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Summer Pleasures.

Even though living in the Desert Southwest during the summer can be a bit hot. One perk is the Monsoon storms that we frequently experience. If we are lucky then storms roll in during the afternoon and bring cool breezes, rain, and sometimes a great light show. They can bring the humidity too, but it [...] read more »

Tomorrow is the Day.

I head out of this town. This town in the desert where I spent a good part of my life. It is hot here in the summer. It is even hotter where I am going. That is ok. I will be ok. I wish the best for all involved. I truly did try. I do [...] read more »

Like a Good Neighbor.

Sometimes I think we forget the importance of good neighbors. I remember as a child we knew most of our neighbors. One lady had a son close in age to my sister and me. He had the greatest tree house ever. We spent many summer days letting our imaginations run wild in that tree house. [...] read more »


I was watching Live! With Kelly the other day and one of the guests was Rachael Ray. She was demonstrating a few recipes for Super Bowl Sunday. One caught my eye. Bacon Wrapped Potato Skins. I decided to make them at home. Now, I did not have the exact ingredients  as called for in the recipe [...] read more »

I Was Featured.

I am a member of several blog networking sites. I do not visit as much as I would like but it helps in gaining new readers and meeting other bloggers. Last week Carolee of Blogging Buddies featured my blogs. I am honored and humbled. Check out this cool graphic I found in my email inbox. [...] read more »

They Say It’s You Birthday.

Yes, today is my birthday. Another year gone by and another number. That has never much bothered me. I somehow do not think it ever will. I still feel like I am seventeen anyway. Sort of. I talked to my children and my lovely granddaughter, Butterfly. She told about her Christmas presents and New Year’s [...] read more »

Rockin’ the New Year.

I was surprised on New Years Eve morning with a knock on the door. I opened it to find the mailman with a package for me. My birthday is coming soon and my bestest friend, Lady Red never forgets. I tore open the package to find a strange looking object. Round on the top with [...] read more »

Guess Who I Saw?

On the way to my grandson, D.D.s birthday party we stopped for a bite to eat at the burger place, famous for the golden arches and red-haired clown. We walked in and placed our order and as we turned to find a seat this is what we saw. We gently approached him and who I [...] read more »

Music That Moves Me – The First Noel.

Tis the Season. Christmas is just around the corner. The First Noel has always been one of my favorite Christmas songs. Jackie Evancho is a little dynamite singer that is sure to go many places. The 11-year-old has appeared on Americas Got Talent where she finished in second place. Shes worked with Barbra Streisand and [...] read more »

The Fog.

I awoke Sunday morning to something that rarely happens in the Desert Southwest. Fog. This type of weather was commonplace when I lived in Southern California. But not here, so it was a pleasant surprise. So I threw the lease on Lucie my big, red dog and we took a nice, misty walk. After, [...] read more »

I Found It!

My calling that is. I was watching TV this morning and happened to see these women on a talk show. They are the Golden Grannies and they perform at Phoenix Suns games. You have to be at least 50 and willing to get out in front of an audience and shake your stuff. I qualify [...] read more »

It’s On!

I made a sandwich the other day for lunch. Nothing out of the ordinary there. I noticed that the next two slices of bread had holes in the middle. I just thought they were caused by an air bubble. It happens. The next day I picked up the loaf of bread and  this is what [...] read more »

Got a Job. Sort of.

No, I did not find a real full time job but I did pick up a freelance gig. I am not sure at this point how much I will work but something is better than nothing. I had all but forgotten that I applied for this writing job about 4 weeks ago. I was surprised [...] read more »

Connected Again.

I finally got my laptop back. It had 3 count them 3 virues. What can I say, I do things in a big way. Thank goodness my files are intact and I will start backing them up today and on a weekly basis. I need to get more proactive with backing up my blogs too. [...] read more »

When it Rains, it Pours.

As I wrote on my other blog I lost me job last Friday. The next day I opened my laptop to begin my job search and wouldnt you know it, my computer was frozen. It would boot up but I was not able to get it to do anything. After nearly pulling my hair out, banging [...] read more »

Thoughts on Decorating.

Last night was so incredibly nice. It started raining around 4:30pm and continued for the next few hours. I turned off the cooler and attic fans and just enjoyed the cool, natural air. I love when the monsoon comes and cools down the desert. I opened the bedroom windows to allow the breeze to flow [...] read more »

Where Have I Been? In the Nurse’s Office.

So to speak. After waking up two days in a row with a major sore throat I decided to go to the doctor. I have a cold. It just has to go away. I was thinking strep throat or some other kind of infection. Not that I really wanted that but I spent $25 for [...] read more »

Back to Work.

I think I mentioned on here that my freelance job ended. Id been really worried about how I was going to make ends meet. I do have extras that I can cut if need be but sometimes I like to watch TV and eat fast food. Well I am happy to say that I was [...] read more »

Rehab? Really?

You know, I am about sick and tired of these people that think it is ok to do despicable things and think somehow it is ok. Then they go to rehab and that is supposed to fix everything. Bull frickin crap! This is not some sort of addiction that can be fixed. It is simply [...] read more »

Lucie, Buddy and Juliannah Go Back To School.

*Update* If you go here you can see Lucie in action. I would have never believed that I could spend one training session with my dogs and have them turn around so much. On Saturday me, Lucie my big, red dog and Buddy went for our first training class. I thought it would be a [...] read more »

The Vet Trip From Hell.

If anyone thinks they can take a 63 pound dog and neurotic Chihuahua to the Vet by yourself. Think again. I am having more trouble with the Lucie, my big, dog and the Buddy the Chihuahua situation. I thought all was well but there has been two more incidents in the last few days. One [...] read more »

Want the Good News or the Bad News.

