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How can flowcharts help entrepeneurs?

When starting a project from scratch it is convenient to surround ourselves with the best possible tools to facilitate the creation process and enhance our creativity. Logical thinking is a [] [Click on the link to continue reading!] read more »

How can flowcharts help entrepreneurs?

When starting a project from scratch it is convenient to surround ourselves with the best possible tools to facilitate the creation process and enhance our creativity. Logical thinking is a [] [Click on the link to continue reading!] read more »

Make Monday Goals That Will Make Your Week Easier!

Mondays. What else can I say? A lot, actually. Mondays can be FANTASTIC! It’s a new opportunity to make a difference. It’s a new opportunity to make an impact on something bigger than you. However, Monday often just happens…. We struggle to plan for things here and there and end up flying by the seat... Read More The post Make Monday Goals That Will Make Your Week Easier! appeared first on DIY Farmwife. read more »

Do just this ONE thing and change your life in ...

The most useless words in the English language: “I’ll do it tomorrow.” Haven’t you said this when what you really meant was it will never get done? There are only a few days left in this year. The New Year is really just a mileage marker on the calendar, but it does represent a good [] read more »

5 Lessons in One Sentence

This sentence has been rattling around in my head for weeks. So, I made a meme about it. Then it occurred to me that there are 5 lessons curled up inside this one sentence. Sweep Your Sidewalks When the Leaves Continue reading read more »

How do you deal with the off-season slump?

Ill be honest that Ive been in a bit of a slump recently. I spent the first half of the year building up to Ironman Dublin 70.3 in August and the Scilly Swim Challenge in September and those events were immediately followed by the Tour de Y. I then realised that I was at the [] read more »

Read why you should be preparing for January my...

It may seem like madness at this time of year but it's really time for mystery shoppers to start preparations for January. With Christmas and the New Year festivities in the offing, you may have your mind elsewhere at the moment but there is very good money to be made in January and the effect of your purchases can be multiplied by the sale prices. Last January my partner and I carried 150 mystery shops - almost an average of 5 per day! There are mystery shops available for- Clothing stores Bars Restau... read more »

Planning for 2016 and some new kit

There are so many exciting things happening in the next two weeks that Im going to have to work hard to find enough time for blogging. Exciting thing number one is a new training location taking shape there will be a sneaky glimpse next week, but youll have to keep following if you want [] read more »

Why You Haven’t Been Able To Stick To Your Exer...

Setting unrealistic goals: Achieving a goal is not that difficult once you set your mind to it. To overcome this, one should create a mind-set for positive thinking, start to develop confidence and make a commitment to do exercise daily. Lack of planning: You should set your resolution of losing weight and have a diet chart or journal to track the weight you lose. Also, taking your measurements before and every 2 to 3 weeks is helpful. Any major goal needs a clear plan or outline showing Read more [...] ... read more »

4 Ways to Keep Your Cool When Kids are Being Di...

I've said it before-- kids can be unpredictable. Despite your best efforts as a father, there will be times your child makes wrong choices or deliberately chooses to act out against your wishes.Testing boundaries and challenging authority is a natural part of the growing-up process.How you react in these situations can mean the difference between a good day and a bad day for you and your kids. photo: Bethany King / flickr (cc) Some days are better than others.Here are four simple tips for keeping yo... read more »

Why I'm a Better College Student Now (as a Pare...

Getting a college degree can help you provide a better future for your family. Even an associate degree, which can be earned in about two years at your local community college, can boost your earning potential by tens of thousands of dollars a year.I first attended college as a teenager fresh out of high school, but my dreams of getting a degree quickly went south. I wasn't a great student. I made a lot of mistakes. After only two semesters, I dropped out of community college and landed a series of minim... read more »

For I Know The Plans…

This morning as I laid my agenda for the day upon the table, I thought about how grateful I am for so many things. Family, friends, faith and God are great places to begin. Tonight I will pick up my daughter and her children to begin a Christmas week. Looking at the city’s lights, visiting Continue reading For I Know The Plans read more »

2014 Resolutions Check

It is pretty clear that the year is over when you start seeing “Best Of…” and “Worst Of…” lists. So, even though 2014 still has three more weeks, I figured now is the best time to reflect upon it. And what better way to reflect than to look at my resolutions for the year. I [] The post 2014 Resolutions Check appeared first on Somehow Chaotic. Tags: Facebook TweetThis Digg StumbleUpon Comments:0 (Zero), Be the first to leave a reply! You might be interested in this: WEEKEN... read more »

Planning, etcetera

Man I need a new job! Being in the planning stages of the Grand Escape is daunting as all hell and having next to no money after all the apartment buying and moving doesnt really help matters! So, I have to find a job that pays more, plus another way to supplement my income, and cut back on expenditure, and at the same time plan (and pay for) the initial outlays for the trip and make sure I have enough savings to be able to survive once Im out on the road. Errr, yeah...piece of cake... Read more » read more »

How Writing is Like Moving by Julie Arduini

This past year has been full of adventures both in and outside my writing life. I had the opportunity to sign contracts and move forward in the publication process. Most of my time has been spent with our journey to move to what we call our forever home. Were now in our new place and [] read more »

18 months into my 5 year challenge… what have I...

