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Improve Your eCommerce Experience and You’re Bo...

Even just a few decades ago, online shopping sites like Amazon were outliers; most people still relied on brick-and-mortar stores and in-person interactions for many of the goods and services [] read more »

WordPress外掛 (P3) 檢測外掛對頁面讀取的影響程度

由 就是教不落 發佈於 16th January, 2012 使用 WordPress 架站的朋友通常會在不知 [] 這篇文章 WordPress外掛 (P3) 檢測外掛對頁面讀取的影響程度 最早出現於 WP Notebook。 read more »

How to Setup Google Analytics Adjusted Bounce Rate

如何設置 Google Analytics (分析) 跳出率的調整 由 woorkup 發佈於 22th Au [] 這篇文章 How to Setup Google Analytics Adjusted Bounce Rate 最早出現於 WP Notebook。 read more »

How can flowcharts help entrepeneurs?

When starting a project from scratch it is convenient to surround ourselves with the best possible tools to facilitate the creation process and enhance our creativity. Logical thinking is a [] [Click on the link to continue reading!] read more »

How can flowcharts help entrepreneurs?

When starting a project from scratch it is convenient to surround ourselves with the best possible tools to facilitate the creation process and enhance our creativity. Logical thinking is a [] [Click on the link to continue reading!] read more »

The Future of Work: 5 Ways Work Will Change In ...

The rise of the “gig economy” might have caught some unawares but those paying close attention to occupation trends since the mid-90s would not be surprised by this change in [] [Click on the link to continue reading!] read more »

7 Key Trends That Will Drive Your Business Succ...

It is never easy to make a prediction about the next big thing. Until it’s here. But, you can make adjustments with the time in order to be relevant when [] [Click on the link to continue reading!] read more »

To Mitigate Uncertainty, EY Supports Start-Ups

Tax and advisory company EY has selected 47 high-potential and innovative start-up entrepreneurial organizations from across Asia-Pacific and EMEIA to take part in its 2017 Accelerating Entrepreneurs program.Over the course of the year, EY firms can provide the selected start-ups with strategic support through leading guidance and planning and help the entrepreneurs identify and develop opportunities to scale and grow their businesses globally.The Accelerating Entrepreneurs program will draw upon the kno... read more »

How Ecommerce Entrepreneurs Drive Massive Sales...

So, as an e-commerce entrepreneur are you looking to make a mark with your product online and want to be discovered by increasing number of people around the world? Are [] The post How... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]] read more »

How Many Productivity Apps is Too Many?

Productivity apps like Evernote, Trello, and IFTTT are amazing creations. Without them, wed be managing big projects over email, taking notes in Microsoft Word, and doing a ton more data... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]] read more »

5 Ways to Soothe Mind, Body and Spirit

Self-improvement (or self-help) tools come in many shapes and sizes; sometimes it’s physical in nature (a self-help book, having a massage, painting with water colors), or spiritual in nature (flower essences, Reiki, meditation which is both physical and spiritual, etc.). Five of the best self-help options that I’ve used successfully to help soothe my [] The post 5 Ways to Soothe Mind, Body and Spirit appeared first on Well Fit News Spot. read more »

10 Excellent Blog Posts Seen Recently

As I am participating in the Write Non-Fiction in November (WNFIN) challenge (also known as National Non-Fiction Writing Month or NaNonFiWriMo), my time for reblogging is short this month. Even so, I keep running across some really interesting, well-written, and/or Continue reading read more »

Sharing Some Blogging Tips

Janice Wald (of Mostly Blogging) is a blogging maven, the expert I trust to have good tips about how to boost your blog from never-read to viral-star. Here are 3 recent articles from her site that everyone who blogs could Continue reading read more »

Bear Head Pumpkin Sculpture

Roaring bear's head carved of pumpkin The wild nature has became a theme for my fruit display. Can you imagine this roaring bear's head placed on the top of a watermelon? And served to a fruit buffet? I did that :) Sculptured of pumpkin this bear head has been designed for a birthday party of a man, a lover of hunting. The watermelon design is made in hunting theme too. The bear head read more »


