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Recent blog posts on Science Fiction

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Talos Principle Game Review

Title: Talos Principle Release Date: 2014 Genre: Puzzle Solving Developer: Croteam Publisher: Devolver Digital Platform: PC, Mac, or Linux, also available on PS4 and Android Where to Buy:   Geeky: 5/5  Sweetie: 4/5  Concept: 8/10 Many people have compared this game to Myst, but not me. In my opinion, this game is much closer to Continue reading Talos Principle Game Review read more »

The flying hotel : the new concept makes possib...

One of the projects submitted in the contest Radical Innovation Award 2016 in the US, a hotel flying shaped pods, which offers a view of 360 degrees and can land in inaccessible places can offer accommodation in the price of hiring a luxury car . [...] read more »

Orange Manga Review + Crunchyroll Begins Airing...

Im not as big of a reader as I used to be when I was younger, however, the last few seasons of anime have not held much to capture my interests, and being single again I find myself with too much spare time. So this past year Ive been reading a lot of manga! One Continue reading Orange Manga Review + Crunchyroll Begins Airing Orange Anime Based on the Manga by Ichigo Takano read more »

Ever17 The Out of Infinity Visual Novel PC Game...

Ever17 is probably my all time favorite visual novel. It was one of the first that I had played, and the story is so good. Its not your typical dating or romance novel. Its a very thrilling and suspenseful tale about a group of young people trapped in an underwater theme park. They are running Continue reading Ever17 The Out of Infinity Visual Novel PC Game Review read more »

The link who fell to Earth

Unfortunately, I don't have any interesting stories related to the music of David Bowie. I never saw him in concert, nor did he inspire me to explore my sexuality or anything along those lines. Like many people, I simply dug his music, and I'm really sad to see him departed from this life. As an actor - and he had been one almost as long as he had been a singer - he had an eclectic range of roles, as you would expect from one who took on roles in his musical performances: Pontius Pilate in The Last Tempt... read more »

5 Reasons It’s Great To Be A Writer

5. Reading. I horde books. When hubby asks me why I have SO many books, I tell him I need them for ‘research.’ I don’t think he’s caught on yet. Itll be our little secret. 4. Time Alone. Writing gives me a great excuse to be alone. If I dont want to do the dishes, [] read more »

Five ways to tell a SF/F story without a bad guy

Yes, I'm gonna bitch about The Force Awakens again, but only to make a bigger point. One of the biggest disappointments of the film for me was Adam Driver's character, Kylo Ren. As a villain, he didn't seem imposing and powerful enough to carry the film the way Darth Vader originally did in A New Hope, and because he came across like a third-rate Vader clone, his shtick felt old.(Just as an aside: Jen from my writing group agreed with me that TFA was a ripoff ofA New Hope. She was pretty pleased that som... read more »

Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Star Wars: The Force Awakensseen @ Movieworld, Douglaston, Queens, NYSPOILERSI don't know why I never got into Star Wars as a kid. (Just so we're on the same page: when I say "Star Wars," I'm referring to the franchise in general; when I say "A New Hope," I'm talking about the original 1977 film. And TFA, of course, stands for "The Force Awakens." Got it?) You hear and read so many stories about people who grew up with a Millennium Falcon model or stood in line for Empire on opening day with their older ... read more »

New release round-up for October '15

Finally, I actually have new releases to talk about! - The Martian. Cast Away meets Apollo 13as once again Matt Damon needs to be rescued! This was breathtaking. It's been way too long since I was this excited about a Ridley Scott movie, but the master delivered the goods big time here. I went into this movie blind; I wouldn't have even known it was Scott directing except I justwasppened to glimpse a magazine cover story about him in a bookstore about a couple of weeks ago. Didn't even see the trailer!I... read more »

Plan 9 From Outer Space

Plan 9 From Outer Space YouTube viewingLet's start with the question everyone asks: is it really the worst movie of all time? Friends and neighbors, I have seen a lot of movies in my life, but I haven't seen nearly enough to even be remotely qualified to answer that question. Personally, I think the "all time" label, while it's certainly well-earned, is also part hyperbole, a gimmick used to get people to willingly engage in what they believe to be a "campy" experience that they can tweet about later.I'... read more »

