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Party Animal Dog Food Recall

The company Party Animal has issued a recall of two of their can dog food. As they have tested positive for pentobarbital, a euthanasia drug. The Products Affected Are Cocolicious Beef and Turkey 12 ounce can.Lot number 0136E15204 04Best used by July 2019 Cocolicious Chicken and Beef 12 ounce can.Lot number 0134E15 237 13Best used by August 2019 Party Animal issued a statement to the public on their website explaining more in detail how they found out about the issue -Party Animal Public Statemen... read more »

Blue Buffalo Is Voluntarily Recalling 17 Variet...

There are quality issues with the foil seals on top of the cups. Which has Blue Buffalo issuing a voluntary recall of seventeen different varieties of Blue Divine Delights and Blue Wilderness Trail Trays. The following products have been recalled - BLUE Divine Delights Filet Mignon Flavor in Gravy 3.5 oz cup -84024312035 BLUE Divine Delights New York Strip Flavor in Gravy 3.5 oz cup -84024312037 BLUE Divine Delights Prime Rib Flavor in Gravy 3.5 oz cup -84024312039 BLUE Divine Delights Rotis... read more »

Photo Session With Rascal For Wordless Wednesday

Oh picture time!! Time to pose!! I am looking at the camera mom! Standing tall - Is this better? Nope, I am not going to look Rascal was born almost completely white. he had a little bit of brown on his. Now he has brown spots, where it was white. Have you seen spotted Chihuahua before? Photobomb - Mom I want my picture taken too. Photos ©SandyKs aka rusty2rusty read more »

Wordless Wednesday - No Pictures Mommy

I haven't shared a Wordless Wednesday post in a long time. I was able to get a few photos of the dogs today in order to get a Wordless Wednesday post. Please enjoy!! Time to wake up boys. Moose wanted nothing to do with getting up this morning. He covered hiseyes and begged for the light to be turned off. He said no pictures Mommy. I'm too tired to smile. Rascal was bushy-eyedby awake. Moose must have been telling the truth. He still looks droopyeyes hours later. He asked me if he could go back to ... read more »

Flea and Tick Control With 3 Tick Remover Twist...

I bought the "Flea and Tick Control With 3 Tick Remover Twister Tool and Flea Comb For Dogs" through Amazon to try out on my dogs. Mainly for my long haired chihuahua/ wired terrier mix. The first thing I did was give my dog a bath. I shampooed him for fleas. That way it would be easier combating the fleas. Any dog owner who has treated their dogs for fleas, knows giving a bath does kill them all, nor get rid of them all. With the way my dogs hair is. I had to brush him out with a different comb that... read more »

9 Reasons Your Dog Should Be On A leash

I have had dogs almost my entire life. From the time I was born til now. I currently have two dogs. I enjoy walking with my dogs as much as any dog owner. Even I am aware they have limits when walking off a leash. Sure it is nice to watch them walk beside me with no leash. I make sure when that does happens. I am in a pet friendly area to make it happen. Like my fenced in back yard, or the dog run located by the town reservoir. As I believe it is my responsibility to keep them safe. You Should Keep You... read more »

Puppy And His Water Bowl

LOL! I had to share! This puppy either think that his water bowl is a pool, or that he is about to be given a bath! read more »

Love at First Sight

I have always wondered what love at first sight looks/feels like, though i kind of didn't believe in it. I thought that was plain infatuation. Until on the 15th of February 2015, a little puppy came into my life. He was about one a half months old i guess. Totally skinny, undernourished, bony, feeble, unclean, smelly, but still i fell in love with this little man. The moment i opened my front door, i saw this little one with those cute puppy eyes glaring at me filled with love and affection and trust. T... read more »

Blissful Puppy – #photo101

Have you ever had one of those days where you played and played all day long. Then you stop as though you just hit a brick wall and couldnt keep your eyes open? Keelaa had a day like that when she met our granddaughter for the first time. They played and then she played with Continue reading Blissful Puppy #photo101 read more »

Home – It’s Where the Pup Is

Keelaa A bundle of love and joy full of energy go go go get that tail. Only in the end to hit the wall of exhaustion Sleep regardless of the Cats meow. read more »

Two Slideshows Of Sunny

Today I wanted to share a short little post, inviting people to see two slideshows I have online for my puppy Sunny. Which you might remember him from my post Life of a Lap Dog. So the shows my puppy not long after he was born, and the shows him after he was a little read more »

Little Christmas Puppies!

