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Global Indian International School (GIIS) to ho...

Global Indian International School (GIIS) hosts OPEN HOUSE for its New School in Dubai at Address Hotel Global Indian The post Global Indian International School (GIIS) to host OPEN HOUSE for its New School in Dubai appeared first on BUZZINGTALES . read more »

The Catapult by Julie Arduini

My goodness, where did this year go? In some ways it has felt so long, and yet, I know I missed posting here because it has been so busy. I pray life is treating you well. A couple weeks ago Continue reading read more »

New Highschool Is A Year Ahead Of Schedule

My teens fast track was two weeks ago. Fast track is when the students can go in on a certain day to pick up their IPads after paying the fee. Plus, get the Ipad all set up for the school year. As new programs may have been added. While others were took off. A day or two after fast track, students were able to pick up their yearly schedule and meet their new teachers. See where their classrooms are and find their new lockers. While figuring out the combinations work or not. Plus, pick up a school suppl... read more »

Back to School… again

And here we are again, summer is really over. It is a little unprepared again going back to school (college). Most parents and college folks are busy buying school stuff. Actually, I notice since last month most of the school supply stores are jumpack with parents. It is a good thing though because they dont [] read more »

Heep Woh Primary School, Cheung Sha Wan

The scene of Heep Woh Primary School (Cheung Sha Wan) was shot near its gate, Cheung Sha Wan District, Kowloon, Hong Kong. read more »

How To Help Your Child (Win) In A Story Telling...

If you have kids who are still studying in grade level, story telling contests may be part of your childs annual calendar activities. This is an activity which we look forward, not so much because of the competitive aspect, but because we look forward on seeing the kids focus, learn a new piece and be [] The post How To Help Your Child (Win) In A Story Telling Contest appeared first on TweenselMom / Mommy Blogger. read more »

First Week of School Limerick

I thought I was ready for schoolNow I know I was a foolDue dates, examsTrying to cramWhen I'd rather be out by the pool read more »

Best Back-to-School Fragrances

Pour Femme by Dolce Gabbana A powdery and classic blend, Pour Femme irresistibly combines the lightness of marshmallow with the pop of orange citrus and the woody flavor of cinnamon. This aura of feminine strength and beauty will leave a lasting impression of confidence. White Woods by Clean White Woods’s combination of sandalwood, Continue reading Best Back-to-School Fragrances The post Best Back-to-School Fragrances appeared first on Scentbird Perfumes. read more »

A Quick Visit To Philippine Science High School

Hubby and I made a quick visit recently to Philippine Science High School to submit my daughters application for their qualifying exam. This year 2015, the exam will be on October 3 but before that, you need to submit the requirements, pay a small fee and return back to get the final examination permit. It [] The post A Quick Visit To Philippine Science High School appeared first on TweenselMom / Mommy Blogger. read more »

Paying for College: Options if Scholarships Are...

Its crazy how much our world has changed in just a few generations. My parents were both first generation college graduates, but when it came time for me and my sister to think about colleges, we thought more about which college than whether to go to college. Positions that used to be filled by high school grads, like secretary, nurse, personal assistant, etc., are now being filled almost exclusively by college graduates. As more and more people go to college, it becomes more and more necessary for a lo... read more »

Fidgeting Helps Children with ADHD Learn, Study...

From the NYTs, "New findings published in theJournal of Abnormal Child Psychologyreveal that swinging their legs around more or excessively tapping on a table or the like could help them remember information, solve complex problems or partake in certain social situations later in life." "The typical interventions target reducing hyperactivity. It's exactly the opposite of what we should be doing for a majority of children with ADHD," lead researcher Mark Rapport, the head of the Children's Learning Cli... read more »

Correcting Our Course

Last night I had a number of dreams about education, teaching or going to hear a teacher. Perhaps these dreams are occurring because I have bemoaned the fact that children seem to be being taught less, if taught at all. That  young people are not receiving the necessary understanding to step into life or they Continue reading Correcting Our Course read more »

ADHD and School | Academic Success. How to stud...

I am often asked "What's the most important thing I can do to get my son/daughter to do better in school?" and the answer is, "Teach them some study habits, and reward those habits dearly!"ADHD is a complicated disorder, and from one student to another the signs and symptoms of ADHD can be very different. but what I almost always see is a lack of organization that starts with a lack of a schedule. Kids, teens and adults with ADHD are reluctant to set up a schedule because when they sit down to do the wor... read more »

A Touching Story

bethere2day - A small boy named Hameed lived in a village in Morocco. None of his classmates liked him because of his stupidity, A Touching Story read more »

Enhancing Multiple Intelligence By Getting In T...

January is a wonderful month to get in touch with nature. We are lucky to be able to live in a home where the front yard is full of greens, thanks to my husband who worked hard on maintaining our mini garden. Last month, we receive a gift which was enjoyed very much by my [] read more »

Too quiet!

