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SENDingDong Delivers To You Malaysia

My youngest son Jayden, turns ONE year old on 8th Sept, I couldn't decide what cake to get for my son's birthday and it was already after lunchtime. Luckily as I was browsing Facebook, I saw VulcanPost on Malaysian Startup Names That was where I found @SENDingDong where they offer #samedaydelivery and catered for #onlineshopping to deliver flowers, gifts, food, products, drinks read more »

Swans, Mong Kok

The pair of swans was glass product and in one flower shop, Flower Market, Mong Kok District, Kowloon, Hong Kong. read more »

Nivea In-Shower Lotion #review

I am a moisturizing fanatic. I have to have a myriad of creams, butters, serums and lotions to make sure every base or, in this case, every area of skin is covered. There are foot and hand creams, dry skin lotions, skin softeners, lotions with sunscreen… the list is extensive, as you already know. Wherever I go, lotion has to be readily available. I normally carry two in my purse, there’s one in the center console of my car, a couple of bottles and jars next to my bed, hand lotion in the kitchen and bat... read more »

Is Organic Food Worth It?

When you head to the grocery store, shopping for products like eggs, meat, fish, milk, and produce can be very tricky. Signs are posted everywhere labeling food as natural, organic, and a number of other things—but what’s the difference, really? Learning what specific names mean can help you decide if you should shell out extra [] The post Is Organic Food Worth It? appeared first on Well Fit News Spot. read more »

My Natural Curly Hair Routine

Hello Beauties, Today I thought I would do a blog post on My Natural Curly Hair Routine I recently decided to go back to Basics with my Hair.I've not worn my Hair like this in 9 years yes you read right 9 years... I have been Straightening my hair that long and it's took some serious Damage because of it.It's gotten to the point where I have done quite a bit of Damage to my Hair as I have been using Heat on it for so long so I thought I would have a rest for awhile and not only that it only takes 5 OR 10... read more »

1 Simple Solution to Purse Organization - #prod...

There is one thing most women who carry handbagshave in common: they lose items within them. This can be an everyday issue. Whether it's throwing your keys into your purse when you run into a store and not being able to find them when you come back out, or the frantic search for lipgloss, lotion or any other small, tubular item that's never within reach when you want it the most. If you're like me then you've tried just about everything to organize your pocketbook: I call it the Great Purse Organization... read more »

Stay in Style with #fashion #review

I received complimentary products for the purpose of this review;all opinions expressed are my own. Policy.If you troll social media as much as I do then you come across plenty of goodies that you like. I find myself drooling over the latest styles and I'm a sucker for pretty current jewelry. That's why I fell in love with from the moment I learned about them.Based in California, is an online fashion boutique that serves customers in more than 150 countries. They're in the business of ... read more »

Paris Gallery UAE media suhoor at Grand Hyatt

Buzzingtales got a taste of Paris Gallery’s customary style and splendor at their extravagant annual Media Suhoor. Paris Gallery, the The post Paris Gallery UAE media suhoor at Grand Hyatt appeared first on Buzzingtales. read more »

All the Pumpkin Spice Things

[This post contains affiliate links.] The weather is changing, our routines are changing, and soon it will be fall. Back to school and falling leaves may make it feel like fall is here, but these days nothing makes me think fall like pumpkin spice everything! Yes, lots and lots of pumpkin used in things you [] The post All the Pumpkin Spice Things appeared first on mom tattles. read more »

Breakfast Club Inspired Fashion

[This post contains affiliate links.] I love welcoming new seasons with movies to inspire and get me in the mood for some different weather and other changes. One of my all-time favorite movies about school is The Breakfast Club.  It is so quotable, relate-able and The Breakfast Club inspired fashion is totally timeless. Not many [] The post Breakfast Club Inspired Fashion appeared first on mom tattles. read more »

Learning How to Play the Ukulele for Beginners

The Ukulele has been growing in popularity in the recent years because everyone enjoys the music produced by this wonderful little instrument. It could be argued that deciding to learn to play the ukulele is just a fad due to the vast number of people learning to play this magnificent instrument. But, once you pick [] read more »

Super comfy and cute pillows for mum-to-be and ...

Just a few days ago while zapping through tv channels, I came across with a great and funny movie with Jennifer Lopez, called The Back-up Plan, I love these kind of movies, they are funny, make me laugh and we always learn new things in this case about pregnancy. I noticed that she always used a huge pillow, super cute and comfy to sleep and I wished I had one of those when I was pregnant of my daughter.Funny enough just a few days after a company called Pregnancy Pillows, followed me on Twitter and I t... read more »

A little art + some rambling

My coffee is made and I decided it was time to sit down and chat. I may devote Tuesdays to my rambling because that's basically what I'm going to do today. I want to say thank you so much for the kind messages, emails, and comments I received from last weeks (Tuesday ramblings) post. I was overwhelmed by the messages coming in from all over and they were full of encouragement, truth, and kindness. That being said, I have tried to allow myself to slowly do things and not get worked up if it's a slow day. ... read more »

Produse preferate

Bine v-am gasit ! Cred ca multe dintre voi impartasiti parerea mea ! Aceea ca desi ne plac noutatile in materie de cosmetica sau produse de ingrijire , mereu vor fi cateva produse preferate care raman o perioada lunga de timp in viata noastra ! Eu ma declar fan Yves-Rocher , inca de cand i-am [] read more »

Breast Augmentation: Helps Improve Women’s Self...