It's nine days to go before the grandest celebration of the year, theChristmas Day! And everyone is truly waiting and preparing for it! Even the cute little puppies above were also waiting for the Christmas day. And it seems that they were all tired of waiting! But look, they already prepared themselves for the yuletide. All of them were wearing the Santa hat! Well, let's wake them up when Christmas arrives! Let's ring the bell for them! Merry Christmas Everyone! c",) (RCB) read more »

Don't faint, it's a new post!!! Temperament tes...

Knightley: 1 year 2 months 3 weeks oldPossible puppy: 6 weeks 1 day oldI know, I'm a very bad girl. It has been so very long since my last post. Hah, that sounds quasi-religious.The reason, once again, is Oz Working Dogs. When I started it I was rather tentative about its prospects of suceeding, but now it is very obvious that it is taking off in a big way. Especially this last week I have been working very hard - probably too hard - and I'm exhausted. I am stocking all sorts of things now, toys, first a... read more »

Exciting!!! Possibility of a puppy! WOW!!!

Knightley: 1 year 1 month 2 days oldNew pup: 7 weeks old??????Just as I was moaning at the world that life wasn't fair and nothing was ever going right for me, overnight there is now a possibility of bringing a puppy home in TWO days.Wow wow wow..... He is from a breeder in Sydney, who says this particular puppy is very confident, comes when called, and is just a standout pup. It is very likely we are going up to Sydney on Saturday to see him, temperament test him, and possibly bring him home.Talk about ... read more »

Polymer Clay Dog Boston Terrier Cute as a Butto...

One hand-sculpted Boston Terrier European bead. This little Boston Terrier has three pink round "coin" beads around her neck. The Boston Terrier lays on a white base, trimmed in black and is stamped on the back with a small paw print. The bead has silver metal core insert.Size is approximate:18mm (1/2") side to side20mm (3/4") nose to back of beadThe hole is 5mm wide.The last photo shows the bead on a dime for size reference.The bead is sculpted from polymer clay, tinted with color and varnish sealed for... read more »

Happy Birthday Knightley!!

1 year 1 day oldSo, Knightley is officially not a puppy anymore! Wow! What an amazing last 10 months it has been, and what a lovely dog and member of the family Knightley has become. It is extremely harsh that he is not going to be able to completely fulfill the job I have been training him for - even with surgery - but he is a lovely dog and we hope will be a wonderful therapy dog.Knightley has had a wonderful birthday weekend. We were out for a lot of his birthday day - we had a trip to the Australian ... read more »

Planning Knightley's Birthday plus more, search...

11 months 2 weeks 6 days Knightley wet from his paddling pool as a 16 week old youngster, cooling off from thesummer heat. A photo in a million.So, Knightley is coming up for his 1 year birthday, and I want to do something special for him - especially considering everything that has been happening to him. I'm looking for ideas, but I do have a few myself. He always LOVES playing in his paddling pool in the backyard, even when it is a freezing winters day (then I only let him get his face and feet wet)... read more »

The New Edition.

We have a new member of our family. He came suddenly and unexpectedly. He is so cute and so tiny. He has sweet eyes and shiny, black hair. No, nobody had a new baby. That is human baby. We have a new puppy! I give you Jasper. A six week old Boston Terrier Daschund mix [...] read more »

The Knightley effect

This blog post has been written for the 7th Assistance Dog Blog Carnival!My husband and I brought home Knightley as a fluffy and very inquisitive Golden Retriever bundle at the age of 8 weeks in September last year, with the express aim of training him to be my assistance dog. I'd scoured most of the eastern half of Australia looking for a suitable litter, and I rejected 10 other male puppies before finally finding our Knightley, the last puppy to be temperament tested in a second litter. While he's only... read more »

Halter counter conditioning and a special outin...