Sandolar, que a tua pele faz de mim jardim, que o teu jasmim desgira sol em mim, de tanto mim desaportar. Lavandar o coração de tanto mal de amor, neblina doce onde dançam nosso abraço e a tua mão em mins que eu nunca mais ousei desbaratar. WAndrade – 12/10/2014 read more »


Falta repertório. Ou melhor, nem é que falte, é a mesmice do próprio, passam-se os anos e  nada muda quando o assunto é o que já findou e não se sabe como, digamos, despachar (no bom sentido, claro!) Fica aquela pasmaceira, aquele desquerer monossilábico que não diz que não mas também não aponta para o sim (fim?). Não há briga… nem contentamento sincero. Não há corte…nem apaziguamento, apenas aquele rebuçado de mofo rolando no meio da língua, nem engole nem regurgita, quando muito, inventa um não sei... read more »

Hoss Tools Double Wheel Hoe- Garden With Ease a...

My husband and I had been looking for a way to knock down weeds in the garden after initial tilling. We also were researching a way to possibly create narrower plant rows and utilize our garden space better. We spoke to our neighbor, an expert gardener in my opinion, about our plant issues.Hethen took [] The post Hoss Tools Double Wheel Hoe- Garden With Ease and Versatility appeared first on Central Minnesota Mom. read more »


Siempre es bueno usar herramientas para checar la calidad de nuestro codigo, algunas de estas herramientas deben de ser impresindibles para todo desarrollador javaEclipse Memory AnalizeEste es un plug in de eclipse que nos ayuda a saber que puntos de nuetro programa pueden estar causando leaks, se nececita que configures la JVM para que trabaje correctamenteProguardEl proposito general de proguard es ofuscar el codigo, como ya sabes decompilar el codigo en java es muy facil asi es que nunca esta de mas u... read more »

Shorten URL: come crearli?

Sicuramente leggendo dei posti avrai visto dei link curiosi, molto corti che cliccandoli ti rimandano ad una pagina web con un indirizzo comprensibili: questi link si chiamano shorten url. Cosa si intende per shorten url e quali sono i vantaggi Continua a leggere The post Shorten URL: come crearli? appeared first on read more »

2 data recovery tools to try out

Data Recovery is Important when it comes to losing your Data in fact you should do it immediately after losing it, Losing your data is the last thing you need to happen if you end up having a bad day at the office or home. when it does happen you end up doing 2 things. [] The post 2 data recovery tools to try out appeared first on The Cheapsters Blog. read more »

3 tools you should have on your desktop

There’s are lots of free tools you can get and I’ve talked about a good amount of them in a post I did. If I did do my research and eventually find these tools I think I would be having a bit of a rougher time. But I would recommend 3 that are must haves [] The post 3 tools you should have on your desktop appeared first on The Cheapsters Blog. read more »

Find Out If Your Account Was Hacked

When news about the Heartbleed Bug hit the stand early last month, including some of the nasty stuff it can do, many were worried. And they definitely have a reason to fear because the OpenSSL security flaw affected an estimated 66 percent of the entire Internet at the time of its discovery, and it may have exposed usernames and passwords on any number of popular websites.Big companies were quick to address the bug but as we learned recently, Heartbleed was around for years before companies started patch... read more »

Was mir beim Finder fehlt – Teil 1

Der Finder im Mac OS X oder wie es nun heißt OS X ist ja irgendwie das Herzstück wenn man Dateien kopieren, verschieben oder ausschneiden will. Nun ist das Konzept grundsätzlich recht durchdacht. Per Drag and Drop eine Datei auf der internen Platte zu verschieben, führt auch tatsächlich zum verschieben, macht man das auf ein externes Medium führt das zum kopieren. Soweit so gut, aber das das kann ja nicht alles sein. Besonders eine Funktion Weiterlesen read more »

Thinking of moving operations to Blogger via Ju...

