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I managed a sprint tri in the space of a week

I really thought that I was going to get back into a routine of work, training and blogging with M starting nursery but three weeks in and her attendance is 25% 😦 The poor thing has picked up every illness going and shared it with the household, so Ive not had a lot of free [] read more »

Swimming Pool, South Horizons

One of Swimming Pool is at beside Garden of roadside and seaside, South Horizons, South Island District, Hong Kong. read more »

First run after returning to work

Its hard to believe that my maternity leave is over and that Im back at work. Im now working a compressed week (8-6pm, Monday-Thursday), which means that Ill still have some free time during daylight hours when Ill be able to cycle/run. Im also intending to make use of my lunch breaks to do some [] read more »

parkrunning Down Under

As soon as we had booked our flights to Australia, I got online to check out where the nearest parkruns were. I found that there was a parkrun at Gosling Creek in Orange, just a couple of miles away from where my brother lives and that just two weeks before we were due to arrive [] read more »

Monday Morning Motivation: Why not now?

I love this video about an amazing woman who took up swimming as an adult please do spend 3 minutes watching it. Why Not Now: Vivian Stancil from Riley Hooper on Vimeo. If youd like to read more, have a look at this article: Doctors weight-loss order pushed her into the pool; now shes [] read more »

Swim the triangle, run the prom

This week Ive been down in Cornwall visiting my mum for her birthday. There are loads of events on this weekend (including Lordshill 10k and Southampton City Ride), but I had intended to do St Ives Biathlon. This is a race that involves running and swimming, not skiing and shooting. Its a 2km run then [] read more »

Back on it – a weekly round-up

Hello again! I feel like Im finally getting back on top of things, so heres a round-up of my week Saturday Volunteering at parkrun For the second week in a row, I was a volunteer at parkrun this time as a Run Director. Because of building works, were currently on an alternative route [] read more »

Swimming with a legend

As you may know, Im currently training for Swimathon, which is going to be a massive challenge for me. Ive not been swimming as much as I used to because its a logistical challenge with Baby M, so when I was offered the chance to have a swimming lesson with Duncan Goodhew, the President of [] read more »

Have you entered Swimathon 2017?

Ill be posting a lot about Swimathon in the next few weeks as Im thinking about it a lot. Ill be completing my 5k swim at The Quays in Southampton on 07/04/17 (I hope), although Im a little worried about just how long that will take. (Its 200 lengths! Ive swum 5k before, but it [] read more »

What Valentine’s Day means to triathletes…

There are several challenges for non-triathletes who are dating triathletes The first challenge is buying the right gift. Typical Valentines gifts include: underwear shoes Then of course, there are the activities. Youre thinking you might need some lube to get your pulse racing, whereas we want a HRM (or some body glide)! Anyway, theres no [] read more »

What I’ve been doing

Busy, busy, busy! Im still managing to exercise, but its so difficult for me to find time to blog, which is very frustrating. I thought Id do a quick summary of what Ive been up to recently Sunday 22nd January No running for me today. Stuart, baby M and I headed out into the New [] read more »

Still waiting

Well, Im still hanging on waiting for mini me to arrive, but she seems to be as stubborn as Stuart/determined as me! Ive eaten plenty of spicy food, but theres a limit to how much curry/fajitas/chilli I can take! Ive also eaten a lot of fresh pineapple, but apparently pregnant women need to eat at [] read more »

Monday Morning Motivation – Meet Non Stanford’s...

Triathlon is one of the most physically demanding sports in the world. Mastering three disciplines simultaneously puts an immense amount of pressure on an athlete’s body. After a string of injuries forced Non Stanford to take a break from her sport in 2008, it was the mental strain of starting all over again that challenged [] read more »

Did you get a place in London Marathon?

I had to go out and run some errands today, but as my hybrid is currently stuck behind a couple of old sofas in my garage, I had the choice of driving or walking. The devil on my shoulder said that it was cold and Id enjoy singing along to music in my car, but [] read more »

Planning for 2017 and SUTRI aquathlon

After feeling too tired to run on Monday, I arranged to meet my running buddy on Tuesday but fate conspired against me and I didnt make it, so I was pleased when Teri said that she could run on Wednesday. I drove over to The Common and did a gentle warm up whilst waiting for [] read more »

What are your favourite goggles?

Id really hoped to go running with a friend yesterday afternoon, but after a day of rushing around and trying to get my house organised,  I felt quite tired. I still prefer to run than to swim, but I knew that I should go swimming as I havent made it to the pool much recently. [] read more »

Looking forward to the first cross country race...

Last night I managed to get myself back to swimming. It seems that there are a lot of people who really love swimming when they are pregnant, but Im finding it incredibly frustrating. I can no longer go as quickly as I can and I find that my breathing is off and my additional ballast [] read more »

Catching up

The last few weeks have been hard work, which is why I havent been blogging regularly. Its taken me a while to shake off the despondency of having my bikes stolen. Fortunately, I have my work bike back, so I can cycle to work. Weve improved the security on our garage and are seeing a [] read more »

Training with friends

After last weekends Thunder Run, I intended to take this week easy, but looking back, Ive perhaps not been as lazy as Id intended! On Monday evening, I did my usual swimming session with Southampton Tri Club. I liked the set and really enjoyed it but I wish that my swimming lane hadnt been moved [] read more »

What’s in your kit bag?

