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Cum să te odihnești în weekend fără să cheltui ...

Cum să-ți petreci sfîrșitul de săptămînă ca să nu cheltui nici un bănuț? Cu siguranță, această întrebare i-a frămîntat pe mulți dintre noi și nu o singură dată. Probabil că, doar rudele lui #jesuisplaha nu au avut vreodată astfel de gînduri. Personal, mi-am setat ca obiectiv să depistez cîteva metode de a petrece zilele de [] read more »

Workout Wednesday – Tennis E. Williams

You cant change the past, but being bitter about it can certainly change your future! read more »

Caroline Wozniacki, Betadine’s Brand Ambassador...

It is always inspiring to hear the personal stories of veterans in their field. It was both endearing and motivating The post Caroline Wozniacki, Betadines Brand Ambassador,at Dubai Ladies Club appeared first on Buzzingtales. read more »

Beach Tennis

Jan 31 Dom Gratuito Praia de Carcavelos Carcavelos   O Beach Tennis é uma modalidade muito recente. Jogada com raquetes e bolas próprias num campo de areia de 16mx8m com uma rede a 1,70m. Muito... Isto é um resumo do Post. Veja o Post completo, e mais, no Blog sportALL ( read more »

What do you know about the history of sport in ...

Its a little-known fact that the first football match that I went to see was a friendly between Japan and Nigeria at the St Marys stadium in Southampton. Im not a huge football fan and the weather was bleak (torrential rain), but the atmosphere was electric. The fans were incredibly friendly and also lived up [] read more »

TradeSharkTennis Trading. Make money on Betfair...

Learn how to trade tennis on Betfair. Beginners strategy included along with tutorial videos. Also includes exit strategies, several trading strategies, all with a video showing the strategy being used. Unlimited email support and daily match picks and tips. BETFAIR TENNIS TRADING GUIDE FOR BEGINNERS.BETFAIR EXCHANGE TUTORIAL VIDEOS. EMAIL SUPPORT.DAILY MATCH TIPS AND ADVICE.TENNIS BETTING.TIPS.TENNIS TIPS.TRADING ADVICE.DAILY MATCH TIPS read more »

HEAD presenta la nuova serie di racchette Graph...

AUMENTARE LO SPIN NON E' MAI STATO COSÌ FACILE HEAD PRESENTA LA NUOVA SERIEDIRACCHETTE GRAPHENE XT EXTREME D'ora in poi lo stile di gioco moderno e aggressivo conquisterà i campi da tennis grazie a un'arma perfetta. HEAD lancia la serie di racchetteGRAPHENE XT EXTREMEche abbinaspine potenza in un unico strumento invincibile. Raccomandata daRichardGasquet, questa nuova serie è dotata dell'innovativa tecnologiaGrapheneXT che migliora la distribuzione della massa nei punti più strategici della racchetta p... read more »

Monday Morning Motivation: Novak Djokovic

Ok, so Wimbledon may be over, but how about some Novak Djokovic for some Monday morning motivation: You can watch the full set of three films here: read more »

Tennis & Friends Mater special edition - Intern...

TENNIS FRIENDS agli Internazionali BNL d’Italia Sabato 16 Maggio dalle ore 10.00 alle 18.00Vip in campo per Ipertensione, Sport, Alimentazione.CHECK UP GRATUITI PER TUTTI Roma – Al via Sabato 16 Maggio 2015, dalle ore 10.00 alle ore 18.00, la terza edizione di Tennis Friends Master Special Edition, evento che unisce sport e prevenzione, in collaborazione con il Policlinico Agostino Gemelli, presente con i suoi specialisti, Federazione Italiana Tennis e Coni. Una edizione speciale che si svolge dura... read more »

Global-Tennispartner – DIE Tennis App

Ein weltweit erfolgreiches Start-Up geht in die nächste Runde. read more »

HEAD lancia le nuove corde ibride GRAVITY

HEAD lancia le nuove corde ibride GRAVITY™per un controllo perfetto e massimo spinKennelbach / Austria, gennaio 2015 In ogni partita di tennis ogni singolo colpo può cambiare il risultato finale e ogni millimetro può fare la differenza tra vittoria e sconfitta. Per questo è fondamentale avere il massimo controllo in ogni colpo. Con il lancio di GRAVITY™, HEAD propone una corda completamente nuova che garantisce massimo spin e controllo perfetto della traiettoria. Il segreto delle corde ibride GRAVITY... read more »

Maria Sharapova e di Tomas Berdych lanciano la ...