“From The Sky” by J. E. Nicassio

Author J.E. Nicassio is pleased to announce the release of her young adult sci-fi romance novel, "From The Sky." read more »

New release round-up for August '15

Um... I got nuthin'. What can I say, there was little that captured my interest this month. I thought about seeing Meryl Streep's new one, Ricki and the Flash, but the reviews weren't quite as good as I had hoped. It's okay; I know she has another movie coming out this fall.I'll tell you what I did see, though... I had the opportunity (thanks,Aurora) to sit in on an advance screening of the first two episodes of a new TV show from indie filmmaker Edward Burns, of Woodside, Queens, called Public Morals. ... read more »

Attack of the 50 Foot Woman (1958)

KRKR-TV News Bulletin: A strange glowing object is observed by many across the globe, which is now estimated to be approaching the California desert.  If one is to believe the [] read more »

“More than Human: The Mensa Contagion” by Steve...

"More than Human: The Mensa Contagion" is a new Sc-Fi Adventure by Steven M. Moore and Turns Two Conventional Themes Upside Down. read more »

“The Norma Gene” by M. E. Roufa

"The Norma Gene" by M. E. Roufa hilarious Graft of sci-fi pop culture... When Abe Lincoln and Marilyn Monroe clones meet, you won't believe what happens next! read more »

“More Than Human: The Mensa Contagion” by Steve...

Author Steven M. Moore is pleased to announce the release of his new science fiction novel, "More Than Human: The Mensa Contagion." read more »

“Floyd 5.136″ by S. F. Chapman

Striped Cat Press and author, S F Chapman announce the release of their science fiction novel, "Floyd 5.136," a thought-provoking genetic engineering story. read more »

“Willem of the Tafel” by Hans Hirschi

"Willem of the Tafel" by Hans Hirschi is an epic sci-fi tale of survival, second chances, hope undying love. read more »

“Jane’s Trip to Mars” by Barbara Henderson

The Sky’s the Limit in the Imaginative Children’s Fantasy, "Jane's Trip to Mars" by Barbara Henderson. read more »

Book tour Giveaway: Future's Edge, Sci-Fi ficti...

It's been a wahile since we got distracted by a sci-fi story.Enjoy! Author Bio: Born and raised in Brooklyn, NY, Mort Herman has a Master’s degrees in Electrical Engineering. Holder of six patents, he worked at several companies including IBM, Texas Instruments, ATT and Lucent Technologies where his specialty was semiconductor electronics, systems design, and marketing. Mort lives on the Jersey shore with his mate Mary Ann. When he’s not writing, Mort is an avid sailor, a woo... read more »


Sleeperseen @ Landmark Loew's Jersey Theater, Jersey City, NJI wish I could say that there was a great big crowd at the Loew's Jersey Theater Friday night to hear the news that Friends of the Loew's (FOL), the volunteer organization that has been the theater's caretakers for over two decades, won their court case against Jersey City for control of the theater. The announcement was greeted warmly on social media, and the small crowd of cinephiles in attendance were equally pleased, but FOL head Colin Egan... read more »

“Rarity from the Hollow” by Robert Eggleton

Retired Reader's Digest editor finds small press novel the most enjoyable sci-fi he has read in several years "Rarity from the Hollow" by Robert Eggleton read more »

New release roundup for May '15

Avengers: Age of Ultron. It is exactly what you expect it to be, but by the time you read this, you've probably seen it a half dozen times already, so you know this. I didn't expect Ultron's "lips" to move the way they do. The effect is kinda weird. In the comics, he just has this big wide screaming mouth, and you don't expect it to move because duh, he's a robot. Also, I didn't like the way Joss gave him the same brand of snark as everyone else. An actual comic book supervillain should talk like one. Ho... read more »

“Out of Chaos Comes Hope! The Andromeda Inciden...

The Third book in the Sci-Fi Action-Adventure Series by R.J. DeNardo now available, "Out of Chaos Comes Hope!" read more »

“Where Madmen Rule” by Eugene L. Hayman Jr.

