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Recent blog posts on Safety

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WIN Hands On Magnets, by Mama Smartz!! The Ulti...

Hands On Magnets are a parent’s best friend whenever you find yourself with your kids around moving cars. One of the best things about using Hands On Magnets, is that it teaches your kids a simple, consistent and safe way to get out of cars, and how to behave when there is other cars or traffic around.Read more The post WIN Hands On Magnets, by Mama Smartz!! The Ultimate Car Parking Safety Tool for Kids! appeared first on A Rear Facing Family. read more »

Texting And Driving: Why The Campaign Against I...

We all love our cell phones and the evolving technology; I mean carrying your own personal computer around is pretty amazing. But our addiction to this device is not only causing life threatening dangers to us, but to others as well. Let’s accept it when our cell phone’s ring goes off, we are always temptedRead more The post Texting And Driving: Why The Campaign Against It Is So Important To Everyones Safety appeared first on A Rear Facing Family. read more »

Car Seats & Expiry Dates: Everything You Need T...

Expiration dates on car seats there’s a lot of confusion on this subject, so today, we thought it was the right time to clear a few things up. Everyone with a child probably knows about the expiry dates on their little one’s seats, but the big question is do you understand what itRead more The post Car Seats Expiry Dates: Everything You Need To Know appeared first on A Rear Facing Family. read more »

लुधियाना की सड़कों पर दौड़ती मौत पर श्रीपाल शर्मा

लुधियाना की सड़कों पर सख्ती से स्पीड लिमिट लागू करने की मांग लुधियाना:: 8 फरवरी 2017: (रेक्टर कथूरिया//पंजाब स्क्रीन)::For more Pics Click Here श्रीपाल शर्मा पेशे से एडवोकेट, दिल में तमन्ना है किसी अच्छे डॉक्टर की तरह समाज की बिमारियों को बाहर निकाल फेंकने की लेकिन आजकल आरटीआई एक्टिविस्ट। इसके साथ ही पूरी दुनिया को यह कला सिखाने की धुन तांकि आरटीआई को कारगर हथियार बना कर समाज के कुरूप चेहरे को बेनकाब किया जा सके। आज देर शाम बात हुई तो श्रीपाल के चेहरे पर मायूसी थी जो आम तौर पर नहीं होती। कुरेदने पर पत... read more »

11 Trick Or Treating Safety Tips For Your Pets

Many people enjoy taking their dogs trick or treating with them. Other will have their dogs with them as they pass out trick or treat candy. I have compiled safety tips that will help keep your dogs safe while trick or treating or handing out candy to trick or treaters. 1. Keep Candy Out Of Pets Reach Trick or treat candy is never for your pets. As chocolate can make your pet deathly ill or kill them. If you are taking your dog with you trick or treating. Bring along a couple of your dogs treat to giv... read more »

Safety measures at the workplace

Making sure everyone is safe at the workplace is a vital part of everyones job. In the case of an emergency, you need to know who is still on the site, and how many people are there. If ever there is an emergency, you can quickly find out who is still on the site by [] read more »

World Homeless Day 10/10/15

Click to view the Facebook Event Page People of Daytona is a strong supporter of the homeless and homeless veterans! source: source: Click here for an easy and free way to help fund meals for homeless and hungry veterans at The Veterans Site! Please help by donating, all you have to do is click. Don't wait until the holidays to do your giving. Veterans may find themselves struggling to put food on the table for themselves and their family, or even ... read more »

Emphasizing Healthcare Professionals’ Role on E...

Johnson Johnson and Philippine Medical Association Partner for the new pharmaceutical insights factbook As patients, we just simply take in the medicines prescribed by our physicians. We entrust our lives to our physicians, keeping faith that we are getting... The post Emphasizing Healthcare Professionals’ Role on Ensuring Safety of Medicines appeared first on The Bag Investigator. read more »

Happy Fall: Covering Your Bases with Aflac

It’s finally starting to feel like fall and just in time – today is the first official day of fall!  Doesnt New York wear it well? While summer is great for all things water sports, fall is when we shift our focus from the coastlines to the mountains. I love, love, love the beach, but I also truly adore the mountains! Hiking is one of my favorite day trips, camping has that nostalgic glow (I was a girl scout for twelve years), apple picking is a blast and you get to go home with a ton of yummy snacks, ... read more »

When a Hurricane Hits, What Does Travel Insuran...

