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Stardew Valley Review

As mentioned in another post here, I spent much of this past weekend playing Stardew Valley on the PC. Stardew Valley is a game that harkens back memories of popular Continue reading "Stardew Valley Review" read more »

Talos Principle Game Review

Title: Talos Principle Release Date: 2014 Genre: Puzzle Solving Developer: Croteam Publisher: Devolver Digital Platform: PC, Mac, or Linux, also available on PS4 and Android Where to Buy:   Geeky: 5/5  Sweetie: 4/5  Concept: 8/10 Many people have compared this game to Myst, but not me. In my opinion, this game is much closer to Continue reading Talos Principle Game Review read more »

História do PlayStation (PSOne)

Na década de 80 a era dos games estava em uma situação critica, principalmente em 1983 com o grande Crash no mundo dos games, logo depois no Japão empresas começaram... Leia Mais read more »

Japoneses escolhem os melhores jogos da platafo...

A famosa revista Famitsu completa 30 anos, e em edição especial esta trazendo os principais jogos dos consoles de várias gerações e uma pesquisa na região nipônica. 2.921 responderam o questionário... Leia Mais read more »

The World Of Online Gaming

Playing online games is actually not just something people do to entertain themselves. It is moreover not an activity which is done just to pass the time for most people. In many ways the world of virtual gaming introduces a lot of things to discover for gamers in all age range and social status. In the Philippines there has really been a large uproar of protest over the lousy services of internet and telephone companies. You need a connection to play of course and the most common scenario is for consume... read more »

Novo Need For Speed – Mundo Aberto!!!

O novo Need For Speed que chegará no fim do ano deve revolucionar a franquia. Com versões para PC, Playstation 4 e Xbox One, o novo jogo terá um mundo aberto para ser explorado. O jogo produzido pela Ghost Games, terá personalização dos veículos e um mundo enorme para ser explorado, além de outros aperfeiçoamentos. Abaixo você confere o primeiro teaser do jogo, que também tem consultoria do site Speedhunters. read more »

Gaming Print's Weihnachtsgewinnspiel - Der Gewi...

Es ist Weihnachten und das heißt unser Gewinner des Weihnachtsgewinnspieles steht fest...OriginalmeldungBald ist #Weihnachten und auch ihr habt #Geschenke verdient, daher gibt es von uns dieses Jahr ein #Gewinnspiel zu Weihnachten und ihr könnt sogar eure #Gewinnchancen erhöhen.Teilnahme mit #Facebook , #Google+ , #Youtube , #Twitch , #WorldofNerds oder einfach mit einer gültigen Mail-Adresse möglich.AllgemeinesAb heute habt ihr bis zum 4. Advent Zeit um an unserem Weihnachtsgewinnspiel teilzunehmen und ... read more »

Gaming Print's Weihnachtsgewinnspiel

Bald ist #Weihnachten und auch ihr habt #Geschenke verdient, daher gibt es von uns dieses Jahr ein #Gewinnspiel zu Weihnachten und ihr könnt sogar eure #Gewinnchancen erhöhen. Teilnahme mit #Facebook , #Google+ , #Youtube , #Twitch , #WorldofNerds oder einfach mit einer gültigen Mail-Adresse möglich.AllgemeinesAb heute habt ihr bis zum 4. Advent Zeit um an unserem Weihnachtsgewinnspiel teilzunehmen und da man nicht weiß was man zu Weihnachten geschenkt bekommt, wollen wir euch dass natürlich auch nicht ... read more »

Das Wünsch-dir-was-Gewinnspiel

Ist denn schon Weihnachten? Nein natürlich nicht, aber heute ist der 11.11. und es beginnt die Karnevalssaison, also wird es Zeit für etwas Verrücktes! Karnachten - Wünsch-dir-was-GewinnspielAllgemeines Ab heute habt ihr 11 Tage lang Zeit an unserem Wünsch-dir-was-Gewinnspiel teilzunehmen, ja und wie der Name schon sagt, ihr könnt euch wünschen was der Gewinn bei diesem Gewinnspiel sein wird.TeilnahmeIhr wollt beim Wünsch-dir-was-Gewinnspiel teilnehmen, dann werdet Fan und teilt mit eurem Facebook- od... read more »

