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चंडीगढ़ में अखिल भारतीय कवयित्री सम्मेलन शुरू

गांव गांव में ज़रूरत है ऐसे आयोजनों की तांकि भाषा का सौहार्द बना रहे चंडीगढ़//लुधियाना: 9 नवंबर 2017: (कार्तिका//पंजाब स्क्रीन):: मेरा जन्म एक पंजाबी परिवार में हुआ। एक ऐसा परिवार जहांहर भाषा का सम्मान करना सिखाया जाताहै। इसके बावजूद मेरे बोलचाल की मुख्य भाषा काफी देर तकपंजाबी ही रही। धीरे धीरे कब यह हिंदी और पंजाबी का मिक्स अंदाज़ आ गया खुद भी याद नहीं आता। जब सितंबर-2017 मेंपीएयू ने एक प्रतियोगिता का आयोजन कराया तो उस समय भी मेरी पंजाबी काव्य रचना को ही प्रथम पुरुस्कार मिला। इस सब के बावजूदमेरा हिं... read more »

Nobody Else is You

Heres a silly little poem I jotted down one day waiting for a bus. Hope you guys like it: Continue reading Nobody Else is You read more »


Greetings everyone! ♥ So often we turn to God in our times of need.In our desperation we go to Him to pleadFor His Help, His Guidance, to fix what has been broken,But when all is well, so fewer words to Him are then spoken.So this makes me wonder how often He must yearnFor some words of gratitude without requesting a return.Few of us humans like the feeling when we're being used.If only called upon to serve a purpose, we are not amused.When we deal with others, we should the Golden Rule apply,Treating ... read more »

Across the Land

The wind was getting stronger, And the prints were too ragged, The hope was fickle, so were odds, And hapless soul was too shagged, Deaf, blind and a monk naked, As pure at heart asdiamantine, The sun was raging and sand agitated, Burning at heart searched for divine, The shadows were raging and alive, And prints were lost in storm of time, The wind was wild, with a mirage in sight, And digs too seemed like a hard climb, Hope was fading, the vision was blurred, He prayed to Lord, not to b... read more »


Greetings everyone! ♥ For the better part of about the last two weeks I've been working on my blogs, giving them make-overs of sorts. It would be much better and less frustrating if the page/text editor actually co-operated. Numerous times the editor wouldn't work as it should and so, I had to try and figure things out through HTML and I am so not good with this! Anyhow, I still have more to do, especially with Creative Corner, but I'm pausing to post for a change. This poem can be sung, if one knows the... read more »


Greetings everyone! ♥"Our reflection we paint trueBy what we say and do."~Artsieladie Quote♥"Reflection" Full Size GIF: in others goodness we see,We can then know the same can be,Within ourselves if we so chooseTo allow the good, the bad to lose.For what in others we've recognised,We've then unveiled, undisguised,A true Reflection of bo... read more »

Mercy’s Angel

Mercys Angel Angel of Mercy sent by the Holy of Holies. She pours out Gods gifts, time and mercy. Time and mercy to the lost on earth, so they will seek His forgiveness for eternity. The Angel serves Him as protector of earth and the lost inhabitants who refuse Gods grace. She will be ... Read more read more »

Following Possibilities

I entered this poem in a contest on and I  won GOLD!! Enjoy. Susans Soul Following Possibities Imagination inspires. I look at life through my humanism not Gods. If I look through His eyes and follow Him, Humanity is what I see, what I see. So I chose Gods vision ... Read more read more »


Greetings everyone, from Artsieladie! ♥"Why do people who help outsiders fail to help their own?Giving, caring, kindness, and all charity begins at home!"~ Artsieladie Quote♥"Charity Begins At Home" PNG link: people'll give to strangers, folks they've never met,While to and for their closest, they conveniently forget.Many people will give to ... read more »


Greetings everyone, from Artsieladie! ♥I think the title and the poem with covers the gist of the message here. Having rights and freedoms is a privilege we should cherish by showing respect for having them, period."Freedoms aren't free; they come at a costOf many lives sacrificed, ultimately lost."~ Artsieladie Quote♥"Rights Carry Responsibility" PNG link: read more »


