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Swatch dos Esmaltes Avon Color Trend Arrase na ...

Oie! Tudo bem? Além das novas cores de batons a Avon lançou 5 novas cores de esmaltes para a linha Color Trend:Arrase na Pista, É Hoje, Esquenta pra Festa, Noite Toda e Pose pro Selfie, que possuem acabamentos cremosos ou cintilantes para serem destaque em qualquer look #sejoganafolia. Segue os nomes das novas cores de esmaltes da linha Color Trend e seus acabamentos: - Arrase na Pista - verde cintilante - É Hoje - vermelho coral cremoso - Esquenta pra Festa -laranja cintilante - Noite Toda - pi... read more »

Glazel Visage eyeshadows | Swatches & Review

Buna fetelor !In primul rand vreau sa va urez un calduros LA MULTI ANI !! Un 2016 mai bun decat cel care a trecut ! Un an plin cu bucurii, cu reusite si cu dorinte implinite !Prima postare pe 2016 va fi tot un review, asa cum v-am obisnuit, al unor farduri care imi plac foarte mult. Nu nu sunt Melkior, nu sunt Inglot... Sunt de la Glazel Visage, un brand recent aparut la noi si pe care il gasiti pe Make-up Shop .Ca sa va faceti o idee va las cateva preturi ale produselor :-farduri de ochi rezerv... read more »

Just cosmetics make-up di tendenza

Oggi vi parlo di Just cosmetics giovane brand che arriva dall'Austria che offre una vasta gamma di cosmesi di tendenza con texture innovative, buon prezzo e confezioni alla moda. Troverete una vasta gamma di prodotti make-up per le unghie, labbra, occhi e viso e ogni tre mesi una Limited Edition per le ultime innovazioni di tendenza. Cheek glow blusher - 050 Peony Blusher color pesca, un colore molto bello e naturale. Formato piccola paletta richiudibile da 5g Pao 24m Magic chrome eye color - 05... read more »

Ever Glaze Case of the Mondaze swatch and review

Hello there, sunray!Today I'd like to share with you some thoughts I have about a new (for Italy) product made by China Glaze. It's a bran new line of nail polishes called Ever Glaze. I purchased three bottle last Friday at the italian China Glaza retailler and these are my honest impressions about this new product.As usual, I've chosen three shades (light blue, blue and purple) and three different finishes (crelly, crème and metallic). I'd like to start from the shiny cobalt blue you have seen in the pr... read more »

Tutorial Nail art fucsian per unghie corte

Nuovo tutorial, semplice e veloce andato anche per unghie corte, i colori che o scelto sono il fucsia e l'arancio opaco. Questa nail art e realizzata con due smalti di Just Cosmetics dai colori molto estivi, accessi e vivaci. Vi basta pochi minuti per realizzarla, perche gli smalti, fortunatamente, si asciugano velocemente. Come prima cosa applicare una mano di base. Successivamente applicare il fucsina ( io ho applicato il n°170 Be Graceful di Just Cosmetics). Fare asciugare lo smalto per qualche mi... read more »

Tutorial Nail art fucsia per unghie corte

Nuovo tutorial, semplice e veloce andato anche per unghie corte, i colori che o scelto sono il fucsia e l'arancio opaco. Questa nail art e realizzata con due smalti di Just Cosmetics dai colori molto estivi, accessi e vivaci. Vi basta pochi minuti per realizzarla, perche gli smalti, fortunatamente, si asciugano velocemente. Come prima cosa applicare una mano di base. Successivamente applicare il fucsina ( io ho applicato il n°170 Be Graceful di Just Cosmetics). Fare asciugare lo smalto per qualche mi... read more »

Claire's Ibiza

Hi everyone!I'm carring on with sharing neon shades with you. Yup, I need to cheer me up (yesterday we have watched Studio Ghibli's "When Marnie was there", and I've cried my heart out!), but I'd like to show you as much neon as possible before August ends. So, keep calm and put your sunglasses on! Ciao a tutti!Prosegue la mia maratona neon, ché qui c'è bisogno di tirarci su il morale (ho visto ieri sera il film "Quando c'era Marnie" dello Studio Ghibli e sul finale ho pianto a dirotto. Oggi è l'ultimo ... read more »