Safa has been home for the past one month, and it's been great. We all had some time off during the winter break, and even when the boys went back to school, Safa was still home. Father and daughter had some time to catch up. Yes, it looks like they are just engaged in using their computers, but this was some quality research time for the two of them!This morning Bilal headed off to Space Camp. This is his first overnight field trip without either parent, and he was very excited to go. In all honesty, ... read more »

WW On A Tuesday – Next Generation

bethere2day - WW On A Tuesday - Post an image and link up, this weeks post is Next Generation WW On A Tuesday Next Generation read more »

Goodbye, 2014!

2014 ended with a couple of significant firsts for the Khan family. Our first born child went off the college. And although she managed to average about one weekend per month at home during the first semester, this was quite an adjustment for the entire family. I think Zakir and Sammy, our red tabby, both took it the hardest. Zakir spent many evenings wondering why Safa hadn't called yet, and Sammy spent even more evenings pacing Safa's bedroom and wailing. He finally adjusted to her being gone, not long... read more »

Resources for Behaviour Problems and School Iss...

Resources for Behaviour Problems and School issues for Teachers and Parents Many parents come and see me about behaviour problems their child might be having in school. They request a psychoeducational assessment and then expect to take that to the school and have an educational plan or IEP written that will solve all matters. Often the problem with this is that while many behavioural issues are reflected in the results of a psychoeducational assessment, a lot of times what is necessary is a more direc... read more »

Life Update: Homeschool

So my last life update was quite popular and I know I've done a bad job of keeping you guys update especially since I consider this my personal blog and therefore I am going to write these more often. If you read my last update you know that I've recently started a homeschool program through my school. Basically, my core subject teachers come after the school day to my apartment complex and teach me the same material being studied at school. First off I want to emphasize that I am EXTREMELY grateful for... read more »

One Lovely Blog Award ♥

Привет, ребятки, как проходит ваш декабрь? У меня довольно неплохо, даже странно. Не хочется строить пустых надежд, но может быть, все движется в лучшую сторону...?Пожалуйста, ну пожалуйста, хоть бы это правда было так! Вторая зимняя неделя началась лучше, чем ожидалось. Да, я встала очень рано, да, принесла свое невыспавшееся тело в ненавистную школу, но зато день был не таким напряжным, как я опасалась. А придя домой, я увидела несколько теплых комментариев от вас (лучи любви и обожания вам, спасибо, ... read more »

Life Update: Why I Haven't Been in School

I'm somewhat hesitant to write this post but being as this is my 'personal' blog which I started for myself, I at least owe it to myself to write it. Yes, I've been out of school for a while. I had a few emotional twists and turns including things a little to delicate to write about publicly and also I changed up my medication which has in the past - and continues to - mess with my mood. All these things made it very difficult for me to go to school every day. I've been considering my school's home schoo... read more »

Community Building with BAND

I'm a recent graduate, a blogger, a petite model, an actress, an author, a ghostwriter, and a freelance writer - that's a lot of hats to wear! And with each thing I do comes a big group of related people. So, here's my dirty secret - I suck at names. Like: Me: "Hi! I'm Danai!" Her: "Hi I'm Lucy!" >two more polite sentence exchanges< Me: Oh darn, what's her name again? Suzy? Having a way of keeping track of all the people I know, and keeping track of how I know them, can really help avoid some awkw... read more »

Some Hard to Believe Truths About the Children ...

Today morning a cousin shared a truth that he or some one else like him might have experienced in life through the latest real time messaging application now familiar to all asWhatsApp: The message read like this: "First bench doing job and last bench doing business. Truth of school life. A first bench student knows the answer to every question (problem), but the last bench student knows how to face every problem!" Yes, there are enough examples that you could find to prove that this is true. I too... read more »

Third Grade Assembly

Paine Intermediate holds an assembly for the students every month. Today I took an hour off work to attend the third grade assembly. I didn't want to pass up on listening to Bilal speaking in front of the entire third grade and many parents. He was one of the three students selected to lead the assembly. In addition to the usual assembly activities, Paine is celebrating Red Ribbon Week; the message is 'Say no to Drugs'. Today all the students were dressed in red to show that they are 'Red-y' to say no ... read more »

How to Make a DIY Portfolio: Simple and Easy Sc...

