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Migrating to Paket

So I’ve been doing some browsing around my various Social Media feeds and saw a tweet about the drama surrounding a Pull Request for the Nuget Repository Website to add a tab for how to get a package through Paket. This is evidently big stuff for Microsoft and the makers of Paket alike. But that’s Continue reading read more »

Things to do on a date

Heres 6 simple and inexpensive ideas for when you go on a date. The way I see it you go on a date with someone to spend time with each other. Forget the flowers and nice card.  Its a lovely gesture but the reality is the flowers are going to die after a few days [] The post Things to do on a date appeared first on Simple Ideas. read more »

10 simple ideas for a marathon – How to binge w...

Preparing for a marathon?  Here are 10 simple ideas to get you binge watching like a pro. 1.  Be comfortable Youre going be there for a while right?  Well, you have to setup your watching space so that you are comfortable throughout the whole experience. You can sit or lay down [] read more »

How to peel a whole garlic clove in 10 seconds

Have you ever stood there in the kitchen spending a considerable amount of time peeling garlic cloves?  Do you get frustrated with bits of the outer skin flying all over the place because theyre so fragile and light? Well, Im going to show you how to peel a whole clove in 10 seconds with NO [] read more »

Tips on how you can save money

Anyone can save a bit of money, you’ve just got to start small. Think of this as the beginning of something much greater if you commit to it. When I was 13 years old I got my first part time job at my school serving food to students.  I was paid in the form of [] read more »

13 tips on how you can save time

Hi everyone, Happy New Years Eve!  This week’s post is all about the simple ways you can save time. Have you ever said “I’m just too busy” or wondered where all your time has gone?  My favourite line is “there are just not enough hours in the day”. Seeing as we can’t go back in [] read more »

Recipe: Best Ever Blueberry Muffins

Want a muffin recipe that will make everyone want to have breakfast at your place? These blueberry muffins are it!  Perfectly soft and fluffy on the inside and crunchy on the streusel-covered top, theyre melt-in-your-mouth amazing. To make them just like jumbo bakery muffins, use 6 extra large muffin tins instead of 9 regular ones. Enjoy!Read more » read more »

Recipe: 5-Ingredient Flourless Peanut Butter Co...

Going gluten-free? Simply out of flour?  These flourless peanut butter cookies are rich, perfectly sweet, and a great, decadent texture without any flour at all. There are only five common pantry ingredients! Theyre super quick and easy to mix up! Enjoy!Read more » read more »


Greetings everyone, from Artsieladie! ♥Beauty on the outside may be only skin deep,While beauty on the inside is beauty then to keep.~ Artsieladie Quote ♥"Plain Jane"I'm a basic type of person, very down to earth,Important things in life taught to me from birth.Materialistic things, few I am in need of,But to me the Most Precious Gift is the Gift of Love. I'm not interested in living in the lap of luxury,Simplistic I prefer and most pleases me. If you have a mansion in the vale or on the hill,It will not... read more »

Recipe: Mujaderrah

Ready for your new healthy, frugal, simple, and delicious 5-ingredient lunch? Lets take a culinary journey to the Far East. Mujaderrah is a simple Indian dish of spiced whole grain brown rice and lentils, served with sauteed onions and sour cream, thats high in fiber, heart-healthy, and suitable for a wide range of diets, including a vegetarian (and even vegan, if you substitute vegan sour cream) diet. Its really simple, basic, and budget-friendly, but absolutely delicious. Embrace the simpler, but exo... read more »

Recipe - The "Best Pancakes Ever"

These pancakes are, according to both of it taste testers (a middle aged woman and a rambunctious ten year old), the best pancakes ever. Theyre really easy to make, use only basic ingredients that can be found in most kitchen pantries, and are absolutely fluffy and perfect! Read more » read more »

Simple Home Remedies That Work

bethere2day - Amazing simple home remedies : these really work!! Some good tips here Simple Home Remedies That Work read more »

A Simpler Time

Last night as I went to say goodnight to Jacob, I looked down at a sock monkey someone had made for me a few years ago. I picked it up and brought it downstairs. I left it on the chair. I went back up to pray with Jacob and Tina and returned to the couch Continue reading A Simpler Time read more »

Recipe: African Vegetable Curry

I'm on a roll with the African recipes, so here's one more. The cuisines of the Middle East and India are famous for their curries, but Africans like spices, too. Here's a South African vegetarian curry! South African Vegetable Curry Serves 4 3 tablespoon canola oil, for frying 3 medium onions, diced 3 medium carrots, diced 2 medium green bell peppers, diced 3 medium tomatoes, diced 1/2 - 1 Tbsp. curry powder 1 teaspoon red chili powder salt, to taste pepper, to taste 1/4 cup water1) Heat theoil in a l... read more »

Leeks and Carrots in Olive Oil (a la Turka!)

