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Recent blog posts on Textures

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Бесплатные текстуры камня и мрамора

Доброго времени суток всем дизайнерам блоггерам и др. читателям Cooledit.Org.Ua! Сегодня я буду делиться халявными текстурами которые реально трудно найти в интернете. Это текстуры мрамора, которые могут вам пригодиться при создании мраморной поверхности к любому изображению. Создать самому такую текстуру очень тяжело, так как рисунок мрамора никогда не повторяется, его дизайн неповторим и создавался природой [...]?? read more »

Tutorial- Using Textures, Layer Masks, & Cropping

I was out on my lunch break the other day taking photos of textures to use in photoshop and in graphic design. I need to start working on a website for the store so the more textures and backgrounds I have to choose from the better! Anywhoo.. I stopped at some blooming cherry trees for a few minutes. I took some cherry blossom photos last year but I wasn't too happy with ow they turned out so I was excited to give it another go... And pleased with the results of my 5 minutes... OVERLAY USED: It's My H... read more »

Design Work

We have now hosted 5 arts arcata events since we have been open. These events are great and we have been getting a larger and larger turnout for them every time. This is great and all but it does lead to more problems like stolen merchandise, plastic cups littering the road, and gaggles of people in the stock room smoking out (most of whom I have never seen before). So I decided it's time to crack down (especially since the upcoming arts arcata is somewhat of a sensitive matter- local graff artists I'm s... read more »

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