China Glaze In the Lime Light

Hi everyone!Yesterday I've hitten my little toe into a wooden boiserie, and guess who takes a beating?My mood today is not shining and sparkling as usual, so to cheer me up, I want to share alovely neon with you, China Glaze In the Lime Light. I've used for painting the leaves of my neon roses manicure. Today I'm going to show you alone on my nails (over a white underwear, of course!).Ready?GO!! Ciao a tutti dalla vostra zoppetta!Ieri ho urtato il mignolo del piede contro una boiserie di legno massiccio... read more »

One to rule them all: Givenchy's Le Rouge-à-Porter

Media Launch So when I recieved the invite be one of the first few to preview the launch ofGivenchy's Le Rouge-à-Porter lipstick, I was nothing short of hyperventilating. Apart from being my favourite brand of all time, their Le Rouge range is legendary with its luxe shades and lasting power. So how would theGivenchy Le Rouge-à-Porter fare? Loved the entire guerrilla set up of launch; held in the I of course had to make a bee-line towards its legendary predecessor, theGivenchy's Le Rouge! Also in at... read more »

P2 Cosmetic Satin Supreme 060 Queenly Rose

Happy Sunday!My holidays are running out, but no panic and let's take a look at the third nail polish from P2 Cosmetics I've swatched for you!It's a pink frost from the Satin Supreme line, called Queenly Rose. Buona domenica a tutti!Le mie vacanze stanno finendo, ma non pensiamo alle cose brutte e diamo un'occhiata al terzo smalto P2 Cosmetics che ho in serbo per voi. È un frost rosa che fa parte della linea Satin Supreme e si chiama Queenly Rose. P2 Cosmetic Satin Supreme 060 Queenly Rose is a pink ... read more »

[Holothon 2015] Astra Glitter Party 01

Hi, mates!Today I've a short post for you. My pc is almost dead, so I can't show you more than one, single photo.Anyway, Astra Glitter Party 03 is a deep blue based scattered holo. You could see two coats over my usual base coat, and one drop of top coat, to enhance the deepness of this lovely nail polish.Do you like it?I bet you do!Don't forget to take a look at my mates' picks, I'm pretty sure they have chosen gorgeous holos!Thanks for stopping by and have a nice week end! Ciao a tutti!Post superveloc... read more »

P2 Volume Gloss 021 Young Miss

Happy Sunday, ladies!I've shortened my claws because a bad, bad, bad break. I've managed some post with my long nails, so you could find both lenght on the blog for the next few days.Today I have another P2 nail polishes to shoare with you. It's a mauve crème called Young Miss from the Volume Gloss. Let's take a look. Buona domenica!Essì, ho accorciato ancora una volta gli artigli, a causa di un brutta, brutta, brutta rottura. Ho già programmato alcuni post con le unghie lunghe, quindi per qualche perio... read more »

essence LE ¡Arriba! #01 hola, guapa

Happy Saturday, mates!Today is mid-August holiday and this is the first scheduled post I've managed before taking a stand by period from blogging. Don't worry about it, I'll be AFK just for ten days. As I said earlier, you could find some nice posts here on Chez Francine. I don't leave you alone, I just want have some fun doing something else with my hubby and family.Today I want to share with you something amazing. I've bought a pink nail polish I'm not a pink lady, but I like this baby pink (very 80's!... read more »

[HOLOTHON 2015] Peggy Sage Holo Style #202 Holo...

