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Seven wonders of the world, less known to tourists

We all know about attractions such as the Colosseum, the Great Wall and the Taj Mahal.But in the world there are other grandiose objectives that have never heard about the most passionate travelers in the world.And they are worthy of our attention. Seven Wonders of the World (film) Seven Wonders of the World is a 1956 film in Cinerama about the Wonders of the World. List of American films of 1956 All Time Domestic Champs, Variety Great Mosque in Mali Djen Djen Mosque is the largest building in the world... read more »

The narrowest street in Prague has installed tr...

The narrow street in Prague is a challenge for tourists who want to sneak through space with a width of only 49 centimeters. Provided, the City Hall lights installed for visitors to enter the place and not in place similar Stada block Rope in Brasov. Travel Diary: Prague streets, statues and structures With a tourist [] read more »

Plot That pushed Michelangelo to paint the Sist...

Arrived at 33, Michelangelo Buonarroti painted before a single painting. Pope Julius II assumes the risk and entrusts the chapel ceiling. In 1506, after it found the state of degradation of the frescoes on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, painted twenty years before Julius II is considering ordering new ones. But Papa, megalomaniac by nature, is [] read more »


.SI PEDRO AY HINDI NAGING PAPA KAILANMAN SA IGLESIA KATOLIKA AT LALONG HINDI NAGING PAPA SA IGLESIANG ITINAYO NI CRISTO SAJERUSALEM KAYA MALAKAS ang loob ng mga pare na sabihing ang Iglesia Katolika ang tunay na iglesiang itinayo ni Cristo saJerusalemnoong unang siglo, ay sa dahilang paniwalang-paniwala sila at pinapaniwala rin nila ang marami na si Pedrong apostol ni Cristo ang kanilang unang papa. Kung mapapatunayan nga naman nila na si Pedro nga ang unang papa, lalabas na sila’y may kaugnayan kay C... read more »

Awakening The People Of His Goodness

Yesterday while having a conversation the words, sleeper cell, came up. We started to talked about the wave of terrorism and what had happened in Paris. That discussion included a piece about sleeper cells, how they were communicated and what their purpose is. Even as I was talking to him I had a flash (A Continue reading Awakening The People Of His Goodness read more »

Piccolomini library - La libreria Piccolomini

The library is a jewel in the Cathedral of Siena, built in the sixteenth century to preserve the wealth of books of the pope. At the entrance into this small room the visitor is enchanted by the essence of Renaissance culture: manuscripts on the bulletin boards, flooring cobalt and frescoes by Pinturicchio. They are the life of Pope Piccolomini, Pope Pius II, and after the restoration theyhave again bought bright colors,making it more alive the characters depicted. Among the most famous scenes stand out ... read more »

The Pope

bethere2day - The pope is very ill, and nobody can cure him. The Pope read more »

Video: Kcee Feat. D’Banj – Emmah

Watch your super stars in the new video titled Emmah. Kcee teams up with the Koko master DBanj, download and watch the video below. Download EMMAH here read more »

The Pope, Gays and Women

Today, I read something in the news that really got my goat. Not surprisingly, it's tied up in the Catholic Church. I'm not a particularly religious person, butI do pay attention to what anyone with a big audience is saying, especially when that person has the ability to affect positive change and chooses not to.The sentence that set me off was this:"The Church teaches that it cannot ordain women because Jesus willingly chose only men as his apostles."Maybe Jesus was gay? He spent a lot of time hanging o... read more »

Pope Francis and the Falklands

As a person who generally thinks that "belief" is what you fall back on when "factually knowing" is impossible, I generally don't pay too much attention to things like the Pope. However, as a British Citizen, I do pay attention when an Argentine public figure lands an even bigger International role as a Pope. My immediate reaction was "what's his stance on the Falklands?". In 2006, he criticised the Argentine proposal to legalise abortion under certain circumstances, accusing the government of lackin... read more »

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