Ive been thinking about this for a long while. I have had a Blogger site up for a while and I think it is time to make the complete transfer. I love the community of WordPress, but I dont like the restrictions for free users like myself. So, visit and take a look. Please [] read more »

iWork Updates For OS X And iOS

When Apple thumbed down its iWork suite of productivity apps a month ago, they received several negative feedback and angry criticisms. To appease the consumer’s ire, the company is reported to have issued a software update that brings back some of the lost features in Pages, Numbers and Keynote.In addition to the expected stability improvements and bug fixes that come with such software updates, Apple is reportedly also making available certain features to the OS X app versions including the custom tool... read more »

Mobile Apps Against Super Typhoon 'Haiyan'

Several international weather monitoring groups have already tagged "Yolanda" (international name Haiyan) as a super typhoon. They also warned the Philippines against a trail of death and destruction when it hits the country today. "Haiyan became a super typhoon Wednesday morning (6 November 2013)," commercial weather service Accuweather said. It called 'Haiyan' the world's "strongest tropical system" this year. The U.S. Joint Typhoon Warning Center also labelled it a super typhoon and warned that it ma... read more »

Map on "Internet Penetration"

Two UK researchers has published last June a very interesting world map about the Internet population for various countries across the globe. Mark Graham and Stefano De Sabbata of International Geographies developed a map that illustrates the total number of Internet users in a country as well as the percentage of the population that has Internet access. The map uses 2011 data and datasets that were obtained from the World Bank. The World Bank has tracked the number of Internet users and Internet connec... read more »

On writing away from your office.

You must be logged into the site to view this content. The post On writing away from your office. appeared first on . read more »

Mobile Banking for Rural Filipino Farmers

If you think the rural Filipino farmers are having a hard time getting important information despite advancement in mobile technology, then you might be in for a surprise soon. Through the partnership between a microfinance bank and a farmer-focused organization, Filipino rice farmers can now transfer money to their mobile wallets, access personalized fertilizer advice and avail of micro-loans to buy fertilizer for their crop. Mercy Corps brought together a bank and an agricultural research center to ad... read more »

Incofin IM Finances Smallholder Farmers

All human beings are driven by their will and strong desire to survive and prosper. Or to live without fear, hunger or suffering. To imagine how your life could be better and then have the means to change it. Yet, every day, 1.4 billion people – nearly one fifth of the world’s inhabitants – cannot fulfil their most basic needs, let alone attain their dreams or desires. Empowering the impoverished population is an essential first step to eradicating poverty. This means respecting the willingness and capa... read more »

Новый раздел «ЗАГРУЗКИ»

Решил вчера добавить новый раздел ЗАГРУЗКИ. Его я буду пополнять интересными программами, какими-то разработками, модулями Elastix и документацией. Перейти в ЗАГРУЗКИ. Читать далее...|Комментировать read more »

Australian's "Toilet Break" Policy Fair?

A few years ago, I read this story in New South Wales, Australia about call center staff being asked to officially log their toilet breaks and being asked to explain if they are absent for longer than five minutes. One staff member said whenever an employee needed to go to the toilet; they had to punch a code into their phone and were asked for an explanation if they hadn’t returned to their desk within five minutes. The story actually raises several questions concerning what constitutes fair time for p... read more »

Should We Regulate ISP Bandwith Caps?

A few years ago, internet users in the Philippines were enjoying unlimited connection. Anybody can shuffle between the two giant network providers to get their true unmetered internet access. Those days were gone. We live in different times now. Many subscribers today are subject to a standard policy from both SMART and GLOBE where they are only allowed on average 15Gb of data storage monthly at 1mbps. After reaching this cap, users can only use their internet for browsing, since their internet speed is... read more »

Why Some Rich Are Not Included?

When the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) posted in its Web page the list of its top 500 individual taxpayers early this week, not a few were asking why. For one, the list was not meant to show that those excluded were not paying properly. This is the most common misconception right now, which was surely fueled by gratuitous speculation. There are several reasons why some affluent individuals and families are not in the list and none of them have anything to do with dishonesty and avoidance in paying on... read more »

Restaurants surveyed for 2013 food trend predic...