Happy Friday, ladies!Summer holidays are around the corner and I can't wait until the countdown was over. I'll be AFK for one week at least, but no panic! I've scheduled some posts and you could easily read them under the beach umbrella, sipping your favoured drink (mine is iced tea, FYI).The Holothon post is about an holo-top coat, this time. Oh, they said this actually IS a silver holo, but it is not. Trust me, even if I'm not a doctor. Finalmente è venerdì!Le vacanze estive sono dietro l'angolo e non... read more »

P2 Cosmetics Color Victim 691 Can't Get Enough

Happy Sunday mates!A couple of week ago I've received an e-mail from P2 Cosmetic and you could easily imagine how happy I waswhen I got asked to try Ps2 Cosmetics nails products.I accepted very gladly,because I like P2 Cosmetics nail polishes since my trip in Berlin, four years ago. Today I would like to introduce to you the first one product that P2 Cosmetics has sent to me, a nice crimson crème from Color Victim line called Can't Get Enough. Buona domenica a tutti!Un paio di settimane fa ho ricevuto u... read more »

[HOLOTHON 2015] ILNP Summer Stargazing

Happy Friday, Ladies!In the past few days I rediscovered Guns'N'Roses songs and I'm still singing their greatest hits such Don't Cry and Paradise City. I'm pretty sure my neighbours are thinking I'm gonna crazy for the heatwave, but who cares? I sing in tune, at least!Today's holo is related to an italian legend about Saint Lawrence martyrdom. Because he was burned under Valerianus persecution, in August 10th 258 AD, the meteor shower of Perseids we can see in the sky in these days are Saint Lawrence tea... read more »

China Glaze Celtic Sun

Happy August!Last night the Blue Moon has shone up in the sky. Did you have had a beautiful Midsummer Night's Dream? I hope so!Today I want to share with you a summer shade, a bright neon yellow that reminds me a swimsuit I had when I was a teenager (AGES ago). Yup, I loved very very very shocking shades! Siamo già ad Agosto, e l'estate è arrivata a metà in un battito di ciglia. Avete fatto bei sogni, stanotte, magari illuminati dalla Tredicesima Luna?Oggi vorrei mostrarvi un colore che più estivo non s... read more »

[Holothon 2015] Catherine Arley Holographic 806

I have a big crush for silver holo nail polishes, but I have other colors too! Today I want to show you an orange base scattered holo, perfect for workdays:Catherine Arley Holographic 806. Vado matta per gli olografici argento, ma vi garantisco che ne ho anche di altri colori! Tipo questo ad effetto diffuso, color arancio, perfetto per l'ufficio: Catherine Arley Holographic 806. Catherine Arley Holographic 806 is a rusty orange scattered holo. Nice formula and very fast drying time, I bought this baby ... read more »

P2 Cosmetics into Lace LE #020 Lust

I like buying nail polishes during my trip around the world. Yup, instead boule-de-neige or typical (and cheap) souvenir you could find everywhere, I purchased them!I discovered P2 Cosmetics when I visited Berlin, in May 2011 (I love dm and Ihr Platz!). I purchased a pair of bottles, this is the first one I want to show you. It's Lust and it comes from a 2011 spring LE called into Lace. Che tipo di souvenir comprerà mai una smaltara? Boccette di smalto, ovvio, ché alcune marche non arrivano mica qui da ... read more »

[Holothon 2015] Color Club Angel Kiss

I'm pretty sure someone left the gate to Muspellehim open in the last few weeks. Now, it seems closed again and I hope it stands closed for ages.Today's holographic is a spectacular linear from Color Club halo Hues collection. It's called Angel Kiss. I never has been kissed by an angel (may I consider a dream about kissing Slash?), but I know I would see these lights... Sono sicura che il caldo assurdo delle ultime settimane sia colpa del solito buontempone che ha fatto un viaggetto a Muspellehim e s'è ... read more »

P2 Cosmetics Sand Style 100 Precious Swatch and...

That thing's happened. Yesterday I've gone to my hairdresser to shorten my hair (I've a huge and massive multitude of fine hair , FIY) and to fix my color. The color went palest than usual («It's summer, afterall!», she tweeted) and my layered hairdo is not what I's looking for. Today I'm pretty pissed off, 'cause I have a huge dry twig instead my hair. Let's talking about nail polish, 'cause I need to cheer up my mood. È successa quella cosa.Ieri sono andata dal parrucchiere per accorciare i capelli (h... read more »

Swatch: Coleção "O Eterno Coringa" de Esmaltes ...