18 months ago, I laid out my plans: A year ago, I reported back on my progress: So its now time to check up on whether Ive made any progress in the last year. Heres a recap of my goals. Year Swimming Cycling Running Triathlon 2013 800m swim 42k cycletta or 82k Marathon Novice [] read more »

Monday Morning Motivation – Do you have a motiv...

Do you use any tips or tricks to help keep your motivation going? Maybe you have a motivation wall, or perhaps a medal display to remind you of your achievements? Some people create montages that help them to visualise where they want to be in the future. This motivation page is a template to help [] read more »

How To Enjoy a Family Bike Ride

Once upon a time, something like six years ago, I had some health issues that greatly affected and controlled my life. There was little time for enjoyment with constant pain, therapy three days a The post How To Enjoy a Family Bike Ride appeared first on Mom Tattles. read more »

Pit Stop: Quick Grocery Grabs for a Well-Stocke...

Before we took off for our last major roadtrip, I had a thought. Traveling isn’t very different from camping, and if I can make food while I’m camping, I certainly ought to be able get away without buying every meal on the road. So, out of the necessity of being a budget roadtripper, I’ve gotten pretty good at making my own food both to pack for the trip and while on the road, as well as figuring out what kinds of foods work well for roadtrip travel. Nearly every grocery store these days has some kin... read more »


MANAGEMENT INFORMATION SYSTEM  The subject of management information system (MIS) has different meaning for different people. The concept of MIS has evolved over a period of last two decades or so. The initial management information systems were built to process transactional data of an organization and to produce regular reports. The reports were not targeted and individuals picked the read more »

Thoughts of Spring

I keep thinking that spring is almost here, but it has yet to come. Still, my mind wanders to thoughts of a garden. Were going to be here for at least three years, so I think its worth it to give gardening a honest try. Here are some inspiration that Ive been pinning over on [] read more »

Live and Learn - Don't just live

The Toronto ice-storm of December 2013, whilst very inconvenient, has proven to be a valuable exercise in emergency planning. Nothing helps you find problems like a good 40 hour (and counting) shake-down of your emergency plans. What I learned in 2003 was that on top of electricity, you can’t depend on your water in Toronto - once the pumping stations run out of backup power, you run out of water. So, I’m well stocked with water, beyond the 72 hour recommendation period. I also made sure the next house ... read more »

Designing whilst taking things into account...

North Americans that visit London quite often have a similar complaint: "It's not very accessible".Indeed, Christopher Wren didn't plan in the 1670's for hundreds of thousands of modern people larger than himself to trek regularly to the top of the dome of St Paul's Cathedral, let alone guess that we'd invent the lift/elevator, but this is something that comes down to future-proofing, which is somewhat different to planning for something that is already well known and very much anticipated on a regular b... read more »

What Did Toronto Learn During Last Week's Floods?

It probably didn't pass your attention that this time last week, we were recovering from a very hectic start to the week with floods and record-breaking torrential rain. A week later, there's still a number of things that deeply niggle me about how things were handled, and the aftermath. Questions abound. Here are some of them: 1) Why wasn't the Toronto OEM (Office of Emergency Management) on social media during the storm? 2) There must be thousands of FRS and GMRS radios in Toronto. Why is nobody ... read more »

Follow Your Path – Target Identification

The post Follow Your Path Target Identification appeared first on Steve Online. read more »

Small Business Online Marketing Essentials

Every small business needs some kind of framework to keep themselves on track and not get lost in the weeds of the Internet. Here are a few tips you can use for your small business to help your marketing efforts, improve your online/social efforts, and get more exposure. Plan out your Social Media Marketing strategy [...] The post Small Business Online Marketing Essentials appeared first on Steve Online. read more »

Follow Your Path – Budget & Timeline

Thanks for coming to Steve Online and reading this series on Dont Follow the Pack, Follow Your Path. This is part 1 of a 7 part series detailing a scaleable way to setup a marketing strategy for your next campaign. For a 1000ft overview you can read, Dont Follow the Pack, Follow Your Plan which [...] The post Follow Your Path Budget Timeline appeared first on Steve Online. read more »

Don’t Follow the Pack, Follow Your Plan

With the internet being such a convenience to modern society its really easy to start messing around in Google, putting in a few dozen search phrases, and ending up on a wild goose chase that ends up in you buying some BS Clickbank course on How to get a Million Twitter followers overnight or some [...] The post Dont Follow the Pack, Follow Your Plan appeared first on Steve Online. read more »