This article is one more proof that were planing right and we are in the right direction! Healthy Grill USA will be the only solution on the food service industry providing Grilled Food free of carcinogens - Healthy. Besides Vegetables, what kind of food can people eat with the assurance that the food is cooked so that it [...] read more »

Issues, Healthy and safe grilling

PinnacleHealth Dietitian Marykaye Flatley, RD, LDN shares some tips for creating a safe and healthy meal on the grill. Check it out! Every year people talk about the same but no one brings the solution. Avoiding is not eliminating! The Healthy Grill USA project is the only restaurant project in the world able to eliminate those carcinogens. 60% [...] read more »

Why the Healthy Grill USA project?

In the XXI century more and more people are aware of the importance of healthy eating. The healthy conscientious people groups are growing every year and the result is a very significant increase in the consumption of organic products and directly related to healthy eating. Every year each family spends extra money on buying “organic [...] read more »

How to avoid grilling issues when you’re grilli...

Adding grilled fish including salmon to your diet is a heart-healthy choice. The American Heart Association recommends two servings of fish per week, and salmon as sardines are rich in omega-3 fatty acids and high in protein. Although grilled fish  is simple to prepare, it can be difficult to decide how to keep [...] read more »

Как использовать Color Splash Photo

Наткнулся тут в appstore на интересную прогу Color Splash Photoдля дизайнеров и простых сметрных =) Программа позволяет, не имея каких-то определенных навыков, добиться интересного эффекта. Например, вот что получилось у меня: read more »

Inhibitors of Cancer

Since when it has been demonstrated that vitamin C played an important role as an inhibitor of the formation of carcinogenic compounds of alkyl-oxide, studies have been directed toward identifying substances that may inhibit the development of cancerous tumors. These substances interfere with one or more stages of tumor formation (carcinogenesis). A pioneering work conducted [...] read more »

NicEdit - Editor HTML

"NicEdit" este un mic editor HTML. Cum il folosesti ? Vezi imaginea urmatoare: Poti acum sa editezi mult mai usor si mult mai rapid, sabloanele "Layouts" pentru IMVU: -“Jurishi” - IMVU free Layouts -IMVU Layout -DJ

  WYSIWYG TextEditorread more »

Awesome Website: LegendFire

Hello Y'all!You may remember my Post on The Fantasy Forum a while back. In the same style, here is another great community for both Writers and Fans of Speculative Fiction. LegendFire is a great communtity! I've only been a member of this site for a short time, but I am loving the reception and the interaction from not only the other members, but also its very active administrators! Please check the site out and sign up. It's 100% free. And 100% Bearded Scribe Approved! I hope to see you all arou... read more »

Grill / BBQ in US trend and the tendency of the...

After the grilling trend caught on in 1950’s, restaurants began to provide grilled food so that people could enjoy it all year round not just on special occasions or when people had the opportunity to grill outdoors. Grilling is a pervasive tradition in the United States. 75% of Americans eat Grill Food twice a [...] read more »

Grill / BBQ in US. The trend and the tendency o...

After the grilling trend caught on in 1950’s, restaurants began to provide grilled food so that people could enjoy it all year round not just on special occasions or when people had the opportunity to grill outdoors. Grilling is a pervasive tradition in the United States. 75% of Americans eat Grill Food twice a [...] read more »

The relation between a cigarette and grilled/bb...

As people already know, carcinogens exist in several different forms. They also know, cigarettes are really carcinogens not only because of the smoke produced by the combustion of tobacco but also for all the 599 additives cigarettes have. Unlike other drugs, smoking involves the participation of non-smokers. If people are smoking by your side, you have [...] read more »

Grilling – How to do different grilled foods

In traditional systems, the distance between the fire of the food is very important to regulate the temperatures at which food should be grilled. In the gas or electric systems, the intensity of heat is controlled by thermostat or intensity button. Depending on the type of food meat, fish or vegetables and its [...] read more »

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