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Recent blog posts on Tattoos

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My Finished Tattoo & Tattoo Aftercare

I am SO pleased with how my tattoo came out. The line work and shading are just beautiful, and my artist really captured what I wanted in this design. In retrospect, a GREAT first tattoo experience. I left immediately wanting another one. Now, I've come to discuss something very important: tattoo aftercare. How you care for your tattoo while it's healing can determine if it comes out blotchy, uneven, and faded or as good as new. Considering you'll have it on your body forever, you want to keep it in the... read more »

Hip Hop Tattoos And Their Meanings … Do You Kno...

Today, you hardly see a musician without a tattoo. The trend has grown so big, from few tattoos on parts of the body to tattoos all over the body; we shall take a look at some of the Hip Hop tattoos that have emerged in recent years. Some get tattoos on their bodies for fun, read more »

Tattoos and Indecisiveness Do Not Mix

Back in my younger days, I had a small rebellious streak. I do mean very small. As a suburban youth, it is your duty to rebel against every rule your parents have put into place. I was not the most ambitious of suburban youths, though, so while many of my classmates were out carousing and [] read more »

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