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Talos Principle Game Review

Title: Talos Principle Release Date: 2014 Genre: Puzzle Solving Developer: Croteam Publisher: Devolver Digital Platform: PC, Mac, or Linux, also available on PS4 and Android Where to Buy:   Geeky: 5/5  Sweetie: 4/5  Concept: 8/10 Many people have compared this game to Myst, but not me. In my opinion, this game is much closer to Continue reading Talos Principle Game Review read more »

Orange Manga Review + Crunchyroll Begins Airing...

Im not as big of a reader as I used to be when I was younger, however, the last few seasons of anime have not held much to capture my interests, and being single again I find myself with too much spare time. So this past year Ive been reading a lot of manga! One Continue reading Orange Manga Review + Crunchyroll Begins Airing Orange Anime Based on the Manga by Ichigo Takano read more »

Ever17 The Out of Infinity Visual Novel PC Game...

Ever17 is probably my all time favorite visual novel. It was one of the first that I had played, and the story is so good. Its not your typical dating or romance novel. Its a very thrilling and suspenseful tale about a group of young people trapped in an underwater theme park. They are running Continue reading Ever17 The Out of Infinity Visual Novel PC Game Review read more »

Erased – Anime Review

Erased is pretty much THE anime of 2016. Im sure you have probably at least heard of it, if not watched it yourself even. I really enjoyed this anime despite [] read more »

“From The Sky” by J. E. Nicassio

Author J.E. Nicassio is pleased to announce the release of her young adult sci-fi romance novel, "From The Sky." read more »

“More than Human: The Mensa Contagion” by Steve...

"More than Human: The Mensa Contagion" is a new Sc-Fi Adventure by Steven M. Moore and Turns Two Conventional Themes Upside Down. read more »

“The Norma Gene” by M. E. Roufa

"The Norma Gene" by M. E. Roufa hilarious Graft of sci-fi pop culture... When Abe Lincoln and Marilyn Monroe clones meet, you won't believe what happens next! read more »

“More Than Human: The Mensa Contagion” by Steve...

Author Steven M. Moore is pleased to announce the release of his new science fiction novel, "More Than Human: The Mensa Contagion." read more »

“Floyd 5.136″ by S. F. Chapman

Striped Cat Press and author, S F Chapman announce the release of their science fiction novel, "Floyd 5.136," a thought-provoking genetic engineering story. read more »

“Willem of the Tafel” by Hans Hirschi

"Willem of the Tafel" by Hans Hirschi is an epic sci-fi tale of survival, second chances, hope undying love. read more »

“Jane’s Trip to Mars” by Barbara Henderson

The Sky’s the Limit in the Imaginative Children’s Fantasy, "Jane's Trip to Mars" by Barbara Henderson. read more »

“Rarity from the Hollow” by Robert Eggleton

Retired Reader's Digest editor finds small press novel the most enjoyable sci-fi he has read in several years "Rarity from the Hollow" by Robert Eggleton read more »

“Out of Chaos Comes Hope! The Andromeda Inciden...

The Third book in the Sci-Fi Action-Adventure Series by R.J. DeNardo now available, "Out of Chaos Comes Hope!" read more »

“Where Madmen Rule” by Eugene L. Hayman Jr.

Author, Eugene L. Hayman, Jr. is pleased to announce the release of his new science fiction adventure, "Where Madmen Rule." read more »

“Regina Shen: Resilience” by Lance Erlick

Author Lance Erlick is pleased to announce release of the first two science fiction thrillers in the Regina Shen series "Regina Shen: Resilience." read more »

“Middle Waters” by John Clarke

Deep Sea Aliens are finally talking: What has the government been hiding? Find out in "Middle Waters" by John Clarke. read more »

“Willakaville” by Mathew Heinecke

"Willakaville: Amazing Adventures of Astronomical Awesomeness" by Mathew Heinecke invites the young reader into a wacky world. read more »

“The Last Revenge” by Nathaniel Danes

"The Last Revenge: The Last Hero Trilogy Book 2" by Nathaniel Danes is set for release, on sale April, 30. read more »

“A Fistful of Clones” by Seaton Kay-Smith

Australian stand-up comedian and writer, Seaton Kay-Smith, publishes his first novel, "A Fistful of Clones." read more »

“Danovia Prime Obliterated! The Diary of Sedona...

23rd-Century Sci-Fi Adventure Erupts Into a Galactic Battle in "Danovia Prime Obliterated! The Diary of Sedona Ames" by Gregory A. Pierson read more »

“Discovery” by Jan Domagala

The latest in sci-fi series 'Col Sec' out now! - "Discovery" by Jan Domagala read more »

“Return to Earth: An Adventure to Recolonize” b...

"Return to Earth" by R. K. Alan is a Science Fiction / Family Saga novel. Although post apocalyptic, the story is hopeful and views man in renewed spirits. read more »

“Dwarves in Space” by S. E. Zbasnik

Sci-fi and fantasy mashed together at last in "Dwarves in Space" by S. E. Zbasnik. read more »

“Nick Morrow: After a Half Century, a Missing M...

Sci-Fi Adventurer Mysteriously Travels Through Time and Space in "Nick Morrow: After a Half Century, a Missing Man Returns" by Hoa Minh Truong read more »

Tutti con i super poteri tranne uno! Video!

