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DIY Personalised Shopping Bag

If youre not already carrying your own bags shopping with you then shame on you! Hopefully though this project might help you change your ways. I dont know about you but I always find that the same-ness of the shopping bags bores me. I love it when Im in the supermarket and I see someone with a bag thats a little bit different. Its kinda like your handbag, or anything else that you wear - your choice of shopping bag can say a lot about you - if you let it! Read more » read more »

I Love Shopping Bags!

Did you know that I love collecting shopping bags? I actually have lots of shopping bag collections before but unfortunately all of them got washed out when typhoon Sendong devastated our place. So here I am collecting shopping bags again. I thanked my mom for the balikbayan package that she sent to us. She knows [...] read more »

Shopping for Bags

To my fellow shopaholics, who among you here loves shopping for bags? Im sure you do too specially if  there are newly released bags out there. Women just can resist the temptation of buying bags. They just love it or should I say we love it! Functional and fashionable are just some of the reasons [...] read more »

Dubai Airport Shopping

My mom always got the chance to drop by and visit Dubais airport when her travel itinerary is from Zurich to Dubai and Dubai to the Philippines. And since she still have time to wait for her flight, so she take  advantage in experiencing  Dubai Airport Shopping. It is actually among of those world spots [...] read more »

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