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Telco security in Canada

This morning, I was checking up on some old security holes, just to see if any had been patched or not. I looked at Rogers and I looked at Bell Canada. Usually, not much changes, but this morning I noted that both had tackled some very very low hanging security fruit.It may be coincidence that they both did this around the same time. It may also be a case of one noticed that the other had "upped their game" and followed suit. Either way, both of these flaws were schoolboy errors that allowed someone to s... read more »

Why NFC in Canada is a joke

Today I spotted something in the news that proclaimed NFC was going to get hammered by Apple's iBeacon and Paypal's BLE payment system. For me, this is a good thing. I like technology, but in Canada we always see a good thing get ripped apart and shredded into "camps" and as a consumer, you're forced to be in one or the other. Anything in Canada with NFC ("Near Field Communications" - sometimes jokingly known in trade rags like the Register as "pay by bonk") as the major component is likely to subjecte... read more »

The Rogers Escalation Procedure Meltdown

As many people know, I have an issue with Rogers that has been festering for a long time, and as it's festered, it's grown.There are now three departments who know I am a customer with troubles, and I want to escalate: The Credit Recovery Department. The Twitter team The Office of The President. So far, this has been met with "we will have someone contact you" and nothing happens. I've even told the twitter team in real-time that I was walking over to their lobby at 333 Bloor and how to find me, and whi... read more »

Cutting the cord on Rogers Cable

The other day I was talking about how television content distributors are buying up the content creators, so that they can continue to charge high cable subscription fees whilst cutting costs at the same time.One of those content creators I mentioned was sports. There's a reason for this being important today: Whilst normal shows and movies go to Netflix where you can see most of the same content at a discount of some 80% or more compared to cable, sports and live events can't. If it's not on live, peopl... read more »

Truth, Trust and Inference

Many of Canada's largest companies are running into a large problem.... Nobody trusts them. This issue is often rooted in policy, misleading advertisements, handling of issues and now social media. Yesterday, in light of the SIM card hacking scandal, I asked Rogers how many 56 bit DES cards they expected to recall due to this. This is a question that normally prompts a numerical response, but they answered "we are confident that our customers and our systems are not at risk and we'll continue to mon... read more »

Media in Canada - It's Momentum - And Achilles ...

There's a saying that if you drop a frog into hot water, it'll jump out, but if you put a frog in cool water and heat it up slowly, the frog doesn't notice that it's boiling to death. This reminds me of media in Canada. The public tends to notice the quick changes - like a newspaper suddenly throwing up a paywall - but they don't notice the slower changes like the buyouts and mergers that lead to media content creators being swallowed up by the media distributors. Creating media is an expensive proposi... read more »

Cellular Service On The TTC

When it comes to cellular service, I'm a bit more connected than the average guy or gal. I pay a lot for my service, and I really notice when it's missing… like on the subway trains in Toronto. How about we get it into Toronto's two and bit lines? Putting cellular service into tunnels isn't hard. Q.E.D, this isn't a technical hurdle as it's already been done in many of the most complicated subway systems in the world, including Seoul and BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit). Also, it's not a money problem... read more »

Advertising to our intelligence

Advertising interests me. Sometimes, I find ads clever… Sometimes I find ads funny. Sometimes, I find advertising downright insulting to my intelligence. Here's an example of an old fashioned bit of advertising where the advertisers spent a little time to come up with something very simple, but that actually makes you use your brain cells in order to make the advert work. Today, I saw this ( read more »

Masham Musical Society - Forthcoming Annual Con...

Masham Musical Society will be performing their annual concert 'A Miscellany of Song' in the Town Hall, Masham, North Yorkshire, on Saturday 4th December 2010 at 7.30pm.Tickets £5 on the door include a light supper after the performance.Come along and enjoy music from Rogers Hammerstein, Mercer Mancini, Lennon McCartney. And Christmas Carols that you can join in with.Amy and Sat Nav sing with the sopranos :-) Not to be missed! Conductor Jonathan Heitler Secretary Liz Whelan, Jonathan, Treasurer An... read more »

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