(di Mirko De Frassine) Questa sì che è una cosa che ci piace! In un mondo dove tutti hanno super poteri lattenzione viene posta a colui che non ne ha! Potremmo prenderne spunto per indicare la semplicità che è in ognuno di noi e che in 11 minuti di corto realizzato dal 36enne Juan [hellip The post Tutti con i super poteri tranne uno! Video! appeared first on Dammilvia - web freelance di Mirko De Frassine. read more »

“The Mark of Man” by Owen H. Lewis

Indie Author, Owen H. Lewis, subverts the genre with "The Mark of Man" and is an Intelligent and Challenging Science Fiction read more »

“Destination Earth” by Carl McClain

"Destination Earth: Rise of The Da Vinci" by Carl McClain... Listen on your Kindle Fire or with the free Audible app on Apple, Android, and Windows devices. read more »

“Algorithm” by Arthur M. Doweyko

"Algorithm" by Arthur M. Doweyko is a winner of a 2010 Royal Palm Literary Award. read more »

“Tomorrow is Too Late” by Perrin Pring

"Tomorrow is Too Late" by Perrin Pring is Book II of the Ryo Myths. read more »

“The Last Hero” by Nathaniel Danes

New Space Opera Novel "The Last Hero" by Nathaniel Danes Released by Solstice Publishing. read more »

“Eden: A Sci-Fi Novella” by Martin Roy Hill

"Eden: A Sci-Fi Novella" by Martin Roy Hill is the latest book by award-winning thriller author Martin Roy Hill and scheduled for release on 15 November 2014. read more »

“Dawn of Steam: Gods of the Sun” by Jeffrey Coo...

"Dawn of Steam: Gods of the Sun" by Jeffrey Cook, with Sarah Symonds is the Second Volume of Alternate-History/ Early Steampunk Series. read more »

“Bailey’s Road” by B. G. Simpson

"Bailey's Road" by B. G. Simpson is a Science Fiction adventure. What's waiting inside the mountain with them? read more »

“Time’s Tempest: The Chronicles of Xannia, Book...

How Do Fate Destiny Weigh in When World Coming to an End? "Time's Tempest: The Chronicles of Xannia, Bk 1" by M J Moores - A Journey of Truth Self-Discovery read more »

“Wolves in the Woods” by Brea Behn

"Wolves in the Woods" is the first in a series of Young Adult books by Brea Behn, and it sets a great foundation. read more »

“The Rebel Trap” by Lance Erlick

Males are outcast, Annabelle isn’t allowed to care about boys, but her interest in Morgan puts her life and family at risk in "The Rebel Trap" by Lance Erlick read more »

“The Universe Builders” by Steve LeBel

"The Universe Builders" by Steve LeBel is a humorous scifi / fantasy about gods and goddesses with the extraordinary ability to create universes. read more »

“I and You” by Beverly Garside

Maryland Author, Beverly Garside, Foresees America’s Future in "I and You." read more »

“I. Town” by Timothy Koch

Arkansas author, Timothy Koch is pleased to announce the release of his YA sci-fi/dystopian novel "I. Town" by Timothy Koch read more »

“Lethal Seasons” by Alice Sabo

Book One in the Changed World Series, "Lethal Seasons" by Alice Sabo, coming in August. read more »

“Soldiers of God” by Steven M. Moore

"Soldiers of God" by Steven M. Moore - this second edition has been completely rewritten. read more »

“Lady Hellgate” by Greg Dragon

"Lady Hellgate" by Greg Dragon is about the life and struggles of a young woman within a military unit. read more »

The First Book I Ever Wrote

I wrote it in grade 8, and I never showed anyone. I called it And Then, so Death Took Them, but Im not really sure what to think of that name. Sure, it was a pretty accurate representation of the book, but I dont think Id ever get away with that kind of name. On [] read more »

“Inevitable Retribution” by William Sites

Dynamic Sci-Fi Novel Offers Up a Whole New Realm of Possibilities in "Inevitable Retribution" by William Sites read more »

“Here By Mistake: The Secret of the Niche” by D...

Three teens mistakenly travel through time to 1960s New Orleans in "Here By Mistake: The Secret of the Niche" by David Ciferri. Can they ever get back? read more »

“REI: Uncovering Lies” by Quentin Renier van de...

Mutated Animals Terrorize the Planet in the Science Fiction Adventure "REI: Uncovering Lies" by Quentin Renier van der Walt. read more »

“Apex Magazine” by Sigrid Ellis

Operation Fourth Story - "Apex Magazine" by Sigrid Ellis... Apex Magazine wants to bring you more. read more »

“The Kreuzvogel Experiment” by Norman T. Bradford

Nazi Doctor Concocts Anti-Aging Serum in the Sci-Fi Thriller "The Kreuzvogel Experiment" by Norman T. Bradford. read more »

“Wotan’s Dilemma” by Hank Quense

Author, Hank Quense is pleased to announce the promotion of his Sci-fi/Fantasy blend novel, "Wotan’s Dilemma." read more »

“MAGOG: Millennium 3″ by Christopher D. Corran

"MAGOG: Millennium 3" by Christopher D. Corran is the Final Book in Exciting Millennium 3 Trilogy Is a Futuristic Thriller. read more »

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