Oi meninas! Tudo bem com vocês? Eu adoro um pretinho básico nas unhas e aEsmaltes Juliana Paes lança aColeção "O Eterno Coringa"com 4 cores de esmaltes pretos com distintos acabamentos para nossa alegria. Qual será o esmalte de hoje? Não sei, Escolhe Você, Qualquer Um e Tanto Faz. Pode parecer indecisão, mas são os pretinhos nada básicos da coleção "O Eterno Coringa" dos Esmaltes Juliana Paes. Os nomes dos esmaltes foram baseados nas frases que as mulheres dizem no salão quando não sabem que cores uti... read more »

[Holothon 2015] Layla Hologram Effect #08 Flash...

Last Monday I got sick, and I'm asking you: is there something worst? Of course there is it, I know, but I think it's unfair get a cold near my birthday!Anyway, today I'm feeling better, so I'm back for Holothon with a very short post, just to share with you a lovely linear holo: Layla Hologram Effect #08 Flash Black. Prendersi un raffreddore d'estate è una seccatura micidiale. Certo, c'è di peggio, ma ammalarsi qualche giorno prima del proprio compleanno è davvero seccante!Ad ogni modo, siccome oggi mi... read more »

[Holothon 2015] Pupa Holographic Nail Polish #0...

Happy Friday!A very quick post today, because I'm very sad. Yesterday we have rescued an homeless kitten. She was appeared out of the blue in the garden, with a bad bad bad cold. We have took it at the veterinary clinic, but she doesn't make it through the night. I'm SO sad. I know we have had all that we could, but I'm still sorry for this loss. Buon venerdì.Post telegrafico, quello di oggi, perché la tristezza ha preso il sopravvento. Abbiamo tentato di salvare un gattino randagio apparso ieri nel gia... read more »

Flormar Matte 01 White Board

Hi mates! I'm back with a lovely nail polish I simply adore. I'm talking about Flormar Matte 01 White Board, a matte nail polish I received last summer throught my NPA friend Piola, from Piola's nail Lounge.You should know my favourite colour is white.I heared many people says it's blue or green. I would explaine that I like those shades too, but I think white is the perfect tint ever. And a matte white polish is the best tool you could choose for your nail art. Ciao a tutti! Eccomi di ritorno con uno s... read more »

[Holothon 2015] GOSH 549 Holographic Hero. A on...

My never-ending story with silver holos is still on the table. One of my strongest lemming is GOSH Holographic, since 2010 when I saw this photoat Lacquerized. It was an instant crush and I badly wanted it but it wasn't easy find Gosh Cosmetcis here in Italy and it is not possible to find Holographic in italian stores (Heavens knows why!). I was not willing to spend too much for a single bottle of discontinued nail polish, so I screamed out loud when I discovered that GOSH have re-released Holographic a ... read more »

Swatch: Coleção Luxo Impala com Venda Exclusiva...

Oi meninas! Tudo bem com vocês? Semana passada eu recebi uma #netbox com a Coleção Luxo da Impala que está sendo vendida exclusivamente na Netfarma, a coleção conta com 9 cores de esmalte e 1 base primer e o que chama atenção é a embalagem ser diferente dos demais esmaltes da marca. Os esmaltes vem nesta embalagem preta que eu achei muito bonita e minimalista, além da embalagem redonda com 9 ml de produto, esferas de aço-inox internas garantem a homogeneidade do produto e o pincel flat, com design i... read more »

P2 Cosmetics Volume Gloss #240 Royal Beauty

Hi mates, I'm alive!My first day at swimming pool (after twelve years!) has been very though and after shower I wasn't sure to be an human being, but a mythical creature half woman half jelly (or something like this). Today my body is paining for acid lattic throught my muscles and I hope I'll be fine after few lessons. Cross fingers for me, okay?Today I want to share with you one the colours I've used for the nail art I've shown you yesterday. I'm talking about P2 Cosmetics Volume Gloss #240 Royal Beaut... read more »

