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Howdy folks!♥With Halloween just around the corner...♥"Spirits' Summons"~ Newer/remake version ~ Full Size PNG:, stirring...Dellaroo stands, smiling over her pot,Stirring up a potion, bubbling hot."Come one, come all!It's time for a spiritual ball!"She spews forth a chant, repeated in three.She dances with joy, tickled with glee.As the v... read more »

[Infographic] Video Marketing & the Marketing F...

We hear so much about the growth in popularity of video be it live video or static video; every content marketing expert is quick to list the reasons why you’re missing out unless you are engaging in some form of video marketing. That’s perfectly fine and they are correct in their assertions that video is [] The post [Infographic] Video Marketing the Marketing Funnel appeared first on [Click on the link to continue reading!] read more »

Jerri Hit a Road Block

Oh crap, folks. Jerri the Fire Ant was displeased.  Her colony had marched for days across desert sands with little to no obstruction.  Now she stared down a green wall thirty times her size and seemingly impenetrable.  The colony would have to find another way. This puts an end to this path.  Lets camp here Continue reading Jerri Hit a RoadBlock read more »

Cassius and the Barn

The night had turned grim.  Cassius, bucked by his horse, was lost in a land far from home.  He knew but two things; first, the approaching storm brought with it a dire time for any caught outside. Second, the dot on the horizon appeared to be a barn. He ran with all the speed he Continue reading Cassius and theBarn read more »

Isn’t it Ironic?

Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia is a fear of long words, thats a fact, Telling someone they suffer from this would bring on a panic attack, Now saying that you have a lisp is a hard thing to announce. For the emphasis is on the one letter that you cannot pronounce The woman who invented white out made correcting... Continue Reading read more »

Fred The Fearful Fox

Fred the fox was a really bright spark But unfortunately he was afraid of the dark So when the other foxes went hunting at night He stayed in bed, all tucked in tight. He much preferred the light of day But when he looked around he saw no prey. All his prey are nocturnal, as he should be too He had already worked out what read more »

Social Media Addict

They will tell you its for social interaction, although it is just for their own satisfaction All they do is gloat and boast, on every single share and post. Me eating breakfast! Oh yeah that will spark interest! Hang on.. you have how many followers on your damn pinterest?! OMG look how many friends ive Continue reading Social Media Addict read more »

[INFOGRAPHIC] The story of Houzz – from idea to...

Many startup ideas arise when someone sees a need that isn’t being fulfilled. The need for husband and wife, Adi Tatarko and Alon Cohen, came from a lack of options [] The post [INFOGRAPHIC]... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]] read more »

The Art of Storytelling as an Entrepreneur

I would like to share with you a vignette from my interactions as a mentor with a budding entrepreneur that has discovered a novel solution to solve a most common [] The post The Art of... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]] read more »

Is This A Genie’s Lamp?

I was walking along the canal trail with a couple of friends. As we were talking, joking, having a good time. I stopped when I noticed something half sticking out of the dirt, along the water. With leaves all around. I grabbed a hold and pulled it from the ground. It has dirt, mud and leaves all over it. It was some type of metal. My friends noticed I stopped and turned around to see what I was doing. Jaycee noticed I had something in my hand. This drew her curiosity as she walked closer to investigate.... read more »

Elon Musk Uses Sleeping Bag ... Frequently

Many may not be aware of this, but Elon Musk frequently encounters bed problem. He is considered as one of the richest people in the world, but the bed he frequently sleeps in probably isn't as nice as most people's bed.In fact, it's not a bed at all. On an earnings call a few days ago, Musk revealed that not only is his desk situated at the end of the Model X production line, but he sleeps in a sleeping bag in a nearby conference room."I'm personally spending an enormous amount of time on the production... read more »

Tittertastic Saturday – Prayer Story

bethere2day - Tittertastic Saturday - Prayer Story - A father put his 3 year old daughter to bed, told her a story and listened to her prayers which ended: Tittertastic Saturday Prayer Story read more »

Where Friendship Goes Wrong: A True Story: Eati...

Anna is sitting alone in the lunch room during her free period staring at her doughnut and coffee her mom bought her for breakfast. More often than not this is what Anna ate all day until dinner. As she puts her head on the table and looks to the side over at her breakfast she starts poking it and putting the glaze bits in her mouth. As she closes her eyes for a second she opens them and there stands Lincoln. She starts picking up the doughnut crumbles trying to make it look like she wasn't doing what sh... read more »

Where Friendship Goes Wrong: A True Story: Frie...

It was getting pretty obvious that the feelings were not mutual between Remy and Anna. She was really starting to like him but he just wants pictures and when she did not deliver he would stop talking to her. Anna, really needing someone to talk to would cave just so she could have something to look forward to. It wasn't much, but it keeps her distracted from everything else going on around her. Even Brian and her other guitar friends could tell that there was something different going on with her. Brian... read more »

Where Friendship Goes Wrong: A True Story: Scho...

