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Recent blog posts on Relaxation

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Be Your Own Relaxation Expert

Meditation has been practiced around the world for thousands of years. It is a technique used to quiet the mind and body, and release stress. It can also bring focus and clarity, and often, after meditating, problems that you have been struggling with, miraculously become solved. Meditation has also been known to inspire people to [] The post Be Your Own Relaxation Expert appeared first on Well Fit News Spot. read more »


Normal 0 false false false EN-US X-NONE X-NONE Hello everyone, today I want to talk about the “Happy Drug”. In this context, I will be talking about the extreme/risky stunts people do to find happiness. I know there is a saying that you should live your life like it is your last but have you ever stop to think about the choices that yo... read more »

Things I Have Learned — Lists of What Matters a...

Todays writing assignment for #Writing101 from the Blogging University is a post of Lists. The choices were things I like, things Ive learned, and things I wish. While this is primarily the 2nd choice, a bit of the 3rd will show up as well. While I have never claimed to be wise or especially smart More Things I Have Learned Lists of What Matters and What DoesNot read more »

Be My Oatmeal Milk & Honey Valentine!

Give that special someone the unique gift of our Limited Edition Be My Oatmeal Milk & Honey Valentine Dead Sea Salts. Bring the most therapeutic body of water right into their homes. Great as a muscle soak after a workout or as a soothing stress reliever. Another exceptional gift is our most unique lotion the Be My Oatmeal Milk & Honey Lotion Bar. A solid bar of lotion with over 50 multi-purpose applications. read more »

Holiday Stress?

The holiday season is full of family, fun, dinners, shopping and so much more...even in the midst of all the good times, the busyness & long to-do lists can add some unwanted stress. Combat that stress with the exclusive Jordan Essentials Holiday Relaxation Kit! A mini Peace Herbal Support Blend along with Herbal Therapy Face Cloths for a soothing, peaceful aromatherapy experience...and this is yours for only $5 in November (with a $50 purchase.) Take care of yourself during this holiday season with ‪Jo... read more »

Would you like to fall asleep faster?

Try massaging your calves before bed, you’ll drift off almost twice as fast. University of Miami researchers say it works by stimulating the nerves in the legs that soothe the adrenal glands – and those are the glands that pump out stress hormones that can keep you counting sheep all night! Rub our Lavender Mint Lotion Bar on your calves or mix some Jordan Essentials Lavender Essential Oil in our unscented lotion or our Magnesium lotion and you'll be sleeping like a baby in no time! read more »

Wellness Wednesday – 8 Tips for Better Sleep

Hello friends and welcome to the first post of my new mid-week feature, Wellness Wednesday.  Each week we will be talking about a health and wellness topic, but not always in a clinical way, sometimes it will be comical and fun, so enjoy and join in on the conversation! Autumn brings about a lot of Continue reading The post Wellness Wednesday 8 Tips for Better Sleep appeared first on Fashion and Fun after Fifty. read more »

July Specials!

Customer Special~Place an order for $50.00 and you can purchase our 8 oz. Magnesium Dead Sea Salts for only $5.00! Hostess Special~Host a $300.00 party and you can purchase our Magnesium Lotion for only $5.00! Parties can be done online! Very easy to set up and you get the hostess rewards based on party sales! Just share your special link! It's that easy!! read more »

The Power Of Deep Breathing

Often times, we forget one of the most simple things, breathing. You are currently breathing the same air that has been fueling all life on this planet since the beginning of time. The dinosaurs, the prehumans, and every important revolutionary individual in the course of time has breathed the same air you are breathing at this very moment. In most instances, the human system is able to live for over a week without food, it is able to survive a couple of days without water, but it is only able to survive... read more »

Park in Songkhla... Family Day

The last post I have is Samila Beach in Songkhla. This place in the pictures are not in Samila but it is on the other side going west from Samila. This might not be a beautiful place for some people but my family really love this place. We come here once in a while especially if we have some visitors from the Philippines of just some part of Thailand that happened to visit us. This is one of the place that we can do relaxation sitting under the pine trees shades. read more »

Waiting for Summer

I've had such a hectic schedule lately, so I haven't been on the computer that much... A lot of new things have been happening and I'm really excited that it's gonna be summer vacation soon. Spring break was good and now finally about 7 more school weeks to go! My family is coming to LA in the summer and this is where my sis, bro and I will be spending our days! Snacks before going out Adiam's 25th b-day! Me and the birthday girl <3 Jello shots in the cab B-day part 2 @ Urth Caffe with ... read more »

Cali Chillin'

My favorite breakfast spot ever!!! Toast My favorite from the menu "The favorite" ....delish! My friend's plate My girl's dessert..yummy! My dessert Souvenirs from my girl's parents from finland...yummyyy! Spring-y colored sneakers Grove chilling with my girls Lunch on Beverly And again.... Birthday girl!!! :) I hate burgers but I love The Counter! Thanks Lala! Chilling, relaxing, and shopping= choppaxing lol. At the Grove again... "Dessert" from Yogurtland Din-din ... read more »

Women's Day!

Happy Women's Day to all the wonderful women everywhere! You are ALL beautiful, priceless and important! I really love being a women and I enjoy this holiday. I remember last year, it was funny because my significant other who is from the States had never heard about it and thought I was making it up. I really haven't seen or heard anyone talking about Women's Day here in the States, even though I thought it was an International holiday? Maybe not. I was still happy when he remembered it, bought me flowe... read more »

I looove food!

Like many others, I loove food. i love different dishes, eating out at different places and trying out new foods. I also like to cook new dishes and I need to go cookbook shopping soon! I've been sick for a couple days now, which sucks for many reasons, but also because I don't really have an appetite! Here are some delicious dishes that I eat on a regular, almost weekly basis. One of my favorite dishes ever! Lobster w/ dynamite sauce on top of california roll @ Sushi-Dan on Sunset. Delicious! My ou... read more »

5 Things I like about February

It's been a while and it's been a quite busy week and a half! School is back on (full schedule), Valentine's Day just passed and just been passing time with friends fam :)I love little house ornaments and found this item last week, had to get it: I was shopping house stuff w/ my future mom-in-law and saw this..5 Things I LOVE about February: 1. Valentine's Day It's one of my favorite holidays an I love the "love in the air" -feeling. Especially in the US it is really popular and all the restaurant... read more »

Superbowl weekend minus the superbowl

This weekend was the Superbowl Sunday-weekend, but since I don't really watch American football I didn't watch the games or do the typical stuff, like BBQ, etc. It was a really nice and hot weekend so spent it relaxing and doing fun things! I went to get a facial at a new spa, which was really awesome, went to my friend's dinner party, worked out, tanned by the pool, saw friends i hadn't seen in a while and of course ate a lot! I think I'm ready for the new week to start! Appetizers at my friend's din... read more »

Eating out & good restaurants

In L.A., everyone eats out all the time, which is definitely different from Finland where people eat at the house a lot and don't go to restaurants as often. Out here there are so many different types of restaurants and you can find almost any kind of food from all around the world.I've grown to love certain restaurants out here and recommend them to friends and people who ask me about good restaurants out here. My favorites are Mastro's, Katsuya, Mr. Chow, Chart House, Philippe Chow, Boa and Toast. Some... read more »

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