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Japanese railway company called for “sincere ap...

A Japanese railway company apologized after one of its trains left the station 20 seconds earlier than scheduled. Rail transport in Japan Wikipedia Rail transport in Japan is read more »

“Rabbit Island” and the city where deer romp am...

A great tourist destination with numerous targets, Japan, Land of Rising Sun is a true paradise for animals. Guy Gets Smothered by Bunnies on Japans Rabbit Island! YouTube Jun 26, 2014 Japans Rabbit Island, Ōkunoshima (大久野島), is a small island located in the Inland Sea of Japan in the city of Takehara, Hiroshima [] read more »

Cheap guide to visit Venice, enigmatic city of ...

Most people who visited Venice say they want to return. Irresistible attraction can be resolved relatively quickly and cheaply nowadays: the time of booking a flight to Italy, spending prioritized and wrapped luggage. It would be better to avoid holiday period July-August for a trip to Venice, and February, when the famous carnival takes place locally. And expensive are the busiest times of the year. Tourists complain about the unbearable smell of water in summer. May-June and September-October are reaso... read more »

Eine Tasche wird 10: Tausche feiert rundes Jubi...

Die Erfolgsgeschichte der tausche Taschen feiert 10-jähriges Jubiläum mit einem großen Fest, einem speziell entworfenem Deckel und der Enthüllung einer neuen Tasche. read more »

What’s the most amazing place you have swum, bi...

For me it would have to be Japan. I didnt do a lot of swimming there (Im not sure that bathing in the onsen [hot springs] counts), but I did plenty of running and cycling. I travelled there in April with my husband, Stuart and our friend Jez. We spent a few days in Tokyo [] read more »

The safest cities in the world to travel

In the safest cities in the world people can leave their wallet or laptop unattended in public or can walk without fear on his way home late at night.For people to feel safe means to be home. The Economist Intelligence Unit The organization has compiled a list of the safest cities in the world, based on [] read more »

The largest Japanese airport, Narita in Tokyo g...

The largest Japanese airport, Narita in Tokyo, have the opportunity to try modern toilets installed there, whose walls seem transparent, to the amusement of others. Moving silhouettes on the walls modern toilets Narita airport are not of those who are in, but pre-recorded video images, which creates the illusion that the walls lavatories are transparent [] read more »

Cristiano Ronaldo has found a phone on vacation...

Considered by many the best player in the world, Cristiano Ronaldo repeatedly demonstrated its capacity to amaze and off the field of play. The last case that it is centered on Real Madrids Portuguese star has turned into a young US star overnight. Austin Milan known celebrity after Instagram account posted a picture of her [] read more »

Vegan food, clothes shopping, Harajuku girls an...

Today was the first day since we arrived in Japan that we havent needed to set an early alarm. Stu was excited so he thought this meant that we could eat breakfast (a meal weve not had yet in Japan). Unfortunately, we were both so tired that we slept until10:30amand could quite happily have turned [] read more »

Tokyo via Helsinki…

Wednesday morningstartedat 5:45amas we wanted to be on the road by6:30am. This was a fortunate decision, as we had travelled less than five miles before we got stuck in a traffic jam. The traffic was slow-moving for an almost an hour, which gave me plenty of time to ponder what I had forgotten. Every trip, [] read more »

Backpackers Guide to Japan - My Story

Assalammualaikum,Seperti yang diceritakan dalam post sebelum ini (klik My Backpacking Trip to Japan), Aku telah pergi ke Jepun secara backpacking bersma adik au, Azim. Kami bertolak pada 8 November 2014 dan pulang semula ke Malaysia pada 14 November 2014. Angan-angan dipasang setelah pulang dari trip ke Korea (klik My Backpacking Trip to South Korea). Perancangan rapi dibuat dalam tempoh 3 bulan sebelum pergi. Dayang ada ajak aku untuk join trip dia ke Jepun pada bulan April lepas untuk feel dan rasa mus... read more »

活動 | 可愛有趣的日潮博覽會 Tokyo Crazy Kawaii

這是我前陣子參加的活動!日潮博覽會,超級有趣的一個活動!今天跟各位分享一下(第二張圖是售票口) read more »

Special Kimono

Buenos días familia. Estas últimas semanas os he ido enseñando varias fotos sobre nuestro viaje a Japón. Nunca imaginé visitar este sitio ya que esta cultura no me llamaba demasiado la atención. Sin embargo, tras convivir en este país durante 15 días , he cambiado por completo mi opinión. Creo que deberíamos de implantar parte de sus costumbres y tradiciones a nuestro país. El respeto , la educación y la tranquilidad son las cosas que más me han impactado de este país. Caminar por sus calles con ta... read more »