Author, Eugene L. Hayman, Jr. is pleased to announce the release of his new science fiction adventure, "Where Madmen Rule." read more »

Ray Bradbury and vintage science fiction films

Guest postby Maria Ramos Few science fiction authors have had the influence on the genre that Ray Bradbury has. His penchant for the strange and mysterious, coupled with evocative, lyrical prose, made his works readily accessible for adaptation into television shows and movies. Bradbury felt acutely the fears and anxieties that many Americans experienced during the Cold War and this is reflected in many of his works. Themes of identity and persecution tied directly to McCarthyismand the Red Scare, whil... read more »

“Regina Shen: Resilience” by Lance Erlick

Author Lance Erlick is pleased to announce release of the first two science fiction thrillers in the Regina Shen series "Regina Shen: Resilience." read more »

New release roundup for April '15

- Ex Machina. Tony Stark-like billionaire engineer creates robotic intelligence that he recruits a low-level tech employee of his to determine how lifelike it is. I was able to guess at some of the plot twists in this directing debut from screenwriter Alex Garland, but overall, it wasn't bad. Differs from Her in that the hand of the creator plays a central role in the story and acts as a wedge between the protagonist and the AI character. Visual effects are spectacular, making actress Alicia Vikander loo... read more »

“Middle Waters” by John Clarke

Deep Sea Aliens are finally talking: What has the government been hiding? Find out in "Middle Waters" by John Clarke. read more »

“Willakaville” by Mathew Heinecke

"Willakaville: Amazing Adventures of Astronomical Awesomeness" by Mathew Heinecke invites the young reader into a wacky world. read more »

“The Last Revenge” by Nathaniel Danes

"The Last Revenge: The Last Hero Trilogy Book 2" by Nathaniel Danes is set for release, on sale April, 30. read more »

Superman II

The Great Villain Blogathon is a tribute to the greatest, most sinister and most memorable antagonists in film history, presented by Speakeasy, Shadows Satin and Silver Screenings. For a complete list of participating bloggers, visit the links at any of these sites.Superman IIfrom my DVD collection Ladies and gentlemen, the President of the United States. This is your President. On behalf of my country, and in the name of the other leaders of the world with whom I have today consulted, I hereby abdi... read more »

“A Fistful of Clones” by Seaton Kay-Smith

Australian stand-up comedian and writer, Seaton Kay-Smith, publishes his first novel, "A Fistful of Clones." read more »

“Danovia Prime Obliterated! The Diary of Sedona...

23rd-Century Sci-Fi Adventure Erupts Into a Galactic Battle in "Danovia Prime Obliterated! The Diary of Sedona Ames" by Gregory A. Pierson read more »

Bernard Herrmann

900th POST!Everyone remembers Bernard Herrmann as Hitchcock's composer: Psycho, North By Northwest, Vertigo, etc. - all memorable, all epic, and NONE Oscar nominated, which is insane. You may know he composed the scores to Citizen Kane and Taxi Driver as well. But a large portion of his career was also spent composing scores for sci-fi, fantasy and horror movies and TV shows as well. Long before guys like Hans Zimmer, Michael Giacchino and Danny Elfman (who was a huge fan), Herrmann was practically the g... read more »

“Discovery” by Jan Domagala

The latest in sci-fi series 'Col Sec' out now! - "Discovery" by Jan Domagala read more »

QWFF 2015 Day 2: They say it's your birthday

St. Patrick's Day always comes right before my birthday, but Tuesday night was the first time I had ever bothered to take advantage of it by getting drunk the night before. Who cares if everyone else is getting plastered for a completely different reason? I've always considered myself a kind of honorary Irish by virtue of being born the day after, anyway!The crazy part is that it only took me one beer to get drunk! But that one beer looked like this. I think the bar where the Queens World Film Festival O... read more »

“Return to Earth: An Adventure to Recolonize” b...

"Return to Earth" by R. K. Alan is a Science Fiction / Family Saga novel. Although post apocalyptic, the story is hopeful and views man in renewed spirits. read more »

“Dwarves in Space” by S. E. Zbasnik

Sci-fi and fantasy mashed together at last in "Dwarves in Space" by S. E. Zbasnik. read more »

“Nick Morrow: After a Half Century, a Missing M...