AUMENTA LA FORZA DEL TUO GIOCOHEAD lancia l’innovativa linea di racchette Graphene XT Instinct Più forte, più selvaggia e con un look incredibile: la nuova linea di racchette HEAD Graphene XT Instinct, raccomandata dalle stelle HEAD Maria Sharapova e Tomáš Berdych, fa il suo ingresso sui campi da tennis con un design innovativo e una tecnologia rivoluzionaria per giocare colpi ancora più forti. L'attraente combinazione tra le diverse nuance di blu e corallo conquisterà gli sguardi prima ancora di ave... read more »

Building A Solid Game Plan

With the last two post, I hope I got you thinking about what you need to be focused on going into 2015 to have great year, with this one, lets get you to develop a solid game plan for your Continue reading read more »

Tennis Coach Talk

Im writing this post early because I have a bootcamp to go to tomorrow and I wont be able to touch base with you guys. Today I would like to talk about some of the talk that has been going Continue reading read more »

Developing Mental Strength

Success in tennis and life, is going to require that you develop the mental strength to be able to push through when you are facing adversity, this is why I encourage you to raise your personal vibration. Look at your Continue reading read more »

US Open 2014 Summary

Congrats to Cilic on his first Grand Slam title and a big ups to Kei on making it to his first GS Final. This years US Open was an eye opener, it was the first time that the BIG 4 Continue reading read more »

Message For Monfils

Congrats  to you on your win over Dimitrov, but its about time for you to start acting like the World Class Tennis Player you are, because  you see, you have to start acting like a Champion first on court, if Continue reading read more »

Anger Management

This is the biggest problem facing coaches and players,the question is how do you deal with anger? I think it is a life long challenge and you will never get completely over it, so except it and try to mange Continue reading read more »

Your Mental Blueprint

All tennis players carry around this mental blueprint of their tennis game, and until they change this image, they will continue to struggle. This self-image of your game, can be very strong, because it imprints itself on a subconscious level, Continue reading read more »

9 Tennis Tips For Better Tennis

Its all about getting  positive results from your game, here are 9 quick tennis tips that will have you playing better tennis in weeks if you focus on them, then after you get that winning feeling, keep working to improve Continue reading read more »

Relaxation Techniques

No player can perform at their best while feeling tense in matchplay, but yet few player know how to relax on court. Think back to when you hit that perfect shot and you werent even trying during practice. Its because Continue reading read more »

How To Become a Better Defender

The better you can learn to  defend on court, the more pressure you can create for your opponents, because players hate to play great defenders, me included. There are a fews things you  can start working on that will make Continue reading read more »

Arriva il Teqball, il calcio su tavolo!

(di Mirko De Frassine) Arriva il Teqball, il calcio su tavolo! Arriva un nuovo sport che fa del ping pong e del calcio un connubio eccellente per il divertimento e gli spazi ridotti. Si chiama Teqball e si gioca in 2 on o in 4! La vera novità rispetto al tradizionale calcio tennis è [hellip The post Arriva il Teqball, il calcio su tavolo! appeared first on Dammilvia - news, interviste, video e tanto altro. read more »

Knowing You Are Going to Win!

Just imagine going into your next match, knowing you were going to win it, like having no doubt about your chances! No, you just know you are going to take this match. This type a confidence, is the highest level Continue reading read more »

My Tennis Diary

Quick update on Madrid, Wawrinka is out  and I hope we can start seeing some more consistent tennis from this guy, but Nishikori is looking like Nishikori has been looking for the last few months, which is SOLID. Also,congrats to Continue reading read more »

Something for Your Tennis Game

Its 1:30 pm here in Kobe, just ate lunch and needed to get this statement  to you, if  coaches want to really start developing some champions for the future, they have to start planting the  mental seeds today in their Continue reading read more »

Your Tennis Declaration

Make your own tennis declarations today and affirm them to yourself daily, you can also keep adding declarations, but remember, get in a relax state of mind first and then say them with conviction. Also, say them in present tense Continue reading read more »

Teaching The Serve(Tennis)

Teaching the serve, can be challenging to many coaches, it took me a while to figure out the best way to teach it, which is show them and then have them mimic you, by keeping it simple, your students will Continue reading read more »

Change the Theme

Its Golden Week in Japan, so things are slow,Im getting ready to go to my parents-in-laws home for a few days, hope you guys are feeling my new theme and I wanted to give  a mental tennis tip for you Continue reading read more »

Free Tennis Coaching Tips

If you want to get more out of your  junior players, then you are going to have to earn their respect, use this recruiting method to find players that match your coaching style. Used the first meeting to see if it a good fit for your personality and coaching style, remember though, never start coaching [...] read more »

Trust Your Tennis Game

Players run into problem in their matches, because they dont trust their tennis game enough, doesnt make any sense too, think about it, if you get the practice work in and prepare for your matches as best you can, there is nothing to worry about, is there? Trusting your tennis game is staying with the [...] read more »

Stan Wawrinka, “Talk to me”.