[ROMA] Claire's Rome

Hi there!It's nice having a bank holiday on Monday! Because today is Rome's patron saint's festival, I would like to share with you a lovely nail polish I've bought last month. I've discovered claire's shop here in Rome (inside a mall out-of-town), so I cannot stop myself to buying something. A girl has her own bare necessities! Ciao a tutti!Che bellezza quando la festa del santo patrono cade di lunedì! Acquista un sapore del tutto speciale, non credete? Oggi vi mostro uno smalto che ho preso il mese sc... read more »

[Holothon 2015] A-England Lady of the Lake

Hi, guys! How are you?Here in Rome it's pretty hot, and I'm afraid July shall be more hot.I hope there will be more sunny days than last year, because summer makes me happy and because I need natural light for take some (decent) pictures of our beloved holos! Ciao a tutti!Fa un caldo belluino qui a Roma e ho paura che andrà peggiorando sempre di più! Speriamo che Luglio sia decisamente più soleggiato dello scorso anno, ché le belle giornate mi rendono allegra (anche se fiacca) e c'è busogno del sole per... read more »

Swatch: Coleção de Inverno de Harina + Esmalte ...

Oi meninas! Tudo bem com vocês? Harina é a nova marca brasileira de esmaltes que chega pronta para atender àsnecessidades das consumidoras, que estão sempre em busca de novidades em cores e efeitos, sem abrir mão da qualidade e preço. O nome Harina foi inspirado na expressão espanhola “ser Harina de otro costal”, que traduzido livremente significa “Ser diferente de qualquer coisa a que for comparado”. Os esmaltes Harina oferecem excelente cobertura, durabilidade e secagem rápida. Inicialmente, conta as... read more »

[Holothon 2015] JADE Psicodélica

Happy Sunday, gorgeous!I'm SO happy because Summer is finally started, and we're going to spend the nicest season of the week sharing a brand new challeng to you.Holothon!Yup, every Friday we'll show you an holographic nail polish (linear, scattered or glitter holo) because Summer is such a nice season and we have to shine. Buona domenica! L'estate è finalmente qui e solo il Cielo sa quanto io abbia bisogno di sole! Per celebrare degnamente il periodo più bello dell'anno, le mie amiche ed io abbiamo dec... read more »

[Finishpedia]#24 neon: China Glaze Japanese Koi

It's Friday!Rise and shine, girls! Weekend is around the corner, hang in there just to 5 p.m. and everything shall be ok!It's the last episode of our Finishpedia and for today we have kept the most flashy finish in the world: neon!Neon is the easier finish to describe: a vibrant and bright color that dries semi-matte. Sometimes you could find a suède neon or a jelly neon, but don't panic baby. If your nail polish has a flashy shade and dries matte or semi-matte, it is a neon. E finalmente siamo arrivate... read more »

P2 Leather Matte #20 Rock Steady

Happy Wednesday, lovelies!Today I want to share with you the nail polish I have used as base for my last Birth Flowers' nail art, Roses vs Peonies(you don't have missed it, don't you?). It's a lovely coral pink from an austrian brand that finally we could find in selected OVS stores here in Italy. I'm talking about P2, and the finish I've chosen is called "Leather Matte". Buon mercoledì e in bocca al lupo a tutti i maturandi!Continua il mio periodo rosa, come vi avevo accennato nello scorso post della B... read more »

[Finishpedia]#23 Scattered Holo - Sky Kisses Ho...

Happy Sunday, mates!Today I have two nail polishes to share with you for our weekly Finishpedia. It's our 22nd post about finishes and we are going to discover the scattered holographic one.What's a scattered holo?It's the opposite of linear holo: the holo particles floating over your nails and they not create a straight raibow lines. It's like seeing a foggy day in the holo world.Because we have had a bad weather, this weekend, and because many of my mates have chosen to shareA-England'sscattered holos,... read more »

[Finishpedia]# 22 Linear Holo China Glaze OMG!

