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"Han Tomb" (漢墓), Sham Shui Po

One of "Han Tomb" (漢墓), date to the Eastern Han dynasty (AD 25 - 220), was discovered in August 1955, Sham Shui Po District, Kowloon, Hong Kong. read more »

Bhangarh Fort Investigation

We investigated the most haunted location in India - the Bhangarh Fort in Rajasthan. From centuries it has been claimed as that the fort has a parallel world inside it. We got EVPs and video from various locations in the fort. The psychic had a great experience. Sharing with our readers some photos of the investigation. More to be posted soon. read more »

Defixiones... The Curse Tablet

Defixiones which means to BIND or to CURSE and thus these are also known as the curse tablets. Usually made in lead with high tin content. The material is batted and flattened in rectangular sheet. The use of tin is more as it enables the sheet to be written on. It makes the surface soft and a stylus kind of thing is used to write on the sheet.After the curse or the prayer or the matter is written on to it, it is folded in such a way that the written surface is inside and then either it is kept in this s... read more »

MP3: The Demon$ – This How WE Ride @thedemons21...

This is a hot new track by The Demon$ named This How We Ride (Stick Up) From The Upcoming Mixtape Hell On Earth. Your gonna love the dreamy beat, hellish flows and lyrical content. Be on The Lookout For There Single Sheesh Coming Soon while you check out the new single This how we ride read more »

A forgotten spur.

She climbed up the stairs, Without any thoughts. She went to the terrace, And could see a beautiful tomb across. The skies were clear, Yet not so blue, It wasn’t the weather, Yet there was dew. The red stone of Continue reading read more »

Mrs. H and The “Murder”

Our babysitter, Mrs. H, was very nearsighted and very slow. She was also very excitable. One day I decided to kill my brother. We were supposed to be washing dishes. Larry and I came up with this elaborate plan for his demise. We took an old knife and broke off the blade. We taped it [] read more »

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