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Have A Nightlife in Kuala Lumpur With These Awe...

In whatever place you find yourself in, theres always one thing youll find every country shares: an exciting nightlife. One of the things travelers look forward Read the rest The post Have A Nightlife in Kuala Lumpur With These Awesome Clubs appeared first on Style Island. read more »

How to avoid unpleasant surprises when you chec...

Few tourists can say that never had unpleasant surprises when they stayed at a hotel. Often the photo that advertises the hotel are modified, so the place look much nicer than it really is. Therefore, without knowing come to buy stays in hotels which are very different from what we thought. Oyster travel site Business Continue reading How to avoid unpleasant surprises when you check in to a hotel read more »

TripAdvisor Effect: how much we are influenced ...

In the era of online communication, influence largest search engine in tourism, TripAdvisor, how we decide where we spend our holidays are chosen hotel and even restaurants where we eat is greater than we imagine, as shown by a analysis conducted recently. TripAdvisor Hotels Flights Android Apps on Google Play Millions of traveler reviews, [] read more »

What is the Durham Cathedral sanctuary knocker ...

The big knocker on the northern door of Durham Cathedral is known as the Sanctuary Knocker. It has long played a part in the history of Durham Cathedral. Anyone who had committed an offence such as murder in self-defence or breaking from prison, could knock the knocker, and would then be given 37 days of sanctuary within the cathedral. In this time they were expected to try reconciliation with their enemies or plan their route of escape. The Durham Cathedral Sanctuary Knocker is mentioned as far back as... read more »

The place where planes land over the heads of t...

Most tourists who choose Maho beach in the Caribbean not for clean water, or because the place is exotic, but for the extraordinary experience theyget when they see landing planes overt heir heads. Maho Beach, Saint Martin, Caribbean, is recognized for being very close to the airplanes landing over sand beaches that are often inhabited by people. Daily Mail writes that although almost daily by landing a plane very close to people, tourists that are the beach are excited about this and do not miss an oppo... read more »

Turda Salt Mine was visited by more then 500000...

Salina Turda recorded on Sunday, the tourist number 500,000 this year, he was awarded with cake, souvenirs and a lifetime subscription for two, transmits Mediafax. This enormous underground salt mine in Romania has been converted into an ... Salina Turda, located in Turda, Romania, is home to an underground theme park that's nestled inside one [] read more »

Biologists outraged by tourists behaviour

Every year, hundreds of thousands of turtles walk on a beach with a length of 7 km from Costa Rica to lay eggs. This year, the cycle was interrupted by a group of tourists. China names and shames four 'hysterical' tourists who sang national anthem at ... "The four tourists' behaviour in this incident was the [] read more »

Seaside tourists profile: 20% squabbling, 80% s...

Hoteliers classifies them on our shore resorts on the Romanian Black Sea in categories from "miserable" or "fussy" to "relax" and "enthusiastic". Driving Tourism Employers Federation (FPTR) announced Thursday the opening of Seaside Tourism Exchange 2015 that tried to identify the types of tourists coming to the Romanian coast to be offered services which it [] read more »

Falling in Love with Ischia

Europe’s Garden is one of the several names of the gorgeous Ischia. Ischia is considered as one of the most famous seaside and touristic spa centre in Italy and in the world. The island is well-known for its immaculate beauty and for its warm climate. Its thermal water and its modern tourist facilities attract tourists [] read more »

Preikestolen / Pulpit Rock

Et av de mest populære og besøkte turistattraksjonene i Norge finner man et lite stykke utenfor Stavanger sentrum, nemlig Preikestolen. Ja vi har utrolig mange flott og populære attraksjoner i dette landet, men Preikestolen er et ikon særlig for utenlandske turister. /One of the most popular tourist attractions in Norway you can find right outside the city centre of Stavanger, it is called Preikestolen, or the Pulpit Rock in English. There are a lot of popular attractions ion Norway but this one is on... read more »

US couple traveled to 71 countries in four years

A US couple took a surprising decision when he was thousands of kilometers from home, a decision that proved inspired and changed his life. Thus, in 2012, when he was with classmates on holiday in Mozambique, Justin Carmack decided not to return to the US, but to stay on their own, with only $ 400 [] read more »

A Reason to Visit Russia – The Trans Siberian R...

If you really want to see Russia and all its beauty The Trans Siberian Railway is a great way to do it. This video shares what words cant speak.Filed under: LIfe in Russia Tagged: Russia, the Trans Siberian Railway, tourism, visiting russia read more »

Number of tourists to Canary Islands and the Ba...

President of the Canary Islands and the Balearic Islands Government announced that taking into account the limitation of the number of tourists to protect natural resources, according site. President of the Spanish autonomous community of the Canary Islands, Fernando Clavijo, said in an interview with the newspaper El Pais that the archipelago should protect [] read more »

Free Iasi City Tours, a tourism project designe...