6 months 2 weeks 6 days oldSo, over the last couple of days we have continued to work on halter counter conditioning. Lots of treating while making a noose of the twine to put around Knightley's muzzle. Then yesterday evening and again today I attached the twine to one side of a martingale collar and made a loose figure of eight noose around Knightley's muzzle, then attached the other end of the twine to the other side of the collar. At first I would just tie it on lightly, give him a handful of treats, ... read more »

101 Things to Do with a Box, a lovely walk and ...

So today Knightley and I had a lovely cool very early morning walk - about 5:30am. It has been rather warm here of late, as you would know if you have been reading my blog regularly... so getting out in the morning means you experience the nicest temperatures. It was indeed lovely this morning, pearly light, a gentle breeze, parrotssquawkingfrom the trees and most of all, rather cool - so much so I had to go back for a jacket. Such a relief from the last couple of days. I took Knightley out on his long l... read more »

A story in photos: a lake romp

So my migraine continues, although it isn't as bad as it was, whilst the weather here is very hot: 35c (95f). I had to skip a New Years Day BBQ and swim over at my parents place, but managed it today with the help of some rather strong painkillers. Knightley also got to swim, although he has lost his nerve for jumping in the pool - he only did it once! So I may have to come up with a strategy for getting him to jump in again, instead of having to lift him in. Once he was in he was very happy, so it's jus... read more »

Happy 5 month birthday Knightley! A review of o...

So, Knightley is 5 months old today. Time has gone so very quickly!! He has gone from a tiny fluffy thing to a quite large boisterous but promising teenager.The first photo is of Knightley the first time we ever saw him. We had a very long drive up to where his breeder lived, about 7 hours from us, and did the trip over a weekend. We were there to temperament test the puppies of his litter, a big litter of 11, 8 of which were male - and I wanted a male for the extra size and strength. There was one other... read more »

Targeting breakthroughs, a BBQ and big storms

My clever boy... looking distinctly un-clever,with his mouth full ofleaves, or dirt, or twigs.... or somethingeven less savory......Knightley really impressed me a couple of days ago. I started training a "shake" as well as more paw targeting, and I've finally shaken his expectation of doing all paw targeting from a down. Anyway, I used a white sticker on my hand as his target for him to put his paw onto it for the "shake", and decided for the next session I'd try to get him targeting my leg with his paw... read more »

Knightley's final puppy shots, LLW and learning...

So this week Knightley had his last puppy shots, which should now make him safe from parvo. While I have been socialising him that has been the big one I have been scared of, but now this shot is done, and give it a few more days to work completely.... then I can relax about it. A friends dog was very close to dying from parvo when he was a pup, I was pretty scared that it would happy to Knightley. The memories of my previous dog, Clipsy, are still surprisingly fresh. He died in 2000 from a long and prot... read more »

Photos for comparison, 8 weeks to nearly 14 weeks

I took a few new photos of Knightley today, two of which happened to match fairly closely two early photos of Knightley in pose. It's amazing to see how his face has changed in appearance... that is the huge change I notice - and of course in size, but I actually find that hard to see day to day.He is still a baby of course, but nothing like the ultra highmaintenanceinfant dog that we brought home nearly six weeks ago. I wonder if the next six weeks will bring as big a change, less, or even more? 8 wee... read more »

Changing how I train Knightley

Since the first days of training Knightley, he hasn't been particularly switched on by training sessions. I have already talked on here at some length about the difficultly in finding a treat that Knightley could really like and now I look back upon my techniques, in a way I used that difficulty as an excuse for his slight passiveness - and didn't really try to change anything about the way I was actually doing the training sessions.In a way, I don't blame myself much. Those first couple of weeks with Kn... read more »

Is your puppy biting or nipping?