Women usually experience a significant boost in self-esteem and positive feelings about their sexuality after undergoing breast enlargement, that is according to recent research and studies. Women who underwent breast augmentation surgery said the results met their expectations. It has also been reported of improvements in quality of life and self-esteem after their procedure. That [] read more »


Morning! let’s dive right into today’s post…Have you tried the Ferarri deodrant body spray for men ? If not then you might just want to get it as soon as possible from Jumia Kenya. The prices are amazing and there are different scents to choose from. In regards to the scent itself, if you’re considering a new deodorant spray then keep this one in mind! Heavy in citrus Orange, its the perfect balance for afreshnight-out or even day. I prefer to wear it on dates, but that’s just me;) According to Fragranti... read more »

Snakeskin, Sham Shui Po

Snakeskin and its products are in one snake food eatery, Sham Shui Po District, Kowloon, Hong Kong. read more »

Using Guitar Pedal Accessories

Guitar accessories such as pedals offers the best of all worlds. You can buy a basic multi-effects pedal today that will deliver almost any tone or effect you might need or want. These models provide everything from clean rhythm tones to full-out overdrive, along with all the must-have effects. There is no longer any need [] read more »

Get That Fabulous Look with Hair Extensions

Do you want to look young and beautiful? Why not get hair extensions to get the look you have always wanted? Getting extensions are not new the hippest celebrities have been using extensions to look fabulous on the red carpet, so why can’t you do the same? Hair extensions come in synthetic or human hair. [] read more »

Learning How to Play Drums

Learning how to drum is fun and exciting, but getting started can seem a little daunting especially for beginners. The first step that you need to do is to find the right drum which is perfect for beginners to set and to learn on. While cost is always a factor, the most important part of [] read more »

Treating Your Pet With Pet Products

In the past, more than one product was often needed if you wanted to kill both the adult and developing fleas but today, many of the newer flea and tick products that kill adult fleas and ticks also prevent flea eggs and larvae from developing, so only one product is needed. However, there are some [] read more »

Duxbury Beach and Bay

Duxbury Beach and Bay Stage OneConstructionprojects in ourhousehold generatequite a bit of scrap lumber. It doesn't all make suitable painting surfaces, but occasionally I will pluck a board or piece of wood that looks uniform and smooth. Medium Density Fiberboard or MDF is a popular shelving material and I grabbed a fairly long piece recently and started to prepare itby applying several coats of black gesso.This shelving reject was going to become a panoramic, over-the-sofa painting. Duxbury Beach an... read more »

Make Up Store: Marble Eyeshadow (Rosso Asiago) ...

A few weeks back, was invited to the Make Up Store, Podium so we could learn about their brand and their products. I went with another WIM writer, Mimai, and together, we navigated our way through the trove of make up we found ourselves in. For someone who isn't into make up much (I find the whole application process taxing, usually), I had a lot of fun trying out their private course and learning about application. Read on about Make Up Store's private course here. As I mentioned in... read more »

Home Treatment for Dogs

Home oral hygiene can make a tremendous difference in your dog’s comfort and health. There are several home care oral hygiene options from which to choose, but keep in mind that anything you can do to help prevent plaque and tartar accumulation will pay big dividends. What really matters is whether or not home oral [] read more »

For Your Auto Equipment Needs

If youre running an automotive repair business the constant need for parts, tools and other equipment can be overwhelming at times. However you have to maintain a well-stocked shop to keep your business running smoothly. Unfortunately this can mean that you have to make trips all over town, sometimes even further. You have to make [] read more »

#TysonDayStarts Twitter Party

Who doesnt love a good party? Please join me this evening for #TysonDayStarts Twitter Party and some tasty conversation. Mornings can be hectic, but you should fuel every day with a good breakfast. Please The post #TysonDayStarts Twitter Party appeared first on Mom Tattles. read more »

When products disappoint

(versão portuguesa mais tarde aqui) Hey guys! Today im here to tell you about two products that suck balls, at least for me. I have them for awhile but decided [] read more »

Le Reflet de Portneuf

The Reftet de Portneuf is a local Quebec cheese that I had never tried before now, but it is in the category of creamy, washed rind cheeses that I love.  After having opened it up, I find that this is no exception.  My first impression is that it it Continue Reading read more »

Having a Washer and Dryer in Your Apartment

Having a washer and dryer in your apartment home is likely to be on the top of your list when searching for a home. Unfortunately, either due to space or higher costs than what you can afford, having such a luxury may not be readily available to you. If you can manage the space and [] read more »

Explosion of Color

Colorful Still LifeHerein New England (like much of the country) we areweary of winter and out of energy for bracing against the cold. I want warm temperatures and my eyes are craving color. The subtle shades of gray in the sky andsnow that I usually love don't have the same allure. It's time for the next season, so let's get on with it! Explosion of ColorAssembling this group of splashy and colorful objects was fun and painting them meant usingoil colorright out of the tube, a real treat after blah g... read more »