When a Hurricane Hits, What Does Travel Insurance Cover? Unexpected events can quickly turn a once-in-a-lifetime honeymoon into a memorable mess. Travel Insurance provided by Allianz Global Assistance is designed to defend against most things the universe may throw at you.So when your luggage is sent to Toledo instead of Tahiti and Hurricane Renee is roaring up the coast, you have some protection. Also: from the and NOAA What should you do before and after a hurricane. Are you prepared? ... read more »

Road Trip Tuesday: Car Care

There are many ways that you can keep safe on the road. From rear view mirrors to horns, keeping yourself safe is a full-time job. You should never compromise safety! Having a busted (or missing!) tail light assembly makes you a driving hazard. Picking out your car’s new tail light assembly used to be a drag. With times such as the one we’re in right now, time seems to be the one thing no one has. Going to a shop to pick out a new tail light assembly is not as easy to do as you want it to be. Good thing ... read more »

Safe City Living for the Single Girl!

I moved to New York City last summer after graduating from Harvard and Ive loved every minute. Ive wanted to live in New York City since I was in middle school, so its exciting that I finally get to live here every day! From last summer in NYC - I cant believe its already almost that time again!My mom, however, does worry sometimes about me living all by myself in the big city. She gets that Im a grown up, but everyone needs a social network for security! Friends are a great way to get that social netw... read more »

Another security worry at CIBC...

Today I was a confused CIBC customer because I have a letter telling me I "still have time" to activate my Visa credit card. What do you mean "still"? The slightly more paranoid side of my brain tells me that the bank is implying that they have previously asked me to activate a new card. Just to royally mess with my head, there's a new card sitting in front of me with the word "Visa" on it... Naturally, that one is not a credit card because now CIBC debit cards have "Visa" on them too... You know, just t... read more »

Begin To Change The World

As I walked through the building, I saw the buttons. 3 out of 4 were still in safety mode, but a fourth was moved to attack mode. I was not sure what to do. I had heard that moving one of these switches after “the fact” could causes the switch to speed up its requirements Continue reading Begin To Change The World read more »

Asian Tourist Boat Safety: A Quick 3-step Guide

Following a recent stint as a Vessel Safety Advisor it has been impossible for me to ignore the safety issues of travelling by sea in South-East Asia. Has that stopped me from travelling by boat? certainly not! If you know what to look for before departing and how to be prepared in case something does [] The post Asian Tourist Boat Safety: A Quick 3-step Guide appeared first on Taking The Scenic Route. read more »

Asian Boat Trip Safety: A Quick 3-step Guide

Following a recent stint as a Vessel Safety Advisor it has been impossible for me to ignore the safety issues of travelling by sea in South-East Asia. Has that stopped me from travelling by boat? certainly not! If you know what to look for before departing and how to be prepared in case something does [] The post Asian Boat Trip Safety: A Quick 3-step Guide appeared first on Taking The Scenic Route. read more »

Weekend Wisdom from the Ec Expert: Financial Pl...

Normal.dotm 0 0 1 525 2209 Harvard College 46 13 3681 12.0 0 false 18 pt 18 pt 0 0 false false false There are many harsh realities that you're hit with once you graduate:You can't 'game' your work schedule like you could your class schedule - bye-bye, 10am day starts.You can't stay up to all hours of the night and be fine (see above).If you forgot to go grocery shopping, there willbe no food in your kitchen. This isn't a magically self-replenishing dining hall, like you had at schoo... read more »

Let Not Your Hearts Be Troubled!