So this will just be a quick one. It's a crazy time at night as I just got up to take Knightley out to go "looloo" which is the cue I am training for him to do his number 1. I think we are close to him being able to comfortably sleep through the night though, so that'll be nice for me. Anyway, I said I would write a post on puppy nipping, as we have virtually completely eradicated it, after dealing with a very very nippy puppy for a few weeks. As Knightley is a Golden Retrie... read more »

My birthday, training continuing, floor sharks

So, last week it was my birthday, my dreaded 30th birthday in fact. Ugghhh. Where on earth has time gone? I find it somewhat hard to believe I have lived 30 years, although some days I physically feel like I've lived 80! Well, at least I'm guessing a bit there obviously. A closeup of Knightley asleep in his ex pen withthe new camera I got for my birthday!I did have a nice birthday though. I spent the evening before with my immediate family, my parents, brother, husband and Knightley - at my parents ho... read more »

It's the middle of the night, and an update

Well I've just been outside in the middle of a rather chilly spring night, having a nice "chew the leash, leaves, dirt, himself, me, and the whole world" time with Knightley - which was meant to be a relieving himself time. Well, he did do that, but then proceeded to wreakhavoc. It's some dog we have here. It's amazing how fast he'll drop a good squeaky toy for a nice patch of dirt or even better.... a TWIG. As my husband pointed out earlier this evening when I was going on about how cute Knightley was w... read more »

Knightley is home

So, we've had Knightley home a full 48 hours or so now. It is definitely hard work, but he is a gorgeous thing. We picked him up around midday from Sydney, and from the beginning he behaved like a dream. He was already tired as he had come down from the Hunter Valley earlier than morning, so pretty much just slept on the way home in the crate we've bought for him while he is a puppy. This is Knightley asleep in his crate.He was starving by the time we got home, as the breeder hadn't fed him due to not... read more »

Picking him up in 11 hours!!

Well, here comes the puppy! I can't believe it is finally happening!!!! We leave early tomorrow morning, as the hubby has a social engagement for the afternoon which he wants to get back for - although I don't actually think he will end up going now, as he has come down with a cold. If he does go it'll give me and him some quiet time, so that's no bad thing. I hope I don't get his cold, with myunder strengthimmune system - especially as I only just finished getting over my cold! I need my wits about me f... read more »

Day for pickup been brought forward!! Excited!!!

Wow!!!! Like the topic says, the day for pickup has been brought forward. We now pickup our little bundle in THREE days...... WOW WOW WOW!!!! Can you tell I am excited? The breeder is a volunteer bush fire fighter and needs to be back for the weekend, so she is going to be in Sydney on Thursday... Hubby is having to take the day off unfortunately. However, it does mean that he finally gets the weekend off that he has been longing for, as there has been a bit of complaining from him recently about the amo... read more »


SUCCESS!!!!!!! Well, I will have a puppy in six days, that is.My husband and I, with the help of the breeder, temperament tested six puppies yesterday, and the very last puppy, number six.... is now MY PUPPY!!!Puppy three, a fairly large medium gold coloured puppy was pretty good, he tested highly (mostly excellents and goods) - but he struggled quiteforcefullyon my lap, for which I gave him a "NG", not good, for that test. I wasn't all that happy with that reaction - but wondered if the puppy was tired,... read more »

German Shorthaired Pointer Polymer Clay Dog Pan...

One hand-sculpted German Shorthaired Pointer Pandora bead. The German Shorthaired Pointer is brown and white with brown and light gray spots. He has light green eyes and lays on a brown base edged in gray. The bead is sculpted from polymer clay, tinted with color and varnish sealed for protection. There is a tiny paw print stamped on the back of the bead. The bead has a silver metal core insert. Size is approximate:13mm (1/2") side to side20mm (3/4") nose to back of beadThe hole is 5mm wide read more »

Cute as a button

This little one is just as cute as can be, don't you agree? read more »

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