With the end of the school year coming Anna was super stressed about her current grades. She has a straight line of D's and F's in her classes. She knew that she could do better but she didn't the mental time to even try, she was constantly worried about everything. Most of her teachers didn't even bother teaching her anyways, she is always the difficult student. When she walked into her math class on the first day of the semester her teacher approached her and said "I've heard about you from your other ... read more »

Where Friendship Goes Wrong: A True Story: My L...

I don't do well with failure. My parents never taught me that failing is OK. This means that I don't try doing a lot of things. I used to be really good at guitar and I stopped because some mean girls told me I sucked. Trying to get back into it is one of the biggest challenges for me. I expect myself to be as good as I was 10 years ago and that's just not how things work.My whole life I've taken the easy way around things. For example when I was in High School I had a few teachers approach me and say "I... read more »

Corny Boyband Lyrics

If I told you that I loved youWould you walk away?Forget those words I never got to say.If I told you that I loved youWould you... Run away?All my life I wishedyou were by my side.But now I find reasons to run and hide.I bump into you everyday,I stutter, mouth doesn't know what to say.So I just look at you and run away.One day I was looking at youFrom across the hall whenYou came up to me to sayAre you OK?My heart's a flutter,My mind is a blur.It feels like I'm on a cloud,About to float away.When you loo... read more »

Destiny (A Poem)

Help! The young girl criedAs her attacker came closerlooking at her with a violent stare.He moves closer and closer into her sight.Fists go up he stands tallgrabbing her as she starts to fall.She tries to run away only to see,See that girl she wanted to be.Within herself she finds her strengthTo give all that she can take.Never looking back she pushed himwith all her might and ran.Ran away and never looked back.Fearing only the worst she stayed silent.No one would hear of this night.This night where she ... read more »

Stand (A Poem)

I just want to be betterthan who I was before.As I walk through that open doorThe light floods me.I've made some mistakes,Some have gone to farBut in the end theseAre the steps I leave behind me.They are not straight,Some I have taken to farBut each step is a journey to findWhere I belong.I have delt with sadness, happiness and joyBut all these emotions havemade me strong.Strong enough to not be afraidOf who I am, but to embrace my true self.I am not perfect, but I try.I am not strong but you cannottell ... read more »


Blood thickly pulsated out of the back of his head. It matted the back of his hair like a soggy shag carpet. It pooled at his shoulders, mixing with the rainfall, and crept its way down and around him in a macabre outline of his body. Nick Walter was dead. But I hadn’t accepted that yet. His eyes stared blankly at the sky as rain pooled in his unblinking eye sockets. I matched his blank gaze, staring into his stone cold face, petrified. My knuckles re-reddened as my grip on his throat loosened. My rage w... read more »

Where Friendship Goes Wrong: A True Story: Pret...

Anna stood in stunned silence, she couldn't believe that she actually did what she did. She looked at the 2 boys on the floor and looked up at her friends. Her only thoughts were "I hope they are ok" and "I am going to be in so much trouble for this." She starts to help the 2 guys up but they want nothing to do with her, can't say she blames them. As they both got up off the floor they both looked fine, just a few bruises, but those would eventually heal. They both look at Anna and call her a crazy bitch... read more »

RAGE: Part 5

Walking into a bar already a little drunk is kind of like walking into a pool party already a little wet. It’s a bit awkward for everybody. So, just like you would jump right into the pool to avoid looking awkwardly damp for no apparent reason; “Double shot of jack.” I grunted, slurring only a little bit. I was surrounded by a cacophony of exaggeratedly drunken cowboy wannabes trying to convince dolled up little southern belles in bedazzled cowboy boots that they weren’t that drunk and should take just... read more »


“What do you mean I’m making this worse for you Sarah? I’m trying to help!” “Jak, every single time you bring all this shit up I have to relive one the worst things that I’ve ever experienced. You can’t even imaginehow hard that is for me.” “And yet you act like nothing is wrong! How can you admit that this is the worst thing to ever happen to you and still insist on not treating it like nothing?” “Because there’s nothing I can do about it! Nothing can change what happened to me. I don’t want this shi... read more »


There’s some shit in life you can prepare for. Examples: the SATs, a career, battle. Then, there’s some shit in life you can’t prepare for. Example: what to do when your girlfriend has been drugged and raped and there’s nothing you can do about it. The next morning, was weird. Sarah’s entire demeanor was totally normal. I was confused. “Hey Sarah? How ya doin’?” “What do you mean?” She asked with a touch of edge in her tone. “After everything that happened last night?” “I’m fine Jak. It happen... read more »

Come Back Time

Man I haven’t written anything in a while. Ever since getting ready for super-con I haven’t written anything at all more than a few sentences. I just felt burnt out after getting ready, I sent the month of June going over Ten Thousand Walks, Beginnings, Dark Side, then reading It Wasn’t Faith three times to Continue reading read more »

What's Your Story? Testify!