Free Iasi City Tour is a project of two teenagers thought Iasi for tourists coming from the country or abroad, in order to promote the tourism potential of the town. Teodora Munteanu and Matthew Barhalescu Iasi are two high school students who want to get involved in the community in which they live and promote [] read more »

Tourism in Greece collapses. What are the most ...

Greeces tourism sector, which is one of the main sources of income of the state hit hard by the crisis, is now on the brink of collapse. Tourism in Greece has suffered incidents from the political scene lately. The situation is extremely serious, according to the latest data from the field. Reservations made for ferries decreased [] read more »

Røros - a city on UNESCO World Herritage List

Kanskje en av de vakreste småbyene jeg vet om i Norge, den nostalgien man føler bare ved å gå igjennom gatene der finner man ikke særlig mange andre steder i verden. /Probably one of the most beautiful little cities in Norway, so authentic and rural you can just feel the atmosphere when you walk through the town. Places like this doesn't exist many places in the world./ Rorøs er kjent for sin gruvedrift som startet allerede i 1645 og den siste gruven ble ikke avviklet før i 1978. I disse dager er... read more »

Holidays (almost) perfect – last-minute offers,...

Since you have not decided when and where to go on holiday? Want something cheaper? You can always opt for a last-minute holiday, an offer which everyone wins. The number of tourists in recent years have chosen a last minute holiday destination has increased from 700,000 in 2012 to nearly one million in 2013, and then to [] read more »

Dino Park Râşnov, one of the largest dinosaur p...

Dino Park Râşnov, one of the largest dinosaur parks in southeastern Europe which will cover a total area of ​​1.4 hectares and will accommodate 45 life-size dinosaurs, scientifically attested just opened its gates. Houses in trees, a cinema, and many other surprises Tyrolean fill spectacular trail follows the historical evolution of dinosaurs, according to a [] read more »

Bran Castle, upgraded with one million euros

Bran Castle will be modernized with over one million euros, writes visiting the castle will follow the path we traversed the royal family when they wanted to go, shortcut, in the castle. The sum of one million euros will be used for work at Queen Mary Tea House and achieve a time tunnel, cabin lift [] read more »

Caribbean Dreaming: 5 Reasons to Check out Cari...

I recently returned from a week long vacation to Captiva Island in Florida, and what we kept saying more than anything, was how much it Read the rest The post Caribbean Dreaming: 5 Reasons to Check out Caribbean Week NYC Now appeared first on Style Island. read more »

Tour- sales techniques used by Spanish operators

An internal guide used by tour operators in the Spanish resort of Magaluf, published by the newspaper El Mundo reveals scandalous practices they use to lure tourists to buy tours or consume more alcohol. Spanish newspaper El Mundo published an article about practices used by tour operators of controversial Magaluf resort of Mallorca, famous for [] read more »

Transylvanian village Viscri a model of rural t...

In recent years, the small village of Viscri Brasov won more and more tourists, especially foreigners. Many say that the success of the village is due to Prince Charles, who has a house in the village, but those who built this brand are actually a handful of locals who love the village and traditions. The [] read more »

Reisefavoitter / My favourite travels of all time

Jeg har jo reist litt i mitt liv og så langt har jeg flere favoritt steder, men noen utpeker seg kanskje litt mer enn andre. Bildet over er tatt på Peter Island på de Britiske Jomfruøyer og det er vel ingen som har noe i mot slike omgivelser. Men i ingen spesiell rekkefølge, her er topp favorittene: / I have travelled a little bit over the years and of course I have a few favourite places in the world, some maybe more than other. The picture above is taken on Peter Island in BVI and I don't think anyone ... read more »


Jeg har vært på Svalbard og i Longyearbyen en gang før så jeg har skrevet om stedet tidlige, kan lese om det HER.Siden det var en veldig kort tur denne gangen og jeg ikke gjorde noe annet en en liten sightseeing runde, så blir det mest bilder fra den runden denne gangen. Men for et fantastisk sted dette er, noe jeg unner alle og en hver å oppleve. / I have been to Svalbard and Longyearbyen once before, and written a post on it, which you can read by clicking HERE. Since I was there so short this time... read more »

Chicago must see sights

Chicago som alle andre byer har mye å by på når det gjelder ting å se og gjøre. Som regel har man noe begrenset med tid når man er på ferie, og man må ofte velge seg ut de man aller helst vil gjøre. Her kommer noe tips på hva man abslutt burde vie litt tid til hvis man noen gang er i Chicago. /Chicago, as every other big city in the world, has a lot to offer when it comes to things to do and sights to see. Most of the time you don't really have time to see it all and you have to chose what matter the ... read more »

Paris trip - Day 4. Fountainbleau, pt. 1

В обед мы отправились в Фонтенбло. С гидом. Но, сразу вам скажу - хотите вдумчиво пройтись по залам замка - езжайте самостоятельно, аудиогид там вполне внятный, а от пробежки галопом по Европам наоборот, может мало что остаться в памяти. Lunch time, we're heading to Fontainbleau! With guide. Telling you right away - wanna enjoy every room without rush - go by yourself, there's good audioguide. Немного картинок по пути: Some pictures on the way to Fontainbleau: Едем мы на юг от Парижа через бесконечны... read more »

Paris trip - Day 4. Shopping!