How to Make it to the Top 5% of Indies

I met Fran Pickering a few years ago, when I had just published my first book, and she was debating whether to publish hers. Then she plunged in. Today Fran's novel, the Cherry Blossom Murder has made it to the quarterfinals of the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award 2014. That’s 5% of the total 10,000 books entered. As a fellow author I was thrilled and as an Indie I felt vindicated by her success. So I asked Fran a little more about how it all unfolded. Here’s what she said: What made you decide to go In... read more »

1 news- 3 thoughts

Lightning Bolt Strikes The Hell Out Of Japanese Commuter Train!! Read more here So i see this piece of news   check out the video think exactly 3 things in a span of 5 mins - 1) God bless the Faraday Cage! 2) Japanese are really cool people They make kickass Anime [] read more »

Ben & Jerry's @ Omotesando Hills, Tokyo

Price Range : Mid-rangeCuisine : Ice CreamRecommended For : The novelty of ingesting freshly-scooped BJ'sCatphobia-Friendly? : Yes We turned absolutely green with envy when we heard the beloved ice cream brand had opened their flagship store in this colourful Japanese city last year. It seems unreal that a year later we would be traipsing around the Omotesando streets and ending up on Ben Jerry's welcoming doorstep. Located in the high-end Omotesando Hills mall (which, to us, is reminiscent of Pavil... read more »

Organic Coffee @ Motoya Express, Omotesando, Tokyo

Price Range : Mid-rangeCuisine : Organic CoffeeRecommended For :The Anti-StarbucksCatphobia-Friendly? : Totally! What's a trip without a good cup of coffee to go with it? Just steps away from the Ben Jerry's store in Omotesando Hills, we came across an unassuming little brown van tucked in a hidden corner, spewing hypnotic coffee scents. Hipsters rejoice! How cute to see the chirpy barista all cramped in the van with her trusty espresso machine!The pricing is rather reasonable, with an amazingly r... read more »

Sushi Breakfast @ Daiwa-Zushi, Tsukiji Fish Mar...

Price Range : Splurge Cuisine : Japanese (Sushi) Recommended For : Finding out how sushi is MEANT to be Catphobia-Friendly? : Yes Articles after articles about the sushi at Tsukiji Fish Market conclude with a unanimous “You will never see sushi in the same way again.” It is not hard to believe their confident claims, what with Tsukiji Fish Market being the largest seafood market in the world! Where else would you find the freshest, plumpest piece of tuna for breakfast? There are two popular su... read more »

Roasted Fatty Salmon with Salmon Roe Donburi @ ...

Price Range : Mid-range Cuisine : Japanese (Donburi) Recommended For : A filling pit-stop to fuel a full-on shopping session Catphobia-Friendly? : Yes! (No stray cats at all on the streets of Tokyo! Hurrah!) There are two main reasons why Ameyoko is always packed with pedestrians: 1) it is a haven for budget shoppers and 2) it is a haven for food lovers! Finding ourselves fitting comfortably in both categories, we took the train to Ueno to witness and savour first-hand this highly-recommended s... read more »

El hombre de hielo.

Inori, by Takaki Hashimoto.Tres meses después de llegar al Polo sur descubrí que estaba embarazada. Y yo lo sabía. que el niño que yo pariría sería un pequeño hombre de hielo. Mi útero se congelaría, finos trozos de hielo se mezclarían con mi líquido amniótico. Podía sentir su gelidez dentro de mi vientre. Yo lo sabía. el niño tendría la mirada de carámbano igual que su padre, y sus dedos estarían cubiertos de escarcha. Yo lo sabía. Que nuestra familia ya nunca más saldría del Polo Sur. El eterno pasado,... read more »

Herman Miller Cuties

Herman Miller has opened its first store in 4-ever (there was one in NYC 1960-1967). The new store, being in Tokyo, needed to have some store-only limited edition items... This is my fave: a set of eight kid’s blocks dressed in House Industries numbers, shapes patterns with the sides based on the original Herman Miller delivery boxes. But wait! They then packaged the “box” in a miniature corrugated shipping carton that includes tiny brown kraft packing tape. Add in that it's all made in the Herman Mille... read more »

Tokyo Blues

"-Muy parecido. Tan distinto como desayunar tarde o almorzar temprano. Comes lo mismo, a la misma hora, sólo difiere la manera de llamarlo.-Nagasawa, ¿a ti no te importa saber si te comprendo?- Preguntó Hatsumi.-Me parece que no acabas de entenderlo. Si una persona comprende a otra es porque aquél es el momento propicio para que suceda, no porque ésta desee que la comprendan.-O sea que cometo una equivocación cuando quiero que alguien me entienda. Quiero que tú me comprendas, por ejemplo.-No, no es una e... read more »

Murakami’s birthday girl

The Birthday Girl is one of the best short stories Ive ever read. Published initially in the Guardian in 2006, Haruki Murakamis story tells of a girl who made a wish when she was twenty, working her shift in a restaurant. I loved it when I first read this story, and to tell the truth, [...] read more »

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