We each have unique stories of how we came to know Christ as our Saviour this is called our testimony and we are called to share our story and testify and that's exactly what I'm going to do. as I never know who might be new and browsing my page and who needs to hear my story. If you study the scripture you can get a unique portfolio of the different people who made history and who wrote parts of the bible. Paul is the one I was reading about I just started at Acts 27 on this occasion and was fascinated ... read more »


Greetings everyone, from Artsieladie! ♥We each have a story and we're the author ofSo we decide if, how much, ink is with Love.~ Artsieladie Quote ♥"Your Story" Colour Your Story, colour it well,But only with Truth, no lies do tell.Truth will accentuate vivid colour,While lies blacken, make much duller.At first lies may seem so brilliant,But compared to Truth, non-resilient,For lies cannot against Truth withstand,When Truth moves in, takes command.Make lies a habit, you'll colour void,Your brilliance wi... read more »

I love animals !

Buna , dragilor ! Astazi nu voi vorbi despre frumusete , mancare vegetariana ci despre animale ! De ce ? Pentru ca am considerat ca este timpul sa acord cateva randuri si acestui subiect ! Motivul pentru care am inceput sa scriu pe acest blog a fost dragostea fata de animale  , daca cititi primul [] read more »


Before they were gods, I watched them cower. Before they cowered, I watched them rise. We all did. They were the essence of our generation. They were without exceptional talent. They were without significance. But we gave it to them anyway. They brought hope to the hopeless, encouraging us to believe that someday, we too could be like them. We watched as they lived their lives, tossing wealth and luxury around like they were entitled to it. They created significance out of insignificance as the world fel... read more »

Hydrochloric Acid (A Flash Fiction)

“I left my keys in this kitchen drawer…” I washed the voice of Georgie from my head. She had been too complicated for my taste. She whined a lot—even if there was nothing to whine, she felt superior above everything when she did not know anything, she was so proud of herself she forgot where [] read more »

Another milestone.

She lives in that moment and refuses to move, Very firm, right there. She breathes every moment, and lets it all settle on her, Breathing in all of it, content that she does. They came and she saw them coming, Continue reading read more »

साहित्य चर्चा//डॉ॰विमला भण्डारी का काव्य-संसार/...

Wed, Mar 18, 2015 at 9:54 AM विकराल हकीकतों की चर्चा के साथ साथ आशा जगाती कविता दिनेश कुमार माली डॉ॰विमला भण्डारी `भले ही,डॉ॰ विमला भण्डारी का नाम हिंदी साहित्य जगत में एक प्रसिद्ध कथाकार,बाल-साहित्यकार, इतिहासज्ञ और राजस्थान की प्रसिद्ध साहित्यिक संस्था सलिला के संस्थापक के रूप में जाना जाता है, मगर उनकी कलम कविताओं के क्षेत्र में भी खूब चली है। “डॉ॰ विमला भण्डारी की रचना-धर्मिता” विषय पर एक मौलिक स्वतंत्र आलेख लिखने की परिकल्पना करते समय मुझमें उनके लेखन की हर विधा को पढ़ने,जानने और स... read more »

Coffee Shop With No Wi-Fi Has No Worries

One the most important feature a coffee shop owner would like to have in their business is a fast wireless connection that they can offer to their customers. It was suppose to attract clients and make them patronize even expensive products, which is what profit-oriented enterprises are aiming for.The obvious drawbacks are definitely the long turnovers as customers continue to spend more time even if they ordered only one pastry for a 4-hour stay and promotion of anti-social presence in public places as e... read more »

The WITCH is in

- I was there .. I know it , in the kitchen, right there. A part of me was in the kitchen and the rest of my mind was .. [] read more »

Alles rund um Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel

Wir haben uns mit Borderlands genau beschäftigt und haben ein paar Tipps und Tricks zu den verschiedenen Missionen zusammengefasst. Allgemeines Borderlands: The Pre-Sequelist ein Ego-Shooter von 2K Games und reiht sich in die Borderlands Spiele ein, spielt geschichtlich jedoch zwischen dem ersten und den 2. Teil, was man am Namen Pre-Sequel schon erkennen kann.Vielleicht ist dem ein oder anderem die gehäufte Werbung für Borderlands schon aufgefallen. Besonders häufig wurde Borderlands als Zusatz für den... read more »

We and them.