A few days ago my son and I were walking as we often do at work. Our break is a loop. The loop takes us past government buildings and brings us uphill to a walking/bicycle path. As we approached the small hill to get to the path, I heard a very loud noise. I joked [] read more »

Roadtrip Rookies: Before you hit the road...

Roadtrip Rookies is a series of articles meant for roadtrip newbies -- everything I wish someone had told me before I embarked on my first roadtrip! Hopefully someone can benefit from my experience, and some of my tips will help make your first road trip as good as can be! Although it might seem simple enough to just throw everything in your car and hit the road, there are some things you should give caution to before you put the pedal to the metal, and it’s more than just making sure you remembered to... read more »

Motorsports: the solution to everything!

If you have an automotive problem which you would like to overcome, try motorsports! Did you ever wonder why your car drives that well? Why your cars tires are so long-lasting? Why modern cars do not only brake quickly, but also with full control over the car? Why your cars fuel economy is so good? Okay, not so good as you would like it to be, but you know what I mean. All those things found their origins in motorsports: ABS, longer lasting tires, higher power outputs which result in lower fuel consumpti... read more »

Motorsports: the solution to everything!

If you have an automotive problem which you would like to overcome, try motorsports! Did you ever wonder why your car drives that well? Why your car's tires are so long-lasting? Why modern cars do not only brake quickly, but also with full control over the car? Why your car's fuel economy is so good? Okay, not so good as you would like it to be, but you know what I mean. All those things found their origins in motorsports: ABS, longer lasting tires, higher power outputs which result in lower fuel consump... read more »

PayPunch – A Solution for Kindergarten Safety I...

PayPunch Time and Attendance System works with biometric devices such as Fingerprint Readers, Face Recognition Devices and HandPunch Devices. One feature of biometric devices is access control. With access control, only person who has permission is allowed to enter the facility. Kindergartens can set up one device for at the main entrance, or set up [] read more »

Day 1&2

Hi everybody :)so after now 2 days in Bangkok it´s clear to me...bangkok is busy and you have to watch your step :)but first things first, when I arrived yesterday I decided to take a motorcycle taxi and it is just not funny when you have all your things with ya and your texi is like, yeah basically everywhere ;P driving between the line or against the stream but it was definatly better than any roller coster.than I took a lil stroll around and it was like hell degrees spoken ,35 ° to be exact , and as g... read more »

Don of the Living Dead REVIEW

Don of the Living Dead by Robert DeCoteau (Goodreads)Published by Zombie Tales Press on 01 Sept 2011 Genres: Zombie Fiction Pages: 259 Format: eBook Source: Purchased Goodreads Buy Amazon UK Kindle edition • Buy Amazon US Kindle edition • Waterstones• Do you like dark humor and flesh eating zombies? Then this is the book for [] The post Don of the Living Dead REVIEW appeared first on Darkness read more »

Increasing SOP Compliance

In the era where increased incidents and accidents are attributed to flight crew non-adherence to procedures, what can be done to ensure increased SOP compliance? Standard Operating Procedures(SOP) are a critical component in flight operations and in improving the flight safety. They are intended as a guard against operational errors and help elevate crew performance leading to safe operation of a flight. First and foremost is that the SOP need to be documented and they need to be seen as relevant to t... read more »


One question that is frequently asked in aviation circles about piloting issue is as to why a go-around was not carried out when the approach was unstable. Looking at the data that is out there, the stats point out that only 2-3% of the unstabilised approaches end in a go-around.Well then, the questions that are being asked about go-arounds seem justified and needs an in-depth look at various facets as to why it is so. What is it that makes a well trained and proficient crew shy away from conducting... read more »

The absolute Basics

Okey my travel starts at on the 5.March so everything posted before that will kinda serve as the preparation posts :) Before you start to travel( may it be long or short term may it be a preciseroute or a loose bundle of checkpoints you want to pass) you have to know the absolute basics about these country’s. 1. Visa : ‘Nothing is more uncomfortable than not getting a visa or to wait for it maybe for days because you have to head back to the embassiesand fill out forms to than wait some days to get it…... read more »