I was about to throw my old art stuff, then I remember that it can still re-use of my youngest daughter for her next art pieces activities in school so I store some important artworks for safe keeping.And so I was right, the next day Chelsea ask me to assist her to produce a storage for her paper exams, quizzes and assignment something that has 3 columns to hold long and short papers.To make a simple and easy DIYPortfolioyou need to have a canvas of art panels(use here the old chipboard from the previous... read more »

September Memories 2014

Привет! Ура, сентябрь подошел к концу. На один месяц меньше учебы.Хотя, впереди только хуже: октябрь еще более-менее сносный, а ноябрь - отвратительное время первых холодов, перепадов в виде: утром снег и лед, днем дождь и грязная каша под ногами. Нет, я не любитель осени. Я способна видеть красоту в сочетании зеленых, ярких, живых листков с пожелтевшими и багровыми, увядающими листьями. Юность и увядание в непосредственной близости - это красиво. Теплый, солнечный осенний день, когда под ногами приятно ... read more »

3ooth Post! #Supsimportantannouncement

In case you haven't heard....SEE YOU AT THE POLE IS TOMORROW.Yep, that's right-it's tomorrow! I know my school's event is gonna be awesome, you can make yours awesome too! It's never to late to plan it, even if it's just you, I promise ;)So, tomorrow morning- 7am around your flagpole praying for the school system, teachers, principals government and world leaders food would be a nice touch, but not necessary and some kind of recommendation to a church somewhere, in case any non-church goers show up, whic... read more »

What's been going on?

After the hustle and bustle of the weekend (shuttling Hamza back and forth from karate, volunteering at the Old Firehouse Shelter on Saturday evening, then Sunday School with Bilal, following by attending a national college fair with Hamza on Sunday afternoon), it felt like work on Monday morning would be a reprieve. It just happened to be my Monday to work late (it only comes once a month), so I didn't get home until late (for me, at least. I know, for most, 6pm isn't late). Fortunately it wasn't a craz... read more »

First Quarter High

First Quarter in big school ended last August and, I must say, both kids performed really well in school.  There were minor issues in behavior during the first month of school with the little girl easily getting frustrated when shes not called to recite in class even when she has been raising my hands forever! [] The post First Quarter High appeared first on The Tottering Mama. read more »

Back to School 2014

A week of school just passed by and the kids seem to be happy and well adjusted in their new school. I have mentioned in my previous post that we transferred the children to a better school. The tuition kind of expensive but we found a way and perhaps we will be doing a bunch of volunteering and fundraising. Anyway, they both look so adorable in their new uniform and neat. How about you guys, how's your kiddo first day or week of school? read more »

BACK TO SCHOOL: Respect Your Teachers

“In America the schools have become too permissive, the kids now are controlling the schools, the tail is wagging the dog. Weve got to make a change there and get it back to where the teachers have control of the classrooms.”  ~Chuck Norris Respect your teachers. A few years ago I was asked, ironically, to [] read more »

Back To School vol.2: Что купить к школе? SCHOO...

У меня была идея создать целую серию постов тематики Back To School, но, что-то я припозднилась. Бывает такое: садишься за компьютер, открываешь вкладку "Создать сообщение", и, увидев перед собой белеющий пустой лист, вдруг осознаешь, что в твоей голове такая же пустота. И тут уж старайся не старайся, а ничего хорошего не напишешь. Но сейчас время перевалило за полночь, и вдохновение снова посетило меня. Ей-богу, без понятия, как внутри меня будут уживаться режим школьных будней и страсть к ночи.И все же... read more »

Back to School Basics

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Brita for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.Fall is approaching! This year is really flying by, much like last year. Does anyone else have that feeling, or is it just because so much is changing in my life?I graduated from Harvard! I moved to NYC! I'm a working adult now!Anyway, the year flew by and the approach of fall means that it's back to school season. Okay, sonot for me. But Ilove back to school!Back to school is awesome. What's one major ... read more »


It’s time to get back to the books. All this week I’ll share back to school tips you can share with your kids. And parents- hopefully you’ll get something out of these too. OK kids… Your number one and only mission starting this week as you go back to school: LEARN! That’s it. Everything else [] read more »

A New School Year

We finally have all three kids back in school. Everyone I talk to seems upset that the summer has come to an end. Personally, I like the structure that the school year brings. The kids are sleeping less, and definitely being more productive. Less screen time, and more reading. Less lounging around, and more physical activity. Plus, it is hard for me in the summer to leave the kids to go to work; I'd much rather be home with them. During the school year, we are all out of the house around the same time, a... read more »

BACK TO SCHOOL OUTFIT! Наряд дня для школы

Всем привет! Сегодня уже двадцатое августа, а это значит, что школа начнется менее чем через две недели. Я не буду говорить о том, как это ужасно, как это удручает и заставляет хандрить, я просто покажу один из вариантов наряда дня на первое сентября и на обычный школьный день.Я поняла, что приходя на День Знаний в одно и то же место девять лет подряд, мне изрядно надоели классические белые школьные рубашки, обыкновенные закрытые туфли и скучные юбки. Мне захотелось чего-то более нового и смелого. Так чт... read more »