Resident Evil Revelations: 2 arriverà nel 2015

Le indiscrezioni si sono rivelate vere: Resident Evil: Revelations 2 uscirà nel 2015; lo ha annunciato la Capcom casa di produzione del gioco alla conferenza stampa che precede il TGS PlayStation in Giappone. Il gioco uscirà per PS4, PS3, Xbox 360, Xbox One e PC ma non sarà disponibile per nessuna delle console [] Resident Evil Revelations: 2 arriverà nel 2015 è un post di: VideoGiochi read more »

Impressionen von der GamesCom

Weil Bilder oft mehr als Worte sagen zeigen wir euch mit ein paar Bildern was man auf der GamesCom sehen kann. League of Legends - Ahri CosplayUm es ein bisschen übersichtlicher zu machen haben wir die ein oder andere Zwischenüberschrift für euch eingebaut ;-)3D Modellierung und Charatererstellung: Blizzard: Blizzard - HearthStone Blizzard - Heroes of the Storm Blizzard - GamesCom 2014 Auftritt Blizzard - Starcraft - Sarah Kerrigan Casemodding Casemodding - GamesCom 2014 Casem... read more »

FINAL FANTASY XIV: A Realm Reborn – Open Beta

Normal 0 21 false false false DE X-NONE X-NONE Ihr habt keine #PS4 dann seht euch den Trailer an! Erhältlich wird FINAL FANTASY XIV: A Realm Reborn ab dem 26.03 für den PC und ab dem 14.04 für die PS4! read more »

My Suggestion of what Microsoft should do after...

As we all know Some Investors in Microsoft want XBOX and Bing out when Steve Ballmer is replaced in 2014. Mainly because they want Microsoft to only focus on business products and the cloud. Well here Read more read more »

What is the matter with Xbox One’s Design?

Why do people like the design of the PS4? I Dont understand? Well I do agree Xbox One does look like a Betamax or VHS Machine. But I like the way it looks. The PS4 design Read more read more »

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes – Release der Demo-Ver...

Normal 0 21 false false false DE X-NONE X-NONE MicrosoftInternetExplorer4 Nachdem Traveller’s Tales heute bereits die PC-Testversion von LEGO Marvel Super Heroes veröffentlicht hat, sollen morgen auch die Demos für PlayStation 3 und Xbox folgen. © 2013 Marvel. All rights reserved.Wer sich das neue Action-Adventure des Entwicklerstudios Traveller’s Tales noch nicht im Rahmen der Gamescom 2013 oder einer anderen Messe ansehen konnte, hat seit heute die Möglichkeit, LEGO ... read more »

Global Space Exploration Roadmap, Play Station ...

Todays articles discuss NASAs new space exploration plan and information on the Play Station 4 release date. Latest Articles in Space -NASAs global plan for space exploration gets an upgrade. NASA and 11 other space agencies announced today that they are committed to cooperating in deep space exploration. The ultimate goal is to explore to [] read more »

How To Fix Broken PlayStation 3

During the last few times I have study several weblogs and activity titles boards where I discovered more than a few feedback about the way you can fix your gaming gaming program. Particularly, I am a PlayStation 3 abuser and I would like to offer you useful details about an cost-effective and effective way to get the most of your agent PS3. If your PlayStation 3 problem is not too serious, you can maybe fix it by yourself just following the next actions. Otherwise, I would like to provide you some tips ... read more »

Hamza's birthday celebration

Last Saturday Hamza had a couple of friends over to celebrate his birthday. Zakir took then go-carting, and to play laser tag at the Trussville Playstation. Hamza opted for frozen yogurt instead of birthday cake (we still had some left over in the fridge from his real birthday), so I took the boys, and Safa, to Yogurt Mountain for a special treat. Then they spent the rest of the afternoon playing with Atlas in the yard. One of Hamza's friends wasn't quite sure about the huge white dog, and was consideri... read more »

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