On of the aspects of triathlon that can be off-putting for beginners is the sheer amount of kit that is required as this can represent quite an outlay for many people in comparison with running, for example, which just requires a pair of trainers (and a decent sports bra for some of us). Ive been [] read more »

Staying Cool At Hurricane Alley Waterpark

One of the places my boyfriend and I visited while on vacation was Hurricane Alley waterpark located in Corpus Christi, Texas. It was hot and we wanted to go somewhere to cool off. We met some people we know. We got a cabana together. A cabana is basically a place you pay for that makes sure you have a spot to sit down and relax. Plus, you have the option of basic tv. Unless you wish to pay for a movie or channel like HBO. You also have a personal cooler. That includes one free bottle of water per ... read more »

Monday Morning Motivation – Strive

I love Stravas latest campaign: Strive Being an athlete is simple. It doesn’t matter how fast you are, how many races you win, or if you even race at all. All that really matters, all you have to do, is just be be on the road be on the trail be relentless be daring be [] read more »

This Girl Can – 18 months on

If you havent heard about the Sport England This Girl Can advertising campaign, where have you been? It has been 18 months since the campaign was launched and, in that time, Ive spent a lot of time thinking about issues facing sporty women. The main criticism of the This Girl Can campaign that Ive heard [] read more »

Long Course Weekend: Swim

This weekend, Stuart and I headed off to Tenby for the Long Course Weekend with a couple of friends, Roelie and Sergio. Originally, I intended to train for the full weekend as a precursor to doing my first Ironman next year. Ive swim the distance before and have completed 5 marathons, but Ive only cycled [] read more »

Swimming and running… and not a lot of cycling

The last couple of weeks have been tough. Ive been busy at work and busy at home, which hasnt given me a lot of downtime. Ive managed to make the last couple of Monday night swims with Southampton Tri Club and am quite pleased that I can still sprint 25m, but my speed over longer [] read more »

Miles of Smiles

The last couple of weeks have been quite busy. Last Monday, I went to STC swimming training as usual. There were quite a lot of us in the session and we had some long sets to swim. Ive not done enough swimming this year and Im finding it quite challenging, but I managed to get [] read more »

Monday Morning Motivation – Bring it on!

For those of us who arent hardy enough to swim all year round, its almost open water swimming season are you ready for it? read more »

Monday Morning Motivation – Marilyn Bell

Marilyn Grace Bell Di Lascio is a retired Canadian long distance swimmer. She was the first person to swim across Lake Ontario in 1954 and (at the time of completion in 1955) was the youngest person to swim the English Channel. In 1956 she swam the Strait of Juan de Fuca, before retiring from distance [] read more »

#SwoleMates: Why working out with your partner ...

I recently answered some questions for the fantastic Laura Farman-Williams, founder of Girls Gone Sporty, and was really excited to end up in her finished article about the benefits of training with your partner. Id strongly recommend that you check out the article: #SwoleMates: Why working out with your partner is the best thing ever [] read more »

My fifteen minutes

Ive found myself in the media not once, but twice this week. First up was a discreet image from the lovely new Embrace Sports website this is the company that Stuart and I use when we want to go on a training holiday. I was browsing the site and dreaming of a lovely holiday [] read more »

Workout Wednesday – Splish splash

Sometimes you cant be graceful and successful at the same time some more wise words from Zach Anner. Remember: the best swimmers are the ones who just keep swimming and are the most determined read more »

Monday Morning Motivation – I love my body

One of the (many) reasons why I never learned to swim as a teenager was because of hang ups about my body. If I could go back in time, Id tell myself that unless I exercised, Id be stuck with the body I hated forever. Id also tell myself that there isnt a significant correlation [] read more »

Friday Five – Five things I remember about PE a...

This weeks Friday Five is 5 things I remember about Physical Education classes at school. 1. The PE kit I went to an independent girls school, so we had a truly hideous PE kit yellow aertex t-shirts with brown PE knickers urgh. To make matters worse, we had to store our PE kits [] read more »

Back to work and back to training

So who was keen to go back to work today? My lounge feels so big now that the Christmas decorations have gone, but the horrendous weather here means that I wasnt looking forward to getting on my bike this morning. I spent yesterday afternoon out on my slippery flat roof with a broom and a [] read more »

My 2015 race/event awards

This year has been hectic. Ive taken part in a wider range of events than in any previous year. Ive completed single and multisport events and gone further and faster than previously. I even won a race! Without further ado, here are my 2015 race awards drum roll, please Most Scenic Course The runner-up in [] read more »

So much SOAS kit!

