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Kino-Sound aus Esslingen

Die Audioagentur "Last Salvation Records" veröffentlicht eigenen Onlineshop für Soundeffekte. read more »

Déjà vu And You

Have you ever been some where you know you have been before? Seen the same people? Deja vu? What if it was true that you had really been there? That happened to me last night. I was in a meeting in our fellowship. A meeting of leaders. A meal to bless them to be followed Continue reading Déjà vu And You read more »

I Hear The Sound Of Rain

There is nothing more pleasant than to sit under a porch on a summer’s day and listen to the rain. You can hear it on the roof, you can hear the wind of its falling as it passes through your view. You can hear it on trees and bushes and it is almost as if Continue reading I Hear The Sound Of Rain read more »

Realms And Dimensions – Thinking Of Heaven

This morning it was nearly 0300 dark when I awoke. As I lay there I began to meditate on my favorite subject. Heaven. I often think about the occupants, the physical layout, the supernatural beings that are spoken of in the scriptures. The more I think on heaven the more I want it here. Now. [] read more »

The Rain Is Here!

This morning I was awakened by the very loud sound of rain. Roaring was how it sound at 4AM. One of the things I like to do is “investigate” the sound. Not just know where it comes from or where it is, but what is on the “inside”. (If I am going to be awake, [] read more »

Voice Recorder HD Released on Google Play – fro...

eFusion today is pleased to announce the release of Voice Recorder HD for Android devices. It is a full featured best voice recorder application with stunning interface for business man, audio professional, sound engineer, journalist, lecturer, school/college student and anyone else who needs to manage voice memos. Voice Recorder HD makes life easy, with a simple, user-friendly interface. read more »

350z POV Drive

Ever wondered what it looked like driving in the cockpit view of a Nissan 350z? Well wonder no more, join me on this little drive to the gas station, and see what I get to experience everyday. My car is all stock besides an aftermarket intake, so every 350z, 06 and up will be like this. Perfect opportunity for someone interested in maybe purchasing one, so you can get a first hand view of what its actually like. read more »

MP3: Layne Vuitton – “Rep My City” (@LayneVuitton)

Money Layne has been crafting his gift in the rap game since his adolescence years. Layne was writing lyrics in grammar school and recorded his first song when he was sixteen. Laynes talent for writing grew as he did and his influences were U.G.K., 8 Ball MJG, Ghetto Boys, 2Pac, Outkast to name read more »

Ministry of Sound vs Spotify - and why it's int...

The case between the Ministry of Sound and Spotify is interesting. In short, users of the spotify service have ordered legally paid for tunes, into a playlist that is identical to the Ministry of Sound compilations. What you have here is a copyright issue on the playlist order. What's interesting here is this: If the court rules this is not a copyright infringement, this would hurt MoS sales, but if the court rules this is a copyright infringement, then just moving one song to a new location would c... read more »

360-Stereo-Sound – Jetzt XOUNTS Tester werden

Gewöhnliche Musikanlagen gibt es auf dem Markt zu genüge. Doch wie bekommt man ein Musiksignal in der ganzen Wohnung verteilt? Die wohl bequemste Antwort ist kabellos. Zum Beispiel mit Bluetooth. Mir ist nun ein Lautsprecher-System Weiterlesen... read more »

Nodal patterns of sound

Sound made visible is almost always interesting to our synesthetic minds. Ernst Chladni started studying nodal patterns of vibrating surfaces in the late 18th century, with the resulting knowledge being applied in the design of musical instruments such as guitars and violins. He also invented the method of using sand or flour to visualize the vibrations of sound on a physical surface. Below you will find a beautiful example made by contemporary researchers at St. Mary's University in Canada that shows wh... read more »

What are the causes of hearing loss?

We love to listen to music, I think everybody has their own type of genre, But, does loud music can cause loss of our sense of hear? But we all know that sounds are obviously tolerated for many years. Now the sounds are very much acceptable, but of course the sound should also be in an acceptable or reasonable range. Have you been to a rock concert? Where were you located? Were you near those gigantic speakers? Why?Because many youngsters nowadays may have some minor hearing problems after a concert. The... read more »

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