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EAs Madden NFL 15 sagte exaktes Ergebnis des Su...

Jetzt denkt ihr sicher "Wie kann Madden NFL 15 das exakte Spielergebnis voraussagen, dass ist doch bestimt nur Zufall!" Dies haben wir uns auch gedacht und haben das Video von EA uns nochmal genauer angesehen.Allgemeines Gestern Sonntag den 01.02.2015 fand das Finale des 49. Super Bowls zwischen den New England Patriots und den Seattle Seahawks statt. Es zählt zu den unvorhersehbarste und spannenste Finale der letzten Jahre und trotzdem hat es wiedermal eine EA Sports Simulation geschafft, den Sieger de... read more »

A Pearl Of Great Price

Yesterday I wrote what the Lord was speaking in light of powerful meeting the night before. Predicated on observation, I felt the presence and push of the Lord. One of the first things I had heard was “New England-Its your time-its your season”. And since I had no faves in the Super Bowl I was Continue reading A Pearl Of Great Price read more »

Super Bowl XLIX Recap: Every Detail You Could P...

Once a year, the biggest and best warriors face off against each other. I should clarify. By “the biggest and best warriors,” I mean the two American football teams that were able to make it into the playoffs and then were able to make it past the wildcard round, divisional round, and the conference [] read more »


I had been looking forward to sharing this post with you earlier, then the New England Patriots’ “Deflate-Gate” scandal blew up… or, well, we’ve heard enough bad puns- I’ll refrain. I am a devoted Patriots fan. I have been since I was a kid. Unlike so many who climbed onto the Patriots bandwagon in the [] read more »

Recipe for BLT Bites

1 pint of cherry tomatoes 1/3 cup chopped green onion 1/2 cup mayonnaise 1/2 cup of grated parmesan cheese 2 tablespoons fresh chopped parsley 1 pound bacon cooked and crumbled Directions: Slice about 1/4 of the tomato from the stem end and discard the top. Then remove the pulp from inside the tomato. Thinly slice the bottom of each tomato so that they will stand upright. Next place the cut side down on a paper towel to dry and set aside. Cook the bacon until crispy, and then crumble it up. Combine... read more »

Waiting on Wednesday: The Oscars Edition

"Waiting on" Wednesday is a weekly hosted by Breaking the Spine. I really like the idea of "Waiting on" Wednesday, but I can barely keep track of the books I have scattered about my house and stored on my Nook to participate in this event weekly. And then I thought, HEY! I'm waiting on the Oscars and consuming so many movies right now, in the spirit of "Waiting On" Wednesday, I could do an Oscars Edition. So here is goes! On Super Bowl Sunday, I posted about how the Oscars is my Super Bowl. In the mon... read more »

Super Bowl exposes American xenophobia

Super Bowl exposes American xenophobia By Ray Hanania (Sunday Feb. 9, 2014, Saudi Gazette Newspaper) The Super Bowl is supposed to be a sports event where athletes showcase their skills and the audience can enjoy a healthy “sportsmanlike” competition. Instead,... Read More read more »


Sí, Qué Bowlshacen cada año en Estados Unidos. En el medio tiempo de la final del campeonato de fútbol americano, el famoso Super Bowl, en aproximadamente 12 o 13 minutos presentan un súper espectáculo expresscon artistas y bandas de alto grado de popularidad mundial.Sin duda este país es el rey en la creación y producción de espectáculos en cualquiera de sus manifestaciones Pop.Desde principios de los noventa se las ingeniaron para introducir estos macro conciertos instantáneos en el evento más visto ... read more »

How Losing a Super Bowl Is Creating Super Kids

Anyone, and I mean ANYONE who knows me knows that I have loved the Denver Broncos since I was a young girl living in Colorado. My mom's friend Darlene loved them and I thought that was so cool. A GIRL could like football. A girl could KNOW football. A girl could be passionate and love a game just as much as a boy. My favorite memory is when the Broncos lost the AFC Wildcard game in 1983. She gave me a small stuffed orange horse with a bright blue mane of hair. She had glued a few drop of Super Glue below... read more »

Podcast Episode 009 – Super Bowl Boulevard

Walking tour of The Super Bowl Boulevard and surrounding area. New York City Supper Bowl Fans food and fun. read more »

What Happened? Did You See? Did I Miss It?

2014-It was to be the year of stepping out of the boat, grabbing the brass ring and changing the world. What happened? As I watched the Broncos lose to the Seahawks, I was reminded that not everything goes according to plan. You and I are here, because this is where we are. Whatever lead up [] read more »

My Super Bowl is not your Super Bowl

That's right. I said it. I don't care about the Broncos and the Seahawks. I won't even be tuning in to watch the commercials. Tonight at about 10 to 8, I'll be making tea, snuggling up with the kitty-babies and tuning into PBS to watch Sherlock insult Watson and the Dowager Countess insult everyone. My Super Bowl is a month away and I have a lot of prep to do. I am a huge movie buff and this is my favorite time of year. I relish being able to go to the movie theatre almost every weekend and get lost in... read more »

Today is Super Bowl Sunday!

Happy Super Bowl Sunday!  It is Super Bowl XLVII and it is being held right here in my neck of the woods. New Orleans, Louisiana!  Everyone knows what the Super Bowl is (at least I hope so!) but do you know the history of it?  Click on the image below for a pretty neat history lesson from the NFL itself!  It includes some cool information about each Super Bowl dating all the way back to the first one!  The information includes a recap, boxscore, and MVP and the newer ones include photos and highlights! read more »

The Zen of Grey2K, Part 4 - Advocacy by Extinction

*Originally published on the website, All About Greyhounds, prior to the 2012 Super Bowl. Reprinted here with the permission of the author All About Greyhounds.*By Rockingship,During their brief sorties in West Virginia last year, somehow a high ranking official of “Carey Nation” (aka Grey2K) wound up having his name included on a complaint lodged by federal authorities against an alleged extortionist.“The Tomblin campaign has called on Maloney to release all emails from staffers, consultants and advise... read more »

The Zen of Grey2K USA, Part 1

The Zen of Grey2K touches on the effects that Grey2K USA's political posturing have on greyhounds, greyhound adoption, greyhound racing professionals and their families. How their propaganda campaign would make Joseph Goebbels proud.*Originally published on the website, All About Greyhounds, prior to the 2012 Super Bowl. Reprinted here with the permission of the author All About Greyhounds.*By RockingshipOverlooking the unconscionable damage they have done to greyhound racing professionals and their fam... read more »

Motivational Monday #3

Last night the NY Giants won the Super Bowl; I guess they wanted it more! I'm not a fan of either team, so I didn't really care who won. I guess I was pulling for the Giants. Chris won $60.00 on the last quarter for the score on these square things. I thought I would do a recap of my favorite commercials. I mean after all, that's the main reason why I watch the Super Bowl. I really liked the Chevy truck ad (not sure why) and the MM Ad was cute.But before I get to those commercials, what did you think of ... read more »

Super Bowl Ads 2010 :: Should We Advertise Jesus?

The Super Bowl has become something so much bigger than a great game, great rivalry and great football.  It has become the de facto standard for big-ticket, big-money advertising.  Ask anyone and theyll tell you about the strangeness of watching a great football game and not being able to check-out during the commercials for fear [...] read more »

CBS’ Super Bowl Advertising Dilemma :: Who Draw...

Its that time again.  The time where advertisers roll up their sleeves to deliver the most creative, effective and long-lasting ad campaigns of the year.  The time where we, as consumers, get to sit back and enjoy the simple pleasure of being entertained while subconsciously being swayed towards buying into a product or idea.  The [...] read more »

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