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Fragrant Roses I Passes By

Wow! Another month has passed by. Again! Time flies really so fast and it is July. Happy 4th of July to my American blogging friends. Is there still another country which celebrates the 4th of July? I hope you have a great day watching the parade, fireworks and other events.Well, here where I am is just another usual day for me. It is summer but the weather is not as warm as last year. Anyway, it is just the beginning of summer and maybe in the next few days and weeks, the sun will be bright again. Th... read more »

Women's Denim Printed Leggings By SwagLAMode

I came across the denim printed legging by SwagLAMode. The denim jeans are offered with thirteen different prints. Designs are made in the USA, but the leggings are imported. materials use to make these are 40% Viscose, 50% Polyester and 10 % Spandex. Sizes available are S-XL. Also in Plus sizes. I chose the denim jeans covered in roses. As roses are one of my favorite flowers. When the jeans arrived, I got them out of the box to look at. I thought there is no way these jeans are going to fit. They lo... read more »

Beefive: 5 things ~ Everything’s Coming up Rose...

Juliet famously told her star crossed lover that, A rose by any other name would smell as sweet. The meaning behind this well known phrase Read the rest The post Beefive: 5 things ~ Everythings Coming up Roses Trend appeared first on Style Island. read more »

Audio: One Take – ” Verrazano ” (@OneTakeTC)

This is what weve all been waiting for, check it out below. East Coast Digital Radio Link   Download DJ Pack Visit for information. read more »

What would be your Ideal Valentine's Date?

We all know that Valentine's Day Is Just Around The Corner, most awaited for some ladies out here and most planned for some sweet lovers out there...Ooops, sorry just getting excited here,lols!But What Would Be Your Ideal Valentine's Date?Do you really plan about this ahead of time and prepare something romantic, exciting and something new every year. Or you just do to the planning the night before?Oh well for most ladies and I am one of those, I still get excited when I receive chocolates and roses on V... read more »

Lily Weekend

The Casa Blanca lilies are having a banner year. Theyve been in residence here as long as I and this year are showing all the signs of well-established bulbs.   Each of the two plants have strong healthy stems about four foot tall and nice big flower buds.    Most exciting, perhaps, is that this [...] read more »

Flowers of Provincetown

Filed under: bellflowers, bird nest, dahlia, daylilies, echinops, petunia, roses, zinna read more »

A Foxling at Twilight Time

Look at these monster lilies.  They are of the oriental variety, specifically the Casa Blanca.   There are here as long as I four years in September and are having their best year ever. They were early out of the ground this spring (but what wasnt?) and  have grown strong and fastand taller than [...] read more »

More Floral Fireworks

Heres a few flower photos I snapped during my Independence Day visit to Provincetown last week.  Enjoy!! You can check out the rest of the photos from the day here. Filed under: bachelor button, crocosmia, dahlias, dames rockets, nasturtiums, pansies, purple coneflower, roses read more »

Almost Everything

Almost everything in our neighborhood is coming up roses this week.  I went for a walk last evening to check it out. Tomorrow:  The sun sets. Filed under: clematis, coreopsis, evening, roses, tickseed read more »

May’s End Garden Report: Fragrance, Flowers and...

Well, take a look at this fantastic new addition to the iris family here at the Midnight Garden.   This one springs from a gift tuber sent by my gardening pal Theresa in Alabama, part of a package of assorted roots and bulbs and seeds that arrived last fall.   Stunning, isnt it?   A tiny bit of [...] read more »

Roses, Roses and many many more Roses on the way..

Spring time, bloom time, flowers everywhere..multi-colored, with all different variety of birds visiting, along with butterflies...No, not like that..Let me be more vivid in my description, small bunches of perennials in purples, yellows, oranges one after the other in neatly designed queues, some even in hanging baskets edged by whites create a pleasant ambiance to sit and admire for hours. Roses, especially the Indian ones, with their unique fragrance add interesting beauty to my inexplicabl... read more »

Frayed Bath Mat

Yes, I love Urban Outfitters! Yes, I love this bath mat! read more »

April Showers

Those April showers have been doing their work.   As they have kept our focussed indoors, turned toward other things, all the outside world is greening up and growing, to the point where attention must be paid.   Id finally made a serious start at raking away the winter debris and doing a bit of spring weeding, [...] read more »

Maltese with Roses Wreath Pandora Polymer Clay ...

One hand-sculpted Maltese Pandora bead. The Maltese is all white with a silver wreath around her head embellished in pink, lavender and periwinkle roses and green leaves. She lays on a light pink shimmery base with a small paw print stamped on the back. The bead has silver metal core insert.Size is approximate:13mm (1/2") side to side20mm (3/4") nose to back of beadThe bead is sculpted from polymer clay, tinted with color and varnish sealed for protection.The hole is 5mm wide. read more »

Photogallery: Rose

To see more, click the image below: You might like these posts:February 15, 2011 -- Photo Gallery: ButterflyFebruary 3, 2011 -- LP: Kaarawan (Birthday)January 29, 2011 -- LP: Malambot (Soft) read more »

Maltese Little Roses Pandora Polymer Clay Dog Bead

One hand-sculpted Maltese Pandora bead. The Maltese is all white with two tiny rose buds in her ears. She lays on a pink base with a small paw print stamped on the back. The bead has silver metal core insert.Size is approximate:13mm (1/2") side to side20mm (3/4") nose to back of beadThe bead is sculpted from polymer clay, tinted with color and varnish sealed for protection.The hole is 4.7mm wide. read more »

French Bulldog White - Roses Pandora Polymer Cl...

One hand-sculpted French Bulldog Pandora bead. The Frenchie lays on a white base. Over one eye is a large pink rose in full bloom and at her neck is a rosebud in bloom along with two rosebuds around the bead. The bead is stamped on the back with a small paw print. The bead has silver metal core insert.Size is approximate:10mm (3/8") side to side20mm (3/4") nose to back of beadThe bead is sculpted from polymer clay, tinted with color and varnish sealed for protection.The hole is 4.7mm wide. read more »

It Gets Better: What I Did On My Summer Vacatio...

This summer was very hot.   Almost every day was nice and there was almost no rain to spoil anyones plans, unless someone wanted to do something besides water their garden.  There was lots of traffic.   I had lots of fun with my friends.   I also met many new friends.   It was a very good [...] read more »

You Capture – Flowers

Well, since I featured just about all my limited amount of flowers here numerous times, I decided to seek out some different flowers. It is hard to keep flowers alive here in the Desert Southwest without a kick butt irrigation system. So, I went to a park that contains a rose test garden. What does [...] read more »

When Spring Became Summer

Filed under: asiatic lily, campion, feverfew, hydrangeas, midsummer, petunias, roses, sky, wildflowers read more »

New Blog Template

I hope I made you happy with the blog template you designed. read more »

Saturday Garden Report

I was a bit premature in declaring the irises finished. These old irises I divided and transplanted last autumn are blooming a little late this year (compared to many of the others, anyway), which means they are blooming when they always have.   Theyre also not blooming quite so prolifically, which is a product of the [...] read more »

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