Im so excited that Christmas is almost here I only got one day left at work before my holiday begins :-D Its going to be an unusual Christmas for me this year. Its my first one in my new home and my mum is on the other side of the world holidaying with my [] read more »

Revisiting my goals for 2015

At the end of December 2014, I set out my goals for 2015, so I thought it was time for me to revisit them. Goal 1: I am going to eat healthy food for 20/21 meals and assess my progress at the end of 100 days (14th April). I hope that I will lose 14lbs [] read more »

Swim, run, bike – my weekend in that order

The weekend didnt get off to a great start. I felt exhausted by Friday evening, but Stuart had booked for us to go for a swimming assessment, so I had to find some motivation. We arrived at the pool early and I got organised before heading poolside. Rachel was being filmed first, so I had [] read more »

Planning for 2016 and some new kit

There are so many exciting things happening in the next two weeks that Im going to have to work hard to find enough time for blogging. Exciting thing number one is a new training location taking shape there will be a sneaky glimpse next week, but youll have to keep following if you want [] read more »

Another hectic week

It feels like all of my posts start with an excuse about how busy my week has been, and this week is no exception. Hopefully, I will have more time for blogging in a months time when the season winds down. Although if Ironman were to have their way, Id be entering another couple of [] read more »

Scilly Swim Challenge – the big day!

We’d got everything ready the night before, so just needed to get dressed and eat breakfast. I opted for porridge with protein powder (as usual), and a bottle of Osmo preload (kindly provided by ProBikeKit). The night before, Roelie and I had drunk a bottle each of Osmo preload hydration in pineapple margarita flavour. I [] read more »

Health & Fitness Update (Playing Catch-up Part 2)

Another week and I'm playing catch-up. As you can tell my blog posts are still few and far between. This is mainly because I'm so active at the moment, I haven't been on any fabulous holidays, the summer holidays do not mean I have time off with the kids (because I haven't got any), yet I find myself distracted and busy, but in a good way.My life is either work or the gym with walking to and from in-between. Now I usually go to the gym every other day and with swimming in-between or after, I haven't done... read more »


Well, the adventure has a started :-) Its been a hectic couple of weeks. Ive been busy trying to get everything ready for work as its the start of the academic year, whilst also preparing for two conferences, and also getting stressed about the Big Swim. Disaster has also struck I first bought a MacBook [] read more »

When in doubt, shop…

Yesterday evening I went to a different swimming session run by my tri club. I arrived a little early and couldnt see anyone around, so I mentioned to the receptionist that I had arrived for the tri club swim. He told me that no-one else was there yet, and then directed me to the changing [] read more »

Salty Sea Dog Long Swim 3.8k

After getting up early to watch the Salty Sea Dog Triathlon and then doing a reasonably quick parkrun, I was feeling a little hungry by the time we had to get ready for the Salty Sea Dog Long Swim, but there was too much to do for me to think about eating. I went to [] read more »

Health & Fitness Update (Playing Catch-up)

Well it has been quite some time since I posted a health and fitness update. There has been a lot of upheaval in my life but it is all okay now. Everything is once again more positive. I'm happy to say that even though I haven't been updating my blog I have been super busy and super active.I'll start with what hasn't changed much, the food. I still have a standard pattern, I eat a little more as I'm doing more activity but in general I'm happy. I eat everything I like in moderation although I can be a li... read more »


Hola chicas!! otro día mas os traigo un look de los mas veraniego,a pesar de que han bajado las temperaturas,esta prenda vamos a seguir teniéndola en los armarios hasta finales de verano. Se trata de un bañador en color azul cobalto y un estampado tropical en tonos azules. Tiene escote corazón y al llevar dos partes diferenciadas creo un efecto de braga de tiro alto. Es un bañador muy favorecedor sobre todo por el color que destaca muchisimo el bronceado. Aquí os dejo las fotos,espero que os gusten. ... read more »


Buenos días chicas!! ya estoy de vuelta otra vez y os traigo un look de lo mas veraniego,nunca mejor dicho,se trata de un bikini,ensencial para esta época del año. El bikini que os muestro me encanto por su diseño tan romántico y cómodo sobre todo,la parte de arriba es en forma de lazo con ondas alrededor y lo que mas me gusta es el estilo "bandeau" que lo hace perfecto para evitar la marca del tirante,la parte de abajo es anchita pero brasileña y al igual que la parte de arriba con ondas alrededor,el t... read more »

Tiring training weekend

On Thursday evening, I was excited about trying out my new wetsuit at Lakeside. However, a series of minor disasters (including leaving my phone at work and finding that the building code wouldnt let me in) meant that I almost didnt make it. By the time I arrived at the lake at 7pm, it was [] read more »

St. Michael’s Mount Swim

Back in January, Stuart and I signed up for a 2.5km swim around St. Michaels Mount in aid of the Chestnut Appeal, a local cancer charity. We thought it would be a good step towards the Scilly Swim Challenge and also an opportunity to go home to Cornwall for the weekend. We chose this event [] read more »

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