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Christmas traditions around the world

Every country on the planet marks the birth of Christ differently from other nationalities. We could say that dinners, gifts under the tree or family parties that happen to us is the most authentic way to celebrate Christmas. Christmas Customs and Christmas Traditions, The History of How many Christmas Traditions and Christmas Customs came into being and how they are celebrated. The History of Christmas. Santa Claus comes to the beach in Australia We all know that Santa Claus delivers gifts in Romani... read more »

Top Seven Holiday Movies!

Can anyone else not believe that tomorrow is already Christmas Eve?? After it taking forever to become the holiday season (I started wishing for Christmas back in August) December has absolutely flown by! I kind of want it to slow down, just a bit, so that I can enjoy the season before it ends!In that spirit, here are a lucky seven of my favorite Christmas movies to get into the holiday spirit! They are in no particular order, with the exception of How the Grinch Stole Christmasholding the title of Best ... read more »

Новогоднее настроение

Думаю всем рукодельницам знакомо чувство, когда видишь первый раз схему и понимаешь: хочу это сделать немедленно). Так у меня было с Санта Клаусами от Permin. Ничего подобного раньше не делала, а тут вот загорелась. Очень уж мне понравились их милые лица. Схем в серии 4, одну закончила, еще один на подходе. Выполнен Санта в технике счетный крест и бэк. Оформила в виде пинкипа. Идеально подходит как украшение на елку, сразу создает новогоднее настроение. Обратная сторона Спасибо, что зашли! read more »

What Are You Looking For?

It’s not there! Yay! Gone! My sin is gone! I spent a lot of my walk with God missing understanding about various scriptures in regard to grace. There was a time where I was sin conscious and not God conscious especially when it came to me. Stop looking to be a zombie! The last few [] read more »

It’s December 24th! Here’s my little message to...

*putting christmas lights on the sidebar* *putting all decorations in place and taking a sip of hot chocolate* Hello guys! Im back! I know its been a while since I posted anything here and I wish I could give you an interesting reason why like, its because I went on this great adventure with [] read more »

Feliz Navidad…

Querido Santa: No quiero una casa, ni un auto, ni un iPhone, ni muchos viajes. Solo quiero que la persona que esta leyendo este mensaje sea FELIZ y tenga una hermosa Navidad junto a sus seres queridos read more »

I'm On the Naughty List... Or Am I?

Women Enough- I must confess....I am on the naughty list this year.If you celebrate any sort of St. Nicholas gift giving tradition, or even if you don't, the mention of the naughty list evokes some sort of emotion or connection to the idea of not being good enough for gifts. Being relegated to one or the other list puts a label on value and worth, and implies judgement of some kind. All year long, parents use the persuasion factor (OK, guilt and fear factor) of the dreaded "naughty list" to get kids to b... read more »

La fabbrica di Babbo Natale

The Fabric of Santa Claus in Pisa from the 7th to the 9th December 2012.A unique experience for everyone: families, couples, children can experience the incredible sensation of entering into a ball with Christmas landscape.A selling exhibition to accompany children to the magical world of Christmas, find gift ideas, workshops, games, Show Lounges and Christmas banquets.Foryounger children laborratories will be set up in order to make thye presents that SantaClaus has to do.Santa Claus will receive the ch... read more »

Some Of The Best Christmas Markets in Europe

With the Christmas season upon us, the cities of Europe are lit up with decorations. The scent of mulled wine is the in the air and the early nights and sudden chill make for warm and cozy indoors. Like much of the world, Christmas is an important tradition on the continent, but the traditions here [...] read more »

"Bah Humbug!"

A survey of Americans finds that most of us "dread" something about Christmas. In particular, 28 percent hate shopping for gifts (68 percent worry about having to wait in line to buy them, and 37 percent "abhor" getting in debt over it), 37 percent worry about gaining weight, 24 percent aren't looking forward to seeing relatives, 23 percent hate the seasonal music, and 16 percent hate going to holiday parties. "For all the chatter about nostalgia, family fun and gift giving this time of year," summarized... read more »

Guess Who I Saw?

On the way to my grandson, D.D.s birthday party we stopped for a bite to eat at the burger place, famous for the golden arches and red-haired clown. We walked in and placed our order and as we turned to find a seat this is what we saw. We gently approached him and who I [...] read more »

Wish List

☺ Speaking of budget, I promised myself not to spend too much this 2010 Christmas. I will be transferring to a bigger apartment or condo unit around March next year. I am allotting some monies for home furnishings and appliances I may need to buy. My bookworm niece will be here in Manila to work. I do not want to look for a place that is furnished because some appliances may not be working alright anymore. I do not want to pay higher electricity bills for nothing. Second hand appliances are not energy ... read more »

First Dog Bo Barks at Santa

I thought this video of Bo, the First Lady, and her daughters visiting at the Childrens National Medical Center was cute. I love the way Michelle Obama keeps feeding Bo, (it drives my friends nuts when I do that...)Enjoy and have a safe and happy holiday... read more »

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