На четвертый день с утра мы решили предаться шоппингу. По совету моего замечательного друга Дерека мы отправились в Bookoff - это сеть магазинов, торгующих подержанными книгами. Здесьвы найдете адреса. Магазины находятся друг напротив друга, один торгует книгами и мангой на японском - конечно же, вы понимаете, зачем я туда пошла, а тот, что напротив, продает книги на всех остальных языках. Идти мы решили пешком от отеля, благо это было недалеко, а по дороге решили мы заглянуть в один из знаменитых пассаж... read more »

Paris trip - Day 3. L'Open Tour trip, pt. 3

Продолжаем наше путешествие. Это все еще бульвар Клиши. And we continue our journey! This is also Clichy boulevard. И, наконец, знаменитейший Мулен Руж, один из символов Парижа.And finally, famous Moulin Rouge one of Paris symbols. А вот и то место, где мы проходили вечером, вид на Сакре-Кер.This is the place we've been at night, view on Sacre-Coeur. Бульвар Рошешуар.Rochechoir boulevard. На пересечении бульвара Рошешуар и Барб метро выходит на поверхность.Rochechoir-Barbes crossroad, subway goes... read more »

Paris trip - Day 3. L'Open Tour trip, pt. 2

Продолжаем путешествие по Парижу на автобусе L'Open Tour. Это бульвар Сен-Мартен 21-23. And we continue our L'Open Tour trip. This is Saint-Martin boulevard, 21-23. А это напротив.And this is the opposite side of the street. Бульвар Сен-Мартен 31-33. Здесь уровень проезжей части чуть понижается по сравнению с тротуарами.Saint-Martin 31-33. Here we can see that road lies a little bit lower than sidewalks. А еще в этом доме очаровательные балконы.This house also has charming balconies. Старый домик на... read more »

Paris trip - Day 3. L'Open Tour trip, pt. 1

На этот раз мы решили сесть на желтую линию, которая делает круг по правобережью Парижа. Для этого мы пришли на бульвар Дэнен, который, кстати, является пешеходной зоной, но автобусам почему-то там ездить можно.This time we decided to try the yellow line that goes around right shore of Paris. To hop on the bus we came to de Denain boulevard. This is a pedestrian zone, but L'Open tour bus stops there. Вот он, красавец - самый большой по числу обслуживаемых пассажиров вокзал в Европе! На его месте находил... read more »

Melbourne - A city of happiness

Mentioned below are some amazing places and facts about Melbourne: State Library of Victoria The State Library has been the forefront of Melbourne's literary scene since it opened in 1854. The library has several exhibitions on display, providing a fascinating story to Melbourne's history. Royal Botanic Gardens The Royal Botanical Gardens are one of Melbourne’s most glorious attractions. Sprawling beside the Yarra River, the beautifully designed gardens feature a global selection of plantings a... read more »

Paris trip - Day 3. Marche aux Puces de Saint-O...

На третий день, благо были выходные, я запланировала посещение блошиного рынка. Во-первых, я люблю антиквариат, во-вторых, это одна из тысяч достопримечательностей Парижа, а в-третьих - я надеялась найти что-то для себя. И ведь нашла! Увы, большинство крутых штук дорого стоят и очень объемны, что превратит их покупку в растрату целого состояния, так что нетрудно представить, как я завидовала парижанам, которые могут каждые выходные обыскивать развалы торговцев. Из всех имеющихся в Паржие рынков я выбрала... read more »

Leiebil med tvil..

Nå har jeg vel brent meg for siste gang på noe sånt som dette. Lavprisselskaper tilbyr ikke alltid den laveste prisen og det er ofte mer kø og stress hos disse selskapene enn hos andre. /Now I really have learned that lowcost is not always lowcost, at least in Europe when it comes to cars.A lot of the time you end up paying extra fees for this and that, am I right?/ Når du reiser så mye som det jeg gjør så blir det jo til at man leier bil en del også og jeg har som regel holdt meg til de selskapene jeg... read more »

Paris trip - Day 2. L'Open tour trip-2 and Monm...

