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Atherosclerosis – Symptoms, Causes, prevention ...

By atherosclerosis the inside of the arteries are thickened, hardened and stiffened, causing the space for blood flow to be narrowed or closed. This will decrease the oxygen supply to local or distant tissues. The primary symptom of this is pain, poor organ function and bad general condition. The further consequences are tissue damage, sometimes [] The post Atherosclerosis – Symptoms, Causes, prevention and Treatment appeared first on Well Fit News Spot. read more »

How To Deal With Lying Teenagers by: Aurelia Wi...

As a parent you would like to trust your children; but teenagers lie and the bond is broken, it puts a strain on the relationship. Once a parent realizes they have been lied to, feelings of anger may surface. While it seems to be a fact that teens and lies are like two peas in a pod, you want to know what steps to take to help your teen stop lying so that trust can be regained somewhere along the way. The main thing to realize is that there may be many reasons why your teen is lying. Maybe they have bec... read more »

Homemade Bonemeal Plant Fertilizer

Bone meal is a great fertilizer full of phosphorous. It’s pretty expensive to buy on the market but it is very cheap when you make it at home. I usually use chicken and beef bones. There are several ways to make it. First step is to boil the bones. Preferably in a slow cooker for several hours. If you are using the bones that were from broth, this step is already done. The point of boiling them is to remove the meat and fat from them. You will notice when you are removing the bones that most of the mea... read more »

Take Me To Church – Hozier

Take Me To Church Hozier A unique and intelligent singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist who cites James Joyces Portrait of an Artist as a Young Man, Leonard Cohen, John Lee Hooker, and community choral singing among his influences, Hozier (his Continue reading The post Take Me To Church Hozier appeared first on Our Awesome Blog. read more »

¿Por qué uso el TO en todos lados?

Por alguna razón que desconozco, la preposición to es mal utilizada en alguna etapa del aprendizaje. Pareciera que una oración sin to, está incompleta. “to” in English18preposition1adverb El diccionario de Cambridge, nos da 19 definiciones de TO. Son muchas como para saberlas todas de un tirón. Si tus años de estudio no supera los 2 años, solo te va a interesar que: A1used after manyverbsofagreeing,needing, andwanting:I need toeatsomething first.I'dlovetolivein New York.A2used with aninfinitivetoexp... read more »

Preposiciones + infinitivos o ing

Los primeros años se aprende que to se usa con el verbo en infinitivo, como en "I want to break free", canción del grupo Queen. Cuando usan la preposición for también usan el verbo en infinitivo pero deben usar el gerundio. Las preposiciones son muchas y aquí una lista de la páginatop 50 prepositions Word Frequency Type with 1062 (preposition) at 624 (preposition) from 622 (preposition) into 301 (preposition) during 103 (preposition) including 58 (preposition) until 54 (prepositi... read more »

Las confusas preposiciones

Las preposiciones forman parte de cualquier oración y sus usos y variaciones son muchos. Es importante conocer las definiciones de aunque sea las preposiciones más utilizadas para no cometer errores básicos. Igualmente, de errores se aprende.Hay verbos que se utilizan con una o dos preposiciones. Son como un combo, van juntos, de la mano, a la par. Algunos ejemplos son: listen to, look at y arrive in/at. Si hay dudas sobre un determinado verbo y su preposición, el mataburros es una excelente opción.Matab... read more »

2 data recovery tools to try out

Data Recovery is Important when it comes to losing your Data in fact you should do it immediately after losing it, Losing your data is the last thing you need to happen if you end up having a bad day at the office or home. when it does happen you end up doing 2 things. [] The post 2 data recovery tools to try out appeared first on The Cheapsters Blog. read more »

How to properly clean your computer

I already made a post about spring cleaning on your computer now im going to teach you the proper way to clean it, Ive been clean my computer once a month. It doesnt take long. for me it only take about half an hour.  if you want to learn the right way to This is about [] The post How to properly clean your computer appeared first on The Cheapsters Blog. read more »

How to eliminate viruses in safe mode

If you had a virus on your computer and have no clue how to get rid of it, most techs will say go into safe mode, but a lot of non techs don’t know what safe mode is. I’ve had to do this on my clients computers who say they’ve put in to safe mode [] The post How to eliminate viruses in safe mode appeared first on The Cheapsters Blog. read more »

Pear cake - Gelosia di pere

Pear cake - Gelosia di pere INGREDIENTSfor the pastry:500 g flour3 eggs200 g butter250 g sugarhalf a bag of baking powderfor the filling:2 pears1 tablespoon of flour1 tablespoon of almond flour100 g sugar1 tablespoon of milk1 yolkPREPARATION Pour the flour on a pastry flour Add eggs and mix Add butter sugar and the packet of baking powder. In the mean time preheat the oven at 180. Mix quickly until the dough is quite elastic and compact. Form the dough into a ball, wrap it in a tea towel and place it i... read more »

Determined2achieve Blog Review

Here is your free website review from The Website Doctor! 1: type your search and hit enter. This doesnt quite make sense. It should be Enter a search term and hit enter 2: This can be made bigger. Make it large enough to fill the header space. I also personally think that the [...] read more »

Five ways to use the ‘Read More’ button

Lots of bloggers have a home page full of text, from where they have written an 1000 word post, and are worried readers might not read the rest of the article if they put a Read More button. This means the home page is clogged up with text and images, and only 3 posts are [...] read more »

The Process of Starting a Successful Blog- Fina...

PART FOUR- Publicity Here is where most blogs fail, or the owners give up. From here on is going to be very tough. Don’t give up. If the blog fails after a few months of you trying, at least you have some experience of this part for when you start your next blog. When I [...] read more »

The Process of Starting a Successful Blog- Part...

PART THREE- The Content This is where that blog comes in useful, y’no, the one that you found on Google. Find that blog, and see which posts have the highest ratings by readers. Say the niche is electric guitars, and a post about the history of the electric guitar has a rating of 2 [...] read more »

The Process of Starting a Successful Blog- Part 2

PART TWO- Starting the Blog The design plays a big part in the success of your blog. A poorly designed blog can make readers think that the website is old, and hasn’t been updated, so they won’t come back. A design with a jazzy background is going to distract readers from your content making it [...] read more »

Bathroom Idea 2

After all the painting weve already done Ive been trying to see if there might be an easier, but still really cute thing to do in the bathroom that doesnt involve painting the whole bathroom. If you checked out the pictures, you know that the walls are a taupe/tan color. Anyway I have come across [...] read more »

Light & Fluffy Chocolate Soufflé

After a week of vacationing/job searching in San Diego, I am happy to report that I am back home and ready to cook a variety of delectable treats for everyone to enjoy! I decided to kick the recipes off with a bang, and tackled a recipe I have never tried before: Chocolate Souffle. One of [...] read more »

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