Hi, gorgeous Ladies!I'm late for our weekly Finishpedia, 'cause I forgot to schedule this post (as I usually do when I spend my week end at my parents-in-law's place or when I know I will away from my keyboard). This week I'm going to show you one of my favourite finish: linear holo.Put your sunglasses on, and let your nails shine! ¡Hola, fanciulle!Ho dimenticato di preparare il post di questa settimana (genio del male!!), così eccomi a postare in ritardo. A qualcosa servono le cene luculliane, allora!I... read more »

essence the gel #39 blue bubble di blue - swatc...

Happy Wednesday, gorgeous!Today I want to share with you my humble opinion about the new essence's gel system, called the gel that is arrived this spring on our stores's shelves. Ed eccoci a Mercoledì, Fanciulle all'ascolto. Oggi vi parlo della mia esperienza con il nuovo essence the gel, un sistema proposto dalla casa tedesca per avere unghie lucide come il gel senza usare la lampada UV. First of all, I must say thathere in Italywhen someone calls something "gel" it doesn't mean "jelly". "Gel" is so... read more »

[Finishpedia] #21 Textured China Glaze Bump in ...

It's Friday and I'm stewing for the new plates @Born Pretty Store! Before I check the website to purchase some of them (making a huge massacre on my bank account), let me introduce to you the weekly finish: textured.Textured is kind of that dries rough with bumpy finish. You could find textured polishes with glitter (OPI, KIKO, Zoya) or not (KIKO, Barry M, WjCon, China Glaze). Every brand has his own way to call his textured nail polishes, so you could find strange names like "sugar", "sandy", "pixie" an... read more »

Color Club Cosmic Fate

Hello, my lovely readers!Tonight I'm sick as a parrot and I'll be very short. Straight to the point, as they say.The last few days have been rainy, so I need something flashy and sunny as an holo. A strong linear one. I've searched for it into my oldest pictures, and I've picked a real staple for every nail polish addicted's stash: Color Club Cosmic Fate. Adorabili fanciulle all'ascolto, buonasera!Stasera sono a pezzi e non vedo l'ora di infilarmi a letto. Sicché sarò telegrafica. Negli ultimi giorni è ... read more »

[BirthFlowers] May : Lily of the Valley OPI My ...

I'm one week late for our monthly Birth Flowers' episode. It's been a peaceful Monday, and I've watched a moving documentary about Hayao Miyazaki's last movie, Kaze Tachinu (I think the english title should be The Wind Arises, or something like this) and I'm in a good mood.May's flower is the poetic Lily of the Valley, which scent I love wear as a parfum. I've tried to cultivate some Lily of the Valley plants a couple of year ago, but it was a complete failure... Sono in ritardo di ben una settimana, qu... read more »

[FINISHPEDIA] #20 - Thermals Superficially Colo...

Hello everyone!Today it's another strange saturday afternoon here in Rome. I suffer mood swings. It's like a mood rollecoaster, and trust me when I sayit is not fun at all.Anyway, today we are about to show you a very particular finish, the thermal one. I have one single thermal in my stash, do you believe that? I'm talking aboutSuperficially Colorful Lacquer Giggly.It's a present for a NPA o' mine, Piola from Piola's Nail Lounge. Ciao a tutti!È l'ennesima giornata di pioggia/sole/pioggia qui a Roma, co... read more »

Swatch: Coleção Pop Art Realce by Dailus

Oi meninas! Tudo bem com vocês? Hoje o post é curtinho do que o costume, mas mostro o swatch da coleção Pop Art da Realce, que para quem não sabe pertence a Dailus. O Pop Art é um movimento artísticodesenvolvido nas décadas de 50 e 60, inspiravam-se em objetos da vida cotidiana, como latas de refrigerante, embalagens de alimentos, histórias em quadrinhos, bandeiras, panfletos de propagandas e outros objetos que serviram de base para a criação artística deste período – marcada por obras de cores vivas,... read more »