От площади Трокадеро автобус сворачивает на улицу президента Уильсона. Забавные знаки пешеходного перехода.From Trocadero square bus turns to Wilson's street. Nice crosswalking signs! Вид на улицу Альберта де Мюна.You can see Albert de Mune street from here. Великолепный парковый комплекс дворца Шайо.Wonderful park of Chaillot palace. И снова слева она - железная красавица.And again on the left you can see metal beauty. От площади Варшавы открывается прекрасный вид на самый большой в Париже фонтан. ... read more »

Paris trip - Day 2. L'Open tour trip-1

После Лувра мы решили разнообразить досуг каким-нибудь видом деятельности, не включающим в себя ходьбу. Поэтому мы купили два билета на L'Open Tour прямо во дворе Лувра, до этого полюбовавшись на то, как вылавливают труп из Сены. Труп, если позволите, показывать не буду, я не снимала.After Louvre we decided to diversify our day with some kind of moving around excluding walking. That's why we bought 2 tickets to L'Opent Tour bus right in Louvre yard. Before that we witnessed police catching the corpse in ... read more »

About The Tourist Spots Kawah Putih and History

Kawah Putih is the most famous tourist spot in Bandung. Located in Ciwidey, West Java, Indonesia, approximately 50 KM south of the city of Bandung, Kawah Putih is a lake formed as a result of the eruption from Mountain Patuha. True to its name, the land in this area is white due to the mixing of elemental sulfur. In addition to white-colored soil, water lake Kawah Putih area also has a greenish-white color and can change color according to the contained sulfur content, temperature, and weather.Kawah Puti... read more »

Websites You Might Need to Click-in for Your To...

Travelling beyond the limits of your local area of residence in India is not an easy task even when you have your own transport means. It needs quite some planning. On the road by the side of an iron ore mine on the border of Odissa state and Jharkhand state That is because of many factors. I had written about some aspects of the present day road travel in many parts of this country in some earlier blogs. I had also written about the railways, the major public transporter in India owned and operat... read more »

Ignorance is not bliss – Part Two

Personal views The views expressed in my ‘Thailand Diaries’ are entirely my own, other than quoted sources, gained from personal observation, experiences, talking to others, living life in different parts of Thailand and spending time elsewhere. I recount true incidents, with a little poetic license, use interesting information both factual and opinionated from reliable sources [] read more »

Visit Indonesia: Adventure in the Palace of Bees

Speaking of bees, as we know, endowed bee sting in the tail tool that serves to keep themselves and against other creatures who want to take the nest. Bee also has been known since ancient times. But at that time is maintained wild bees, or bees locally.New in 1971 in Indonesia is done by bringing the modern cultivation of foreign bees, Apis mellifera types. The nest is made of shaped wood box with insulation in it that serves as a place of honey and bee breeding. "The bees began to grow in cottonwood pl... read more »

Craziest Ice Cream Flavors in New York City

NYC is the city of everything. New York prides itself on being able to offer anything and everything you could ever want (and many things you probably never would) as long as you have the money and know-how.Under the category of 'things NYC offers that you probably don't even want' are some pretty bizarre ice cream flavors.Sure, they're unlikely to replace Caramel Praline Crunch, Cookie Dough, or Cookies 'n Cream as your go-to favorite (I'm still inconsolable about the discontinuation of Edy's Loaded Lin... read more »

Castle of Brolio - Castello di Brolio

The Castle of Brolio, nestled in a charming hill of the Chianti area, still retains a medieval atmosphere with its old mold and the vast park. The town's name, which derives from the Lombard word "Brolo" means a green space closed. The castle stands between Gaiole and Castelnuovo Berardenga, inthe middle of endless vineyards, from which since 1141 the Ricasoli preparetheir famous wine cellars in place to grow old within the mighty walls.You can have the most charming view from the south side, where a lar... read more »

Paris trip - day 2. Louvre (pt. VI)

Итак, наверное, последняя часть египетских залов Лувра. I hope so! Однажды, когда я буду месяц жить в Париже, я куплю абонемент и вот тогда буду внимательно изучать зал за залом. Концентрированная красота убивает, может быть, в течение месяца я к ней привыкну - поскольку за неделю это сделать точно невозможно.Элита египетского общества, как и всякая другая элита, следила за собой и тщательно себя украшала. Девятый зал этому, собственно, и посвящен - расчески, шпильки, баночки для кёля, бритвы, ожерелья, ... read more »

Paris trip - day 2. Louvre (pt. V)

Итак, мы снова с вами в египетских залах Лувра.Голубые фаянсовые вещички привлекают меня больше всего - с удовольствием бы себе такую заимела! Вот слева - это сосуд, воспевающий Тота, властелина Гермполиса. Две сидящих скульптуры - это Имхотеп, тот самый. А справа - Тот с бабуином, протеже Рамзеса II. Посередине - Тот с головой ибиса, несущий уаджет, знак сытости.Again: me, Louvre, Egypt.Blue faience stuff attract me the most - I would LOVE to have one! On the left you can see the vessel glorifying Thoth... read more »

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