This is what happened when our eight year old accidentally got his allergy medicine doses twelve hours apart instead of twenty four hours: This is just a few minutes before the bus came this morning. I had to virtually drag him up off the sofa! Thankfully the drowsiness didn't last too long, and he ended up having a good day at school.We started him back on his allergy meds a day or two before school started, since historically the start of the school year exacerbates his allergy and sinus symptoms. Thi... read more »

Third Grade

While his siblings slept, Bilal was up bright and early, excited to go to school. After breakfast, and a quick review of his backpack contents, he was ready to head to the bus stop. He could have got up thirty minutes later and still been ready on time, but how do you explain that to a very excited eight yer old, who has been waiting for school all summer?Obligatory first day of school photos: Waiting at the bus stop: We were expecting the bus to be there at 7:25. But several minutes later there was s... read more »

Summer comes to an end

This week started with school related activities. On Monday evening I took Bilal to meet his third grade teacher, Mrs. W. The same teacher that Hamza has in third grade too! She is wonderful, and very caring towards the kids. In fact, when Hamza was in third grade, one day he got confused about an after school activity and ended up missing the bus. Instead of calling me to pick him up from school, Mrs. W drove him home herself. Such a considerate gesture! Bilal warmed up to her as soon as he met her. Hop... read more »

The Opposite of Jet lag: Insomnia?

Wassabi! So, Portland, OR is 2 hours ahead of where I live-and so when I got there, I slept super well-cause I was exhausted when 11pmrolled around, but transitioning back is proving a weebit harder-my body thinks it's like 10am, all the time, so I'm like wide awake. I literally ran on 5 hours of sleep today-and I'm not tired, little irritable maybe-but no more than usual.Anyway, enough sob story about me, you want to hear about Portland, right?So, if youGoogle"Protect Portland's Children" you'll find th... read more »

School Holiday Mania

I have been away from blogging for 2 weeks and I have the perfect reason for it.SCHOOL HOLIDAYS.At first I thought I could do more writing and planning on my topics during the school holidays because: since the kinder-going-kid is at home and I don't have to be out and about so I will have more time at home and do my planning kids canentertain each other and can play with each other thus leaving me alone to do my thinking and planning kids won't bug me as much because it is the school holidays (I know,ve... read more »

5 Roommate Archetypes

Hopefully you aren't stuck with any of these five (bad) roommate archetypes, but for humor's sake (and your edification, if you're getting a roommate for the first time - I'm looking at you, rising college freshmen!) here are some funnily awful types of roommates.Funny if they're not yours, that is.1) The slob.Their dishes remain in the sink for days, until they become potentially important contributions to science. Regardless of whether or not you just cleaned, every time that they cook the kitchen loo... read more »

How to Choose a Roommate: What Matters & What D...

It's easy to take finding a roommate lightly, especially when you're looking at a fast market like the NYC housing market.When everything is out-the-wahoo expensive and finding a semi-reasonably placed room in a less than 10 bedroom apartment (most young professionals don't want to go straight back into dorm style living), anything sounds better than homelessness.Which it is.But do you really want to pay 2k a month (ouch, NYC rent) to room with a bunch of slobs that you can't stand? Most leases are at le... read more »

Leahurst College

Leahurst College is a new Kingston high-school that just opened it doors in September 2013. As a new private high-school they started up with only grade 9 and have plans expand adding grades each year until they can accommodate grade Continue reading read more »

Gifts for Grads: A Gift Guide and A Contest!

Graduation season is a super exciting time of year, especially for graduates and those who love them! Hopefully more exciting than that...While graduates are generally just happy to be graduating, it's pretty common for loved ones to give graduates gifts to celebrate their achievement - graduating still really is a huge achievement, even when more Americans than ever are doing it! It still takes a lot of persistence, hard work, and ambition to make it through twelve years (+preschool) of education, fo... read more »

Nameless, Faceless, Placeless? Keep Watching!

(Over the last couple of days I wrote two articles on the tactics of the enemy. The first was on disconnection in the body and the second on the attack of health.) The last few days I have written two articles on the tactics of the enemy. Even as I wrote about the weapons of [] read more »

Quick run down

At the moment, my mind is an egg scramble. There is just so much to tell and I just can't sort it all out. So for now, here's a quick run down; The post Quick run down appeared first on Shh!! Mommas Writing!. read more »

Watch out world!

This is a teenager with a Driver's Permit: Hamza finally decided that he wants to learn to drive. I took him up for his written test a couple of weeks ago. He passed his test, but, unfortunately the computers were down. So that prompted another trip to the DL office. And finally, he actually has something of value to keep in his wallet! Lessons will start this weekend, and guess who will not be teaching him? That would be me! Yes, I leave the driving lessons to Baba; I just wouldn't have the patience fo... read more »

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