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I managed a sprint tri in the space of a week

I really thought that I was going to get back into a routine of work, training and blogging with M starting nursery but three weeks in and her attendance is 25% 😦 The poor thing has picked up every illness going and shared it with the household, so Ive not had a lot of free [] read more »

Illness stops play

My plan for last weekend was to go swimming on Sunday, but M was unwell, so we cancelled that plan and went for a long walk instead. She was ill all week and I also had a cold, which changed my plans. I cycled to work on Monday and Thursday, which was good, but I [] read more »

First run after returning to work

Its hard to believe that my maternity leave is over and that Im back at work. Im now working a compressed week (8-6pm, Monday-Thursday), which means that Ill still have some free time during daylight hours when Ill be able to cycle/run. Im also intending to make use of my lunch breaks to do some [] read more »

Back to Southampton parkrun

It was lovely to be back at Southampton parkrun this weekend, although there just wasnt enough time to catch up with all of my running friends. Trevor and Alison were doing their 200th parkruns, which is a great milestone to reach. I met up with Rachel, a friend from Buggy Mums. It was lovely to [] read more »

Back to being ‘Productive’

Veri Ivanova After a rare night out on Friday (by rare, I mean the first time that Stuart and I have gone out since I had Baby M), I really didnt want to get up on Saturday morning. Stuart, M and I arrived early enough at parkrun for us both to chat with friends. I [] read more »

Pacing at parkrun

A few weeks ago, one of my friends commented on Facebook that her 8-year-old son was speeding up and that she felt she was holding him back at parkrun. At the time, he was running at around 27 minutes, so I felt that it shouldnt be too much of a challenge. A date was set [] read more »

Back on it – a weekly round-up

Hello again! I feel like Im finally getting back on top of things, so heres a round-up of my week Saturday Volunteering at parkrun For the second week in a row, I was a volunteer at parkrun this time as a Run Director. Because of building works, were currently on an alternative route [] read more »

PBPB – getting back on form

Well, Im fully into the swing of marathon training now. On 16th, my buddy Pete managed to get me around 17.5 miles, which is the longest run Ive done for a very long time. I had been nervous about doing the run after doing Buggy Mums, but that class was cancelled, so I went for [] read more »

What I’ve been doing

Busy, busy, busy! Im still managing to exercise, but its so difficult for me to find time to blog, which is very frustrating. I thought Id do a quick summary of what Ive been up to recently Sunday 22nd January No running for me today. Stuart, baby M and I headed out into the New [] read more »

Back on track for a spring marathon

Time is passing so quickly these days. There is so much that I want to blog about and never enough time! I had intended to go to Buggy Mums on Thursday last week, but the weather forecast was very bad. I knew that the venue (Weston Shore) is quite exposed, so I really dithered about [] read more »

Big round up

It feels like ages since Ive had a chance to blog. Christmas was hectic and baby M takes up an awful lot of time (who knew it was possible to sit doing nothing but watch a baby for hours!) On Christmas Eve, Stuart, M and I were in Cornwall. I had found out that there [] read more »

My sister’s first parkrun

My sister, Bryony, and her husband have come to visit from Australia, which is fantastic as I rarely get to see her. Weve been doing various festive things, including visiting Winchester Christmas market which is great fun. On the way back from Winchester, we paid a visit to Alexandra Sports. Bryony wanted to buy a [] read more »

Up and… walking

Its been a while since I posted, and for good reason: Unfortunately, things didnt go quite to plan, so my baby was born nearly two weeks late via emergency caesarean. Shes thriving, but Ive had some ups and downs and was readmitted to hospital. Hopefully, thats behind us now and we can start moving forward. [] read more »

Last parkrun of 2016?

Its been yet another busy week, where Ive mostly had to be at home, so Ive tried to make the most of the dry days and have spent some time in my garden. I raked up all of the leaves and filled my compost bin as well as a garden waste wheelie bin. I love [] read more »

Choosing a bike, parkrunning and some exciting ...

Following the theft of our bikes in August, weve been busy improving our homes security (along with 1001 other home improvements). Weve had a burglar alarm installed, locks changed, additional locks installed, secure lock points fitted and various other improvements, so were moving in the direction of being able to get new bikes, which means [] read more »

Volunteering at parkrun and The Cycle Show 2016

Last weekend, was another busy one. On Saturday, Stuart and I were Run Directors at Southampton parkrun. It was a special event as we had encouraged members of staff from University of Southampton to take on the majority of volunteer roles. In some ways, I would have loved to get a run in, but as [] read more »

Catching up

The last few weeks have been hard work, which is why I havent been blogging regularly. Its taken me a while to shake off the despondency of having my bikes stolen. Fortunately, I have my work bike back, so I can cycle to work. Weve improved the security on our garage and are seeing a [] read more »