This is starting to become a theme around here. Well. I will start with the good news. I won a prize at the Ultimate Blog Party! I could not believe it. I never win anything. Maybe I should start playing the lottery. Anyway, I won an American Express Visa Card worth $100.00. Yes and just [...] read more »

Can It Get Worse?

I came home on Friday expecting to have a nice weekend at home relaxing and staying warm with my dogs because a cold front was coming through and luckily I have an electric fireplace and space heater since they shut down my furnace and started up the cooler. I sat on the couch and ate [...] read more »


Lucie, my bad big, red dog is walking a short tightrope. Or in dog would a short lease. Over the last couple of weeks I have come home from work to find some items chewed on or chewed up. It started with one of my pillows. She bit a hole in the pillow case because [...] read more »

Doing My Civic Duty.

I had jury duty today. This may sound strange, but I like jury duty. I find it extremely interesting. Maybe I was a lawyer or judge in another life. Who knows. Besides, it is a paid day off so why not? Todays case was a DUI. I did not get picked to be on the [...] read more »

Shopping With Online Dell Coupons

I love my red Dell laptop. So far I have never had a problem with it since I bought it two years ago. It is my second laptop and I must admit I will never go back to a desktop again. Nothing against them but I like the portability factor. My laptop has been to [...] read more »

So You Think You Can Diaper A Dog.

Yea, I had the bright idea of putting a doggie diaper on my Chihuahua, Buddy. He has been leaving puddles everywhere and quite frankly I am sick of cleaning it up. I used puppy pads for awhile but he still had a thing for the coffee table leg and corner. So, yesterday I stopped at [...] read more »

Beach Dreams.

I really like the San Diego area. I used to live in Los Angeles and hated it. We always went south to the beaches because they are so much nicer. Every time I visit Cpl. Honda at his base, I would stay in San Clemente in a hotel that is practically on the beach. I [...] read more »

Stepping it Up a Bit.

I had my furniture for about ten years now. It is southwest style. It is big and overstuffed. There is a stain were the cat threw up on it. Fortunately the throw pillow hides it. It needs to go. Sick. of. it. So I have been doing a little cyber shopping and my gosh I [...] read more »

New Member in Blogosphere!

This is very exciting! My daughter, Cinderella has joined me and countless other mommie bloggers and started her very own blog! Cool huh? Now we get to read about her adventures with her life and family and she gets to meet new people and other moms. Anyway, please check out her brand, spanking new blog [...] read more »

This is Cool.

I heard about this video on the radio. This pulls at my patriotic heartstrings. Gotta love America! read more »

Where Have I Been?

Buried under a mountain of writing work that is where. Dont get me wrong, I am happy to have it but it is really keeping me busy. I have been writing about neighborhoods in the city I live in and I think it is safe to say I know just about everything there is to [...] read more »

Email and Such.

I decided the other day to clean out my email. It has been building up and it is starting to get overwhelming. You wouldnt think this would happen since it comes to my phone but what can I say? So it turns out I had over ninety read and unread emails. Yea, I know, not [...] read more »

Dogs and Guts.

I wrote about Thanksgiving Day over here. But now I have to write about Thanksgiving night. You see I thought I was being real nice to Lucie, my big red dog, Buddy and Angelina. I got the neck and heart and guts from my mom and proceeded to boil them. After they were done I [...] read more »

My Dog Has A Wart And My Power Cord Is Dead.

Yes, my power cord for my laptop finally gave out and and rolled over to play dead, only it was not kidding. So I was on a mission on Friday to find another one. I had a problem though as I could not read the part number and since I was not using my computer [...] read more »

Dream, Dream, Dream. Dream, Dream, Dream…

I had a real crazy dream last night, or actually early this morning. My dog Buddy woke me up around 4:00 to go outside. Small dog, small bladder. Anyhow, after he got done doing his business I thought about staying up and watching some news or something because I get up at 5:00 and usually [...] read more »

Oh, For The Love Of Printing.

When I was in school for graphic design, I had to take a printing class. We learned about the whole process from start to finish. I found it fascinating and enjoyed the class. We design business cards, letterheads and brochures to name a few. My teacher actually used to own a print shop so he [...] read more »

Brain Dead Here.

I seriously am beginning to wonder about myself. I know I am getting older, but I am not senile just yet. Or so I thought. Last week I locked myself out of the house as I was leaving to go to work. Corvette was already gone. I knew he was not at work yet so [...] read more »

Take My TV Please.

For the last few weeks my house alarm company keeps calling every few days to tell me that my alarm is not communicating with them. You see, they send a signal every day to test see if the alarm is working and if someone tries to break in they will be able to send the [...] read more »


Living here in the Desert Southwest can prove to be hazardous at times. I left work yesterday and I had to make a stop. Five minutes after I left a major storm hit. The rain was coming down in sheets and my ability to see was completely impaired. The road immediately flooded and I could [...] read more »

Lose the Flops!

Sometimes when I am on break at work I will see these two guys walking out of the building together. Nothing unusual about that except these two guys are always wearing flip-flops. And big baggie shorts. They stroll out the door and disappear in the parking lot. I never see them get into a car [...] read more »

Seeking Butts and Trash Can Delicacies.

So, I was at work today and I went outside on my break. I was by myself for a few minutes. A man who works in my building walked out the door. He did not see me standing there. He then proceeded to walk over to the ashtray and what I saw next totally ruined [...] read more »

Give Me Back My Crate!

The company that I work for just bought a professional scanner because, well we scan big documents. It is quite nifty and very fast. It arrived in a huge crate that is about 4 long and about 3 wide and probably 2 tall. As soon as I saw it, I knew I wanted it. Why? Because [...] read more »

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