Id consider myself a professional eater (Ive actually been eating every day for the past 28 years), and Ive come to the conclusion that there are two paths to success in cooking a delicious dish: Keep it simple. Ask mom. Now, most of us might want to go route #2, because lets face it, mom [] read more »

Simple Food: Fish Meuniere

Sole Meuniere is an iconic french dish for a reason: it is quick, easy, and most importantly, delicious. I love making Tilapia Meuniere when the weather is warm, it it a light, refreshing lunch or dinner, goes really well with a nice glass of white wine or lemonade, and is Continue Reading read more »

Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies

Chocolate chip cookies are one of my mothers go to foods for entertaining, so when I was a kid, we made them a lot.  I think everybody has a memory of being in the kitchen eating something out of a bowl before it was cooked, for me, that memory is Continue Reading read more »

Le Reflet de Portneuf

The Reftet de Portneuf is a local Quebec cheese that I had never tried before now, but it is in the category of creamy, washed rind cheeses that I love.  After having opened it up, I find that this is no exception.  My first impression is that it it Continue Reading read more »

Simple & Clean

I'm obsessed with these items from Zara spring collection. As you might already know, I love a simple, clean but chic look and this blazer and these mules definitely lend themselves to a beautifully simple and chic look. Even better, it's monochromatic ;) What do you think? How's your spring wardrobe shopping coming along? -x- Follow me on Bloglovin' read more »

Safe and Sound

Blazer: SM GTW (Redhead) || Top: Freeway Skirt: Cinta Manila || Bag: Lacoste Aside from the fact that I'm still on LSS on the song Safe and Sound, I decided to make it my title for 2 more reasons. First is a no brainer -- black is my safe color. Well if you are stubborn to think about what to wear, just put on any black outfit, contrast it with another color (the Gold tote bag for me) and make sure to have a bold lip color. I was actually wearing slippers, if you've noticed! Reason number 2 is, health... read more »

Matematika Unik - Matematika dianggap sebagai suatu hal yang menakutkan, tapi sebenarnya unik lo..! Berikut beberapa rahasia dibalik Mata Pelajaran Matematika. 1 x 8 + 1 = 9 12 x 8 + 2 = 98 123 x 8 + 3 = 987 1234 x 8 + 4 = 9876 12345 x 8 + 5 = 98765 123456 [...] read more »

DIY Yarn Lightshade

Have you guys discovered Pinterest yet? Im totally addicted. Every time I pop on there I find another 50 projects that I just have to do and some of them are so simple. Therere a few projects on there that come up time and time again and I keep telling myself that I must get around to soon. The other night Big Guy had a lot of catching up to do on the Sky+ box and I figured that it was as good a time as any for me to get stuck into one of the pins that I see all the time and looks easy-peasy. (It also he... read more »

Примеры кода Xcode: простой класс

Приведу пример простого класса автомобиля со свойствами и методом Файл класса "car.h": //// car.h// simple//// Created by Nikita Rukavkov on 28.08.12.// Copyright (c) 2012 Nikita Rukavkov. All rights reserved.//#import @interface SimpleCar : NSObject { NSString* make; NSString* model; NSNumber* vin; } @property(readwrite, retain) NSString* make; @property(readwrite, retain) NSString* model; @property(readwrite, retain) NSNumber* vin; // convenience method - (void) setMake: (... read more »

Oils are actually good for you…

Hello everyone and hows your hair today? I love my hair right now, and Im looking forward to using my argan oil. I know, I know, how can I not have used it yet, but seriously? Ive just been so busy and havent had the time to sit down and document my findings so I [...] read more »


Totally loving this prefab home, a joint effort by Ikea and Ideabox. What do you think? Check out the Aktiv! Want more small home inspiration? Click here. Want more Ikea inspiration? Click here. read more »

Pork Cobbler

image courtesy of gemini-dragon.comFor me cobbler dishes are the epitomy of winter food - the provide a very hearty meal experience, whilst also giving a comfort element. In particular this recipe provides maximum flavour through marinade and slow cooking, to give comforting texture and fully developed tones to leave you feeling comforted and fulfilled.Provided specially for a Michael a good friend of mine, who will adore this recipe again and again.Ingredients (serves 5)For the marinade4 Teaspoon of Cru... read more »

Why Didn’t I Think Of That??

Cutting Board with Hole over Trash {via} Ketchup Bottle For Pancake Batter {via} PVC Pipe Iron Holder {via} {via} Pull Out Ironing Board {via} Magazine Rack as Lid Rack {via} Towel Bar as Lid Rack {via} read more »

Do You Need a New Dimension in Your Love Life? ...

Feelings are best expressed through few wise words. They do not have to be vocabularies. A simple love letter speaks to the innermost part of the mind of a receiver and fills her/him with butterflies in the stomach. There are some people who can hardly express their love feelings through spoken words but would easily [...] read more »

Glam Easter Eggs - A Quick & Easy Craft Project

When I saw these BEAUTIFUL eggs I thought, ok Where do I buy them How pricey are they gonna be? I was very pleasantly surprised when I read thru the short accompanying write-up. These are a DIY craft project!! Read on with glee crafters! -- Read on... Truly glammed-upEaster eggs! These glittered eggs truly are a snap to create and any size of natural eggs/shells(emptied out first) or craft eggs — papier mache, foam or wood — can be used. First, paint eggs in colors of your choice and allow paint to ... read more »

God Bless a Chickpea & Home-Made Hummus

I had to reference one of my all time favorite TV shows Friends before starting this recipe. George Clooney said it best: God Bless  a Chickpea. Versatile and incredibly flavorful, there is almost no limitation to what you can do with chickpeas. Especially in Turkish cuisine, numerous dishes include chickpeas as a central ingredient. I [...] read more »

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