One of the defining characteristics of authentic leadership I talk about most often is the willingness to do what is right… …even when it’s not easy, convenient, or expedient. Last week I tested another group of Junior Black Belt candidates. Throughout the test the instructors hand one of the candidates a page with a difficult [] read more »

Leadership is NOT just for “Leaders”

I use this metaphor a lot… Think about those old World War II movies where the grizzled sergeant has to take command of the platoon because the green lieutenant can’t command the troops. In those stories, the new lieutenant, fresh out of officer’s school, has the training and the authority, but not the experience to [] read more »

Growing Up Is The Way To Go

I often wonder what people are thinking. If a child was not gaining weight or growing, people would be concerned. They would begin to investigate the reason behind the lack of growth. Questions would be asked. Is it an organic reason? An environmental reason? Are the parents not contributing to the growth of their child? [] read more »

Leaders: Born or Made?

Adapted from THINK Like a BLACK BELT: Are leaders made or are they born? Psychologists and philosophers have been debating this puzzle forever and they’re no closer to a resolution today than in the days of Lao Tzu or Socrates. Some leaders do seem naturally born into the role. I’d argue that in most cases [] read more »

Archery Back Pack Bow Case

Last year, I wrote a blog about archery cases to discuss the various types and their uses. One of my subscribers commented “No rucksack-style cases … great for public transport (being a city person). john”. Backpack style bow Continue reading read more »

There Are No Stupid Mistakes?

Last week this meme was making the rounds on LinkedIn… “There are no stupid mistakes- as long as you learn from them and do not repeat them.” Really? What about mistakes made because you were: Lazy? Unprepared? Not paying attention? In this all too politically correct society, it seems we jump through hoops at times [] read more »

Sensei Leadership: Power vs. Authority

Power is your ability to act or perform effectively- an essential ingredient in effective leadership Authority is more specifically the right or privilege granted a particular individual to issue orders and commands and determine course or direction within one’s area of responsibility. In conventional thinking, there is little or no power without authority. I see [] read more »

The Way Back Machine: Independence

This week we go to the archives- From last year- as you celebrate Independence Day, consider what independence truly means- for YOU Weve (still) got some major challenges ahead of us right now Because too many people, especially young people, have never been taught that perfection is a process and that it requires a commitment [] read more »

The Way Back Machine: Can You Fail Successfully?

This week we go to the archives- A lot of people ask me about failure. How did I turn myself around from drugs and failure to become a Black Belt, and later an author and speaker? Heres one from way back in 2010 This is not another one of those dopey failures are just lessons [] read more »

The Way Back Machine: 1st Post – Perfection (no...

This week we go to the archives- I will take a little license and update here and there. Here is the very first post from the THINK Like a BLACK BELT blog- over 100,000 readers ago! Just as true today We’re going to be talking a lot about “perfection.” Let’s make sure we’re talking the [] read more »

What Are You WILLING to Do?

This week I had the pleasure of a very interesting and insightful conversation with a new friend- Corey Jackson Corey invited me to a Google Hangout to talk about our philosophies, learn a little more about one another and see how we could work together to help others. These days, Corey is a successful entrepreneur [] read more »

THINK Like a BLACK BELT – What will THAT get you?

Adapted from THINK Like a BLACK BELT What’s the pay-off? Ultimately, I suppose there needs to be some reason to THINK Like a BLACK BELT. What are the take-aways? I can’t tell you that Black Belt Mindset is the key to your success I can’t tell you that even if you sincerely integrate the philosophy [] read more »

Tired of Engagement? Try Power

I get sick of these semantic arguments and believe me, I’m not trying to complicate the issue further by introducing one more term… …I’m trying to bring some clarity. Many experts debate the difference between “motivation” and “engagement.” I understand the problem. Engagement is usually described as an internal or “intrinsic” driver and refers to [] read more »

How to Make Exercise Fun - Beach Volleyball

Optimism turned to confidence as we made it into the final three of the beach volleyball competition. The reason we joined was to have fun. Exercise can be so.... boring. But each week this competition was social and provided lots of laughter. Ha ha ha, I just got sand up my nose. Ha ha ha, he went to spike and missed. Ba ha, get off me! With four of us in our 50's plus one Gen Y offspring, how were we to know we could flog the pants off our younger opponents. Well, maybe not flog, but we did end up P... read more »

Leadership Conundrum – Protecting Your Turf

This quote from Tom Peters is making the rounds on LinkedIn today “Leaders don’t create followers- they create more leaders.” There’s a lot of power in that simple statement! The Sensei Leader is someone who is only satisfied with bringing people up to his level. His satisfaction comes when he develops people who exceed his [] read more »

Stop Worrying About Millennials, Gen X, Y or Z ...

We are hopelessly addicted to statistics, labels, trends and generalizations. Don’t get me wrong- research is important and it’s helpful to identify trends… …it’s just stupid to treat any one person as part of demographic group. I’m guilty of the same thing from time to time. In my martial arts career I’ve often said that [] read more »

Power – Simple, Not Easy

POWER: Your ability or capacity to act or perform effectively Developing power is not easy. It is simple I’ve found in my career as a martial artist that simple techniques are usually the most difficult to master. The mechanics of a kick are relatively simple; but it takes buckets of blood, sweat and tears- and [] read more »

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