Sci-Fi Adventurer Mysteriously Travels Through Time and Space in "Nick Morrow: After a Half Century, a Missing Man Returns" by Hoa Minh Truong read more »

The Day the Earth Stood Still (1951)

The Day the Earth Stood Still (1951) from my VHS collection Okay, don't get me wrong, I still like The Day the Earth Stood Still as a movie. It's ambitious, it's better written and acted than most alien-invader movies of the period, it has that awesome Bernard Herrmann score, and in the grand tradition of classic science fiction, it attempts to say something important about the world we live in. That said, I think I have a serious problem with it, and the problem lies with Klaatu's departing speech ... read more »

Life Happens…

Have you ever noticed that when you carefully plan out something, you usually end up with one of two normal results? The first being that everything goes according to plan. Or pretty damn close. And if that was my norm, I wouldn’t be writing this post. Instead, as par for the course, Life decided that [] read more »

Groundhog's links

So far, the new format seems to be going over well. The pageview numbers are roughly comparable with what they were before the Switch, and the announcement of the CinemaScope Blogathon generated a whole lot of interest. Thanks once again on behalf of Becky and myself to everyone who's joining us for that next month.Among the stuff to look forward to this month will include another venture into the hullaballoo that is the #TCMparty on Twitter, only this time I'll devote a post exclusively to my experience... read more »

Mass Effect 4 - noch größer als Dragen Age Inqu...

Ein selbsternannter Industrie-Insider berichtet, dass Mass Effect 4 umfangreicher als Dragon Age Inquisition werden soll. Außerdem soll es 2016 released werden. Mass Effect 4 ArtworkDer sich hinter dem Nickname Shinobi602 befindende selbsternannter Industrie-Insider berichtet im Gaming-Szene-Forum über Mass Effect 4. Da sich der Großteil seiner veröffentlichten Branchengeheimnisse als wahr herausstellten, sind seine Aussagen als überwiegend glaubwürdig zu bewerten. Mass Effect 4: Neu... read more »

The Remote Blog Tour & Giveaway by Lisa Acerbo

Virtual Book Tour Dates: 12/29/14 – 1/26/15Genres: Science Fiction, Romance read more »

Zombie Freebie: Phase One: Identify by Rose Wyn...

Currently free on Amazon Kindle Genres: Science Fiction Romance, Paranormal Romance, Zombies Blurb: From the Back Cover A letter found on the clear glass case of the only gun shop in Pleasant, LAHello,My name is Tabitha Alexander. Congratulations. If you're reading this letter, you're one of the survivors from the zombie apocalypse. Take care, or you won't last for long.I'm eighteen, and I just graduated this year. I didn't get to enjoy it, though. I was working at the grocery store as a checkout gi... read more »

“The Mark of Man” by Owen H. Lewis

Indie Author, Owen H. Lewis, subverts the genre with "The Mark of Man" and is an Intelligent and Challenging Science Fiction read more »

The links will come out... TOMORROW

MAJOR BLOG-RELATED ANNOUNCEMENT THIS TUESDAY.This is big, folks, big enough to require a separate post, because it concerns the direction of the blog for 2015. I highly recommend you come back here for it tomorrow. Not kidding.December 17! That's when the launch party for the next issue of Newtown Literary comes out, the one including my short story, "Airplanes." That's later than I expected, but that's okay; I'm just glad it's gonna be out there at last. It's not like I expect to be discovered by a publ... read more »

Fifteen – Cover Reveal

Fifteen by Jen Estes (Website, Twitter, Facebook, Goodreads)Published by Curiosity Quills Press on 15 January 2015 ISBN: 9781620077504 Fifteen Cover Reveal   Fifteen, by Jen Estes Genre: Contemporary Fantasy, Paranormal, Science Fiction, Urban Fantasy, Young Adult Publisher: Curiosity Quills Press Date of Release: January 15, 2015 Cover Artist: Conzpiracy Digital Arts *** Legend has it if you die in your dreams, you die in real life. Fifteen-year-old Ashling Campbell knows that’s not true because when... read more »

“Destination Earth” by Carl McClain

"Destination Earth: Rise of The Da Vinci" by Carl McClain... Listen on your Kindle Fire or with the free Audible app on Apple, Android, and Windows devices. read more »

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