Greetings everyone, from Artsieladie! ♥"For the good we do and say, if there's hate within our heart,Regardless of our good intentions, hate we will impart."~ Artsieladie Quote♥"Ripples" Full Size PNG: Ripples do you make? What Ripples do you spread?Are they Ripples borne of Love or of hate instead?The Ripples that we send, eventually conve... read more »


Greetings everyone, from Artsieladie! ♥"Out of the mouths of babes comes the ungreyed truth."~ Artsieladie Quote♥"Grey Zone" Full Size PNG: major part of life is in the zone of grey.Very little's black or white on any given day.So often we must choose, we must decide,Which of the choices is the better side.On one side there's wrong and there's also ri... read more »


Greetings everyone, from Artsieladie! ♥Since this poem only covers the issue of being treated as an outcast, I wanted to expand further about it and similar situations and try to offer some sort of useful/helpful information or guidelines to counteract when others treat us badly. So, at the end of this post I've added some of my additional thoughts and probably a bit lengthy for some or perhaps, many, but it's written with my sincere intention to help and/or encourage others who are being or have been tr... read more »


Greetings everyone, from Artsieladie! ♥"Who we are within really, we cannot hide foreverNo matter how much we try with measures, clever."~ Artsieladie Quote♥"Chimney Smoke" Full Size PNG: escapes from your chimneyReveals the contents of your heart,Whether borne of Love or not,Of which, your smoke will impart.If Love is present, living,Wi... read more »


Greetings everyone, from Artsieladie! ♥"Hatred is toxic, lethal to the soulAnd to the heart, a very costly toll."~ Artsieladie Quote♥"Hatred" Full Size PNG: Full Size PNG: read more »


Greetings everyone, from Artsieladie! ♥"The wonders we could do if we would choose Love over hate;We'd bring peace among humans and great cause to celebrate!"~ Artsieladie Quote♥"Celebrate Love" Full Size PNG: Full Size PNG: read more »


Greetings everyone, from Artsieladie! ♥"Any woman can be a mother biologically,But it takes a special lady for, a Mom, to be."~ Artsieladie Quote♥"Moms"Happy Moms Day to all the Moms! Full Size PNG: are special folks with no other quite as dear;For her child she'll face anything regardless of her fear.Her children are her life, her p... read more »

Jack pines, the poetry of Horace & three lesson...

Jack pines are a common occurrence in landscapes that come into focus and then fade away. And their raggedy, weird solemnity was made famous in the iconic painting "The Jack Pine" by Canadian painter Tom Thomson.On spring mornings, Jack pine shapes align well with Horace's verses Diffugere nives (Ode VII, book IV).Here is the beginning of this poem, a poem which for centuries has run havoc in the classical departments of universities around the globe: "The snow has fled, grass is coming back to the fiel... read more »

A Face in the Darkness

Legs blocked the walkway of the bottom bleacher. The vacant dark corner across the gymnasium beckoned Allie to come hither and hide in the shadows it provided. No one knew her; she had remained as faceless now as she had on the first day at this school. Coming to this dance was a mistake. Who Read More read more »


Greetings everyone, from Artsieladie! ♥"We are all of one human race; united we should be,For our divisions will destroy us all, eventually."~ Artsieladie Quote♥"Branches" Full Size PNG: tree grows strong and tallBecause its Branches do not fight,With one another squabble,Though differing in sight.There's not a single branchIdentical to another one,But y... read more »

A Morning With Squirrels

A relaxing weekend morning.Two close acquaintances drop by for coffee and share the following story, which I thought to translate. The Parrot and the Squirrel - a fable by Mr. Jean de La FontaineA young parrot was talking more than a womanand sometimes he was even more eloquent."The renegade," they whispered, "is sure to have a soul,No doubt he can speak with his eyes."Although his cackle was much admiredthe parrot did not have the gift - so rare -to be liked.Everyone hated the parrot of the house.An ag... read more »

A Morning with Squirrels

A relaxing weekend morning.Two close acquaintances drop by for coffee and share the following story, which I thought to translate. The Parrot and the Squirrel - a fable by Mr. Jean de La FontaineA young parrot was talking more than a womanand sometimes he was even more eloquent."The renegade," they whispered, "is sure to have a soul,No doubt he can speak with his eyes."Although his cackle was much admiredthe parrot did not have the gift - so rare -to be liked.Everyone hated the parrot of the house.An ag... read more »