They're raising the Costa Concordia

It's been a while since I last commented on the Costa Concordia, and now they're trying to raise it, it seems like a good time to come back to it. I like boats. I like big boats, little boats, liners, and commercial boats. But, I'm not a fan of cruise ships.The Costa Concordia is a great example of why I'm not a fan. Here, you have a ship that capsized in such a way as to indicate that below the waterline, it was probably breached badly or just incorrectly compartmentalised (because how else would i... read more »

Unnecessary Delays On The TTC Subway

Today there was a subway delay due to "an unauthorized at track level". Quite what this means is anyone's guess - but then clarity isn't a strong #TTC trait. All we do know for sure was something is on the track that shouldn't have been - whether it was a suicidal person, a piece of junk on fire, or some random animal that escaped from the zoo.The thing that irks me is this is usually a totally avoidable situation - just put barriers up. Given the rate of suicides is not really tapering off, I still thin... read more »

What is my comfort zone?

When you are growing up, it's not the everyday events that mainly shape you, it's the exceptions. For instance, everything seems safe to touch until one day, you discover something hot and "ouch"... Black swan events shape you even more profoundly. These come from the story that once upon a time, it was a fact that all swans are white. Every swan in the world was white - in every country, and you could test and prove this to be the case by going to every country and finding that their swans were white ... read more »

Safety Tips For Kids Infographic by!

Source: The post Safety Tips For Kids Infographic by! appeared first on Army Wife Mommy. read more »

Society, Products and Safety

This past weekend, I was talking to someone who says they don't let their kids walk the 300m to school on their own.When I was a kid at 7yrs old, I would walk to school on my own, and my school was a mile or so away. This got me thinking;Is it really that unsafe in this day and age, or were we more naive in the old days? Most people will agree now that "things are not like they used to be".But what does that really mean? Somehow, we are in general agreement in acknowledging that its less safe these days.... read more »

Observations, Safety and Reasoning

People who follow me on twitter or this blog will know that I tend to find a lot of faults and issues in my daily life, and I raise many of these with the people responsible, so that they get fixed. What people don't usually understand is why I find so many? In short, I pay more attention to my surroundings than the average person does and I question what is going on around me, and I often question why things are the way they are;Is something done a certain way because it's easier, or is it more profit... read more »

Why Britain is heading towards unrest again.

It was 15 years ago that I landed in Toronto. Having arrived from the UK, I was obviously quite culture-shocked by the comparatively restrictive nature of the place when compared to where I just came from. You couldn't smoke whilst you walked around the shopping centre… or grab a beer and walk through the park with it… or buy alcohol at the corner shop because it's restricted… or cross the street wherever you felt it most convenient. Whilst I'm now a non-smoker, I was here and smoking when the laws chang... read more »

A Subway Safety Issue That Remains Unaddressed

For two days now, I've had my TTC Subway commute hampered by two things "at track level" that should not have been there. Yesterday was an "injury at track level" (someone jumped at College Station), and today it was "smoke at track level" - so we had to stop and wait for the fire service to turn up with a fire extinguisher and put out the burning newspaper or whatever the junk was that had blown onto the track and ignited. Both are, unfortunately, fairly regular occurrances. The astute will realise ... read more »

Crowd Management, Black Swans and Subway Stations

This morning, like many mornings, I hit a major subway station at rush hour. The station I go through (Yonge/Bloor) is so bad in the mornings, that for the past two years or so we have had to pay for people to direct the crowds until a proper crowd management plan is put into place. Whilst I appreciate that anything is being done to alleviate the madness in this station, I always shake my head and walk out of the station feeling like this temporary solution to a permanent problem is about as good as it... read more »