China Glaze Ruby Pumps

Happy Mother's Day!!This is a scheduled post. Enjoy yourself while I'm out with my mom (she dislike red nail polishes, do you believe it?!). ♥Today I want to show you one of the most beautiful nail polish ever. A glitter one. China Glaze Ruby Pumps.I don't think you need a decent introduction, am I right? Buona Festa della Mamma!Questo è un post programmato. Godetevi le foto mentre io sarò a pranzo con mia madre. Che tra parentesi detesta il rosso, ma sono dettagli...Oggi ho in serbo per voi uno smalto ... read more »

[Finishpedia] #17 - Magnetic Parade

Hi everyone and happy Labour Day!I think I have a nail polish addiction, because I don't like very much metallics (we're talking about them, today!), BUT I have dozens of them. Seriously. I don't like them because their own effect shows up only when you use the magnet (and there's a magnet for every formula)... and it seems to me like a vasting time. And because you have to use the magnet when the nail polish is still wet... you know what I mean!Anyway, I picked up three samples, Magnetic Force by Color ... read more »

ILNP Masquerade

Happy Wednesday!Thanks Heavens, April is about to end. It's been a pretty hard month, so I'm SO happy it's almost over.Because it's raining (again!) I cannot take any good pictures, so I opened up my vault and I found these. Brace yourself, because I'm about to share with you one of my best loved nail polish ever: ILNP Masquerade. Non sapete quanto io sia felice che Aprile stia per finire! È stato un mese davvero tosto, e prima me lo lascerò alle spalle, meglio sarà.Siccome piove (ancora) e c'è una luce... read more »

L.A. Colors Color Craze Atomic (NP420)

Hi guys!It's been another rainy Monday here in Rome. I feel a little bit blue, because it seems to me like if Spring is gone and Winter is come. And it's ironic because just last saturday I got a pretty bad sunstroke. It's unfair, let me say that!While the pizza is baking inside the oven (I hope this was the right tense!), I have some minutes to sapre with you, guys. Let me show you this little beauty I purchased last year (I suppose I purchased last year, but I'm not sure at all!), L.A. Colors Color Cra... read more »


Hola!!!: Hoy he ido a realizar un Back to Mac y pensando que tenía la otra entrada muy desactualizada puesto que la colección ha aumentado, he decidido rehacer de nuevo el post incluyendo toooooodas toditas las novedades. Espero que os sirva por si estáis [email protected] y no sabéis que color escoger si vais a adquirir [] read more »

My New Year Beauty Resolutions

Sponsored review Most people know me as the easy-going kind of girl: I prefer my skincare and makeup routines fuss-free and easy; sticking to good ol' wash and moisturizer. (Ironic, I know...considering said author is a beauty blogger. But being in my late mid-twenties, I'm begining to realise that one cannot be too lax on skincare as our body and hormones will change along with time; and so the needs will change along with that. With the new year and new beginnings, I decided to list the top 3 beauty ... read more »

Esmalte da Semana: Avon Nailwear Pro+ Laranja T...

Oi meninas! Tudo bem com vocês ?A coleção Diva Tropical da Avon conta com 3 cores de esmaltes da linha nailwear pro+ que contam com 5 benefícios em 1 esmalte, claro segue o link da resenha dos batons e do quarteto de sombras dessa coleção.Para quem não sabe o esmalte Avon Nailwear Pro+ proporciona 5 benefícios em um único produto. Cores intensas com alta cobertura, máximo brilho por mais tempo, além de uma aplicação uniforme para um acabamento profissional. Formulado com complexo Dura Plus, contém querat... read more »

Resenha: Avon Ultra Color Sombra para Olhos - Q...

Oi meninas! Tudo bem com vocês ?Para quem acompanha o instagram do blog (segue lá,@blogmakelovers) viu que recebi parte da nova coleção da linha Avon Maquiagem: Diva Tropical. Já tem resenha de 3 dos 4 batons veja aqui e hoje é resenha de um dos quartetos de sombras da coleção, o Tropical que é composto por cores cintilantes. Como todo mundo já sabe, os quartetos da linha Avon Maquiagem vem com espelho na tampa e um pincel para aplicação da sombra com 2 formatos nas pontas (um para aplicar nas pálpebra... read more »

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