A Subject a Day Keeps the Insanity Away

Four, on a good day that is the number of subjects we attempt to cover. That’s with me combining writing with their language arts/reading work. To be honest…I hate it! Think about it, how trulyeffectiveis it to try and cram so much into one day?Even with the freedom homeschooling affords us, it still feels like we are rushing to keep up with our lesson plans. If we spend more time on math then we are a bit behind on science/history in relationship to what is planned out. While sure it’s not really that b... read more »

Small Business Planning

I read an article sometime ago about Small Business Planning which was just the thing I needed to regain my focus for Ms. Veronicas. Ive been doing leadership training with my chocolate business and I love that there are things Continue reading Ms. Veronicas read more »

2012-2013 School Plans

Back in January I touched on our 2012-2013 plans and afterordering some of the needed items, viewing some of the materials a friend ofmine had, and a long chat with The Spouse the decision was made to change upour plans. Despite my original stance onusing a “box” curriculum or “all-in-one” I had a change of heart, which is ofcourse the beauty of homeschooling, you can change things as you see fit. While we have managed to get some work done this year,neither the spouse nor I ,are pleased with the curr... read more »

Get Motivated!

Filed under: Graphics, Life, Motivation Tagged: get motivated, goals, Graphics, how to, ideas, Inspiration, Life, lists, motivate, motivated, motivation, plan, planning, plans, tips, tricks read more »

New Year, New Plans

Well it’s a New Year! So of course my first post is about our 2012-2013 plans. I just love planning! I can’t help it; I’m always thinking, planning, and plotting. Here is a rough draft of our 2012-2013 Plans:General Disarray:Language Arts- Harcourt Language Grade 3Math- Saxon Math 4Science- Science Fusion Grade 3 (have you all heard about this science curriculum for homeschoolers! I can’t wait to try it out! Finally, a secular science homeschool curriculum I can be excited about!)History- Early Modern Ti... read more »


Time4Learning Supplement or Core Curriculum? I’m currently debating this. We use Time4Learning as a supplement right now, but T.B.M. enjoy it greatly. In fact it’s one of their favorite resources out of everything we use. The Spouse doesn’t think that there is enough in the program to make it our core; I can see where he is coming from. I think it has potential though, with good supplements it could probably be our core curriculum. For any of you parents who use Time4Learning do you use it as a core or a... read more »

Homeschooling Revamp

According to our schedule we are in the fourth week of our second quarter, I divide the year up into four quarters schooling year round with short breaks throughout the year. Ideally, I would evaluate after each quarter, but I couldn’t with all of our traveling. Now, though, is the perfect time for a reevaluation and revamp! So far our Math and Language Arts lessons are moving along fairly well, General Disarray usually sits down to do those subjects on his own and we go over anything that may be new or ... read more »

Garden Planning

I seem to always have something in the works. From our school planning to family vacations there is always a plan being hatched. The current plan I’m mulling over in my mind is our garden. This is the space we have for it: I know…that’s a lot of space *somewhere around 1300sqft*. Since its grass-less I’ll be relying heavily on container gardening, as well as decorative plants in the flowerbeds on the first floor of our property. While these pre-existing beds *which I will showcase later* would be great ... read more »

Ch-Ch-Changes Pt.9: History

Oh history. It can be a thrilling subject; I’ve spent hours engulfed in the History Channel. I adore that channel, it happens to be one of the few reasons I would ever consider getting cable or satellite again. While watching the History Channel is great, teaching history, on the other hand, can turn an interesting subject into a total nightmare. When you take away the trained narrator with his/her amazing voice inflection, leave the re-enactments on the cutting room floor, turn off the well-rehearsed mu... read more »


PLANNING IS THE SECONDMOST IMPORTANT THING A RETAIL STORE MANAGER CAN DO!The most important thing is making the plan happen with ease. Plan for everything. I can't say that enough. Retail store planning is important to more than just sales. Want to know why employees say the boss doesn't care about them?Don't plan for their needs just once and see what happens. Biggest mistake a retail store manager can make is they don't think ahead. I see it all the time from the main office to the local store.Peopl... read more »

Planning Like It’s Our 2011 – 2012 School Year!