Having a Comfortable Bed For A Better Sleep

When we had our family holiday a few weeks ago, we stayed in a 4 star luxurious hotel for one night. Its been awhile that I havent checked in and stayed in that kind of hotel and I could merely compare how relaxing it is to sleep in a comfortable bed. Having a mattress that [] read more »

Why Listening to Music is Good for You

Listening to music is one of the few activities that involves using the whole brain. It is helpful and can have surprising benefits not only for learning language, improving memory and focusing attention, but also for physical coordination and development. Of course, music can be distracting if its too loud or if it competes for [] read more »

Brass and Woodwind Instruments

An interesting difference between brass instruments and woodwind instruments is the directionality of their sounds. Woodwind instruments like horns at wwbw are non-directional. That is, their sound travels in all directions at an approximately equal volume. Brass instruments, however, are highly directional, with most of their sound traveling straight outwards from the instrument’s bell. The [] read more »

The Necessity of Welding

To those of you who are not yet familiar of what welding is, it is actually a process of combining two metal pieces as one, there are several methods and process in which welding is carried out. During the gold olden days black smiths used one of the popular methods of welding then call as [] read more »

Make the Perfect Bridal Ring Sets

You and your partner complement each other perfectly, so why not choose wedding jewelry that does the same? A bridal set features a diamond engagement ring and a matching wedding band, which may be a simple gold band, or one that includes diamonds. Some couples prefer to choose individual rings to create their own set. [] read more »

Fresh Flowers Delivered at Your Doorstep

On demand delivery for all kinds of products and services is becoming more and more popular nowadays. This is particularly good news for us who are having a busy lifestyle. Flower delivery is one area where this business model is being perfected. In keeping with the spirit of Valentine’s Day, you can find on-demand flower [] read more »

ATA Trade Show to Record-Breaking Numbers

Posted by Amy Hatfield on January 16, 2014 in Trade ShowA record-setting total of 1,047 retail and distribution buying companies represented by a near-record 3,193 individual dealers, distributors and buyers attended the show, which is good news for the business value of the event. Photo: Continue reading read more »

Bass Amp for Base Guitar

If you are looking for a high power bass amp that won’t break the bank, a solid-state amp will probably serve your needs perfectly. Just as with standard electric guitar amps, you’ll have to determine if you really need a high-gain unit. If you will be playing studio gigs and small clubs, you certainly can [] read more »

Getting Free Stuff from Freebies

There is no question about the benefits that you can get from receiving freebies. It is because you are receiving an item for FREE!!! It charges you absolutely nothing, not just a single penny to ask for or even get the free product samples. In addition, although, you will get the advantage of trying a [] read more »

Choosing the Best Drums for Kids

Helping your child learn playing drums can certainly be great idea to add to his skills. However, the first thing you need to have is a drum set. The first thing you need to be clear on is the availability of both toy and real kids drum sets in the market. A toy drum set [] read more »

Shopping for 2013 Christmas Gift Ideas

With Christmas that is fast approaching, our thoughts inevitably turn in buying the perfect presents for your loved ones. And if youre the kind of person who stresses every year about how to make this Christmas extra special for the ones you love the most, then dont worry, because there are a lot of gift [] read more »

Microphone and its Accessories

There are various types of microphone and it can be categorized according to their directionality and the technology used to record the sound. There are a range of options when choosing a microphone. If you are recording a range of different situations and you have a budget, it makes sense to buy a range of [] read more »

Things to Consider before Buying a Trumpet

Musical instruments are one of those areas where you get, more or less, what you pay for. There are some relatively good values within the range of prices, but given the durability and consistency of design such as buying a pro quality trumpets, for most people saving a hundred dollars at the time of purchase [] read more »


Matrix Organisation The principles of organisation apply whether you are designing the entire organisation or a department within it. The three most basic functions necessary for any business organisation are finance, production and marketing. Each of these functions is organised separately. Thus, within the organisation structure of the firm you would have distinct organisations for each read more »

Finding the Right Keyboard

Whether youre just a beginner who wants to learn about music, theres a keyboard for your skill level and budget. Selecting the right keyboard will not only allow you to play quality music but also provide you with a high quality product that will last for years. There are many different functions that you can [] read more »

Saving Money made easy?

Do you want to save?Of course everybody want to save, but how to save is a big question. How would you save if you have more unnecessary leaking of money than earning money?Little by little makes is grow.As the Bible says in Proverbs 13:22 Dishonest money dwindles away, but he who gathers money little by little makes it grow.You cannot save money if you are not spending it wisely. This proved me true, overspending happens in a small amount of money. Leaking small amounts then realizing later that I have ... read more »

Antivirus Protection for your Computer

It makes it so considerably more irritating when our computer is adversely affected by a virus which disrupts the operation of our personal computer, both temporarily or using a extra prolonged term basis. So what can you do to protect by yourself from these sorts of malicious attacks? The simplest solution is to be certain [] read more »

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