Training with friends

After last weekends Thunder Run, I intended to take this week easy, but looking back, Ive perhaps not been as lazy as Id intended! On Monday evening, I did my usual swimming session with Southampton Tri Club. I liked the set and really enjoyed it but I wish that my swimming lane hadnt been moved [] read more »

Like a second skin…

I was so excited when I was asked if I would like to try some of the latest SKINS products. If youve been reading my blog for a while, you may remember that I used to do every run in SKINS tights. When I was fatter, I was very self-conscious about my legs and so [] read more »

Festive parkruns and my first goal of 2016

Its been a busy festive season and I havent been too bothered about training regularly, but I have fitted in quite a few parkruns. My first parkrun of the holidays was at Southampton on Christmas Day. I took it as an opportunity to wear my new SOAS top (even if it is really a cycling [] read more »

So much SOAS kit!

Im so excited that Christmas is almost here I only got one day left at work before my holiday begins :-D Its going to be an unusual Christmas for me this year. Its my first one in my new home and my mum is on the other side of the world holidaying with my [] read more »

Swim, run, bike – my weekend in that order

The weekend didnt get off to a great start. I felt exhausted by Friday evening, but Stuart had booked for us to go for a swimming assessment, so I had to find some motivation. We arrived at the pool early and I got organised before heading poolside. Rachel was being filmed first, so I had [] read more »

Slow jog at Southampton parkrun

It was so much fun to be back at Southampton parkrun today. It feels like Ive been away for so long. Im really struggling with my running at the moment. When I say this to a lot of my friends, they respond with something like, But youre so fit youve been doing so much [] read more »

How was your weekend?

Although were coming to the end of the triathlon season, I had yet another busy weekend. I cant wait until November, when things start to wind down a bit for me (although I mustnt forget that Ive signed up for Gosport Half). On Friday, I managed to squeeze in a run with Teri. Neither of [] read more »

Tiring training weekend

On Thursday evening, I was excited about trying out my new wetsuit at Lakeside. However, a series of minor disasters (including leaving my phone at work and finding that the building code wouldnt let me in) meant that I almost didnt make it. By the time I arrived at the lake at 7pm, it was [] read more »

Southampton parkrun’s 3rd anniversary

Today was the third anniversary of Southampton parkrun and also Garys last parkrun as Event Director, as well as my first opportunity to wear my new parkrun t-shirt. I was feeling a bit tired, and Ive got a triathlon tomorrow, so I decided to have a steady run. It was a fun and sociable run, [] read more »

I’m so excited…

my 2015 Team SOAS kit has finally arrived: I have my first multisport event of the year on Sunday (Winchester Duathlon), so the kit has definitely arrived at the right time but I want to wear it all now. (Im wearing the new hoodie as I type). I was going to be sensible and have [] read more »

Progress towards Marafun

Until, I got ill, my training for : was going well. After being unable to run for a month because of having laser eye surgery, my parkrun times started out quite slow but have started to pick up again. Im hoping that when Im well, Ill be able to run 5km in under 25 minutes [] read more »

Round up of my first week of a crazy year

Ive set so many goals for myself that 2015 is going to be a crazy hectic year. Ive already got back to some training, but I cant train outside on my bike at the moment and Im also not back to swimming yet, so Ive been doing a lot of running. Ive also been trying [] read more »

A slow start to January

I went out for my first run since I had laser eye surgery yesterday. Ive been desperate to go out for a run. I didnt want to push too hard and was looking to have a social run, but I didnt see anyone I knew who was going to be running at conversational pace [] read more »

It’s taken 32 months, but I finally did it.

In April 2012, I ran 5k in 25:08. It was 14th April a week before my first marathon. Afterwards, I was so broken that I struggled to run well for months. Since then Ive only run 5k in under 26 minutes 6 times, with only two of those being this year. Ive tried everything [] read more »

Catching up, CrossFit, Ironman Dublin 70.3, Mar...

Ive been so busy recently that Ive not had enough time to blog. I hope that I can find more time in 2015 I think that perhaps I need to be more productive in my lunch breaks. As Im struggling to find enough time, Im trying to add more frequent social media updates: Twitter: [] read more »

Southampton Tri Club’s best new female athlete :-D

It has been such a busy couple of weeks that Ive struggled to find time to blog apologies. Im hoping that Ill get back up to date soon :-) I thought I would share a quick post as this weekend has been particularly exciting. On Saturday, Rob and Stu agreed to pace me at [] read more »

4:59/km – my best ever average race pace!

My second swimming session with SUTRI was much more successful than my first session. This was because the pool was far less crowded. There were three of us in the slow lane: Rebecca (who I met last week), a young guy who was just learning and me. In total we swam 1500m, mainly broken into [] read more »

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