Here is a guy that I had picked and I know you did too, to do some big things after taking the Australian Open, and frankly Im still scratching my head after watching some of his matches, because I dont know what happen to his mental game. He had some back issues in the last [...] read more »

Tennis Tip of the Week

The tennis  tip for this week is to raise your energy level, the amount of energy that you bring to practice, will ultimately determine what you get out of it, for this week, bring the passion. Guys understand that you are attracting things to your game unconsciously, by the level of energy you are vibrating [...] read more »

Force The Action(Matchplay 101)

Try to force your opponent into more errors your next match, instead of trying to hit out right winners! My coach use to preach this to me, and now I preach it to my students, you dont need to hit a winner every time to win the point, just force your opponents into more errors, [...] read more »

Staying Calm in Matches

I know a lot of your have problems dealing with your nerves in  tennis matches, being able to stay calm when you are under pressure, takes you getting into a mental state of total self- control over your game. Todays quick tip is going to have you at ease on those big points and in [...] read more »

IYFT Tip of the Month

If you could centralize your thoughts on one match, so deeply into your subconscious mind, you can make it happen in reality. As competitive players, we are continually playing out, the images that we have in our minds. Read that again and stop and think about that for a moment please, then stop making excuses [...] read more »

Growing Your Vision

The majority of tennis players go through their whole career, without ever reaching their full potential, because they never grow their vision for what they can do with their game, if they would only change the picture of how they see themselves as a player. If players could just see themselves always playing at their [...] read more »

Novak Crushes Nadal

Novak just took it to Nadal today and he showed us how you have to play against him, which is jump all over him at the start of the match and pour it on non-stop, before he knows what has hit him. Nadal is a slow starter, that likes to work his way into a [...] read more »

Tennis In Miami

Watching Nishikori and Ferrer go at it like WARRIORS now and I wanted to write this quick post for you between sets, if you want to start to win more matches soon, play congruent with the pros and what they are bringing to the table with their matchplay toughness and your matchplay should transform in 21 [...] read more »

2014 Indian Wells Final

I know Im a day short here, but I wanted to give you my two cent on the match and how it unfolded. It was Federer jumping out to a lead and Novak clawing his way back, then it was Novak who got tight and couldnt serve it out, but the match finish with a [...] read more »

Growing Your Tennis Mental Game

The one thing about your willpower is, the more you develop it and use it, the more it grows for you and your game.  I think we can honestly say after we study and do research on mental toughness,that this faculty is under used and under appreciated by players, its like Colliers said in his [...] read more »

Facial Expressions

Your attitude is going to effect your facial expressions on court and give your power away if they are not used properly, but you can send a message of confidence and assurance by using your facial expressions. Just look at the facial expressions of people on the street. Study the face and you study the [...] read more »

Heavy Handed

When tension and nerves set in for players they can tend to get a little heavy handed with their strokes, meaning they hold the racket too tight or they FEEL as though their racket weighs a ton, because their nerves are shot from the pressure they are feeling. Players need to know that they can [...] read more »

Having The Perfect Workout(in tennis)

I read this yesterday Concentration comes from paying attention to a chosen thought! When you are working out the next time, pay attention to your timing, keep trying to adjust your swing to get better leverage on your strokes, you should be using your workouts to help you smooth out your  tennis game. Tennis players [...] read more »

The Mental Principal in Tennis

The mental principal in tennis is, you attract what you think about to your game most of the time, so whatever picture or fear that you have that may happen to your game, will happen if you think about it all the time. I was explaining this to one of my adult students the other [...] read more »

Smart Tennis

Yesterday was spent watching matches all day, over here it can really get boring at times, but the more you watch them, the more you learn that all players are suffering from lack of mental toughness. There really is no way of getting around this epidemic that is happening with junior players. Smart tennis, is [...] read more »

Tennis Training Techniques

Today Im going to teach you the best way to train before you start your workouts, its simple and effective, I would suggest you do this for a month to get the best results for your game. Practice your shadow swings in slow motion,I talked about this before and today I added a video to [...] read more »

Private Tennis Lesson Online

How tenacious do you hold on to the vision that you have for your game? Are you letting others determine your possibilities as a player? If you havent reach your full potential as a  tennis player yet, then we know the answer to those two key questions dont we? IYFT says, Whatever you focus [...] read more »

Spain Wins Davis Cup for the Fifth Time

After a long drought for Rafael Nadal, it was quite nice to see him help the Spanish Armada - together with Feliciano Lopez, David Ferrer, Fernando Verdasco, Marcel Granollers, and team coach Albert Costa - win the Davis Cup for Spain against Argentina. Below is the video of him against one of his bffs Pico Monaco on the first day of Davis Cup, which of course he won. It was great to see him play so passionately again...the past matches have been plagued with illness and the likes and I am always gutt... read more »

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