Verdant Green – for #SoCS Apr. 29/17

Verdant Green Verdant green changed overnight from brown patches. Spring performed her dance in the yard so green. Emerald jewels of grassy green delightful joy at Gods resplendency, genesis of creation til comes the cold. Winters settlement, Read More ... read more »

On The Bat's Back

My day was supposed to take on a well planned course.But here it is - thanks to social media compliments of Twitter - it is now going in a completely different direction.It's going "on the bat's back".Checked Twitter this morning pour prendre l'air, as the French say - or in layman's terms - just to beat a bit around the virtual bushes and found out that #ShakespeareSunday is trending.It is Shakespeare's anniversary's today, as it has constantly been over the past 400 years this time of the wh... read more »

Fred The Fearful Fox

Fred the fox was a really bright spark But unfortunately he was afraid of the dark So when the other foxes went hunting at night He stayed in bed, all tucked in tight. He much preferred the light of day But when he looked around he saw no prey. All his prey are nocturnal, as he should be too He had already worked out what read more »

Hide and seek

Let’s play hide and seek Only that I’ll hide And you won’t Necessarily Look For me. © Grecia Albornoz 2017 Las escondidas Juguemos a las escondidas Sólo que esta vez Yo me esconderé Y tu No necesariamente Me buscarás. © Grecia Albornoz 2017 read more »

Teaching Poetic Devices Using Impostor Poems

Sometimes when I teach poetry I get caught up in getting my students to understand what a poem means and neglect how poetic devices help create that meaning. Diction, syntax, rhyme all of these are tools poets use in their writing. But how can we get students to understand how they work? One way is [] The post Teaching Poetic Devices Using Impostor Poems appeared first on David Rickert. read more »


Scriu fiindcă nu este prima oară Când mă trezesc târziu muncit precum o moară Și uit, și macin, și nu m-oprește iară Decât luna mămoasă la început de seară. Și vreau să-ți povestesc dicționare-ntregi Despre ce-am făcut azi, numai că am doar zeci, Nu sute de cuvinte: vocabular de mut. Ziua s-a terminat, parcă nici Continuă să citești Hibernare read more »

Resiliencia/ Resilience

Existiremos Aunque se nos venga el mundo encima, Aquí estaremos A oscuras También se vive. We will exist Though the world falls on our shoulders, Here we’ll be In darkness We'll live. © Grecia Albornoz 2017 read more »

Update on Winter Poetry Issue

CRAZED! Winter Issue 2017 UpdateAnnette Has a New Job!ButCRAZED! Isn't going anywhereby Annette SugdenI know that lately every post is an announcement of a delay in posts, but I can assure readers that CRAZED! is still a project I’m committed to and passionate about.The holidays and a major life transition ended up causing more delays in posts to the magazine. I'm the sole staff member here, so when anything happens in my life, there's nobody else to step in.But my most recent excuse is a good one. I’ve ... read more »


​I can feel you Your hot breath On the back of my neck As you're inside of me Inside my mind You caress As I assess The situation Mere fact Than infatuation There's no hiding Nor denying Because I'd be lying I long to hear you crying Out In Satisfaction A shout of relief As Continue reading Touch read more »

137 Days

137 Days Thats how long Ive let myself love you I allowed it After trying So hard Not to After all We must Let the right one in But Im not afraid You arent sucking The life force from me Together We create A whole other chemistry Like mad scientists And the world is a Continue reading 137 Days read more »

Twin Flames

In other universes In other galaxies I hope I always find you Or you find me And together were a we Our love is sacred Drifting towards eternity And while distance is short Time seems fleeting We can count whats not there Just the ticks of my heart beating It skips when I think of Continue reading Twin Flames read more »

Stop To Smell The Roses

​Is it me? Or are we Always rushing To the next person The next day Ill see you next Time Is of the essence As weve heard before Yet The acquiescence Of this need To acquire The race It feels... Continue Reading read more »

One Thing

I got a rhyme On my mind It's hard to tell But ain't it fine? Cuz it's mine And no else You see the time It ticks and spills Like sand In a glass Just an hour It has passed... Continue Reading read more »