Prince may party like it’s 1999 but we are knee deep in planning like it’s our 2011-2012 school year! I’m very excited for this upcoming school year. We are really starting to find our homeschooling groove and what works for us as a family, and as individuals. My biggest hurdle this year, and the previous year as well, was finding a simple way to plan out our year. I’ve tried online planning methods before through Homeschool Tracker Basic. While it works for many out there it just didn’t do it for me. Wh... read more »

Ch-Ch-Changes Pt.8: Spiral Scouts

I’ve talked before that we do Spiral Scouts as an alternative to Boys Scouts since we don’t agree with their policies, but we see value in scouting. This school year I wanted to establish some sort of plan of action when it comes to our Spiral Scouts activities. So I’ve decided to focus on not just certain badges/patches/awards, but an overall theme for each school year. We would then work on the badges/patches/awards that would qualify under that theme.For this year our theme is camping and hiking *sinc... read more »

Ch-Ch-Changes Pt.6: Etiquette

“The hardest job kids face today is learning good manners without seeing any.”~ Fred AstaireIn our home manners are very important. Do we always have the best manners? No, of course not we aren’t prefect. Dinner time at our home is a cross between gross-out hour at a back alley comedy club, and a meal with Ms. Manners. I would prefer to knock down some of the back alley talk and increase the influence of Ms. Manners. Of course increasing Ms. Manners influence means not only showing but teaching manners. ... read more »

E is for Equal

“The function of education is to teach one to think intensively and to think critically... Intelligence plus character - that is the goal of true education.”~ Martin Luther King Jr.Martin Luther King Jr. Day is coming up so I’ve put together a mini lesson for us. We won’t just be focusing on MLK Jr., but on equality as a whole. On our learning board we have the word equality for our weekly vocabulary word, that will extend into next week as well. We also have a picture of MLK Jr. next to our vocabulary w... read more »

“Grab your Yarmulke, it’s time for Hanukkah!”

Hanukkah *or Chanukah* started on the 1st and we are currently on day three of our yearly Hanukkah lessons. So far once again we have gone over why Jewish people celebrate Hanukkah, what the menorah is as well as the name for the tallest *lead* candle-the Shamash-*because it is hard for little kids who aren’t Jewish to remember all this stuff since they only hear about it once a year*, and we’ve done some crafting *with more to come*.So far each of the boys have made a Star of David, which once completel... read more »

Holiday Time

Well it’s that time of year, the lights are hung and the tree is up *all earlier than we usually do these things since I wanted to take advantage of a Shutterfly sale*. The kids are getting anxious, and I’m ready for our winter break that starts in about two weeks.Even though we will be on break, we will still be getting plenty of use out of our Knowledge Books, and I will be knee deep in 2011-2012 school year prep. I’ve also been putting some finishing touches on the classroom, organizational wise which... read more »

Ch-Ch-Changes Pt.4: Science

I’ve mentioned before about my issues with so called “neutral” homeschooling science materials. While I was configuring the changes for our science learning I really tried to tell myself that I could handle the term “neutral” when it comes to Physical Science, Chemistry, and Physics. But I can’t. So what am I going to do? Well let me backtrack a bit about my plans and then I’ll tell you my solutions.We currently do a Space/Earth/Biology combo when it comes to science. I’ve decided starting next year we w... read more »

Tackling The Tot

Well Child #2 isn’t much a tot anymore, he is a preschooler and this preschool status has had me mulling over for a while the best way to tackle his education. What shall I do with this bouncing sponge that is my child. He already knows some of the basics *colors, body parts, how to say the alphabet, and count to about 12 without mistakes*. We are currently working our way through letter and number recognition.Number recognition is proving challenging not because he doesn’t get it, but because he insist ... read more »

Ch-Ch-Changes Pt.1

Well as I mentioned previously I have decided to use our break as a chance for me to make some changes/tweaks/etc. The first tweak I’ll discuss is our schedule. As I’ve shared previously we school for four days and then take three days off. We are also homeschooling on a year round schedule, which is a rather new development, but over the long haul it seems to make the most sense for us.Originally, we schooled Monday-Thursday with Fridays being our field trip/social time. This year since we are taking pa... read more »

Break Time!

Well we are in our second day of our week long break. I figured after 51 days of schooling it was time for some down time. We had originally planned for a much longer break to coincide with a family vacation, but due to some work stuff on The Spouse’s end we had to toss our plans in the trash. Such is life…or at least that is what I plan to tell myself. So instead of the pre-planned three week break that was suppose to run for most of October, we are just taking off this last week of September and starti... read more »

One Month Down

So according to our place value chart we are currently on day 32 of our current school year. We only put a straw in it on the days we actually do school *granted we are learning everyday, there is a difference on school days*.How has it been going? Fairly well I would say, have I been keeping track of the lesson plans I made though…no. In fact *grabs lesson planning notebook* THIS is the first time since about the end of our first week that I have actually looked at this. I know, For Shame!, but I just h... read more »

Menu Planning Monday

Every homeschooler knows how hectic life can get. Some weeks are far more hectic than others. For us this week The Spouse is on 12 hour shifts, there are karate lessons, a lesson/enrichment planning powwow with a fellow homeschooler, daily errands, and I have a very annoying sunburn that is screwing with my ability to think clearly.So this week I pulled out my laptop, cookbooks, and my memory to piece together our week of meals. So with everything going on I will at least not have to spend 30 minutes sta... read more »

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