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Tittertastic Saturday – Paddy The Painter

bethere2day - Tittertastic Saturday - Paddy The Painter - A painter by the name of Paddy Murphy, while not a brilliant scholar, was a gifted portrait artist. Tittertastic Saturday Paddy The Painter read more »

Gel Printing Play!!

(Sometimes my hands even look cool) Hi Ya'll! I am so excited to be bringing this blog to you today, as you know I'm obsessed with my gelli printing plate by Gelli Arts! I've done all kinds of projects, and today I add to the list! I find that nothing is safe from the gelli plate at this very moment! haha I had a meeting over the weekend, and it got me thinking. So yesterday while I was at the dollar store, I picked up a pack of kids adult socks! ((3 for $1!)) This morning I grabbed the socks, my pa... read more »

Yoga: Third Time’s a Charm (+ Giveaway!)

When I got my first job out of college and moved to the city, I purchased my first gym membership, hoping that the regularity of classes would compel me to actually go to the gym. It was recommended that you bring your own yoga mat to most of my classes, and so I purchased a [] The post Yoga: Third Times a Charm (+ Giveaway!) appeared first on In Pursuit of Simple. read more »

Ozone Socks “Sock of the Month Club” #Giveaway ...

NEW GIVEAWAY! Check out this helpful apparel or fashion giveaway from Ozone Socks! ENDING SOON! Dont miss it! Ozone Socks Giveaway Period: Ends November 23, 2014 Sock of the Month Club $150.00 Over a 12 month period, you’ll get 10 pairs of socks, two knee-highs and one over the knee (Guys, you will [] read more »

The Republicans’ Technicolor Dream Socks

As an independent voter in America, I find myself constantly being courted by both major political parties. It is like I am the prettiest girl at the ball and everyone wants a spot on my dance card. Somehow I have ended up on the email list for both the Republican and Democrat parties. A day [] read more »

Random fact for the day

This random fact is brought to you in honour of my groovy socks. Yes, really. Read more » read more »

Sock Monkeys

Here'sthe firstgorgeous Sock Monkey that I made for my son - he chose the socks - turquoise circleson a white background. 'Ziggy' - Sock Monkey No.1 After a lot of deliberation we decided to call him 'Ziggy' - a perfect name I think! I liked making him so much I've decided to make more for other people, andI'll sell them in my Etsy Store. 'Socks 3' on Flickr I've got a large collection of new socks that are available to be made into huggable Sock Monkeys on my Flickr page. If you are inter... read more »

On being (gasp!) an award-winning blogger

Thanks so much, babe! You can feel free to have me over for cake anytime you please. :-) I think this is cause for a celebration. Are you ready for it? Because I'm about to celebrate... read more »

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