Incomplete Love

You were like an angel when we did meet, You swept me away off my feet. You held me close and hugged me tight, And planted on my cheek a kiss so light! You came to my ear and whispered to me, Never in this life will I ever leave thee. Our love, you said, was so gentle and pure, Forever and always all darkness it shall endure. 'You are my princess', you always said, I smiled with pride, your eyes I read The eyes that sparkled like the stars above, The eyes that spoke of nothing but Love. Ou... read more »

O zi

Suntem în ziua-ntâi, Nu știm și nici nu vrem să știm, doar azi e căpătâi. Ieri a fost prima zi Pentru părinții mei care nu știu și nu vor ști C-avem și noi o zi a noastră, exact ca ei. Nici noi nu știm că mâine vor fi cei Ce vor avea o zi numai Continue reading O zi read more »

विशेष लेख//गज़लो-गीतों ने दिलाई आजादी//*अनिल चम...

08-अगस्त-2016 13:50 IST ब्रिटिश सत्ता के खिलाफ आंदोलनों के लिए न मालूम कितने गीत लिखें गए दुनिया में जब भी ब्रिटिश सत्ता के खिलाफ आंदोलनों के लिए न मालूम कितने गीत लिखें गएकिसी ऐसे आंदोलन को याद करते हैं जिन आंदोलनों में मनुष्य अपने ऊपर थोपे गए कई बंधनों से मुक्ति के लिए एकजूट होता है तो उस आंदोलन का कोई न कोई गीत याद आने लगता है। यही वास्तविकता है कि कोई भी आंदोलन गीतों के बिना पूरा नहीं होता है। काव्य धारा के कई रूप हैं और वे कविता, नज्म़, गज़ल, गीत आदि के रूप में जाने जाते हैं। बल्कि यूं भी कहा ... read more »


bethere2day - Poetry - We all like a bit of poetry Poetry read more »

Poetry Competition

bethere2day - Poetry Competition - The 2012 Australian Poetry Competition held in Sydney Opera House had come down to two finalists; Poetry Competition read more »

the candle breaks, tears. (sunday photo fiction).

Wear your best Victorian dress. Latch the white pearls your great Grandmother wrapped [in an old, white cloth] for you since your Mother has become too old to wear it. Hold your thick, brown hair with the wood crafted pin your beloved Father handed—he would have loved the view of his daughter’s beauty. If the Continue reading "the candle breaks, tears. (sunday photofiction)." read more »

some perfect disappearance;

You became dry when you returned. Your eyes searched the white walls for the drawings of our significance, but your found remorse instead. You would smoke when you could not eat, drink vodka when you could not think, and sing hollow songs when you could not breathe. In the slowest manner of time, you set Continue reading "some perfect disappearance;" read more »

the wanderer lost her wonders;

I met a woman who loved stardust, but in the clouds—evaporating and pure smokes. She touched my lips, but never kissed it. She looked at me without seeing me. She locked her fingers on to mine, but it was lifeless. She smiled at me, but it was empty. In the lifetime I knew her, her [] read more »

the morning curtains;

You ran your tongue over the space between my breasts. I held on to your hair as you licked the lush peaks of my body. My knees buckled and I rounded my legs around your hips. Your arousal dipped into my slick wet lips below. My teeth trembled as I repressed a gratifying shout. All [] read more »

somewhere we could still meet;

We drove to the most conscious-deprived town with our windows down and two lit-up cigarettes. We spoke silence as we let the speakers sang the song that could have been the words we had been looking for. There were occasional glances, but nothing more than a fierce stare. I was hoping for some locked fingers, [] read more »

the last time we happened;

We had not yet converse into one of our routines. The last time happened years ago; you might, as well, have forgotten about it. The hums of the tall dark trees or the floating fish on the surface of the red sea. The white tears of the rain or the broken voices of the waterfalls. [] read more »

it was a young experience.

It was a quiet dining room. We were miles apart, seating on the chairs in the two ends of the round table. There was an ignored electric fusion over our heads, but we kept slicing the broccoli as if it could repress the rage of the night. “You didn’t have to show up tonight at [] read more »

this morning, the sun burned the sky.

My chest rose and fell as I gasped for air. I ran from the metro’s stairs down to the train’s cab—almost bending the turnstile pole. I would be late again for work if I did not storm through the place. The cab was already filled with people—we looked like sardines, but blessed enough to still [] read more »

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