Mainstream Media and Protecting Law Enforcers

It's a sad state of affairs again, now that we have seen another major event in the USA where someone has caused trouble in Boston, and the news is putting speed ahead of clarity or accuracy and this time, safety too. As the Police in Boston and surrounding areas were conducting their duties of trying to round up and apprehend the suspects, the news media was aggregating social media images from the public and posting them online. This put the officers in potential danger.Things got so bad, the news medi... read more »

7.8 Magnitude Iran Earthquake Alert in Muscat -...

It was only past 3:30pm here in Muscat and I wondered why people are already leaving the office. Then one of my colleagues told me that company management issued a memorandum for everybody to go for safety reasons because of the recent 7.8 magnitude earthquake in Iran. I immediately "Googled"for "Iran earthquake" and these detailed images flashed immediately. The epicenter of the earthquake is376 miles (605 km) NNE of MUSCAT, Oman. Location of the Earthquake: 121 miles (194 km) SE of Zahedan, Iran;... read more »

Listening to a nagging gut feeling

We all know the feeling where you hear/see someone convey something, and you know that deep down what you're being informed of doesn't sit well with you. This feeling happened the other week when CityNews was putting out hyperbole about the Costa Concordia accident being like a "Modern Day Titanic". The communication in question is this: @cityavery @coulls @citynews Only 2224passengers on Titanic! It's only due to modern tech that so many survived Concordia disaster— (@lives2talk) January 22, 2013 No... read more »

Why do you need to back-up?

Everyone loves downloading. Downloading images, downloading videos and oh so many more. Sometimes we use these things we download for school, for personal and work purposes. But what we always forget is to back-up are files as well. We always think its okay to move on but there are many instances that accidents happen. When [...] read more »

Motorcycle Riding

Whether you are a seasoned motorcycle rider or a fresh beginner, there is always something to learn on top of what you know and are able to. It is important to be conscious enough of what you are doing. Although Continue reading read more »

Safety in Wearing Helmet

I was so amused looking at this photo of my hubby, my brother in law and my father in law wearing their helmets. They are in the mood for picture taking while goofing around wearing their bell motorcycle helmets. Well, on the serious side, they always wear it specially when theyre driving on a motorcycle. [...] read more »


I recently stumbled upon an organization called V-DAY. V-DAY is an organized response against violence toward women. It stands up against violent acts toward women all around the world; working to raise awareness, make communities safer, and to aid Continuereading read more »

Winter Safety

Winter can be hazardous for everyone, but seniors in particular need to be careful. Cold temperatures and slippery conditions can make winter a harrowing time. You and you’re loved ones need to be careful as the temperature drops! read more »

Toys for Kids

I gave birth to my first child eight years ago and I remembered how protective I was. I made sure that everything around her was safe to keep her away from harm. Even with her toys, I always read the instructions first, if it was suitable to play for her age. Sever years later, I [...] read more »

Cold Water Safety

this is a link to a story that impressed me about cold water rescue. Though the temperature of the water in the sound doesnt change that much from season to season in the winter there is a greater likelihood, if you go in, you will be in for quite a while as there are fewer [...] read more »

Seniors and Driving at Night

A hazard for seniors that is often over looked is night time driving. With the Baby Boomers aging, there will soon be more senior drivers on the road than ever before. The subject of vision while driving at night may soon become a real issue. read more »

Safety Haven

Sometimes, even if we wanted to take care of everything, it’s still impossible to do it. Not everyone can serve all masters at the same time. Just like when taking care of our elderly, it’s so difficult to leave them alone at home. And it’s also hard if we entrust them to someone who doesn’t [...] read more »

Improve Quality of Life

I’ve had a short-lived experience taking care of the elderly people before. Some of them were high spirited but some of them were so frail and looked so lonely. I guess because no one from their family visited them and they dont have a permanent caregiver who will accompany and take care of their needs. [...] read more »

Tips On Avoiding Falls

Falling is something that many of us do not think about during our day-to-day routine, but for seniors falling is a serious concern. As we grow older and our bodies start to get slower, the chance of falling increases. A slip that might give a younger person a bruise, could result in broken bones for a senior. read more »

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