We, and our broken stories, Our entangled destinies, And our bundled lines of life. We, our complicated existence, Our times, our melodies, And our broken chords, still making music. We, our smiles and tears, Our coordinated reasons for them, And Continue reading read more »

A Beauty Story

Hey fierce queens and kings, Decidi fazer uma experiência e tentar algo novo, por isso, vou agora começar uma Beauty Story criada por mim e toda a semana ou mais, [] read more »

How to train your dragon 2 review

I saw this movie last night, and I was a bit shocked as to how good it was. And I’m not talking about the animation in the movie, I mean by the storyline. The storyline was good for a sequel to any movie especially one where the main character grows up. I fully expected him Continue reading read more »

Crafting A Protagonist

Its really, really easy to write about a bad protagonist. Most of the time it doesnt even happen on purpose, and it more often than not has nothing to do whether your character is male or female. One common thing I read about online regarding characters is how to write a strong female character. This makes [] read more »

Why I want to be more like this Young Adult

This is not a long post, because I am in the throes of trying to writeRuby Iyer's story. Actually, I can't say I am writing her, as much as she is leading me. Ruby has her own energy, from the moment of her conception. She finds her friends and plots her route; arrogantly confident I will follow. She can be incredibly pigheaded, very adamant. It often gets her into some rather unfortunate situations, which is not easy because actually she is very sensitive; quite self conscious of what the world think... read more »

Why I want to be more like Ruby Iyer

This is not a long post, because I am in the throes of trying to writeRuby Iyer's story. Actually, I can't say I am writing her, as much as she is leading me. Ruby has her own energy, from the moment of her conception. She finds her friends and plots her route; arrogantly confident I will follow. She can be incredibly pigheaded, very adamant. It often gets her into some rather unfortunate situations, which is not easy because actually she is very sensitive; quite self conscious of what the world thinks... read more »

The Greatest Story You Will Never Hear

I have a great story today. It is one of the funniest things I have ever had to write about in my lifetime, possibly the best story I will ever have to write about. You would not believe the guffaws or the chuckles, not to mention roaring and the whooping this would cause. Every time [] read more »

Gamers Today

Nothing annoys me more than when someone just starts swearing for the sake of swearing. I get it if its part of your sentence, or an exclamation of surprise. But if you’re just sprouting off words, then you get muted. Continue Reading The post Gamers Today appeared first on Keyelog. read more »

I Believe in Miracles

I used to doubt it before. But with the multitude of blessings I have been getting left and right, I am starting to believe that miracles do come true. Let me tell you why. Almost four years ago, a myoma (cyst) was found on top of my uterus. I got really scared cause imagine, I was just 23 back then and I was surprised with the news that a benign tumor was found in my reproductive organ. Worse, it was really huge that I looked like I was carrying a 4 month old baby. I had my surgery done but it became v... read more »

STORY TIME ... and with a moral! ~~~~~~~ This s...

A donkey found a lion's skin and put it on. Then he went around scaring people. Everyone ran when they saw him. They thought he was a lion. After a while he began to think he was a lion, too. He opened his mouth to roar ... 'Oh, it's you, is it?' said the fox. 'You had me fooled until you opened your mouth.' ~~ The moral of this story is "Sometimes you can get more respect by keeping your mouth shut." ~~ Bear Luv and Bear Hugz read more »

Book review: Divergent by Veronica Roth

Wohoo! This is might turn out to be a bit awkward, but bear with me. Ok. After having heard and seen people rave about this book I decided to read it and see what all the fuss was about, although I think that the fact that my best friend was over the moon when she got [] read more »

IndiVine Post: The Platinum Day of Love

Describe yourPlatinum Day of Love, the one that you have experienced or the one you dream of. Tell us why platinum is best suited to celebrate the day you find everlasting love. The most heartfelt stories will win precious platinum jewelry! Sam: Why do I and everyone I love choose people who treat us like we're nothing? Charlie: We accept the love we think we deserve. - The Perks of being a Wallflower Source: Google Images My Platinum Day of Love is yet to arrive! But that doesn't mean that I nev... read more »

Are We Born To Write?

When I woke this morning I was not sure what my blog post was going to be about. Having recently taken the decision to concentrate a lot more of my efforts into my novel writing, I try not to think about anything else during the week. What I am writing today is therefore a spur of the moment piece and it was inspired by an article that I came across on Twitter. PD James' Top 10 Tips For Writing A Novel. I see a lot of these type of lists being shared on social media and normally I find that I tend to... read more »

A Book is Only as Good as Its Reader's Imaginat...

In a previous post I explained how buying a book is like buying a car. Today, I will expand on this idea a little. As before, first I need to talk a little about cars. To be more precise, I want to talk about driving cars. My wife and I bought our first car a little under 3 months ago. It is a small automatic and thus far (touch wood) I have had no problems with it whatsoever. Of course, this is only my experience. For Katie, things have been very different. Although to be fair, the car has been agains... read more »

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